2shared.com Alternatives


#1 Uploaded.net

Uploaded.net is a file sharing and storage platform that deals in the system of uploading the files and sharing with others. Without any registration formality, Uploaded.net supports for the uploading of the file size of almost 250 MB and share the same with others. It has its own cloud storage drive as well by the name of uDrive Client that is available for the Mac OS X and Windows operating systems. Uploaded.net is the best choice for those users who are forced to use the emails system in order to share the large files. By using the Uploaded.net, there will be no more requirements for sharing the large files by way of attachment. The other best thing about Uploaded.net is its compatibility feature that makes its users able to sync their other cloud storage platform with the Uploaded.net and enjoy more space in the cloud. Most of the services by the Uploaded.net are entirely free; however, those who will subscribe to the premium service of Uploaded.net will get more functions. The feature and offers in the premium version of Uploaded.net are the availability of uDrive, full download speed, unlimited storability of uploaded files, parallel downloads without any restriction, manage uploaded files, ad-free download without any further delay, availability of earning options and much more.

#2 Mega.nz

MEGA.nz is cloud storage and file hosting provider that deals in the storage and sharing of large media files. For the first time when you will join the MEGA.nz, it will offer you the free cloud storage of 50 GB that you can use for the purpose of saving your digital media files in the cloud. MEGA.nz is for those serious users who are required to keep their important files safe and secure. By simply using the cloud storage service of the MEGA.nz, they will be able to get a secure place in the cloud where their data will remain safe and secure and accessible from any part of the world. The main advantage of using the MEGA.nz is that in addition to providing the powerful management system to the users it never compromise on the security and privacy of the data kept by the users with MEGA.nz. It is very easy to start with MEGA.nz that is based on the system of either uploading or using the drag and drop system. The three most important highlighted features of MEGA.nz are it provides the end to end encryption, the provider of global access and support for the secure collaboration all the time.


#3 Mediafire.com

MediaFire.com is the partial free straightforward and easy to use solution that will meet your basic file sharing and hosting requirements easily and simply. It is not among those cloud storage platform whose primary purpose is only to provide the cloud storage space to their visitors. The way of working of MediaFire.com is little different from the traditional cloud storage service providers. It is based on the features and functions of file sharing, synchronization and hosting as well. It is for those users who are required to share the large data files to others. By simply using the MediaFire.com these users will be offered with the two kinds of services by the MediaFire.com that is in the shape of an online cloud storage facility and sharing the link to stored file with others. In addition to the web-based system, the downloadable setup of MediaFire.com for PC and mobiles is also available. When it comes to media then it means all type of media file either it is audio, video, text, image or any other kind of media file. Moreover, there is no geographical restriction on the usage of MediaFire.com. The simple storage and sharing system of MediaFire.com is available to you anytime you want it, anywhere you go on any device you have.

#4 4shared.com

4Shared is a web-based hosting, storing and sharing platform that deals in the all type of digital media files. Each user of 4Shared is given 15 GB of free storage space for the purpose of saving the data in the cloud and sharing the same with others. The process of storing and sharing is very simple that start from the process of creating an account with the 4Shared. Just after the creation of the account, the user of 4Shared is given 15 GB of free storage space in the cloud. The user can then store any kind of file by simply uploading it. The users can even categorize the stored files as well by making separate folders for each and every type of files. In order to share the files with the other users, the users are only required to send or share the downloadable links to the other person. By clicking on the downloadable link, the downloading in the system of other people will start automatically. 4Shared is the nice and best way for those users who are dealing in their entertainment portal and are required to keep entertaining stuff. 4Shared is the best option for that purpose of sharing audio, video, movies, songs, and much more without any further delay. If you will go for the premium version of 4Shared, you will be provided with the 100 GB storage space in addition to other features and functions.


#5 Ge.tt

Ge.tt is an instant file sharing and hosting provider that make the users able to upload and share the files without few steps. The process starts by way of either uploading the file by searching from the computer or simply using the drag and drop system of the Ge.tt. After the successful uploading of the files, the users are simply required to share the link with others. The best about Ge.tt is its compatibility openness that allows is users to upload the file of any type without worrying about its format and type. This web-based sharing application is available in two modes that are Ge.tt Free Account and Ge.tt Premium Account. The Ge.tt Free Account comes with 2 GB of free storage space only. However, those who will go for the Ge.tt Premium Account will get unlimited space and not any ads during the uploading and sharing process. Moreover, the premium account holders of Ge.tt will be able to enjoy more files compatibility options. Both account of Ge.tt first required the creation of an account. Ge.tt is the best way for sharing the any number of files within few seconds.

#6 Volafile.io

Volafile.io is free live sharing and communication platform that provide the best solution for instant sharing. In term of cloud storage system, Volafile.io is not as better because its storage system is based on the system of temporary file storage. Volafile.io is basically designed for the purpose of collaboration in the office environment or making the sharing easy and convenient among the college friends and colleagues. First of all, it is totally free, and secondly it deals in real time file and data sharing. Volafile.io is although a type of online file sharing and hosting platform but its way of doing so is entirely different from other traditional file storage and sharing platform. Volafile.io process of working start with the system of creating a chat room like a folder where the users will be able to synchronize all of their data. The second step is uploading the files by using the upload button. The file will be uploaded in this room. After that the users are required to share their room with their friends and share the link of the uploaded file. That is the way of working of Volafile.io. But keep it in mind that Volafile.io provides the temporary cloud storage space. So, never consider it for the purpose of permanent backup and sharing solution.

#7 Fileserve.com

FileServe is a web application that provides the online free file storage solution to those users who are facing the low storage space or want to share the large files with the other users located in remote places. FileServe can be even used for the purpose of making the backup of files and retrieving them anytime, from anywhere and n any system. It can also be utilized for the purpose of real-time sharing as well where the willing users are first required to upload the files at FileServe and after that share the downloadable links to the others. FileServe operates in two options that are FileServe Free and FileServe Premium. FileServe Free comes with limited features and functionalities. If talk about the Premium account of FileServe then it is very expensive in term of features and functionalities. The premium account of FileServe comes with various features that are the best download speeds, download directly without waiting for ads to play, unlimited parallel downloads, support for even download managers, forever storage space, upload file size of even 2 GB, no limit on daily download and even resume the aborted downloads as well. FileServe is the best online solution provider for both file storage and real-time file sharing.

#8 Wetransfer.com

WeTransfer is a cloud base storage service provider that deals in the sharing of files a well. The main advantage of using the cloud storage service of WeTransfer is that it provides the users with the system of real-time file sharing where they can share the files and data of any type instantly throughout the world. Either it is the file size of 1 MB or a larger file of GB sizes, WeTransfer will make you able to send small to large files within a go. WeTransfer is available in two modes that are WeTransfer Free and WeTransfer Plus. Those who will go for the free version will surely get the limited options and feature. However, the plus users of the WeTransfer will get more out of the WeTransfer. Whether it is the business purpose or personal purpose, the users of WeTransfer Plus will always give the top priority. The plus users of WeTransfer will be provided with the option of even sharing the file size up to 20 GB in real time as well. The compatibility feature of WeTransfer makes the users able to share any kind of file either it is a simple or an HD level of the file. In the case of having WeTransfer Plus account, you will be offered with the system of sharing file size up to 29 GB in real time. The unique feature of WeTransfer that is still missing in most of the cloud storage service is the password protection system of WeTransfer that allows the users to send the encrypted files.

#9 Imageshack.us

ImageShack is a premium based web application that deals in the image hosting and sharing. The process of sharing with ImageShack start with the system of the uploading image first and then sharing with others. This platform can even be used for the purpose of cloud storage as well. For the single file to an entire folder, ImageShack allows the users to upload each of their files and either store it permanently or shares it with the other users of ImageShack. Uploading and sharing data with ImageShack is very easy and straightforward. The best about ImageShack is that it gives the users command full control over all of their data and privacy. Either it is about a single file or an entire album, ImageShack always delivers its complete set of features and commands. ImageShack can be used for personal and business purposes. For personal purposes, most of the features and functions of ImageShack are totally free that requires no cost at all. However, in the case of business usage, the users will be required to subscribe to the service of ImageShack. Despite the fact that there are unlimited options and features of ImageShack, still there is one limitation of using the ImageShack. The major limitation of ImageShack is that it support for the hosting and sharing images only, so you can’t use it for other purposes.

#10 Depositfiles.com

DepositFiles.com is a universal cloud storage platform that deals in the saving and sharing of the precious files and data. Just like other sharing and storage platform, DepositFiles.com also deals in the uploading of files and after that storing it in the cloud storage system of DepositFiles.com or sharing with others. Currently, the uploading systems of DepositFiles.com support for the FTP upload, remote upload, and flash uploader. If you are looking for a platform where you can place your precious files in a safe environment and share them with others in real time, then DepositFiles.com is a perfect portal for that purpose that will make you able to get all these features. It is very simple that start from creating an account with DepositFiles.com and start uploading files. The question arises why to use the DepositFiles.com when there are hundreds of options available over the internet. The simple answer for that are the advantages that can be obtained from the DepositFiles.com. The main highlighted benefits of using DepositFiles.com are the option for unlimited file storage space & time, maximum upload file size up to 10 GB, easy file management, like password protection system, availability of free DepositFiles.com applications and system for uploading files from both FTP and HTTP servers.

#11 Zippyshare.com

Zippyshare.com is a free file hosting provider where there is no limit over uploading and sharing of files. If you are unable to share large files by attaching with your email, then Zippyshare.com is the way that will provide you with the option of sharing the mega files instantly in real time. It requires no cost at all and provides the unlimited storage space as well. In order to upload and share the files, the users of Zippyshare.com are needed to follow the three simple steps. First, click on the browse button and provide the path of the files and after that click on start upload. Once the file is uploaded, you will be given with a unique file downloading link that you can share with your friends. By clicking over, that link your friend will be able to download the file to his PC. The main advantages and benefits of using Zippyshare.com are it is totally free, reliable, everything is in the cloud, fast download speed, can share the file up to 200 MB only, files can be downloaded at any time with 30 days after the uploading, no limit over uploading and sharing and much more. If the records that you want to share are below the size of 200 MB, then Zippyshare.com will be suitable for you.

#12 Userscloud.com

Userscloud.com is a free cloud service provider that offers the unlimited storage space and remote backup capacity. Userscloud.com is the provider of an advanced level of uploading and downloading tools as well. It is a web base platform that provides the users with the system of hosting files, images, audios, videos and much more on a centralized platform in the shape of Userscloud.com. If you are looking for a secure and safe remote storage capacity for the purpose of off-site backups then here is the Userscloud.com that will deliver the solution for the same. If you are also looking for an online storage platform for the purpose of accessing personal data from various computers at the same time then here is the Userscloud.com that is a perfect way of doing so. Check out the real benefits and advantages of using Userscloud.com that are unlimited storage, unlimited downloads, unlimited uploads, unlimited file size, unlimited download speed, file will never deleted if below then 1 GB, remote URL upload system, support for download manager & accelerator, download resume option, no download delays, no CAPTCHA requirement, no advertisement for premium users and support for FTP upload. The three offers of Userscloud.com are Userscloud.com No Account, Userscloud.com Member, and Userscloud.com Premium. Except Userscloud.com Premium, the other two accounts of Userscloud.com are entirely free.

#13 Filefactory.com

FileFactory.com is a digital content distribution uploading and sharing system that is a mean for file hosting and sharing. FileFactory.com is the best option for the content owners, web masters, and general users because of the features that it offers to its users. The first best thing about FileFactory.com is its security system that is based on the policy of no spam, no viruses, no malware and no spyware. Because of the above-mentioned features, FileFactory.com is the best place to upload and share the files without any limit. For the first time when you will create an account with FileFactory.com, you will be provided with massive storage space of 5 GB with unlimited file uploading and download. There is no restriction on uploading, sharing and downloading the files. FileFactory.com will always deliver you the best possible storage and share options. If you are looking for a way to share your large image files and are unable to do so by way of attaching in the emails, then FileFactory.com will be a great help for you that will make you able to share the file of any type. Most of the hosting and sharing features and functions of FileFactory.com are entirely free.

#14 Jumpshare.com

Jumpshare.com is an online source for sending mega files for almost free. Jumpshare.com is a gift for those who are required to deliver thousands of files of mega sizes on a daily basis. At Jumpshare.com, these users will be able to get the chance of sending the big files, view files and make collaboration in real time as well. Most of the features and functions of Jumpshare.com are almost free. The best about Jumpshare.com is its compatibility feature that allows the users to upload and share the file of any type in real time. The cloud storage and sharing services of Jumpshare.com can be accessed by two means. Either by way of online portal of Jumpshare.com or using the application of Jumpshare.com that is available for the smartphones, both options are available by the Jumpshare.com. Jumpshare.com is the perfect and the best way for quickly sharing the large files in real time and making collaboration with the other team members. Six essential features of Jumpshare.com are simple, easy to use, powerful that support for all type of files, fast way to upload and share and the provider of a highly encrypted environment.

#15 Anonfiles.com

AnonFiles.com is the provider of unlimited file uploading and sharing system for free. The users of AnonFiles.com can at a time share the file size of almost 500 MB for free. In addition to the free feature of file uploading and sharing, AnonFiles.com also offers its users with unlimited bandwidth as well. For the information of the readers, it is important to mention here that AnonFiles.com doesn’t deal in the uploading and sharing of the illegal content. Before uploading and exchange data with AnonFiles.com make it sure that you are sharing the legal content only otherwise you will be rejected by the AnonFiles.com. The other important thing to mention here is that AnonFiles.com deals in only sharing of file and data of any type only. So, if you are looking for the additional feature of cloud storage as well, then AnonFiles.com is not for that purpose. AnonFiles.com can be used for only the purpose of sharing the files with others. If you are looking for a way to share your large image files and are unable to do so by way of attaching in the emails, then AnonFiles.com will be a great help for you that will make you able to share the file of any type.

#16 Subyshare.com

Subyshare.com is a free file uploading service available online. When you need to send a file and you cannot send it through your mail because it is too big then Subyshare.com comes in handy. Subyshare.com offers solutions for your files. If you want to access personal data with and from a variety of computers and really don’t want to carry around a USB, Subyshare.com is a perfect way of doing the file sending and uploading work without facing any trouble. You can now start uploading and sharing your files for free on this amazing platform.

#17 Nitroflare.com

NitroFlare.com is an international service of uploading, distributing, sharing, and saving files on the cloud storage. NitroFlare.com helps you in uploading your files within no time. You can freely share your files on any online website you want to. This site organizes virtual setup or the backup of your files. No registration is required for uploading your files on this site. You can share files of 10 GB maximum. The process f sharing, uploading, and saving your files is for free by this file sharing service.