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0 is a classified advertisement website that has various sections devoted to the housing, services, items for sale, jobs, and discussion forum. Founded in 1995, this site started off with the email distribution lists that featured the local events in San Francisco Bay Area. Slowly and gradually it became a web service and further modified itself in more vast categories. Not only in the whole US, but the services of this forum is now available in more than 70 countries. There are more than 49 million new visitors to this site every month from all over the world.



0 may not be the most popular platform when it comes to retailing, but it does include a big range of items for sale and purchase that makes it a right choice. The thing that stands out the most about it is that the sections are based on the location one decide to choose. For example, if someone lives in the United States and wants to purchase an item from France, they just change the location and see the list of things available. The layout is somewhat similar to craigslist with the main difference being that it contains more colors than the other platform. The segments are placed on the homepage that helps people to find precisely what they require. Geebo includes the merchandise tab that has appliances, clothing, health and beauty, music, sporting good and others. The vehicle, services, employment areas of help to most people while the rentals and roommate page is the most prominent difference from others.


0 is a website that provides buying and selling facilities with a little twist. Individuals can place items that are not in their use anymore or the ones they want to replace. The process is simple where people just take a few pictures of the item they want to sell and then place it on the website by writing a description. The customer who needs such thing looks for the most relevant things in the list and then selects their choice, reads the articles and then make their purchase. The Oodle paying method is straightforward and safe with encryption present to prevent any loss of personal details. The website itself has a horizontal layout that does not require much time to understand. People select items based on their location or through the categories present that include merchandise, shopping, accessories, services, personals, jobs, vacations, booking, vehicles, rentals, real estate, jobs, pets, community, and ticketing.



0 is an American based e-commerce platform that starting online retailing from the furniture products and now has extended its services to various other products as well. has the finest collection of the products of the thousands of leading brands. On most of the items, free shipping is applicable. The front page of contains the information of the products available in the range of furniture, décor, bed & bath, kitchen, storage, outdoor, home improvement, baby & kids, seasonal items and much more. You can also explore the products by way of the room as well like products and services for the bedroom, living room, patio, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. A late of daily sales, simple sales, and clearance schemes are there to save more and get more. is a way to enjoy exclusive discounts on top brands, personalized service and custom order options. This online shopping portal that was once known as the provider of furniture products only is now more than just an online furniture store. With one of the largest online selections of home furnishings, home décor products, and a wide selection of furniture, allow its customers to find the perfect product at the right price. Free shipping is available subject to the condition of placing the order of $49 or more.


0 is one of the biggest online Asian retailers who provide an online option to people who are interested in online shopping. It is more famous in China, from where it has originated and other neighboring Asian countries but because of the significant population in the region, the site is one of the top most. There are many categories which have been made so that the stuff can be sorted out in them. If you want to sell something all you have to do is to upload the picture of the item they have to sell, these pictures are taken from different angles. The search option is advanced, and people can enter keywords or full phrases to reach the thing they require. All the payments are securely made through PayPal which gives people the assurance that there won’t be any frauds involved. Overall there are many options which ensure that the person who is buying things gets the best value for their money and help people who have created accounts to earn revenue to build a business on the online platform.


0 comes as a place where people get to buy the latest products from the reputable retailers around the world and do so in a secure manner. The best thing about the platform is the range of items that are available and belong to the top most categories such as kitchen, clothing, shoes, home, bedding, accessories, toys and much more. The process of searching for the item is through either the keyword or the Web ID, and then the results are displayed which people can manage per the most recent, more viewed, most bought or based on alphabetical order. The Kohl’s site has daily deals that are helpful for people who want to buy things at lower prices in the nick of time. It also contains various promotion codes and coupons that are useful for reducing the costs even more than the currently nominal ranges. The website itself can do some work, but the objects present make up for the layout.

#7 Hayneedle


Hayneedle is a simple yet efficient place where people can buy and sell products of their choice without having to spend too much time on it. There are many options which can be helpful for individuals who want to make use of it. The process of searching for the relevant item is accessible where people have to enter keywords to find the item, they are able to use various filters to refine their search. The items which are to be sold or bought can be of a variety of categories such as books, cell phones, music items, art items, fashion, accessories along with many other items. Selling an item is a natural process, where people just have to upload the picture of the item they have to sell, these pictures are taken from different angles. While the buying process is as simple as ever, where people search for things and then place their order after reading the details about the thing. All in all, this website is a nice place to shop in a simpler pleasant manner.



Although most of the leading online retailers belong to either Europe, American and few in China, the biggest that exists in other regions is A brand name that has become synonymous with online shopping in areas such as Pakistan, India, Middle East and other parts. The process starts by the user making an account, and they do so by entering their email address. If someone wants to buy an item, they just search for the most relevant things in the search box and a list opens, where people may sort items based on their choice. To make a payment the process includes the linkage with PayPal and other accounts such as Paytm that covers most locations. A percentage of revenue goes to the company and other to the user who sells the things, but most prices are within range. The OLX site itself contains most things that are required and give decent options for getting the job done.

#9 Storenvy


Storenvy gives people another option for making purchases and getting the best out of the items which are available online. The process of searching for the item which is required is as easy as it gets and users have to enter keywords, they can also use various filters to refine their search. If someone wants to sell a product, they can upload certain details along with pictures so that individuals can have the required information. The items which are to be sold or bought can be of a variety of categories such as books, cell phones, music items, art items, fashion, accessories, electronic goods and several more. The process of searching for the item which is required is as easy as it gets and users have to enter keywords, they can also use various filters to refine their search. The user interface is another advantage which this website has over others where you can easily find the stuff you are in need of and the layout is simple. Therefore, it can be recommended as a good alternative to the others.

#10 Cqout


Cqout is a new entrant in the field of online retailers but has quickly made its name as one of the most efficient places to shop. People can buy and sell products in a safe environment. There are many other features which make this place worth using. The items which are to be sold or purchased can be of a variety of categories such as books, cell phones, music items, art items, fashion, accessories, electronic goods and several more. Since it is a new place and currently does not have the exposure people might consider it an unimportant app, but that is not true since there is a broad range of products that exist here and can easily be bought in a safe and secure manner. People can access the site from the web and their devices. The search option is advanced, and people are able to find the item they need quickly. In a nutshell, if you really are interested in doing business this app is the right place.


0 was launched in 2007 and now shares the most revenue in the Indian subcontinent with its services. Currently, it has over 80 million products that are arranged into different categories. The place started by only two people with the aim of providing online services for buying and selling and now has become a household name in the region. The best part of the services Flipkart provides includes the fact that most people can order an item and then pay when the delivery completes. The ones who prefer paying online can also avail various options such as paying by credit card or an online service such as Paytm. The website is one of the best features with all the items and places arranged in a manner that the user may want to spend time. It has over 100,000 sellers and 9 million shipments every month that tell about the size to which it has grown. In a nutshell, an actual place for shopping online in India.

#12 Sears marketplace


Sears Marketplace is a website where you can buy products and a lot of them. It is just like an actual marketplace where you will get to see wide ranging products. People can get to buy products which range from electronics to books and from accessories to clothes. If there is one item available to be sold people can also bid for it if there are more than one buyers. It not only helps people to save money but also gives them a wide range of products at one place to choose. Making an account is easy to process where you can enter all your details and the things you are interested in buying. By this information, the website can recommend you items and other details about products, so you do not always have to search for them. People can favorite the items they want to buy and also give their feedback related to things which are already present with you. The payment can be made in a safe manner over the internet, and people can also link their cards for quick purchase.


0 is a store in the United States that provides delivery services for a broad range of products both nationally and Internationally. If someone is visiting from another country and knows someone in the United States, they can quickly order items that are sent to their residential location anywhere. For people who are living in America options like ordering items and then picking up at the store, shipping and delivery services at real rates, and internationally shipping items to over hundred countries making it one of the best places to shop. The K Mart products range from home appliances such as electrical and mechanical equipment and furniture to clothing, baby and women products, home and décor, jewelry, outdoor products, shoes, tools, toys and sports equipment and that makes it one of the biggest stores with the most number of items available. Availing coupons and other deals along with sales give KMart another edge over the competitors.


0 is a web based American retailer of electrical and digital products. is a dedicated shopping place for shopping home equipment, residence improvement instruments, cellphone, telephones, cameras, laptops, computers, TV & home theater, track player, notebooks, office equipment, home theater furniture, Chromebook, Mack Books, AC, toasters, cleaner and quite a few other merchandise in the category of electrical and electronics simplest. For those who are watching for electrical and digital products most effective are suggested to move to the to simply purchase the discounted merchandise of the main brands and manufacturers of the arena. Every order that’s placed with the will also be checked via the patrons any time by way of signing into their account. The return coverage of the is dependent upon the form of membership of the purchaser. The normal contributors can get the merchandise return and exchanged in 15 to 60 days in line with the sort of the products. The elite members can get most of the product return or alternate inside 30 to 60 days. The Elite Plus contributors can get their product trade or return with forty five days to 60 days from the date of purchases. However, the times of returning or replacing the cellphones and others are required to be retuned with fourteen days of getting the delivery. The repayments will also be made either by way of bank cards or the points of if the shoppers have already any.

#15 Groupon


Groupon is that name of a leading deals and coupons application that gives you a chance to get to and appreciate an enormous number of offers from your smartphones. From dialect courses to suppers at Egyptian eateries, trips far and wide or knead sessions – you can discover every one of this and more on Groupon. From Groupon’s app, you regularly need to print your Groupon on a bit of paper and convey it with you to show at the comparing area, yet because of this application, you can express the greater part of your Groupon on your cell phone without printing anything totally. Groupon works in an extremely straightforward manner. Consistently, it declares a progression of offers temporarily or until the stock runs out. On the off chance that you see a deal that you find fascinating, you will get a period in which you can focus on it, be it a sentimental supper at an eatery or an outing some place fun. Groupon is an incredibly intriguing administration, and this versatile application performs all that you could ask for it. It makes getting to every one of the deals on the site considerably less demanding.

#16 Zappos


Zappos is one of the world’s biggest shoe stores that likewise offer garments and different items. At first, it just had shops inside the United States however since its procurement by Amazon; it has gotten to be one of the greatest online dealers. It has practical experience in offering shoes yet now likewise has an expansive scope of men and ladies garments, purses, wrist watches, and different dresses. The online applications for Android and iPhone individuals to purchase things from their homes in a quick and secure way. People can make their record which spares the inconvenience of entering different points of interest unfailingly. Orders put, can be followed everywhere throughout the world. People can pay from inside the application in a sheltered way. People can scan for items by reviewing superb pictures and impart these elements to their companions on various informal communities. There are additionally elite recordings accessible for different items, and practical perspectives are likewise available. It is a primary online stage to purchase items and is picking up notoriety among the general population.

#17 Newegg


Newegg is an online platform where people can create a business of their own without having to go through the trouble of opening up a proper shop to sell products. On the flipside, it is also an excellent opportunity for the buyers to get those products at good prices and quick time. Selling an item is an informal process, where people just have to upload the picture of the item they have to sell, these pictures are taken from different angles. After that, they can enter the details of the item which is being sold. Buying that product is an even easier method where you just have to search for the relevant item is easy where people have to enter keywords to find the item, they are able to use various filters to refine their search. The payment method is secure; the user pays to the developer, who forwards is to the seller only when the delivery is made. In summary, an excellent option for people who want to make an earning or make a purchase.


0 is one of the biggest retailers in the world that have branches in several countries and has made a name for itself especially in Europe. The thing that keeps it at a higher level than others is the range of home appliances including furniture, beds, sofas, utensils, sheets, toys, ornaments and other items that are present at better rates. The IKEA website has a unique layout, and the user can easily find the things they need by entering the keyword or a term in the search bar. Once the product list becomes visible, they easily get to open various sections and see images, prices and other details such as manufacturers and launch dates which help the customer to know about their product in detail. The buying process at IKEA is simple, people just enter their card details and place the order which reaches the destination within the same country in two or at most three days. The best part yet is that you can return the item after using it if not satisfied.