AppLike Alternatives


#1 Cash Gift – Free Gift Cards


Cash Gift – Free Gift Cards is an application for the Android devices only that offers the opportunities of earning free PayPal cash and gift cards of the leading brands in the world. The task is only one that is downloading and installing the apps and then playing them for some time. In exchange, the users will get points or credits in his account. These points can be later on used for getting PayPal cash or free gift cards of many web-based services like Google Play Store, Amazon Shopping, and much more. If you are willing and full of dedication, then you can even earn $1 within three minutes only. So much earning options and rewarding schemes against simple tasks are hard to find in most of the reward paying apps. Cash Gift – Free Gift Cards is simply the best when it is about enjoying things for free.


#2 AppTrailers


The name of the app titled AppTrailers is showing the picture and introduction. This reward, cash and gift cards earning app basically deals with few tasks that are backed by free rewards. You only need to watch the trailers of games and apps only. Once you start using this app, you will really become addictive of it because in return of your completion it will give you the points that you can redeem for cool prizes. Moreover, you will also get the chance to explore those new apps that you never heard.  The process is very simple. Right after the installation of the app moves to the task section and complete the tasks in the specified limit. You will get points in return. If you are interested in earning fast, then upload the interesting videos and get likes that will work as points for you that can be redeemed in the end.

#3 AppRedeem


AppRedeem is an application where you watch the trailers of the applications, try new apps, play games and do some other tasks and in return get the chance to earn real benefits in the shape of gift cards and free access to the paid apps. AppRedeem will ask to use only those applications that you love to use and in return get the rewards for free. If you want to earn more rewards then there are competitions in which you need to participate. If you will level up in the competition or become the point’s leader, you will earn extra bonus points. The points that you will earn will be used for having the free gift cards of iTunes, Amazon, Google Play Store and few other services. If you want to get cash then you can also go for that as well. But for this you need to have PayPal account that you need to provide at the time of creation of account.


#4 Mobile Performance Meter


Mobile Performance Meter is an intuitive application that helps its users to get free gift cards. After clicking the join now, you can automatically earn meter points just for using your phone as usual. This app rewards you with entirely free gift cards for doing nothing but using your mobile normally. It is a rewarding application through which users can easily redeem for Amazon gift cards and get them in minutes. It provides a spectacular way of getting money so that you do not have to make any extra efforts. Mobile Performance Meter has got lots of great brands like Amazon, Sears, Domino’s, and a whole lot more. In fact, you can earn free pizza every month, by just leaving the meter running on your phone to get free gift cards. It is a safe and reliable application that does not take any of your personal information or never allow you to install something trustworthy on your phone. It lets you get paid for going to various locations, reporting on internet quality and call quality, and so on. So just download Mobile Performance Meter to let the meter do the work to get paid.

#5 Embee Meter


Embee Meter app makes it effortless to earn real money while managing plenty of simple tasks and making small efforts whenever you want. Embee Meter is an elegant rewarding app that enables you to earn bonuses and points for answering some simple seers that take just a few minutes of your life.

You can intuitively tap over the Join Now function to turn the Meter on and automatically earn meter points for using your cell phones normally. It is an exceptional application where you can cash out your points in the form of money through PayPal, mobile Airtime, and Gift Cards. The app does not contain any ads, not allows to watch videos, and clicks on nothing for making money.

#6 RewardBox


RewardBox is a brand new service with the only option of earning gift cards for free. However, the indirect opportunities linked with this app are that the gift cards earned can be used for multiple purposes like buying paid apps for free, making online shopping, exchanging against game credits and much more. On daily basis, this awesome app comes with a lot of rewards and earning these rewards is also very entertaining. Just like most of the gift cards and free apps earning applications, RewardBox also demands from its user’s installation of sponsored apps, playing these features apps and earning rewards in the end. RewardBox is perfect application for those people who are looking for part time job and useful for students as well who are looking for extra money. RewardBox is an application that gives them a lot of earning options and much kind of rewards and gift cards in the end.

#7 Gift Lotus


The first thing that needs to be clear about this application is that it directly doesn’t offer paid apps for free. Rather it offers the free gift cards and vouchers for the apps stores where you can get free access to the paid apps. Now its turn to discuss the means of earning all these rewards mentioned above. Gift Lotus offers simple tasks that its registered users need to complete. These simple tasks or enjoying using free apps and watching entertaining and funny videos. The coins that will be earned against these tasks can be used for availing gift cards of most of the online services like Amazon, PSN, IMVU, Google Play Store, Xbox, iTunes and much more. The users can also go for PayPal cash as well if they are interested in choosing that offer. A lot of fun and earning chances are waiting for you.

#8 Points2Shop


Points2Shop is one of the leading sources of earning over the internet that offers the internet users with the system of earning points for getting free rewards. This platform is being used by millions of people globally who came here and set the goal or product that they want to get, collect the points and get that product. Points2Shop offers a great number of earning activities like completing offers or surveys, playing games, online shopping, watching videos, downloading and installing apps and much more. Against the completion of any of these activities, the users are returned with virtual points or cash that can be exchanged for getting free gift cards, free game cards and even withdraw in the shape of real cash as well. Too much offers and earning options or simply hard to find in a single platform, but Points2Shop is doing all these practices. Install Points2Shop and get your chance to earn more and more.

#9 CashPirate


CashPirate is a real time money and gift cards offering application where the people get rewards for trying free games, free apps, completing surveys and offers and watching videos for free. The gift cards earn by means of earning system of this platform can be used for getting paid apps for free as well. Moreover, these gift cards can also be used as game credits and as a voucher for online shopping as well. You only need to pick the task that we have already mentioned and then complete that task so that you can collect some Pirate Coins. These Pirate Coins can be swapped for rewards. What make CashPirate special for earning point of view is that it has covered all the rewards offers the peopled wanted like gift cards of all online services and PayPal cash. Only you have to decide where you want to use the earned points.

#10 FreeMyApps


Enjoying apps for free and then getting the chance to earn free rewards, cash, gift cards and access to paid apps for free is not a simple deal to bypass. FreeMyApps is an application for the smartphone users where they can discover the new apps and can play the games for free just to earn free gift cards, access to paid apps and much more. At the moment, FreeMyApps is offering free gift cards of the leading brands and online services including Amazon, Google Play Store, and iTunes. All you need to download the sponsored apps being offered by FreeMyApps and use them for few minutes. FreeMyApps is the coolest means of exploring new apps for free and also getting the chance to earning credits and exchanging them for many rewarding options. After installing FreeMyApps, don’t forget to register first as all of the activities will count after creating an account first.

#11 TryMyApps


TryMyApps is the best way to making money online and also getting the chance to enjoy paid apps for free as well. Well, this app is not directly offering the paid apps for free rather it offer you the means for having these paid apps into your smartphones for free. Anytime you are free to start. All you need to download and install the application from your Android device. If you are an iOS user, then move to the official website of the TryMyApps offering same features and functions. Now create a free account and get paid by completing simple tasks of searching, downloading, installing and using its featured apps. Against completion of this simple task, you will get gift cards and even cash as well that you can cash out from your PayPal account. TryMyApps is the best means of earning and enjoying free apps and gift cards.

#12 FeaturePoints


FeaturePoints is an entertaining and earning app that will give you the chance to earn paid apps for free and rewards on doing entertaining activities in free time. First of all this app will list down the free apps that you need to download and install on either iOS or Android device and use them for at least one minute. In return, you will get points that can be used for redeeming against getting paid apps for free or gift cards or PayPal cash as well. Several conditions need to comply with while using this app. If you will not use the FeaturePoints or download any app for over two months, all of the points earned will be expired, and the account will be reset to zero. Moreover, the points earned will take one day to be credited to your account for further usage.

#13 AppBounty


AppBounty will offer you two main activities; first exploring a broad range of cool apps and secondly earning a lot of rewards, gift cards, and even cash as well. At the moment, AppBounty is offering its free apps downloading and reward earning scheme for fifteen countries only. If you are lucky enough then an amazing place is waiting for you to be explored. After installing the AppBounty app, you need to pick any target from the list of available targets that is comprising playing games for free, downloading and using apps for free, watching interesting videos and much more. If you want to earn extra credits, then extra bonuses against difficult tasks are also available. The points or credits that you will earn can be used for multiple purposes. You can use these for buying paid apps, gift cards and much more. AppBounty is simply the best option to save the free time and turning it into paid time.

#14 AppNana


AppNana is one of the best facilitation centers for those smartphone users who are always seeking for the means of getting paid apps and gift cards for free. There is no limitation on any application as AppNana claims to offer any paid app for free and offers its members to earn gift cards, game cards and even game cards worth $10 million. This app clubbed the entertainment and earning so you can earn Nanas that are points of this app and can use them exchanging for paid apps or gift cards. To earn Nanas, you will be given the task of playing games or downloading and installing apps defined by AppNana. The more Nanas you will earn, the more chances will be there to earning gift cards, game credits and paid apps for both iOS and Android devices. The gift cards offered by AppNana can redeem for iTunes, Google, Xbox, and much more.

#15 Cash for Apps


Cash for Apps is one of the fastest ways over the internet for getting free paid apps in-app purchases and gift cards that are also for free. You only need to download the new apps into your smartphone and in return you will get paid apps for free directly from in-app purchases and heaps of other gift cards. You don’t require at all downloading any specific application as the list of available apps allow the users to pick any app. All of the apps are available for free. For using these apps you will get points. Don’t forget to try the installed app for minute or two. Account will start crediting from points that can in the end can be used for redeeming against gift card of your choice or you can use the points for buying any paid app directly from the in-app purchases section of the Google Play Store, App Store and Amazon Store.