Android Applications Manager


Android Applications Manager Alternatives


#1 HiSuite


HiSuite is a highly effective, easy to use, and intelligent manager for all the Android cellular devices right over your PCs or Laptops. HiSuite is a sleekly designed platform that makes it effortless to manage data and software’s effortless, download or install network resources in a single click, or give a rich experience to users.

It makes it effortless to connect your desired Android cell phones and tablets with a USB data cable and click over the filter transfer or photo transfer or turn on the HDB. It makes it convenient for you to use your computer for managing your contacts, videos, and messages, and other cellular functionalities.


#2 Wondershare MobileGo


Wondershare MobileGo brings centralized management for all your mobile lifestyle while providing incredible functions. Wondershare MobileGo is a sleekly designed platform that makes it effortless to manage all the data and information in one centralized information.

It makes it effortless to restore and backup files as well as photos from your cell phones and tablets to your computers or vice versa. You can also use tools to optimize your cell phones by cleaning out all the junk files along with performing health checks.

#3 MyPhoneExplorer Portable


MyPhoneExplorer Portable is a robust and easy to use mobile phone management software for your PC and desktops for managing things intuitively. MyPhoneExplorer Portable is a feature-rich platform that lets you sync all your contacts, calendar, and notes with Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Lotus Notes, Windows Calendar, Tobit David, SeaMonkey, Sunbird, Windows Contacts, and various others.

It enables you to manage and organize your SMS and notes while downloading them to the PC, delete them, send SMS from desktops, backups, and other options. You can intuitively sync file directories, copy files from desktops, sync your photos and videos, and copy files between phones and PC or vice versa.


#4 91 PC Suite for Android


91 PC Suite for Android is a freeware Android backup software download provided in the market by NetDragon for Windows filed under mobile phones tools. 91 PC Suite for Android is the finest app that makes it effortless to manage your smartphones easily, securely, and effectively.

You can intuitively import or export contacts, back up call logs and SMS and intuitively download massive wallpapers, software, ringtones, themes, and more intuitively. The app brings convenient and practical RSS subscription, system registry management, and exclusive phone process.

#5 Cheetah Sync


Cheetah Sync is a brand new and exclusive platform for keeping files over your Android devices and PCs in sync and manage them precisely. Cheetah Sync app supports Windows and Mac, syncs over a home Wi-Fi network, backup, and synchronization, and more without any cloud requirement.

The app makes it effortless to have your pics, music, videos, and all the important documents from your PC on the move. You can precisely select a folder over your PC and your Android device and let the app keep the files in sync for you without making any prior efforts.

#6 Portable SonicHandy


Portable SonicHandy makes it effortless and precise to explore the contents of your Android phone directly over the windows computer and manage plenty of functions effortlessly. Portable SonicHandy is a sleekly designed portable mobile management app that brings compatibility with the Android cell phones and tablets, enabling you to view contacts and messages over your cell phones.

You can intuitively sync your mobile data over your devices and start viewing your desired messages and contacts over your devices. You can also perform the backup of your desired SMS archive and contacts with some simple taps of the button. You can also create local copies of your messages, call history, and address book that can be recovered in case of any mishap.

#7 Android ICS Root Unlocker


Android ICS Root Unlocker is a dependable utility that encourages all its global users to empower the root capacity over all your android smartphones and tablets. Android ICS Root Unlocker enables you to utilize any adjustments to the gadget while having plenty of sleek functionalities whenever you want.

The app helps you grab the entire Android working framework after connecting your cell phones tablets to your personal computer via a USB information link. The app enables you to perform errands via the orderly method and monitor them efficiently. Android ICS Root Unlocker app precisely highlights a charge line interface that allows you to perform errands without any effort and with no exertion.

#8 Raccoon


Raccoon is an effectively designed APK downloader for MacOS, Windows, Linux, and various other platforms. Raccoon: The APK Downloader app makes it effortless to download all the latest paid, free, and premium Android apps directly from the Google Play online store with the APK downloader.

The app helps you get all the paid as well as free applications and games that you want to download for free. You can also access, download, and use the applications that are not available in your country and never let you have any tension. It contains an excellent Split APK installer that enables you to download or install any of your desired applications in the format of Google’s new split APK.

#9 Pure APK Install


Pure APK Install is easy to use, sleek, and intuitive app for Android mobile phones and tablets through which you can download and install all your desired APK files whenever you want. Pure APK Install app makes it effortless to get instant access to all the APK files that you want to download and access them with ease.

Pure APK Install app does not use much of your mobile phone’s space or doesn’t drain the battery of your cellular devices because of its smart and weightless approach. It enables you to instantly access your desired applications that you want to download without paying for anything. So just download the Pure APK Install app over your Android cell phones and tablets and enjoy downloading or install your desired applications whenever you want.

#10 AST Android SMS Transfer


AST Android SMS Transfer is a perfect safety solution for Android SMS that makes it effortless to share SMS from cell phones to other devices with extreme comfort. AST Android SMS Transfer is a highly effective app that enables you to transfer, restore SMS from PC to Android, and backup Android SMS to computers with some simple clicks of the button.

It is one of the most secure and effective personal SMS managing tools through which you can manage, edit, restore, backup, or save your Android SMS and get a safeguarded atmosphere for your important SMS. Apart from backing up the SMS files, you can also save the database files over your internal storage and the SD memory card.

#11 Kingo Android Root


Kingo Android Root is a free Android Root platform that brings plenty of significant functionalities right on the palm of your hands for managing things. Kingo Android Root is a widely used and must-have companion for Android users that features sleek rooting that will get you the mastery of your Android cell phones and tablets.

The app provides fast and smooth performance, preserve the life of your mobile’s battery, access root-only applications and various other functionalities. Apart from these, the Android ICS Root Unlocker app also contains a highly customizable appearance, remove carrier bloatware, and attain admin-level permissions sleekly. You can use the Kingo Android Root platform for free to root your Android and make it more interesting.

#12 MobiKin Assistant for Android


MobiKin Assistant for Android app makes it effective and elegant for you to manage your desired Android mobile phones and tablets. MobiKin Assistant for Android: Enjoy Your Mobile Life is a sleekly designed, magnificent platform and an ideal solution for you to manage your mobile phones. If you always mistakenly remove or delete data from your cell phones and want to end the fate of losing data over your Android cell phones and tablets, then get rid of it by having the MobiKin Assistant for Android software.

You can precisely connect plenty of android devices to the computers and back up all data from these devices to your PCs with just a single click of the button. MobiKin Assistant for Android: Enjoy Your Mobile Life provides one-click backup functionality to back up all the files such as all the text messages, contacts, apps, photos, call logs, music, movie, books, photos, and more from your Android devices to PC or vice versa.

#13 KingRoot


KingRoot is a root tool for all the lazy fellows who just want to get root access but don’t want to input any third-party receiver into their cellular and other devices. KingRoot is a sleekly designed app that works significantly over all the devices from Android 2.0 to above. It provides the most suitable root strategy that makes it effortless to deploy stuff from the cloud to your device according to the information of the ROM.

You can obtain root access using the app, and it works only with ROOT access, so if your device is not rooted that you have to bring it on. It allows you to implement the purifying mode to run all the applications that uses a more considerable than average amount of RAM. King Root app helps you get one of the most efficient and effective root tools over your cellular devices and manage things in a way like never before.

#14 Feem


Feem is one of the most ultimate tools that makes it robust and safest to share your desired media with the people you want. Feem v4. Share Files Offline is a sleek and robust tool presented in the market by Feeperfect AG Inc. that makes it effortless to have the greatest sharing among family members, co-workers, friends, colleagues, and others over the same local network.

You can share our intended files to your desired people with no fumbling for a special cable, no hunting for a USB stick, no emailing, and impatiently waiting for iTunes to fire up. You can simply run the app to send or receive, choose files to share, select who gets them, click over the upload button, and let the app does the rest.

#15 Samsung DeX


Samsung DeX is an elegantly designed service that pushes the boundaries of your Galaxy cell phones and tablets while providing plenty of unique functionalities. Samsung DeX is a versatile and hassle-free platform that lets you simply connect to a smart TV through Wi-Fi or internet connection and cast your desired content for a clean and clear view.

It enables you to watch movies, presentations, family slideshows, and music videos, and other content over the big screen along with your friends and family members. You can have an HD view of your desired screen without cluttering your work environment as well.

#16 Samsung Kies


Samsung Kies makes it efficiently amazing to connect your cell phones to your intended Personal Computers and sync data in a way like never before. Samsung Kies is a significant platform that makes it effortless to sync your desired data between devices and enjoy exploring new apps.

Some of the supported models of Samsung Kies software includes all the Smart Phone or Tablets before Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S4, and various others. The app is also applicable with plenty of smart switches, and some of its supported models include smart tablets and phones from your Galaxy Note 3 (Android operating system with 4.3 and over).

#17 SnapPea


SnapPea app makes it effortless and exclusively sleek to download your most likely online videos and music right from your desired devices whenever you want. SnapPea is a sleekly designed service that enables you to access, listen, and download your desired music videos in MP3 format to enjoy them whenever you don’t have an internet connection.

It contains an excellent section of top downloaded videos of the week where you can explore and download whatever you want with some simple clicks of the button. It helps you access Youtube and more than 100 leading platforms without even switching or downloading any third-party applications.