AppBucks Alternatives


#1 MooCash


MooCash is a new way to earn cash, free recharge and even talk time. The gift cards and other points that you will earn through this application can be used for redeeming over online shopping platform and can be even used for exchanging with real cash as well. The quality of this application is that it offers many ways of earning in addition to simply playing games. Here the users only need to visit the pages of websites, application or complete tasks in the shape of taking surveys and much more. The quality of this application is that it offers many rewards to its users in the shape of earning points; redeem coins for cash, free mobile recharge, free talk time, gift cards and much more. The offers being made by the MooCash are used to earn coins. Here you will get a lot of offers in the shape of viewing batter that launches the app store for you to install the free games and applications. On some banner, you will also get the chance to open the several promotion pages. That is the way of working of this application.


#2 Mobee


Have you ever listen that you can earn cash on secret shopping? If not then here we are presenting you an application named Mobee that will give you the chance to earn real cash by shopping or dining at your favorite places. All you need is to give the feedback to the business on where you would like to make shopping or dine. Within three simple steps, you can start earning with this application. First of all, you need to open this application and select the business on the map and the thousands of missions you will across here. The businesses being offered by the Mobee are spread across the United States at a variety of restaurants and retailers. Now select the mission and answer some simple questions while you are eating and shopping and earn points for the work. As you will progress more in this application, you will be able to unlock more achievements and level up. In the end, you can redeem your points for cool swag and gift cards.

#3 Rewardable


Rewardable is a free to use application that allows its users to earn cash and make money. This simple to use application allowing its users to earn cash rewards right from their smartphones. All you need is to install free applications, play free games and complete simple tasks and surveys to earn money and cash. In return, this application offers its users free talk time, money, free mobile recharge, gift cards and much more. The working process of this app involved three simple steps only. The process starts from completing simple tasks like completing surveys, watching videos, sweepstakes and much more. In return, you will get real cash rewards that you can cash out via PayPal. As your profile grows, you will be able to get more and bigger rewards and bonuses as compared to the normal users of this application. If you are still worried about how it is possible, then you will be provided cash against reviews on products and services across the globe. Complete these simple jobs and increase real revenue.


#4 UpCash


UpCash is one of the most powerful money making application available for the Android devices only. With the usage of this application you will get the chance to earn real cash rewards and even gift cards by simply discovering and playing new applications and games, completing simple surveys of the some companies or watching videos. Now, it is up to you what you would like to choose to earn money, UpCash has the option for all of its users. Not only that you will be paid and will be rewarded with gift cards you will be also paid if you will refer this application to your friends. So, sharing will also result in rewarding too. What make this app special one for money earning purpose is that it imposes no limitation on the amount a user can earn. However, it ensures the handsome money to its users and claims that its users can earn as much as they can in a day. So, install this application and convert the tapping on smartphone screen to the real money.

#5 Field Agent


Field Agent is an application that will instantly allow you to start making money while improving the performance of the companies. All you need to install this money earning machine on your iOS or Android device and you are all ready to earn money. The users only need to complete the small jobs to earn money. The agents of this smartphone application enable the users to collect videos, photos and other information from the available stores and many other locations. The information that you will collect will be used by the other business companies to serve their customers in a better way. So by becoming the part of this meaningful work the users can earn some extra cash. Within three simple steps, you can start earning. First of all, download this application and install it. After that complete the agent profile and in the end find the jobs near you. Now fill out this job to earn the points that are convertible into the real cash. That is the simple way of working with this money earning application.

#6 Apperwall


If you think you are a good review or you can extend best reasonable opinions on products and services, then we have an application named Apperwall where you can fulfill your desire to make reviews. But this application is not meant for accepting free reviews only. This simple to use application will also give you the change to get almost one dollar for one review on the applications available on this app. On average, a user can make almost one hundred dollars per month for just making reviews on the applications listed in this application. If you have only five minutes to spend then, Apperwall is the best application for cashing your time. Simply download this application and then get tasks of making reviews. No lengthy reviews or required at all. Just make short and concise reviews. Once the developers approve your review and posted by the administration, the reward will be added to your account. You can withdraw that earned money via your PayPal account. That is the simple way of working with this money paying application.

#7 StintMint


StintMint is one of the simplest ways to get free cash, points, and mobile recharge by completing some simple tasks. If you have free time then rather wasting it why you don’t go for cashing your free time. This application is containing some free and simple tasks that will result in giving you free Paytm cash, free mobile recharge, and free postpaid mobile bill payment. A lot of activities are there for you in this application like on demand income, a hike in your pocket money, earning free recharge, postpaid bill payment, ticket booking, online shopping and much more. You don’t need to pay for any recharge when it’s time to get free mobile recharge. The Paytm cash earned via this application can be used for free mobile recharge, free postpaid bill, free DTH recharge and postpaid bill payment for Reliance GSM, Vodafone, MTNL and much more. Using this application is very easy and simple. All you need is to create a free account first and after start completing simple tasks and earn more and more.

#8 Cricket Rewards


Don’t be confused with the name of this application that you are going to be paid for playing cricket, watching cricket or completing surveys regarding cricket. Cricket Rewards is a free to use rewarding and money earning application for all smartphones for playing free games and using free applications. Download this application first and then enroll in the cricket rewards. Enrollment or you can say registration with this application is very easy and simple. You only need to follow some simple steps and after the creation of account log in to your account. Now start earning points anytime you want. You can use these points to be used against latest offers and promos by the Cricket Rewards. For the first time when you will subscribe to this service, you will get the point. You will also be rewarded with points when you will refer this application to your friends. For the information of the readers, Cricket Rewards offers a complete dashboard to its users from where they can examine their ongoing performance like how much they have earned, payment status, and other relevant information.

#9 Fish for Money


Fish for Money is listed among those cash paying applications that pay the users. Fish for Money is a game based application where you play the game and earn money in return. Millions of fishes are there in the pond, and you have to catch them. The entire environment is just like a simple video game but with the main difference is that instead of points you will earn money. The other features like levels, game hardness, speed and much more are the same. All you need to create a simple account first and after that, you are ready to play this game. Now the simple rule is that start catching small fish first and now uses these small fish to dodge the big fish and earn cash. You have to catch one millions pounds of fish, and against this target, you will be rewarded with fifteen dollars or gift cards for free. So enjoy gaming and earn real cash as well that can be encashed as well.

#10 Zap Surveys


If you think you are a good advisor or your opinion counts then rather than extending free advice why you don’t get your opinion rewarded against real cash? Zap Surveys is such an application that pays to its users for completing surveys and offering valuable opinions on the surveys it is offering for completion. Today businesses across the globe are looking for the genuine advises of the real people throughout the world. Zap Surveys is such an application where these companies come to find the real people and the people like you help these companies by completing the surveys being offered by these companies and in the end get paid by these companies. That is the simple way of working with this application. The quality of this rewarding application is that it comes with a lot of surveys on a daily basis. Before starting any survey it will tell you in advance how many dollars you will receive against completion of any specific survey. Most of the surveys are available against even one hundred dollars as well.

#11 Surveys on the Go


Surveys on the Go is, in fact, a mobile market research app that pays its users against their valuable opinions against any issue or topic. In simple words, you can say it is a survey completing an application that in return pays to its users against every survey they complete. All you need is to download this application both for iOS or Android smartphone and after creating a simple account start getting paid quickly by simply completing surveys on all kinds of topics right from your smartphones. If talk about the available surveys by this application then you can select from many available categories like politics, business, entertainment, news, media, sports, technology and much more. We would like here to tell you that completing surveys with this application is not boring at all rather it is fun and very informative too. The best above all is that you are going to be paid in the end as well. So, if you now one is listening to you, then Surveys on the Go is a platform to get cashed your valuable opinion.

#12 JunoWallet


This mobile app is dedicated for only one function, and that is to earn gift cards of the leading services and online shopping portals like Amazon, iTunes and much more. The gift cards or points that you will earn through this application are totally redeemable, and you can get convert them either into Bitcoin or can cash from PayPal as well in the shape of real cash. Rather than sitting idle it is better to earn some cash via this gift card earning application. No complex process is involved at all. all you need is to complete some simple surveys, and your account will be credit with gift cards and points. Recently JunoWallet has launched several other schemes for its users as well. Now the users of JunoWallet can also earn gaming consoles, smartphones, Chromebook, watches and much more prizes in addition to gift cards. For this, they only need to invite their friends and get the chance to earn unlimited raffle tickets and increase their score of winning any specific item. This app has changed the process of earning real cash.

#13 Gold Fever – Make Money


Gold Fever – Make Money is a good way earning coins and converting them into real hard cash or plastic money. Gold Fever – Make Money is an easy and fun application to earn real cash. All you need to complete fun offers and collect coins. All you need to hire miners for coins and harvest the gold. This free to use application allow the users to boost their speed by simply watching exciting video ads. You can also check in daily with this application to get the extra coins and money. After installing this application, you will be all ready to harvest sparkling gold and exchange it for real money from the online credit card accounts. The way of working of this app is really easy and simple. You will be able to earn coins to hire miners and harvest gold nuggets into mines. The gold that you will earn through this application can be used to exchange for real money, and that money can be redeemed for online shopping or via PayPal account.

#14 Qriket


Qriket is an application dedicated to the game lovers only. For those game lovers who rather than playing offline games, like to take part in the online game competitions and championships will like to use this application to showcase their mastery skills. Millions of gamers across the globe are using this app to enjoy online gaming and taking part in the game shows and winning cash prizes on a daily basis. All you need to first create an account after installing this application and join the family of millions of members. Once you will take part in the show and the show begins, you can then start picking gold or other available currency. In case the wheel loads on your selected color then you need to move on toward the grand prize, and it will keep spinning until the application has a grand prize winner. In case you are runner up, you will still a lot of prizes every time. For the information of the readers, the users can also cash out their earned prizes as well via Qriket Card or PayPal account.

#15 MeshBean Play Earn Money Gift


If you are looking for a simple to use application allowing you to earn real money via PayPal account or be given with gift cards, then MeshBean Play Earn Money Gift is a free to use application where you only need to play free games. MeshBean Play Earn Money Gift is different from those cash rewarding apps that ask you to complete tasks to money. In this simple to use the application you are only required to play free and amazing games. For the first time when you will create an account for this application you will be given one thousand free coins and daily rewards as well. In case you will refer this application to your friend you will also be given with one hundred points again as well. No strings and complexities are involved in this application at all. Just play your favorite game and start earning more and more. As we have already mentioned, whatever you will earn, you can redeem it for real cash via your PayPal account.

#16 Big Time


In this application, you will be able to choose one of the many different games to play for free and in the end collect tons of tickets, gift cards, points and much more. This application is for those game lovers who want to cash their playing skills. This application has already distributed tons of dollars to the millions of gamers across the globe. No hard and fast rules are involved in this application at all. All you required to play your favorite games from the list of available games and collect at least one ticket to enter into the frequent cash prize draws. The more tickets you will earn the higher chances you will get to win a cash prize. Anytime you can check back at draw time to see if your name is on the list of ticket winners or not. The money that you will earn can be cashed via the PayPal money transfer. Using this app is very easy and simple. Don’t waste your time and use this application to earn more and more for playing games.

#17 TaskSpotting


If you like to purchase from your favorite services and want to earn cash from these then TaskSpotting is an application that will give you the chance to earn real cash from the brands from where you would like to purchase products and services. Install this simple application and connect with your leading favorite brands. Once you will in this application you will be able to discover a lot of missions. Now select the desired mission and complete this. Currently this application is available for the people of Middle East only. This exciting and mind boggling application will connect you with your favorite brands. Now start trying new products being offered by these brands and earn more and more rewards right from your smartphone. This app will give you the chance to discover free product samples from amazing brands to try at home. No strings are attached to this app as it is so simple and user friendly application. In return you will get raffle tickets, gift cards, cash and much more.

#18 Dragon Cash


Dragon Cash is real money making an application where you will encounter hundreds of applications and games that you need to install on your smartphone and play for free. By simply downloading, using, watching and playing the apps and games you will be able to earn unlimited money and gift cards without further requirements at all. The gift cards that you will earn via this application can be used for many purposes likes buying paid apps, to be used in app purchases, getting mobile recharges, listening paid music, playing paid games and much more. Options are unlimited subject to your availability of how much you can earn and win. The process is very simple. First of all, install this application on your smartphone and after that create a free account. Now complete task either asking you to download only apps or play games for free. In return, your account will start increasing either by gift cards or cash. If you recommend this application to your friend then again you will get gift cards and points.

#19 Lucky Day – Win Real Money!


Lucky Day is a real game playing earning app offering its users with the system of earning real cash against playing real games. This application offers a lot of options to its users in the shape of scratcher, raffle and lotto games and the end win gift cards and real cash prizes. Every day it comes with thousands of cash offers for its users. you can also get the chance to earn more and more in case you are listed in its daily users. The streamlined features of this application are that it offers a lot of tasks to its users. you can win up to one hundred thousand dollars. In the end, your cash rewards can be redeemed via PayPal money transfer system. This simple to use application brings a lot of entertainment and excitement to people across the globe without any of the risk but with the opportunity for all the rewards. This application is basically being backed by those businesses who believe in giving more and more to those helping them by offering feedback.