B4UFLY: Drone Airspace


B4UFLY: Drone Airspace Alternatives


#1 HomeBrite


HomeBrite app serves as an elegantly designed and unique light switch for all your BlueTooth smart LED bulbs powered by HomeBrite. HomeBrite is an elegantly designed app presented in the market by Fiet Electric Inc. that brings an exclusive Bluetooth technology that connects the LED bulbs throughout your entire home without the need of wires, hubs, or any router requirements.

The app enables you to schedule lighting events by a single or a group of bulbs and programs all your bulbs to fit your schedule. It elegantly uses Bluetooth Mesh Technology to connect bulbs throughout your entire house while enabling you to power lights on and off, create scenes, manage groups, and set timers and schedules.


#2 Feit Electric


Feit Electric app makes it effortless to manage and control all your Feit Electric LED Smart WiFi blubs from anywhere with this highly smart and handy app. Feit Electric is a superb utility presented in the market by Feit Electric Inc. that makes it effortless to turn your smart bulbs on and off and manage the entire electricity of your home right from your cell phones and tablets.

You can precisely choose your desired color or tune temperature using the app via your mobile and give your home an entirely new and unique touch of lights. You can also pair to Amazon Alexa and with the Google Assistant to enable voice control.

#3 Lucero Smart Bulb


Lucero Smart Bulb app enables you to control and customize all the smart LED bulbs that you had in your house right from your Android cell phones and tablets. Lucero Smart Bulb is a classy tool presented in the market by LuceroTech LLC, which brings a smart Bluetooth smart app that controls all the LED dimmable multicolor light bulbs whenever, wherever you want.

It helps you concentrate and relax, change the texture of the room, make your room more romantic, bring a party life, and set a healthy atmosphere while saving time and energy. The app brings a collection of more than 16 million colors and helps you customize them in the way you love.


#4 North Connected Home Bulb


North Connected Home Bulb is easy to set up and uses an app that enables you to control and manage your North Connected Home Bulbs from your mobile phones and tablets in a way like never before. North Connected Home Bulb is a stunning app developed in the market by Chug, Inc. that enables you to change the color of your lights and helps you find the perfect hue.

It enables wireless connectivity to control all the available lights in your home and give your home a real class. Its elegant timer functionality enables you to turn the bulbs off and on at your desired timings and never get worried about making an effort to go to the sockets of your home.

#5 Premier Smart


Premier Smart is a pretty decent and easy to use app that comes with loads of excellent functionalities to manage all your smart bulbs. Premier Smart is a smart and elegant tool Premier Accessor Group Inc. that enables you to control your smart home devices by voice or through the app from anywhere in the world.

The app makes it effortless to manage the entire electricity (LED bulbs and lights) of your homes. You can intuitively choose a color for the LED bulbs, check in on your cameras pasted over your home, and turn an outlet on and off. You can also manage group devices and control your bulbs via room by room.

#6 Best Flash Light – Flashlight


Best Flash Light – Flashlight app enables you to get the fastest, brightest, and most feature-rich front light with video camera zoom for the iPhone available in the market. Best Flash Light – Fastest Torch LED Flashlight is a sleek tool presented in the market by RV AppStudios LLC, which brings one of the fastest and brightest flashlights with a magnifying glass, map, location, and various other options.

The app contains plenty of options to use the light of your phones to find things in your purse, read in the dark, find your keys in the dark, walking to your car at night, during a power outage, and hiking and outdoors.

#7 My Leviton


My Leviton makes it effortless and sleek to make an instant connection of all the Leviton Decora Smart with the Wifi product family right to your mobile phones and Amazon Alexa for voice control. My Leviton is a stunning app presented in the market by Leviton Manufacturing Co, Inc. that enables you to manage and control your Decora Smart Wifi Devices via Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and more.

It enables you to set the mood in just a single tap of the button with lighting activities and create lighting schedules around your life in a way like never before. You can effortlessly control your lights as well as loads from anywhere using the free to use My Leviton app over your Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets.

#8 Wemo


Wemo app enables you to control all your WEMP lights from anywhere around the globe right from your Android devices. Wemo is a superb tool developed in the market by Belkin Inc. that brings a straightforward way to control all your lights at home, offices, or other places.

You can precisely control and manage your appliances, lights, and a whole room from your couch, the Caribbean, coffee shop, software house, or elsewhere. You can simply pair your Wemo Mini, Insight, Light Switch, or Switch with the Google Home or Amazon Echo and start controlling your lights, your entire home, and your appliances without even having to lift a finger.

#9 Wswitch For Belkin Wemo


Wswitch for Belkin Wemo app enables its global users to control and manage your Wemo switched right using their iOS devices whenever they want. Wswitch for Belkin Wemo is an amazing tool developed in the market by Giorgos Trigonakis Inc. that enables you to control everything regarding your devices right from your cell phones and tablets.

You can intuitively turn any of your desired integrated devices on and off and even dim your LED bulbs whenever necessary. The app helps you to Control and create even a group of devices simultaneously. The app helps you search your local network for devices and even add devices with IP manually.

#10 iHome Control


iHome Control is one of the most effective apps to control all your iHome SmartPlug devices right from your Android devices, virtually from anywhere in the globe. iHome Control is a widely used app presented in the market by SDI Technologies that helps you use the app to control the fans, lamps, and more right using your Android and iOS phones and tabs.

You can add as well as configure all your desired iHome SmartPlugs over your network in an effortless and smart manner. The app is designed magnificently to support all the iHome’s line of SmartPlugs that supports HomeKit and provides plenty of sleek functions for managing them flawlessly.

#11 Iconnecthue For Philips Hue


Iconnecthue for Philips Hue is a sleekly designed and professionally used app that enables you to customize your bulbs and lamps beautifully. iConnectHue for Philips Hue: Get the best out of your light is a widely used app presented by Stefan Gohler Inc. that brings the best switch editor to help you create magic scenes for super easy gradients.

The app contains a robust widget editor with a real-time preview of your customizations right away. iConnectHue is an outstanding solution that brings the best of your Philips Hue lights right over your homes and offices and helps you have an amazing experience. You can intuitively control and manage almost every aspect of your hues and manage things effectively.