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#10 is an online market place for quality of themes that will make you able to promote your business, portfolio, and brands. The quantity of themes available at the is although low but it is said to be the provider of premium and professional level of themes and templates. has divided its sections into the products of free themes and paid themes. Both are available for the apps, business, and popular themes. From the main page of you can search the themes in term of pricing as well. All the themes that are available at the are responsive, easy and simple to setup. When you will select a theme it will open a new page that will display the thumbnails of the selected themes. It will tell you what will be the benefits of using that particular theme. It will also notify you about the license of that theme as well. It will also tell about whether you can use the theme for an unlimited number of domains or not. The next section will contain the main features of the theme. With every theme, offer the extra benefits in the shape of theme documentation, instant product access and lifetime support for one site as well. You can also sell your themes at as well. However, it is not good in term of selling because it will give you the 50% of the selling amount. However, the theme that you will upload at here can be offered for sale by you on other themes stores as well.

#11 is the handpicked themes provider of the WordPress and Drupal. This online digital marketplace provides the WordPress themes, Drupal themes, CSS & HTML based templates and various other products to make your online business successful. Simply choose any theme or template that suite to your website requirement. Simply move to the website where you will see the categories in the arrangements of Drupal Themes, WordPress themes, Joomla themes, HTML/CSS and PSD work. You are simply required to move into your required category and search for your product. You can use the search bar of the as well to find your desired product. This website is the provider of custom premium level of themes as well. You are surely going to explore a lot of products from the online platform of the When you will open any theme you will be provided with the all details about theme regarding its license system, short description, features of the theme, compatibility, extra features if any and customization system if available. The payments against theme purchased can be made by way of PayPal, American Express, MasterCard and VISA. You can also sell your products at the online selling center of the as well. Against your product you will be given 55 to 75% amount of your product. Moreover, your product will be sale out at your own name.


This platform is the provider for WordPress themes and deals in the selling of themes only. You can’t sell your own themes at this online digital market store. In term of categories and number of themes, is a featured rich place. You can even enjoy the buy one get one free theme service as well. The themes available at are arranged into the types of. Beauty plus function are the hallmark of the themes of the You will enjoy here the premium WordPress themes that are first beauty and secondly are easy to install. Three main advantages of using the themes of the are clean & elegant design, fast & friendly supports and browser compatibility. The elegant and beautifully designed themes will make your website or brand stand out from the crowd. All themes available at are browsers test and fulfill the requirement of browser compatibility. When you will click for any theme you will get the complete detail of that theme in the arrangement of price, short description, features, page builder qualities, and how much it is responsive. As it is already mentioned there is no concept of selling your themes at but you can become the affiliate member of the If you will assist it in selling its products you will get the 30% amount as a commission of the every sale you generate.


This domain is a dedicated platform for the WordPress themes in which most of the themes are available for free. is the portal of the designers who are setting the themes for the WordPress only and selling it across the globe. You can only make buying from the as currently it doesn’t allow the others to sell their themes or plugins at the The best about is that most of the themes are available for free and secondly these are user friendly and free from all type of unnecessary components. You will find the themes of simple, elegant and functional at the same time. Every day it comes with new themes that will make the design of your website more attractive and convenient. You will be never provided with either bad design or unnecessary elements. Upon opening any themes you will get the short description of the theme along with price if any. It will also suggest you the websites where it will suit most. After that it will provide the entire theme details about WordPress version requirement, portfolio of CSS & HTML5 code, compatibility status, localization support, built-in SEO settings, availability of custom widgets and much more. You will be also displayed by the unique features of the as well. If you don’t want to immediately purchases theme then you can go for demo of the theme as well.


Welcome to the online portal of the that is a place for free and premium themes of the WordPress. This online digital market place is best known for delivering the great looking, well coded, highly responsive, browser compatible and bloat-free WordPress themes. The themes available at the portal of can be sort out in the range of free and paid. Surely there are a number of free themes but you will encounter the paid themes here as well that are more featured rich as compared to the free one. The free themes come with themes only. However, in the case of going for premium themes you will be given free access to premium plugins, an agency designed themes, free support all the time and membership options. Upon purchasing the premium themes you can choose the plugin of your own requirement. These plugins will be free. Moreover, there will be no effect on the content whenever you will change the theme. The other free services with the premium themes are the availability of beautiful templates, unlimited color options, Google font’s selector, cross browser supports, responsive framework, XML sample content, SEO conscious and free updates all the time. Three advantages you will get on any premium theme that are an easy installation, fully translatable and all documentation coverage. So, move to the and enjoy the agency designed, lightning fast, expertly coded and cross compatible themes with all type of plugins.

#15 is a web based platform from where you in addition to purchasing the themes of the WordPress can place the custom order for your project as well. In addition to themes, is the provider of plugins and various other digital devices as well. You can get from here both the free and commercial themes. The best about the online digital market place of is that you can set order for the custom development for your project as well. Installing themes of is very easy and simple. For the assistance of the clients, there are video tutorial that makes the users able to learn how to successfully install the themes on their websites. You can easily purchase for your designed theme. When you will start making the order you will be directed to purchase screen where you will be required to complete the payment system. After the submission of the payment, the downloading link for the theme will be forward to you on your email ID. The payment method acceptable by the are PayPal, VISA, and MasterCard. The best about is its demo system that makes the users able to test the themes before purchasing the themes. The other exceptional quality of these themes are that there are highly customizable and you can edit the fonts and colors of the themes. You can upload your own logo as well. You can translate the language of the themes as well.