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#1 is an emerging automated website and web application builder site. Website building was never this easy before. provide a variety of essential premium website building tools that help the users to build their website in a few minutes. Coding knowledge is not important now as with the simple user interface and simple drag and drop functions, the users can not make their own personal website but can customize each and every single thing with the help of the tools provided within this particular website. has various plans to offer to its customers. The beginners can go for the limited free trial. Later on, they have to upgrade to any of the listed premium plans from monthly to yearly.

#2 is famous and one of the most widely used free online website builder platform. The site already has a bunch of satisfied customers from all over the world and is growing more and more with every passing day. The users can select from a vast range of templates and themes for use on their own website. Apart from using built-in themes, the users can upload their own theme and even can customize any of the template or the theme directly via this platform and that too with stupendous user convenience and support. To be honest, the free version of this platform does not have to offer much and lack top quality premium tools. For using all the premium essential tools and various customizable features, the users surely have to go for the paid version. The lowest plan offered by Doodlekit starts from $14 a month.

#3 is one of the oldest and indeed pioneer automated website builder platform. was among the few who worked on the idea of providing free on the go website building facility. The site is already ranked among the world’s top-rated online web builder sites with millions of active and happy customers from every part of the globe. Although the premium tools provided by this platform are a bit too technical and is best for professionals, one can get used to it after using it for few times. The site has many things to offer in their free trial but the complete features and premium tools are only provided to paid registered members.

#4 is yet another free online website builder platform, that let its customers build free customizable websites on the go. Although the site is new in the market but is getting popularity all over the world due to its immense user support and unique development features. was introduced in 2014. It was the platform developed by some college fellows, to provide extreme level ease to the users along with making them learn the technicalities. The best part of this particular automated website builder is that it does not simply let the users drag and drop or adjust background color of the template or theme. The site has a vast bunch of technical tools that are so simple that every kind of user can easily learn and get used to it in the nick of time.

#5 is powerful and fully feature a loaded platform that unleashes all the premium quality tools required for automated web building. Unlike other similar sorts of websites in the market, this particular web application, let its users build their own websites using high-quality technical tools. Although the interface of the app does not seem to be simple and easy yet it is quite effective in terms of its overall functionality. This particular platform has 3 modes of functionality. The 1st one is all about designing the website and its layout. The 2nd one focuses on building and development and the 3rd one is dedicated to launching the website online. The unique selling point of the site is that it does not only helps in building the website but also provide hosting services for launching a website.

#6 is yet another extreme quality online automated website builder platform. The users can select the type website they want to build via using this particular platform from the menu bar and then go for choosing built-in designed templates. The templates moreover can be customized using the editing tools provided by the site. The free trial does not have much to offer to the users, but the paid premium plans possess all the essential quality website building and managing tools that unleash all the basic top-rated features required to build a robust website. The users can simply start working on website blocks or modules, totally up to their personal preference.

#7 with its hundreds of newly updated free website templates is one of the most emerging free online website building platforms. Imcreator despite being new in the market as compared to other competitive giants, still has managed to grab the attention of the customers from all over the world. The site is already preferred by thousands of users from every part of the globe and is getting more popular with every passing day. The best part of this specific platform is that it has managed to set up different modules of different kinds of website, which makes a lot easier for the user to choose their genre and work on it.

#8 although is not a specified website building platform like the rest in our list, but it possesses the immense capability of graphic designing and theme development. The users can now make their portfolios, banners, website themes etc. on the go via this specified website. is basically a graphic designing website that provides a futuristic approach to its users for making creative website themes, portfolios and many more other things too. The website is a gift of heaven for the creative people who are looking to become illustrators. Although the users can start making their creative designs for free, but for more top-rated premium editing and developing tool access, they had to upgrade for the paid version after registration.


As the name of the site depicts a lot clearer about its functionality, is a platform that let the users build free classy and top quality rated mobile-friendly websites on the go. The users now do not need to have any sort of coding background for building website, as they can build one using the smart and effective tools of this particular platform. The users can download the Mobirise app for their Windows Pcs and Mac both from the official website The best part of this particular platform is that it can be used anywhere once downloaded. This user convenience and feasibility is the unique selling point of this particular web app. Most of the users prefer to work offline and take time doing things, this is the best possible choice for them available in the market. For getting more premium editing and web building tools the users have to get the paid version.

#10 is a robust and feature enrich free online website building platform. The users do not need to have any kind of coding or designing skill to build their website, as this site will do everything on the user’s command. It is one of the simplest, easiest and user-friendly websites, that unleash immense possibilities of developing a top quality website and that too simply by dragging and dropping. This particular platform does not help only in building and developing the site for the users, but also assist them in launching the site that too in few minutes. The website provides extreme level user support with a gigantic variety of domains and hosting facility as well. The users simply have to register themselves as a member by setting up their username and password linked with their email address.

#11 is an all in one free online website building, developing and managing platform. The best and unique part of this specified site is that along with free web building facility, it lets the users create top quality visual content for their websites. “Visme” is the visual content section that possesses all the essential visual content developing tools. Apart from creating quality infographics, this site let the users edit and customize their previously developed site as well. The site has a vast range of developed examples, mockups, and tutorials that help the users to understand and learn the functionalities of the platform in the best possible way.

#12 is yet another stupendous and astounding quality free online website building a web app that provides its users with immense quality experience of website development. The users can initially use the site free on the 14-day trial period, afterward, the users have to pay for the services provided by the platform. is one of the best choices when it comes for building top quality responsive websites. The site is already quite famous among the professionals all around the globe and is getting more and more popular with the passage of time. The site has thousands of feature enriched templates for the websites from which the users can choose according to their needs and personal preference.

#13 is a splendid online platform that enables its users to build a quality website without any coding and designing skills. does not only provide quality web building and developing tools but also helps its users in launching the website online by providing hosting facility and domains as well. The users after developing the site can purchase the domain directly from this particular platform and can launch the website in minutes. The users can build responsive and mobile-friendly websites via this specific platform. The site along with the free version has a variety of paid membership plans with more features and premium tools.

#14 is yet another astounding and astonishing free online web app and website building platform. Making a website and launching it was not that easy before, as this particular platform has totally changed the overall thing in terms of automated app development. The best part of this particular site, which gives it a specified edge over all the rest similar sort of websites available in the market, is its free of cost access to the premium editing and website building tools. Whereas all the rest competitor sites do provide similar tools but they possess their own specified paid plans. The users can now develop their websites in just three minutes and that too completely for free.

#15 is one of the most famous and most widely used freemium automated website building platforms. No matter if a user does not possess any sort of coding knowledge, because this particular site enables the users to design, build and develop their own customized sites using simple editing tools. The easy to use and convenient drag and drop options of the site unleashes great development potential and capabilities to all kinds of user. Apart from providing free development tools, the site let the users online purchase the most suitable domains for them and get registered immediately. Now the users simply after developing the site, can launch their sites as well. The also provides hosting facilities, the users can choose the most suitable hosting plans according to their own convenience. The users get a wide range of option with hundreds of customizable templates available for free.


Now the users don’t require any sort of coding skills and designing abilities. Making a website is not that technical and difficult anymore. with its simple drag and drop website building tools and hundreds of customizable templates unleashes the extreme potential in all sort of users so that they can build their own website. The users can select the kind of template they want to work on, totally based on their demand of work and sort of niche. The users can choose from the options like blogs, portfolios, and e-shop based website template. The site lets the business holders set up their own personal online selling store and provide them with all the necessary tools required for that specific kind of plat from. The services offered by the site are free of cost but to use additional premium tools and various other top-quality techniques, they have to register as paid members.

#17 is one of the simplest and easiest way of automated website building, development and management. Like most of the rest similar sort of website, this particular website building platform does provide the immense capability of designing and developing websites on the go using simple and effective tools. The unique part of the site involves its robust ability of website management after development. does not only let the users develop their own websites but let them launch and manage their websites simultaneously via a single platform. The site also provides a gigantic variety of domains and hosting services as well, the website builders after the development of their sites can also launch their websites on the go.

#18 is yet another stupendous and astounding free automated website that let the users build professional websites of all type without having any coding and designing knowledge. The best part of this particular platform is that it provides free top-rated website building tools and that for free, whereas other competitor sites in the market provide those tools for premium members only. The users can choose from a vast variety of free customizable templates based on their own specified needs. The site lets all sort of users to fulfill their specified website building requirements. Whether the user is looking to build a personal blog, commercial website or even an online e-commerce store. For getting started, the users simply have to register themselves for free using their email, username and setting up their login password. For further facilitation, the users can go for the paid plans as well.

#19 despite being new in the competition, with its immense user support and the facility has managed to rank among world’s top free automated website builders. As per the current stats, is the fastest growing free automated website builder. The site already possesses millions of satisfied customers from all around the world and is getting more and more popular with every passing day. The best part of the site is that it does not only provides quality designing and development capability but also helps in launching and managing the website. It provides great support website.


Shopify is the online buying, selling and promoting the website. The site provides all services in the UK. The site helps the user to build their own online platform using the simple, easy to use and effective tools. The users can learn how to build and run an effective online e-commerce store. The entrepreneurs from all over the world, running their business should defiantly consider this online platform for spreading their products and services all over the globe. The site has immense support for the third party online deliver apps, that helps in the shipment of the goods and products on sales generated by the users. The credit card and e-currency acceptance make this particular platform more interesting and user-friendly.

#21 although is not a dedicated free website building platform, but along with various other different services that are provided for making the lives easy and simple, free online website building is among those services. The users can now create their own website even without having technical coding skills and designing knowledge. This platform lets the users to built the free websites online using the astounding web builder tools provided by the site to the users. The site in comparison to other platforms in the competition is not that much famous being centralized and general in nature but still possess the complete quality ability to develop websites.