Azan Nigeria Prayer Time


Azan Nigeria Prayer Time Alternatives


#1 Islamic Prayer Times & Qibla


Islamic Prayer Times & Qibla is a popular Islamic app that carries thousands of downloads from all over the globe. Islamic Prayer Times and Qibla is a beautifully created app for Muslims presented by that brings tons of exceptional features that helps you to lead your way through Islam. The app provides Islamic Qibla Compass for Namaz as well as discover the direction to Qibla with ease. It shows Muslim prayer timings on a daily basis and never let you miss any.

It carries an attractive and beautiful interface, Ramadan timing page added, the direction of Qibla from your current place, different prayer time calculation methods, manually adjust prayer time settings, and much more. You can intuitively view daily Suhoor and Iftaar times as well as set reminders whenever you are fasting. Islamic Prayer Times and Qibla app lets you manually adjust the timings prayer for every prayer and get time table of Ramadan to share.


#2 Prayer Times – Mosque Finder, Jamat Time & Qiblah


Prayer Times brings one of the most authentic Islamic applications for getting the direction of Qibla, daily Quran, the most precise prayer times, and Hadees, etc. Prayer Times – Mosque Finder, Jamat Time & Qiblah is an intuitively designed app developed by one of the most authentic Educational and Charitable Trust that brings a magnificent platform to get Islamic data and other schedules. It precisely covers Sehri end, Chaasht time, Iftaar time, Israaq time, and much more.

It also brings daylight saving adjustment for the southern as well as Northern countries are also considered whenever applicable. You can instantly discover all the nearest mosques around you and get them whenever you want them the most along with Jamat timings. Prayer Times – Mosque Finder, Jamat Time, and Qiblah app brings accurate timer for prayers based on your current location without using any internet connection.

#3 Athan Now


Athan Now is a clean, classy, and beautiful application that precisely enables you to know regarding the schedules of prayers only via detecting mobile location through the GPS of your cell phone. Athan Now: Prayer Times, Quran & Qibla is a superb platform presented in the market by Athan Now Limited Inc. that brings one of the most accurate Athan app available over the market. It provides loads of useful features such as read daily azkar, listens to the Quran, read daily verses, and do much else.

You can intuitively listen to Holly Quran recitations in the voices of multiple Muezzins right over one place. Each prayer time is displayed and how much period is left to the next prayer time. Athan Now: Prayer Times, Quran, and Qibla app also carries Islamic wallpapers for your cell phones and tablets, and you can even share them with your buddies.


#4 Prayer Times (Namaz Vakti)


Prayer Times (Namaz Vakti) is a useful application for Muslims from all over the world that makes it easy for people to access content regarding Islam, developed by metinkale38 Inc. Prayer Times (Namaz Vakti) app features,,,,,, and, etc. You can have different prayer times calendar, CSV support, calculated (offline) methods, reads Adhan for the prayer times, and automatic location capturing support.

You can also get worldwide prayer times, automatically switches to silent, instant notification for prayer times, widget/notification support, and indicator for Makruh prayer time, etc. The app provides a classy counter for missed prayers and provides a large set of downloadable sounds (Adhan, Du’a, etc.). Other than these, the Prayer Times (Namaz Vakti) app also features Qibla Compass (2D/3D/Map/Time), Dhikr after prayer, Dhikr counter, Hadith collection of books (Sahih al Bukhaari), 99 Names of Allah, religious holidays with descriptions, and more.

#5 Prayer Times: Qibla & Azan


Prayer Times is a significant app that provides various cool features that helps you to remind prayers when it’s the right time, developed in the market by Souf Inc. You can also get Hijri day and month, find nearby mosque, alerts multiple audio options, and library support, etc. Prayer times: Qibla and Azan also feature Wake up to the Morning Prayer, separately select the sound for each prayer time, the prayer of supplication and time, and more.

You can enjoy its content in more than ten languages, including Italian, English, French, Urdu, Espanola, Arabic, Hindi, Detach, and Albanian, etc. It features Qibla direction, GPS location lookup (both manual and automatic), precise compass support, Hijri date, GMT time zone, flashing LED, 12/24 time format, and various other features. Prayer times: Qibla and Azan app lets you have a one shop stop for accurate prayer times and Adhan notifications right on your Android devices.

#6 Ojeebu


Ojeebu is amongst the most precise and the best app for Muslim Ummah through which they can precisely get offline mp3 Quran recitation in Urdu and English Language. Ojeebu – Quran, Muslim Prayer Times & Adhan, and Qibla is a super stunning platform developed by Quarter Pi Inc. that brings the Quran with dozens of options, prayer times, Qibla direction, and much more. The app supports Azan notifications with multiple voices, Esal-e-Sawab for the loved ones we lost, fasting times during Ramadan, and join others to send blessings.

It contains an effective community of Muslim Ummah to pray and notifies regarding halal restaurants near you and the list of nearby mosques. The app provides an authentic and the most precise Qibla compass to get the direction to Kaaba/Mecca, etc. Ojeebu – Quran, Muslim Prayer Times & Adhan, Qibla app provides the count downs of important holy days like Hajj, Eid-ul-Adha, Eid-ul-Fitr, and Ramadhan, Ashora, and various other.

#7 Azan Sri Lanka Prayer Time


Azan Sri Lanka Prayer time is a classy tool that enables sits global users to get indications regarding the accurate prayer times for almost all the cities of Sri Lanka. Azan Sri Lanka Prayer time is a significant tool presented in the market by Mazoul Dev Inc. that helps you grab the most authentic information regarding prayer times. The app provides Quran in audio support, Qibla Compass, tracking auto kiblah, Qiblah Map, and read verses autofocus to follow.

It features Islamic greeting cards/messages, daily Islamic quotes/wallpapers, many beautiful themes, and precise notifications for important Surahs. It also brings supplications/Duas for daily routine life, daily verse of the day from Al-Qur’an, Tasbih/Zikar/Dhikar, Asma Al-Husna (99 beautiful names of Almighty Allah), and Rabbana verses from Holy Quran, etc. You can download the Azan Sri Lanka Prayer time app for free to grab plenty of amazing features for having a closer eye on the religion of Islam.

#8 Step By Step Salah


Step By Step Salah is an authentic, sophisticated, and the most precise application through which you can instantly get to know everything about Namaz by using your cell phones and tablets. Step By Step Salah – Namaz is a significant platform developed in the market by Quran Reading Inc. that brings the most useful Salah app containing tons of valuable features right on the palm of your hands. The app provides a detailed audio illustration of each step taken during prayer.

The app provides clear steps with detailed descriptions, easy to use interface, multiple settings options, and much more. It also brings the sharing option through which you can instantly share the useful information with all your loved ones. So just download Step By Step Salah – Namaz app in your cell phones and tablets to grab daily prayers, preparation, occasional Salah, making up, and timings, etc.

#9 Ezan Vakti Pro


Ezan Vakti Pro is a superb Islamic Life Assistant that comes with prayer times, Adhan sound, and plenty of other facilities. Ezan Vakti Pro – Azan, Prayer Times, & Quran is a significant app developed in the market by Maviay Inc., where you can get everything regarding prayers to be consistent on praying Salah. It provides religious objects or monthly downloads a month, along with the capability to work without the need for any internet connection.

It carries the support of warning in Times Athan, reminder before entering times, awake on Sahoor, reminder fasting, automatic mute in Times, automatic mute in Masjeeds, and Friday prayer reminder, etc. Other than these, it also features Amal Book App, Hijri calendar converter, weather support, online Kaaba tracking, 5-Year important religious day and night, and much more. So just download Ezan Vakti Pro – Azan, Prayer Times, and Quran app in your cell phones and tablets to enjoy everything flawlessly.

#10 Prayer Times, Qiblah, Adzan


Prayer Times, Qiblah, Adzan is a significant app where you can precisely enjoy prayer schedules along with plenty of other options as well. Prayer times, Qiblah, Adzan is a fine tool presented in the market by BriXzeN Inc. that precisely calculates times without having any internet just using your location or manual input city name. The app helps you to find the nearby mosque over your area along with estimation and distance.

The app features Tasbeeh counter, Muslim holiday reminder, Alarm Adzan, Qiblah direction, Vibrate in silent mode, Compass correction, Turn the alarm tone prayer schedule, Offline schedule support, and much more. You can intuitively grab the features of Prayer schedule correction, Calculate prayer in specific dates, Show current Hijri calendar, Alarm before the prayer schedule, Know the schedule of tomorrow, city-input manual, and auto (GPS) and more. So just download Prayer times, Qiblah, Adzan app to enjoy everything flawlessly.

#11 Azan Saudi


Azan Saudi is designed significantly and especially to indicate the most precise and accurate Arabic prayer timings of the entire day. Azan Saudi: Prayer Times in Saudi Arabia is an intuitive app presented in the market by Mazoul Dev Inc. that brings accurate prayer times, time for next prayer, Hijri calendar, and much more. The app is working tremendously awesome in plenty of areas and entire cities of Saudi Arabia. It helps users in finding the nearest mosques with accurate localization support.

The app also supports a compass integration that helps you in getting the direction of the Kaaba Sharif. You can also grab the exact time or the rest times regarding the next prayer right over the bar of notifications. Azan Saudi: Prayer Times in Saudi Arabia app precisely indicates you regarding the most precise prayer timings in Saudi Arabia and all the surrounding areas.

#12 Prayer Times by S.Mustafa


Prayer Times by S.Mustafa is an elegantly designed platform that brings the most precise prayer times for the Muslims as well as the people who love to explore the most truthful religion ‘Islam’. Prayer Times is a gorgeous app presented in the market by S.Mustafa that brings a classy application to get plenty of valuable information regarding Islam religion. You can instantly grab the prayer times regarding your location and grab the direction of Qibla in all the religions of the world.

The app helps you to determine the exact direction of the Kaaba from any of your current places from around the globe. The app supports a calendar of the most significant events of Islam with the accessibility of the notification. It also holds Adhan alerts for all the obligatory prayers (five times a day). Prayer Times by S.Mustafa app brings prayer duaas as well as the dua of the day support.

#13 Prayer Popper


Prayer Popper is a significant platform that enables you to keep your prayer list, the direction of the Qibla, significant information about Islam, and plenty of other things right on the palm of your hands. Prayer Popper is a fine platform developed by Compass & Harbor Inc. that brings plenty of significant features right on the palm of your hands. You can intuitively record details as well as subjects for each of the things or people you are praying for.

You can precisely set how often you want to pray for each prayer concern, such as one on a specific day, every pop, once daily, or on a rotating basis as well. You can intuitively configure daily stop and start times for the pop notifications and the number of times you pray during that span. You can set the number of rotating prayers, pray on demand, share prayers with buddies, and more.


0 contains a community of more than one million people for daily worship by using their Android and iOS cell phones and tablets. is a fine app developed by Pray Inc., where you can grab plenty of valuable information regarding the Bible. You can precisely discover tons of hours of bible audio stories, relaxing bible bedtime stores, daily inspirational programming, inspirational sermons, Christian meditations, and much more. The app lets you access more than 1.5K premier Christian audio segments, including epic bible sagas in vivid details.

You can intuitively grab bedtime stories of the Bible to promote better rest as well as enhance the relaxation. The app features Christian inspired music, inspirational audio programs, Bible stories for kids, high-quality Christian audio, audio summaries, inspirational audio programs, and more audio added on a regular basis. also features daily prayer audio, online prayer community, and daily prayer tracker that is transforming your lives.

#15 Azan India


Azan India app precisely indicates the most precise prayer for the majority of the cities of India, including the prayer time in Delhi, Kerala, and all the nearby areas. Azan India: India Prayer Times is a fine tool presented in the market by Mazoul Dev Inc., where you can get plenty of valuable information regarding Deen Islam. The app provides the most authentic information regarding prayer times, Holy Quran, Direction Qibla, Islamic Calendar, 99 names of ALLAH, mosque finder, and much more.

You can precisely get a reminder before Adhan, along with the capability to choose the duration for each prayer. You can precisely mute the sound of Azan just by clicking on the volume button for a longer span than usual. Azan India: India prayer times bring prayer Dua of the day as well as the Duas support just to let you listen and memorize them without any efforts.

#16 Islam 360


Islam 360 is probably amongst the best and the most comprehensive application that brings the most intuitive and precise content on the true, the most significant, and probably the true religion named ‘Islam’. Islam 360 – Prayer Times, Quran, Azan & Qibla is a superb platform presented in the market by Zahid Hussain Chihpa, which brings complete and the most powerful Islamic app. You can intuitively read Holy Quran by Surah as well as Parah listings right over their cell phones and tablets.

You can precisely read the Holy Quran in multiple languages, including Urdu, Roman Urdu, Hindi, and English script. You can read the Holi Quran Muhammad Juna Garhi, Mufti Taqi Usmani, Amin Ahsan Islahi, and Abul Alaa Moududi, etc. Islam 360 – Prayer Times, Quran, Azan, and Qibla app also enables you to read the Tafasir of the Quran by Ibne Kaseer, Taqi Usmani, and audio Tafseer of Mufti M. Sayeed and Dr. Israr Ahmed.



ISLAMUNA is the most significant, probably the must-have application for Android smartphones and tablets. ISLAMUNA: Prayer Times, Ramadan Time, Quran, and Qibla is a fine tool presented in the market by that helps you to get everything regarding Islam. You can instantly get notifications regarding Prayer Times, Ramadan Times, beep alerts, Azan alerts, for all-day Prayer Times. For Ramadan Times, users from all over the globe can find the time of Sehri and iftar as per daily needs.

The app brings Ramadan Calendar support and prayer times with multiple options of alerts regarding Azan. Other than these, the ISLAMUNA app also features Hadith Books, listen to Naats, listen to the Holy Quran in audio, six Kalimas with translation, weekly and monthly prayer times, Asma Ul Husna, and various other features. ISLAMUNA: Prayer Times, Ramadan Time, Quran, and Qibla app lets you grab everything regarding Islam effortlessly.

#18 Muslim Go


Muslim Go app is an excellent app recognized by Muslims all across the country with the most precise prayer and Azan time, certified by JAKIM. Muslim Go is a marvelous application presented in the market by Intelligent Earnings Sdn Bhd Inc. that is trusted by millions of Muslims from all over the world. The app features accurate prayer time (truly based on your current location), precise fasting times during Ramadan (Imsak and Iftar), halal directory locations, daily verse reminder, Muslim Hijri calendar, and more.

You can intuitively follow all the latest and trendy topics in the Islamic world regarding everything necessary for you to know. You can precisely enjoy Al Qur’an with precise and clear audio (mp3) and translation in Malay and English languages. Muslim Go – Prayer Time Qiblat Al-Quran app lets you grab Azan notifications and choose to autoplay audio on time and also mute it anyway.

#19 1Muslim


1Muslim is an ad-free app that instantly lets Muslims know when to pray, introduced by Ruslan Elmurzaev Inc. The app offers the most precise calculated and present timing truly based on your location with various settings for adjustment via the user-friendly interface. The app helps you to try adjusting your settings and also fine-tune the timing by holding as well as pressing the time column over the screen.

You can instantly share the stuff available here directly to your friends, colleagues, fellows, and family members through social platforms. The app also features an animated tasbih feature that features interval adjustment from 10 to 100 right from the front end. Its various vibrations and sounds will give you the necessary control for comfortable and precise dhikr. 1Muslim – Prayer Times, Azan, Qibla app lets you keep all the significant information about Ramadan along with Hadith of the day support as well.

#20 Muslim Daily


Muslim Daily is amongst the best, free, and easy to use daily assistant for Muslims that helps them to recite their Holy Quran and plenty of other stuff intuitively. Muslim Daily is the finest app presented in the market by Mobzone Inc. that brings 114 suras along with the detailed phonetics, audio recitations, and Arabic scripts to have precise learning. The app enables you to learn every surah in more than 100 languages for downloading as well.

It carries the most precise, accurate prayer time as well as an elegant Qibla locator based on your current locations. Apart from supporting the translation of the Quran, the Muslim Daily app also brings audio reception to listen to whatever you want to read. The app supports prayer timings, prayer times, navigation, Asma Al-Husna, and Hijri Calendar, etc. Muslim Daily app lets you grab five accurate prayer times along with 11 muezzin’s voices to choose from.

#21 UAE (Emirates) Prayer Times


UAE (Emirates) Prayer Times carries a new and elegant design to get prayer times, set Adhan alarms, find nearby mosques, and do plenty of other stuff right using this single platform. UAE (Emirates) Prayer Times is a superb application designed intuitively by Kookydroid Apps for Muslims to get plenty of meaningful information and features regarding Islam. The app features Qibla direction or compass, Hijri date converter, read prayer times, 99 names of Allah, weather reports, and much more.

You can precisely get the location of all the nearby mosques, and you can find almost all the ones along with their travel time and the distance to get your prayer or recitation done. You can precisely select the time format, city temperature, and Tasbeeh counter, etc. UAE (Emirates) Prayer Times app is being operated in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Khor Fakkan, Jumeirah, Dibba, Ras al-Khaimah, Fujairah, Umm al-Quwain, Sharjah, Al Ain, and Ajman, etc.