CVS/Pharmacy is a superb app for patients for staying healthy as well as saving time, presented in the market by CVS Pharmacy Inc. CVS/Pharmacy app makes it easier that lets you save ExtraCare and pick up prescriptions while just tap the Show Card option with a single scan… read more

CVS/Pharmacy Alternatives for iOS

#1 Co-op


Co-op app lets you instantly browse weekly personalized deals as well as exclusive offers and select any two of your desired one to add to your membership cards. Co-op is a stunning platform presented in the market by Co-operative Group Inc. through which you can save money with personalized offers from all the stuff that you needed them the most. You can grab weekly updates to select your offers and never let you miss anything that seems unique for you.

You can precisely check your rewards balance over your cell phone, change notification settings, change your details, get help with offers, report problems, and find out more about this app right over one screen. You can browse personalized offers and choose any two offers and use them that week. You can precisely shop for the relevant products and scan your keyfob and membership cards to get your money off.


#2 Express Checkout


Express Checkout enables its global users to walk into participating stores, paying your bills, scan merchandise, and doe lots of other things right by using your cell phones and tablets. Express Checkout is a superb platform developed in the market by Express Checkout Inc. that helps you in managing your money and all the things that you can do by using it. You can precisely checkout instantly without waiting in long and lengthy lines whenever you want.

The app lets you pay by using your credit cards as well as debit cards and does not need any real cash in your wallet. You can precisely work by utilizing this platform. The app is currently available for the shoppers of California Fresh Market and El Rancho Market as well. Express Checkout app carries a sleek design and simple interface that lets you have plenty of valuable options right on the palm of your hands.

#3 CARDplus


CARDplus app enables its global users to enjoy loyalty cards when they go for shopping over almost all their desired stores placed near them. CARDplus – Loyalty Programs is a gorgeous platform presented in the market by DoveConviene SRL that lets you get a secure place to capture as well as store all your loyalty cards in one app. The app enables you to forget about plastic cards by getting all the promotions as well as loyalty cards and access them whenever, wherever.

You can effortlessly and quickly transfer your loyalty cards into the sleek digital format. You can precisely digitalize all your loyalty cards just by choosing a card, take a pic of the barcode, and let the app does the rest. It enables you to discover where you can use your cards even by activating your GPS by using your cell phones and tablets. Using the CARDplus app, you can see offers and deals associated with all your loyalty programs.


#4 Fidall


Fidall app lets you keep the right loyalty card over your cell phones and tablets at checkout after shopping from your most likely, famous stores. Fidall Loyalty Cards is a superb app developed in the market by Fidall Inc. that lets you save your loyalty cards over your mobile phones and access them whenever you want. Fidall app allows you to create a backup for all the cards that you have just by registering over the website or app.

You can instantly access the collection of loyalty cards with its backup when you change your mobile and even share them with your buddies, family members, or anyone that you want. The app also features location-based service that presents a map indicating where your most likely stores are and help you get all the special offers whenever you want. Fidall Loyalty Cards app sends you exclusive deals regarding loyalty cards that suit your needs.

#5 FidMe


FidMe lets you keep all your loyalty cards under one place, secure warranties, and receipts and enjoy the best deals and promotions right from this stunning platform. FidMe Loyalty Cards & Deals at Grocery Supermarket is a gorgeous tool presented in the market by Snapp Inc. that lets you have a smarter, easier, and smooth shopping experience whenever you want. It allows you to enjoy all your loyalty cards, rewards, deals, coupons, and receipts in one shop stop and access them whenever you want.

It is merely a perfect shopping companion that helps you in enjoying all your paper receipts, loyalty cards, and other digital rewards over your phone. Fid Me app lets you enjoy its feedback options, share offers with your buddies, find all your cards, and enjoy having a cashless life right away. FidMe Loyalty Cards and Deals at Grocery Supermarket lets you join a community of millions of people who love shopping here.

#6 Fry’s


Fry’s is an exclusive app for you if you want to enjoy a more comfortable, faster, and more rewarding shopping platform right over your cellular devices. Fry’s is a superb platform presented by The Kroger Co. that enables you to save money as well as your precious time with this excellent service. It allows its global users to put savings, rewards, and convenience at their fingertips and access them whenever they want.

You can intuitively shop pickup and delivery right through the app, quickly build your online shopping list, view weekly ads, load digital coupons directly, and instantly add sale items or exclusive deals over your lists. You can even get more savings while choosing stuff from its exclusively smart suggestion support. You just have to download the Fry’s app, create a free account over here, and register your shopper’s card to access all these excellent and exclusive benefits instantly.

#7 Mobile-Pocket


Mobile-Pocket brings one of the most effective and effortless ways to put all your locality cards under one platform, developed in the market by Bluesource – Mobile Solutions GmbH. Mobile-Pocket loyalty cards wallet is a superb tool that lets you download the app for free and add all your membership cards as well as loyalty cards right in one app. The app never misses out over any loyalty benefits, points, discounts, and rewards.

The app helps you in digitalizing your membership and loyalty cards with QR code and Barcode without having any internet as well. It enables you to store other membership and loyalty cards that are not in its catalog as well. You can precisely use a template from its card categories and photograph both sides of the cards. Mobile – Pocket loyalty cards wallet app also supports synchronization, backup, and restore both these cards by using the account function of the app.

#8 VirtualCards


VirtualCards app enables its global users to store all your loyalty cards over your mobile phones and get rid of those heavy wallets. VirtualCards – Loyalty Cards & Coupons Wallet is a superb tool developed by Virtual Cards SRL where you can intuitively and securely transfer your loyalty cards. You can do so by scanning the barcode via manually inserting the code digits and even from the card as well. You can get unique loyalty cards by completing several fields, including the last name and first name.

You can instantly grab all the latest promotions and offers of the loyalty cards that come over all your most likely brands near you. VirtualCards app enables you to get instant notifications regarding the rewards and discounts from all these stores. You can precisely choose the coupons to save a significant amount of money. VirtualCards-Loyalty Cards and Coupons Wallet app lets you create and customize your desired shopping lists intuitively.

#9 Coop Supercard


Coop Supercard helps users in saving much of their time, efforts, money, and focus by saving money and earn points flawlessly, developed in the market by Coop Inc. Coop Supercard app never lets you miss any collection of passes and attractive digital bonuses. The app enables you to pay for all your purchases without involving any cash at all the Coop group cash desk via its digital payment card integration. You can precisely get benefits from its points and attractive savings over multiple stuff.

You can elegantly do participate in the collection passes available here and reach the mentioned destinations for attractive discounts and effects. The app also features attractive perks, weekly new attractive offers, and exclusive deals around collecting super points. You can intuitively collect points through the SuperCard barcode of the app and view the account statement or check the score of the previous month with a single click.

#10 Speedway


Speedway provides you with a helping hand in discovering the best, convenient, and closest speedway with intuitive and up to date prices of gas. Speedway Fuel & Speedy Rewards is a stunning platform developed in the market by Speedway LLC Inc. that brings a sleek home screen where you can elegantly see the closest stores, check out the latest speedy deals, and open your rewards cards in seconds.

Speedway Fuel and Speedy Rewards app enables you to precisely redeem all your digital coupons and pay by using digital speedy cash gift cards. The members of the Speedway app keep track of points, keep up over the latest offers, view clubs, redemption items, and sweepstakes prizes. Speedway app brings a dedicated wallet section that keeps all your digital cards and coupons. Speedway app enables you to select your rewards from monthly offers and also confirm to lock it for a month.

#11 Kroger


Kroger is a stunning platform developed, especially for people who are looking for a more comfortable, intuitive, fast, and more rewarding shopping experience. Kroger is a superb app developed in the market by The Kroger Co Inc. that lets you enjoy browse savings and purchase your products whenever you want and wherever you need. The app brings more ways to shop and lets you have a personalized shopping experience by having tons of excellent options.

You can enjoy shopping for your most likely things and enjoy both pickups as well as delivery right from the app. You can intuitively add sale items, quickly add exclusive deals, and view your weekly ads to store them over your shopping list. It lets you get over more savings when you choose items from its elegantly designed suggestion feature. Kroger app lets you get more savings to refill your Kroger pharmacy prescriptions, check your fuel points, and view your purchase history.



NOWNOW app welcomes you to a globe of highly dedicated, secure, and sleek transactions. NOWNOW – Recharge, Bill Payment, Wallet is a stunning platform developed in the market by NOWNOW Inc. that lets you enjoy capturing all your payments in on place, get cashback and coupons, and enjoy a comfortable, fast, and secure place to manage things. You can precisely pay bills in seconds, request money from relatives/friends, and enjoy flashing cashback and discount coupons over each of your transactions.

The app also supports splitting payments with friends easily, enjoy hassle-free transactions in seconds, stay on track with free transaction notifications, and pay with ease at merchant outlets where this service is accepted. So just download NOWNOW – Recharge, Bill Payment, and Wallet app in your cell phones, provide your number, get verified (via OTP or automatically), create a login or set a passcode, and start using this service right away.

#13 Stocard


Stocard app lets you enjoy a massive community of over 40 million Stocard users at all your rewards cards over a single place. Stocard – Rewards Cards Wallet is a stunning platform developed in the market by Stocard GmbH Inc. that enables you to enjoy all rewards cards in one free app and digitalize them in the way you want. You can precisely unclutter your wallet by scanning the code over your plastic cards from almost all the big stores and malts like Walgreens, Kroger, and CVS within seconds.

You can precisely discover exclusive offers and browse flyers, coupons, discounts, and circulars in the app. You can explore these offers from all your most likely and famous stores, such as Sam’s Club, Big Lots, Panera Bread, and various others. Stocard – Rewards Cards Wallet app also enables its global users to save Apple or Passbook Wallet passes, gift cards, and airline tickets.

#14 Gyft


Gyft is an exclusive platform that is significant for people who want to enjoy the last-minute gift or want to send gift cards whenever you want, developed in the market by Gyft, Inc. Gyft – Mobile Gift Card Wallet is a stunning app that helps its global community to choose from hundreds of options of gift cards from popular retailers, including Sephora, Nordstrom, Starbucks, and various others. You can precisely record videos and add special notes as well before sending them along with the gift cards.

Gyft app also enables you to place orders regarding the card of the app and even schedule it to be sent later. You can precisely send e-gift cards instantly to your family members and friends while adding your desired video or happy note. Gyft is a sleekly designed, secure app through which you can manage/check the balance of your gift cards on the move.

#15 Walgreens


Walgreens is an exclusively made health and pharmacy app that helps you to manage and create photo products for free same-day pickup and create wallet prints to share and carry. Walgreens is a stunning platform developed in the market by Walgreens Co. where you can refill prescriptions by scanning the barcode within seconds. It lets you manage your medications with its exclusive pill remainder and set friendly alerts of Rx for pickups and refills.

It lets you print photos right over your Instagram, Facebook, and device whenever you want. Walgreens app enables you to create personalized folded photo cards and even customize the décor items, including magnets and canvas prints. You can precisely check as well as refill prescriptions for your family and you. You can enjoy shop products at home or on the move, use the in-store to save while you shop, and discover your nearest stores as well.

#16 Scantopia Barcode Scanner Game


Scantopia Barcode Scanner Game is an exclusive platform that lets you win exciting, real cash just by scanning multiple products’ barcodes. Scantopia Barcode Scanner Game enables you to win real tokens and exclusive cash by scanning the barcodes of products you love. You can enter on its big win games by getting more and more tokens.

You can excitingly win up to 1K dollars every week over its memorable weekly progressive sweeps. You can win cool crazy prices like almost 50 pounds of candy over its intuitive Weird Sweeps. It enables you to play its daily super scans to win cash every day just by scanning only the features products from your own location.

More About CVS/Pharmacy

CVS/Pharmacy is a superb app for patients for staying healthy as well as saving time, presented in the market by CVS Pharmacy Inc. CVS/Pharmacy app makes it easier that lets you save ExtraCare and pick up prescriptions while just tap the Show Card option with a single scan. You can precisely enjoy 1-tap Rx checkout after paying an affordable price for your desired prescription before you do the treatment.

You can intuitively access all your rewards and offers and get app-only deals when you link your card (ExtraCare). CVS/Pharmacy app provides instant notifications and never lets you miss any single update over its exclusive deals and even get prescription and photo updates as well. You can precisely plan out your savings and shopping from all your most likely local store while watching stuff from its weekly ads. CVS/Pharmacy lets you pay for your medications, prepay for your prescriptions, check drug info and interactions, and order refills.