AppBrain Alternatives


#1 Blackmart Alpha

People called in the alternative of the Google Play Store, and it deserved to be said at one of the best alternatives of the Google Play Store for downloading Android apps. Blackmart Alpha is the name of an independent app store for downloading Android applications. The best about Blackmart Alpha is that most of the apps available here are free to download. You will find here those apps that are otherwise available at Google Play Store against prices. Blackmart Alpha deals in the apps and games of the smartphones and tablets using Android operating systems. Right from the platform of Blackmart Alpha you can download as many apps and games as you want without even creating any account or going for prior registration at all. The market of Blackmart Alpha is very simple and offers many features and functions to make its users able to download many more apps. On the independent app market of Blackmart Alpha, all apps are available for free download. The best of these apps are that there is no test or trial system at all.

#2 Android Pit

Android Pit is a best in the class source of information for getting Android apps, tips and even news and views. You can say it the both replacement of Google Play Store and Android data center as well. The best about Android Pit is that here you can make the apps comparisons and can take part in the discussion by joining the available forums. Five main services being offered by Android Pit are apps, magazine, deals, hardware information, and forum. At app section, you can get your favorite apps. Magazine section is for downloading current Android news. The deals section will make you able to save money on the best Android accessories, software, etc. Hardware section is for getting hardware tips, news, and reviews. In last comes forum where you can join in with the one of the largest Android’s community to share your experience and also get the knowledge of others.


#3 Google Play Store

Google Play Store is the official and the largest source of information and download center for Android apps. Google Play Store deals in all kind of apps from free to pay and trial to test apps. For downloading apps from Google Play Store, the smartphone users are first required to create an account and after that, they will be able to download and install apps from Google Play Store. The functions and services of Google Play Store are not limited and restricted to Android apps only. It also serves as a digital media store as well that offers books, magazine, music, movies TV programs and much more. Both paid and free apps are available at Google Play Store that can be downloaded to Google TV device via Google Play Store mobile app or directly to an Android device. In addition to apps for general smartphone users, most of the apps here are for targeted users passed on specific hardware specifications of their device, such as front facing camera calling apps or motion sensor apps.

#4 Mobogenie

Mobogenie called itself one of the largest Android Apps Store over the internet. Mobogenie is the combination of its apps and apps that it gets from the Google Play Store. So, that means it is not an independent platform for getting the Android apps but still you can get from the best possible apps for your Android smartphones and tablets. As it is not an independent platform so in most of the cases, the users are redirected to Google Play Store whenever they click on any app to download it. Moreover, there is no review system at all at the platform. Still, you want to use this platform then you are advised to get the reviews of the app you want from any review service and then get it downloaded from here. Mobogenie is also available for Windows PC as well. The setup for Windows PC will make you able to transfer data from your PC to Android and vice versa. A lot of other features can also be enjoyed from Mobogenie for PC.


#5 Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore is a place from where you can get apps and games for your Android smartphones and tablets. Amazon Appstore offers the access to apps, games, TV shows and apps for the Android devices only. From here you can watch and play like never before, wherever you go. There are two saving ways for purchasing apps from Amazon Appstore. Get free games and apps that are totally free including all lives, levels, and upgrades. The second one so to save to get paid apps, games, and other paid items and save up to 15%. A large number of movies and TV shows are also there for streaming for Android users. The interface of Amazon Appstore is intuitive that allow the users to quickly searched for the desired app. The apps available here can be explored into the category of books & comics, business, communication, customization, education, finance, food & drink, health & fitness, kids, lifestyle, music & audio, medical, local, news, productivity, shopping, social and dozens of others.

#6 1Mobile

This platform hosts almost one million apps and games for Android mobile operating environment. Most of the apps available here are free to download and share with others. Apps, games, wallpapers and much more stuff for your Android operating environment is arranged here in a well-organized list. The best about this platform is that it requires no registration or account creation at all. You can save the .apk files to any particular directory as well. The apps and games available here are fully compatible with all type of Android handsets either it is Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Micromax, Sony, LG, Sony Ericsson, etc. The interface of 1Mobile is very user-friendly and intuitive that make it easy for the users to search easily for the desired app. Everything here is organized in proper order. You can go for extra activities from popular apps, popular games, top new apps, top new games, and apps & products area. For the assistance of app developers, there is a proper developer console section.

#7 Fossdroid

This independent Android app store apps to offer the free and open source apps and games. Fossdroid is basically being backed by the F-Droid and to some extent it seems to be the project of F-Droid as well. Fossdroid take its apps and games data and information from F-Droid and organize the data in its own way. It also aims to be the alternatives of the Google Play Store. Most of the features and way of working of Fossdroid are also like Google Play Store like apps arrangement and the system for viewing the apps by popularity. Fossdroid has recently launched the app review section as well from where you can get the reviews on your favorite apps before downloading them. The apps and games available here are arranged into categories and include system, multimedia, games, internet, navigation, science & education, theming, reading, time, writing, development, security, connectivity, and much more. Fossdroid is simply one of the best platforms for getting free and open source Android apps.

#8 GetJar

GetJar is an independent mobile development platform that deals with free apps, games, and themes APK. It is said to be one of the largest and app stores over the internet, currently listing almost one million apps with three million downloads in a day. GetJar is beneficial for the software and app developers because here they can publish their apps as well. The best about publishing section is that it allows the users to freely upload their apps. Currently, it is offering its services for developers & publishers, advertisers, and apps stores. If you want to earn some revenue, then get your apps published here. You will be given a complete catalog of apps from your app store. It supports for almost all smartphones including Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Java, Symbian and some others. The free APK apps for Android available here includes games, social & messaging, productivity, entertainment, education, finance, food, health, lifestyle, maps, music, news & weather, and much more. GetJar is simply the best platform for getting APK apps for Android for free.

#9 SlideMe

SlideMe is an independent Android apps market from where you can download free and paid Android apps. SlideMe is said to be one of the best replacements of Google Play Store because it also offers a broad range of free and paid Android apps that are being provided by the apps developers across the globe. One of the main advantages of using SlideMe for downloading apps is that all the apps and games listed here are scanned for exploits and viruses, including master key exploit before they are reviewed and approved by the SlideMe for further offering for downloading. SlideMe offers a one device app store for Android smartphone users. Those device vendors who want to leverage their Android Open Source Project will find SlideMe useful for that. SlideMe has become the de facto alternative to the Google Play Store in the case of Android Open Source Project that doesn’t include the Google proprietary apps. All apps listed at SlideMe to assure they function on Android Open Source Project-based devices and not solely dependent on Google Play Services.

#10 Mobomarket

Mobomarket is a free Android games and apps market over the internet that is said to be one of the largest Android apps markets. Mobomarket is an independent Android app market with full app manager features and offers android games, android market, android apps and much more. Download Mobomarket and discover your next favorite app. Mobomarket is available for both Android smartphones and Windows PC. Wanna get to know what is popular over the internet? Mobomarket is the right place that has the top list of almost one millions apps. Just tell the Mobomarket about what you are looking for and get the desired result. You can search and download from here the apps that are popular in your local area. In addition to games and apps, Mobomarket will give you full command and control over you Android smartphones. All files will be easy to access with Mobomarket. It can be also used for keeping the backups of contacts and important files in a personal place such as in your PC.

#11 Moborobo

Moborobo is basically an Android manager but offers the apps for Android smartphones as well. Moborobo is widely available for Android smartphones and Windows PC. Use Moborobo and download free games and apps to your smartphone through PC network. You can use it for saving smartphone data traffic for other purposes as well. The apps available here can be explored in the category of photography, social, media, tool, lifestyle, productivity, shopping, maps & travel, news, education, finance, personalization, health, adult and much more. Games can be explored in the category of casual & puzzle, action, adventure, arcade, role playing, strategy, racing, sports, simulation, kids, music and much more. Moborobo is one of the best platforms for getting access to tons of free apps that are otherwise available against prices on the Google Play Store. Moreover, you can use this as an app manager for Android smartphones as well. In a nutshell, the functions and features of Moborobo are not restricted and limited to managing your Android smartphones only.

#12 Appzuma

Appzuma is the supplier of hand-picked Android apps. Appzuma is a phenomenal commercial center for Android clients with a great deal of free games and apps for all Android supporting handsets. It gives both free and premium apps and has a particular group that can rate applications and are immovably checked and kept up so that the accessibility of best apps and games can be guaranteed. It additionally gives you a chance to channel the applications by cutting edge, best appraised, popular, free, paid and by Android OS variant too. It is the independent app store that notwithstanding posting the majority of the apps in the Google Play Store gives own created applications to the Android clients too. With regards to class then Appzuma has the finest gathering of apps and games in practical classifications from recreations to stimulation, instruments to efficiency, well-being to science, and much more. You will most likely find here the considerable number of games and apps for your Android gadget. If you are searching for an Android application store that furnishes you with the arrangement of distributed and advancing your created Android applications, then Appzuma is not for that reason. You can just download the apps from here.

#13 AppsDrop

AppsDrop is the supplier of value based Android apps. The games and apps that are accessible at AppsDrop are free from all sorts of blunders. Its method of working is totally diverse. It is fundamentally an autonomous web index for the Android apps simply like Google. The clients hunt down any Android apps through its search bar, and AppsDrop brings the aftereffects of the fancied application. After that, the clients can easily download and install the application on their smartphones. AppsDrop work in both strategies that are a web entrance and APK for all time introducing in the gadget. Right now, it is putting forth applications in the classification of diversions, outline and pictures, training, the web, interests and recreation, security, office and profitability, correspondence and visiting, systems, business and trade, sound and music, improvement and customization and a great deal of others. With regards to the amount, then AppsDrop is the business sector of a large number of applications for Android that is without altogether.

#14 F-Droid

F-Droid is said to be one of the largest repositories of Android apps over the internet. It is a free and open source platform that offers a large number of apps for Android smartphones and tablets. Most of the apps that are freely available at F-Droid, you will get a price on Google Play Store. The way of working of F-Droid is just like Google Play Store where Android smartphone users can easily explore for available apps. Right at the platform of F-Droid, the apps can be browsed and installed. For the convenience and ease of the users, F-Droid support for both client app and website system to download and install apps. The best about both options is that these do not require registering an account at all. But you have to compromise with some distractions if you want to enjoy free apps. F-Droid also contains some anti-features in the shape of user tracking, advertisement and dependence on non-free software. In all these cases, the situation will be flagged in app descriptions. You can also get from here the source code of apps that is best for app developers and programmers.