Chatroulette Alternatives


#1 Stranger Chat – Anonymous Chat


Stranger Chat – Anonymous Chat is the best means for enjoying random chatting for free with the strange people. This app allows its users to communicate with random people, make a new friend and stay anonymous all the time. The users don’t need to create an account at all. That is the beauty of this application that makes it popular among the people because they don’t need to share their information at all. After connecting with someone, the users can then send text messages, voice messages and can send even videos as well. Unlimited enjoyment functionalities are being offered by this application. The user interface of the application is very user-friendly and easy to understand even for the new users as well. Stranger Chat – Anonymous Chat is in short containing those communicating tools that can assist anyone in communicating with the real strange and random people and making them friends without paying anything.


#2 Anonymous Chat


Anonymous Chat is designed for those people who want to chat with strangers in the private and anonymous chatting rooms. Anonymous Chat is a best and free means to chat with random people in a private and secure environment. Here the people come to hold a discussion with those people whom they never meet while hiding their identity as well. This application empowers them the stunning features like choosing the age, gender, and language of communication. Anonymous Chat at the moment is supporting for both text and image messaging. The advanced and newly launched notification system will give the notification when connecting or receive the message. The distinguishing feature of Anonymous Chat is that it also allows its users to save their conversations as well. They can even copy text in the chat as well. Overall, Anonymous Chat is packed with those features that will take your chatting to the next level and make it remarkable.

#3 Monkey


Monkey is a place where you can have lots of fun with some people around you. It is an amazing platform for having a fun chat with some interesting people and make some entertaining stuff. It lets you meet tons of people for sharing their ideas and making some friends. Monkey lets you make calls and share your feelings with others for the real time. You can even accept a call from some interesting persons and also reject that calls if someone does not attract you. You can tap time if you want to keep the call of that person going and if he or she taps time too the call goes on. Other than that, each of its call starts with 15 seconds, and you just have to add time to keep the call going. Monkey lets you meet people in trees that relate to your interests and lets you add people you like. It enables you to chat with your new friends through different trees.


#4 Chatous


Chatous holds a big name in the world of social networking and communication. This chatting and texting application that is available for the all leading smartphones operating systems offers the random video chatting and texting to its users. The best about Chatous is that here you will find the real people of the world like you who are looking for the strange people like you. You can come to interact with the people of your choice to make them friends. It is one of the best places over the internet for meeting new people and taking with those and about those what matters to you. Chatous is a best means for chatting for free with someone entirely random or someone who shares your interests. In the end, Chatous also allow for sharing of photos, videos and much more with the people that the users meet. Free app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

#5 Stranger Chat


Just like its name Stranger Chat, it is an application that offers an entertaining way to the people to connect with random and strange people without sharing any personal detail at all. Stranger Chat is about anonymity that’s why most of the people like to use this application for connecting instantly with people from different cultures and countries of the world. It allows its users to come to know about the people from different nation. Making friend has never been easy but Stranger Chat has made it possible via its unique chatting system. It will also allow you to enjoy the other functions like who have seen the message, who is typing the message at the moment, and sent status and likewise those other functions that you have notice into the Facebook Messenger. The biggest advantage of using Stranger Chat is that it doesn’t ask for creation of account at all.

#6 Omegle


The world of internet is full of interesting and cool people who are looking for the people like to you to do chatting to make the spare time productive. Omegle is such kind of chatting platform that connects the strangers with strangers and gives them the chance to talk with each other and make themselves friends. The advantage of going to Omegle is that it allows its users to choose the language in which they want to chat. That system of Omegle allows its users to even chat with those strangers who are living nearby them. To make a powerful impact, you can even set your introduction message as well that will work as your profile status. One of the best things about Omegle is that it allows its users to meet with those strangers that hold the same interests and behavior as they have. In short, Omegle is full of a lot of possibilities.

#7 Fav Talk


Fav Talk is another great app that lets you discover a huge amount of community who has the same interest as yours. Using this app, you can enhance the span of your most likely people and share your ideas and thinking with them. You can simply chat with them anytime you want right using this amazing app. You can find tons of people who have interest as yours. You can get a match with people having the same view of thinking. Fav Talk lets you choose other people for starting a conversation and having a talk with them. You can explore the people and their interests for a better understanding. It provides customizable settings so that you can easily change the settings as you like and it brings some special commands as well. You can easily manage settings to allows or disallow other people who are searching you. Fav Talk delivers a quite different and unique scoria of adding people as whenever someone finds you, he or she will automatically added to your chatting list. Hence Fav Talk has made it easy to chat with people having the same interest.

#8 RandomTalk


RandomTalk is a random chatting platform that allows its users to stay in touch with the strange people while staying anonymous all the time. RandomTalk will give you the chance to explore about the people from different nation and culture. It is the way to exchange the happiness and have communication with the strange people.  If you keen in chatting with random people then RandomTalk is the good means for that because it will give you the all chatting and moment sharing means to chat with strange and random people only. RandomTalk will always make it sure you are chatting with real people only. The best about RandomTalk is that it offers a lot of communications like fun chat, time pass, share secret, gossip, secret chatting, chat on any specific topic and much more. Endless chatting options are being offered by this random chatting application.

#9 ChatNOW


ChatNOW is another communication platform for individuals from all over the world. It is a fine application introduced by the Hana App which lets its users to chat with the strangers from all over the world for having a quality fun time. This app comprises individuals from all over the world through which you can randomly do chat with unfamiliar persons from any part of the world. It is one of the widely used and perfect anonymous random chatting application through which you can have damn fun time with the people you don’t know. You can exchange any sort of ideas, communications and think with them without any hesitation, and transform your leisure time into a fun time. Chat NOW lets you set your gender and age to start chatting on this app. You also have to decide whom you are interested in whether men or women to begin the fun. Once you come on this anonymous chatting platform, you can easily share photos and any other stuff that you want. It also blocks some bad mannered or offensive users as well. So just download this simple to start and easy to use app without revealing your personal information, and just bang the world with your conversation.

#10 Azar


Azar is a social networking application that connects its users with millions of real and stranger people across the globe. It is a platform for discovering and connecting with real people only. No fake and fictitious system involved in this app at all as the registration process of Azar ensures that only real people are becoming the part of its chatting family. Azar support for having random video chatting with strange people. As you will proceed into the app, you will be first required to make the account after that you can get the right to discover and meet with hundreds and thousands of new people around the world face to face over video with just a swipe of the finger. It’s time to break the ice and getting interacts with others without barriers. The new Azar’s Region Preference and Instant Voice and Text Translator system will allow you to remove the constraints while taking with other people.

#11 Hello Chat


Hello, Chat is a random video chatting platform that offers a secure means of communication with the strange people who are living nearby you. Thousands of people are there in the world who have same interests, hobbies and thinking style as you have. But you at your own can’t get instant access to all. Hello, Chat is a random chatting application that empowers you to meet random strangers and get socialized as here you will meet the people like you on a daily basis. This video chatting app is designed to serve in multiple areas like making friends, making a face to face communication, arranging dates, entering into a new relationship and much more. However, all these don’t mean Hello Chat is a dating or flirting application. It is just a simple random chatting app that offers a secure means of chatting with strangers.

#12 MeowChat


MeowChat is a box of fun and happiness. It is quite an interesting and fun place to meet with new individuals from all over the world and do chat with them conveniently. It is a place where thousands of people meet and share their feelings towards each other to make a bond of friendship between them. MeowChat contains a huge community of people that come on this platform for making some gorgeous discovery of some interesting people. It lets you explore some amazing buddies globally and chat and play instantly with the strangers from around the world right on your own meowroom. MeowChat lets you discover people around you and from all over the world, and you can easily approach them with simple swipes. It lets you chat and play with your friends in the personal chat room. MeowChat delivers proper safety and protection from others by enabling you to chat privately with any of your friends on this awesome social media app. You can easily share your favorite stuff, inner feelings, taste, and other aspects with them as well. It also manages you to look a bit different with lots of skins and stickers.


-3 provides a great and safe place to meet new people around you and from all across the world precisely. It is a widely used dating app that helps you discover lots of amazing people and start a conversation with them. It has some enhanced features that enable its users to talk freely and precisely in a secure and well-protected scenario. This app is filled with tons of interesting people, and you can easily access them and start a conversation anytime you want. It helps you stay safe and chat securely. You can easily start a conversation and even end it anytime you want. delivers a great way to meet people around you and to make them friends. There are some amazing facts about this app that helps you experience something great. You can easily pick anyone for sharing your ideas and pick anyone randomly to start a conversation. lets you talk one on one, and you can easily share your thoughts with them without any hesitation.