Aerobics Workout at Home


Aerobics Workout at Home Alternatives


#1 Cardio workout


Cardio workout app comes with the most exclusive exercise plans that help you get yourself ready and start working over your fitness in a way like never before. Cardio workout: Home Cardio Trainer and Training app let you get started with a month cardio workout platform and start your home cardio training intuitively. You have to follow your 30 day home cardio training program of the app to see the results of your cardiovascular exercises.

The app lets you enjoy daily cardio training exercises, track your progress, video instructions for all the formations, and step by step guidance for letting you work out without any harm. You can get daily remainder alarm supports to never miss any single challenge in the cardio workout training app. Cardio workout: Home Cardio Trainer, Training app is ideal for women and men daily cardio working tool that helps you enjoy dozens of valuable features.


#2 Warmup Exercises – Flexibility Training


Warmup Exercises brings the most curated and effective exercise for making excellent stretching and warmup as well as morning exercises, developed in the market by mEl Studio Inc. that brings more than 35 stretch and warmup exercises for all muscles groups. It allows you to perform amazing flexibility training and get to know for other kinds of workouts. It carries plenty of flexibility exercises that comes with massively curated video and text instructions along with detailed audio.

The app carries three different flexibility and stretching plans of various levels of difficulty while having a sum of 42 multiple workouts. It also contains a virtual instructor that will accompany you throughout the flexibility stretch lessons. Its elegant statistics system enables you to track your progress in flexibility and training stretches. Warmup Exercises – Flexibility Training app lets you create your own outworks, and a strong notification system helps you certainly do morning exercises.

#3 Polar Flow


Polar Flow is a significantly designed tool that analyzes sports, fitness, and activity to be used with fitness trackers, activity tracks, and fitness tracks. Polar Flow – Sync & Analyze is a stunning platform that helps you sync and analyzes data from your polar GPS sports watch or fitness tracks as well. The app provides on the go analysis of your workouts and proceeds to enhance your daily or weekly performance. It also you get a complete overview and detailed stats of your heart rate right on the palm of your hands.

Polar Flow app enables you to follow your activities and training and even see your achievements right under one platform. You can precisely analyze the details of all your sessions regarding training and other exercises to boost your performance. Polar Flow – Sync and Analyze app lets you get a comprehensive overview of your day having continuous heart rate monitoring and activity tracking.


#4 Fitness Workouts for Women


Fitness Workouts for Women app enables its global users to choose from a selection of the most effective, powerful, and time-based fitness experiences for women for maintaining health and fitness. Fitness Workouts for Women – Your Coach & Trainer app carries over 80 different types of exercises for an amazing, effective, and effortless home workouts. Each of its fitness routines carries exclusive text and audio instructions and detailed video explanations.

The app brings dozens of 80 fitness exercises for girls with video instructions and text/audio descriptions. It carries almost 4 training programs of multiple complexity levels, and you can choose them according to achieve your fitness goals. Women can also get over 50 fitness home workouts and can exercise at home whenever they want. Fitness Workouts for Women – Your Coach & Trainer app also enables its global users to create their own fitness plans and eve tracks their body shaping results.

#5 KETTMaps


KETTMaps app enables you to play a sort with it as it transforms your exercise bike, treadmill, bike trainer, and rowing machine into a robust and powerful fitness. KETTMaps – Indoor Training Videos is a superb platform presented by Kinomap Inc., where you can instantly grab a video of your desired workout and get yourself trained professionally. It instantly adjusts the resistance and inclines according to the structured workout and elevation profile.

It provides dozens of video that contains popular routes, sightseeing tours, and iconic climbs, etc. You can also access an elegant set of interval programs along with structured workouts. Its interactive coaching videos help you in indoor cycling, rowing, and running. You can also follow other video makers available over this platform and get to know their content with ease. KETTMaps – Indoor Training Videos app also lets you access in-app notifications instantly, collect badges, and rewards, etc.

#6 Daily Cardio Fitness Workouts


Daily Cardio Fitness Workouts lets you lose weight, improve your health and fitness, tone muscles, training exercises to burn fat, and be in shape. Daily Cardio Fitness Workouts is an excellent tool presented by Lumowell – Ego360 Inc. that brings a comprehensive training program to reach your goals. The best thing about this app is that it can help you to burn fat and calories without letting you go anywhere else or without weights and any need for equipment.

It provides a low impact variation of each cardio exercise for noobs, beginners, and regular programs. These exercise routines are suitable for men and women and can be done daily to get a slim toned body whenever you want. You can also unlock the advanced 5 full-body cardio workouts and 6-week training program. Daily Cardio Fitness Workouts app also lets you get its premium version to get an elegant meal planner.

#7 HIIT & Cardio Workout by Fitify


HIIT and Cardio Workout bring you the free exercise and workout tool that lets you stay healthy, boost heart rate, and burn fat. HIIT & Cardio Workout is an excellent tool presented in the market by Fitify Apps that brings a free personal trainer right on the palm of your hands. You can intuitively choose your workout duration and sessions and also enjoy HD videos and voice cues. The app also supports calorie tracking using personal data, and you can even build your workouts from its extensive library.

It contains high-intensity interval training, classic and light cardio, plyometric jumps, and joint friendliness. Its classic cardio helps you to burn fat during a longer period of workouts, typically of half an hour. HIIT & Cardio Workout by Fitify app features over 90 bodyweight exercises, voice coach, clear HD video demonstrations, offline working, no need for equipment, and designed for women and men.

#8 Treadmill Workout


Treadmill Workout app enables its global users to exercise less and gain more benefits of getting in shape and stay healthier than ever. Treadmill Workout is a sleekly designed tool developed in the market by DotsnLines. The app also enables its global users to customize colors for intervals, calculate burned calories, provides a precise list view, elegant chart video history, almost six workout plans, and various significant things.

It also brings voice prompt feature that can be enabled through its settings and also needs google text to speech support as well. You can create custom workout plans according to your desires and manage them accordingly. The app also calculates your heart rate without letting you do much. It also lets users share your data of workouts through Google Fit whenever you want. Treadmill Workout allows you to lose more fats, burn more calories, and build more muscle in less time as compared to others.

#9 Daily Cardio Workout


Daily Cardio Workout is a free-to-use app that brings excellent workout plans that helps men and women and helps them to have the best cardio exercises. Daily Cardio Workout – Aerobic Fitness Exercises is a superb platform presented in the market by Daily Workout Fitness Apps, LLC, which brings 5 to 10 mins daily cardio routine for getting in shape flawlessly. The app carries a sleek interface where you can grab your desired exercise plans and get started within seconds.

Its proven workout plans demonstrated by well-known and certified personal trainers. It brings two different cardio workout plans, and you can choose either its 5 min plans or 10 min plans. It features video lessons (showing how to do exercises), on-screen timer and instructions, and offline working of all the available workouts. Daily Cardio Workout – Aerobic Fitness Exercises is excellent for both women and men that help them to see and follow cardio workouts and stay healthy.

#10 Elite HRV


Elite HRV app features heart rate variability with an emphasis on professional quality, ease of use, and extreme level of precision. Elite HRV is a superb platform presented in the market by Elite HRV Inc. that brings daily guidance, real HRV and biofeedback, and accurate heart rate variability that can be trusted. It helps you to track recovery as well as true success levels without doing much. You can boost your nervous system and resilience with live HRV biofeedback and guided breathing.

The app features daily readiness to perform, guided breathing, live visual HP and HRV biofeedback, HRV team coaching platform, and automatic nervous system balance gauge. It is an HRV team coaching platform for sports teams, health practices, personal training, and gym training as well. Elite HRV app also features secure backup, exportable data, population data from HRV database, automated signal cleaning, HRV readings, artifact removal, and more.

#11 Runtastic Steps


Runtastic Steps app enables its global users to lose weight, burn calories, and get active with this exclusive pedometer app. Runtastic Steps – Step Tracker & Pedometer is an excellent tool that counts your daily steps as well as brings insights into your activity level. You can precisely track your walking distance, daily steps, calories burned, and active minutes without any extra hardware. You can also integrate the app with Google Fit and do whatever you want.

You can also integrate tracked activities from Runtastic apps, including results, six-packs, Runtastic, or other apps. The app features a 30-day activity boost that secures daily step count over a month. You can also set daily step goals, save the readings, and challenge yourself in your activity tracker. So just download Runtastic Steps – Step Tracker & Pedometer app over your cell phones and tablets and get ready to start your fitness and running activities.

#12 Instant Heart Rate+


Instant Heart Rate+ is a sleekly designed heart rate monitoring tool that helps you to measure your pulse and heartbeat in the most accurate manner. Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor & Pulse Checker is a superb platform presented in the market by Azumio Inc. that enables its global users to measure your heart rate whenever you want. It measures your BPM, pulse zone, heartbeat, and various other aspects accurately. The app also supports the PPG graph similar to EKG, ECG, and cardiograph.

Instant Heart Rate app brings cardio workout monitoring to track exercises and optimize exercises for both pre and post workouts. The app supports heart rate training zones, including fat burn, peak, cardio, rest, and peak. Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor and Pulse Checker app features Google Fit support, instant sharing of heartbeat, cardio workout monitoring, data of heartbeat and BPM, and no heart rate and heartbeat straps.

#13 Kinomap


Kinomap intuitively turns your exercise bike, bike trainer, treadmill, and rowing machine into a fun and robust fitness. Kinomap – Indoor training videos is a widely loved app presented in the market by Kinomap Inc. that helps you to get yourself trained indoor on real outdoor courses that help you to get in shape in a way like never before. The app enables you to choose a video from its extensive collection and get elegant training whenever, wherever.

It precisely adjusts the resistance or inline in real-time according to the elevation profile or structured workout. It brings thousands of substantial videos at your disposal by letting you access the most popular routes, sightseeing tours, and iconic climbs, etc. It gives you instant access to a set of interval programs and structured workouts. Kinomap – Indoor Training Videos app also enables you to follow video makers and follow users and access their content right away.

#14 FITIV Pulse


FITIV Pulse is a super-comprehensive fitness solution designed to help you in keeping you stay healthy and motivated. FITIV Pulse is a widely used platform presented in the market by MotiFIT Fitness Inc. that brings an ultimate workout heart rate tracker with real-time heart rate data. It tracks your heart rate, GPS route, calories, and even customize your metrics for tailored exercises. The app displays your fitness and health data, control your music, and visualize your workout.

The app is compatible with Samsung Galaxy Watch, Ticwatch, Casio PRO TREK, Scosche Rhythm+, Samsung Gear S3, Samsung Gear Active, Fossil Sport, and various other Android and Samsung smartwatches. It also supports Polar H10, Polar H7, Polar OH1, Wahoo Tickr, Wahoo Tickr X, Orange Theory Fitness, Wahoo Tickr Fit, and other Bluetooth heart rate, monitors. FITIV Pulse app also supports instant integration with apps like Google Fit and Strava to sync your data seamlessly.

#15 BitGym


BitGym app enables its global users to follow as well as reach your fitness goals and stay focused in a way like never before. BitGym: Treadmill Trails App for Cardio Motivation is a superb platform presented by Active Theory Inc. that helps you to enjoy working out over awesome beaches, race through magical cities, and explore hidden nature hikes from all over the globe. You can intuitively forget about watching your wristwatches and the calories tick as you engage yourself in.

You can intuitively achieve your goals with the most elegant cardio trainers as well. The app brings cardio tours for spinning bike, elliptical, treadmill, and other cardio workout equipment. It supports zero setups and works perfectly over dozens of workout equipment of cardio. BitGym: Treadmill Trails App for Cardio Motivation app enables you to download your most likely workouts without having any internet connection and workout from home.

#16 Bkool Simulator


Bkool Simulator is a sleek and straightforward tool where you can instantly discover the most elegantly designed training opportunities merely made for cyclists. Bkool Simulator is an excellent app developed by Bkool Inc., where you can compete with thousands of global users from all across the globe in real-time. The app is highly compatible with the ultimate training platforms and also allows users to upload their training peaks, strava, and Germin sessions.

Bkool app enables its global users to train in a way like never before and improve your health while having fun. Bkool Simulator app is significant merges with the Bkool and almost all the leading manufacturer rollers. You can collect the best of the exterior as well as interior while not losing any data of your workout sessions. So download the Bkool Simulator app on your cell phones and tablets to squeeze your smart roller designed by and for cyclists.

#17 Camera Heart Rate Variability


Camera Heart Rate Variability is a sleekly designed app that helps you to record, export, and plot frequency and time-domain heart rate variability features. Camera Heart Rate Variability is a superb platform presented in the market by A.S.M.A BV, which brings a tool that uses PPG technology and helps you to enjoy stuff without requiring any heart rate monitor. This tech consists of detecting changes in blood volume during a cardiac cycle. The app access cardiac autonomic regulation through quantification of the variability of sinus rhythm.

Its PPG technology has become a reasonable method for extracting measurements regarding physiology such as oxygen saturation and heart rate. Some of its unique features include plots, stores, exports heart rate, extracts, RR-intervals, frequency and time domain heart rate, and variability features, etc. Camera Heart Rate Variability app brings configurable time window, automatic RR-interval correction, and storage/data export on Dropbox/mail.

#18 Elliptical Workout


Elliptical Workout is one of the most elegantly designed cardio machines presented in the market by Dots n Lines Inc. Elliptical Workout app helps its global users to get more and more health benefits while doing fewer exercises. The app aims to burn your calories and fats and build more muscle in a shorter span of time. Its basic idea of an interval workout is sleek and straightforward (the alternation of low and high intensity).

The app features voice prompts, and you can effortlessly enable this option in settings while you have to install Google Text to speech for this. You can also share the data of Workout with Google Fit through settings. It also calculates your heart rate zones based on KHRM (Karvonen heart rate reserve method). Elliptical Workout app also calculates burned calories, customizing colors for intervals, list view and chart video history, six workout plans, and more.

#19 Sitting Cardio


Sitting Cardio app brings plenty of exciting features that help you to work out, maintain your fitness, and burn your calories without going anywhere and while sitting on your bed. Sitting Cardio is a unique and elegant tool developed in the market by Tommyflower Inc. that brings dozens of challenging and elegantly designed exercises that help you to stay active while you are facing any injury or significant mishap. It carries funny exercises, calendar support, motivational quotes with each workout, energetic music, and various other features.

The developer of the app created it while facing a major injury and then started it to work out during the situations when you can’t even be able to stand up. The app brings multiple levels and duration of exercises, and users can choose them accordingly. Sitting Cardio app features exercises for the body that will precisely tone your shoulders, pectorals, arms, hands, head, and back, etc.

#20 Polar Beat


Polar Beat app intuitively turns your cell phones and tablets into a fitness tracker through which you can plan, train, analyze, and share in a way like never before. Polar Beat: Running & Fitness is a superb tool developed in the market by Polar Electro Inc., where you can measure and see your training stats right on the palm of your hands. You can log all your training sessions as well as analyze your performance elegantly.

Polar Beat: Running and Fitness app enables you to sign in here to unlock more than 100 sports profiles and pick your most likely sports and start sweating. You can precisely get voice guidance while training, see your personal beasts, connect to apple health, map your route with GPS, and share your training on twitter and Facebook. Polar Beat: Running & Fitness helps users in maintaining a complete training log using multiple profiles of sports.

#21 VDOT Running Calculator


VDOT Running Calculator is the official running calculator of VDOT designed by Dr. Jack Daniels that is amongst the best running coaches. VDOT Running Calculator is a superb platform presented in the market by VDOT O2 Inc. through which you can instantly calculate plenty of significant things about your health and fitness. The app intuitively measures time, race, and distance paces along with training paces as well. The app precisely calculates the effect of altitude and temperature on race as well as training paces.

You can instantly measure the current running ability of yourself and get a score to the performance of your running to help you in equating time in one distance against others. The app also enables you to compare your score from a recent result of 5000 users to a friend’s score. VDOT Running Calculator app’s sleek interface helps you get the results with extreme ease and enables you to get data whenever you want.

#22 iFit – Workouts at Home


iFit app helps its global users to achieve their fitness and health motives while working out at their desired places such as home, offices, gardens, or their desired places. iFit – Workouts at Home is a superb platform presented in the market by iFit Inc. that helps you focus more on your fitness rather than everything else. It enables you to get instant personal training from the comfort and connect with or without fitness equipment as well.

You can precisely work with more than a hundred personal trainers and get to know plenty of important things effortlessly. iFit – Workouts at Home app enables you to get trained and travel all across the globe with the most significant workout plans virtually. iFit – Interactive, Personal, and Training app allow you to choose from a diversity of classes such as running, rowing, indoor cycling, bodyweight, yoga, HIIT, cardio, and strength training, etc.

#23 myWorkouts Heart Rate Monitor


myWorkouts Heart Rate Monitor is a superb platform where you can record your activities of sports while measuring the heart rate through Bluetooth, movements via GPS, and ANT+ sensors, etc. This app is an excellent tool presented in the market by Wellcrafted Inc. that is significant for bike and mountain sports enthusiasts. It is a much-needed tool for people who love racing bikes and mountain bikes in summer, mountaineering, hiking, and running, etc.

You can enjoy whether outdoor sports as well as indoor fitness while recording GPS track, altitude, slope, route, speed, and export stuff in GPX format. The app features heart rate measures pulse, including time zones, average, max, min, course, and others. Moreover, it also supports barometric pressure, environmental temperature, cadence, and speed. My Workouts Heart Rate Monitor Sport GPS Tracker app also records step frequency, calorie consumption, number of steps, distance, speed, and others.

#24 Heart Rate Monitor by Luckystars Studio


Heart Rate Monitor is a smart heart rate monitoring tool that helps you monitor and measure your heart rate while having the most precise approach. Heart Rate Monitor by Luckystars Studio is a superb tool developed in the market by Luckystars Studio Inc. through which you can precisely measure your heart rate and save the measurement results intuitively. It precisely tells you regarding your heart rate at any time without the need for heart rate monitor belts as well as some other devices.

It is an accurate heartbeat measuring tool that brings a graphical approach to provide a real-time heart rate graph named cardiograph. You can also get the heart rate monitoring history anytime you want and access your heart rate graph by general chart by placing the previous measurements. Heart Rate Monitor by Luckystars Studio is an easy to use app that carries an intuitive design to get instant heart rate measurements.

#25 Cardio Training


Cardio Training app enables its global users to get in shape by managing and monitoring the heartbeat training zones. Cardio Training is a stunning platform presented in the market by Angelfmarcos Inc. The app lets you keep motivating while getting audio feedback while making out and keep your records right on the palm of your hands. The app monitors and tracks your heart rate during exercise that you do on a daily basis.

The app is compatible with the heart rate monitors Polar WearLink + Bluetooth, Zephyr HXM Bluetooth, Ant+ heart rate monitors, and BlueTooth Smart heart monitors as well. You can instantly export stuff to CVS, rhythm feedback voice feedback (time, calories, and heart rate), creation of training zones, and get the amount of burned calories, etc. Cardio Training app also enables its users to set the area of work during their daily exercises and even change it accordingly.