Cyclingoo Alternatives


#1 RaceFacer


RaceFacer is a significant cloud platform for karting fans that makes it effortless to maintain and manage their stuff in real-time. RaceFacer is a sleek tool presented in the market by Inc. that helps you enjoy everything regarding racing. You can precisely follow, track, and share your results in real-time and get the history of achievements intuitively.

You can precisely challenge your friends, compare your results with other best pilots, follow your achievements, and get telemetry and on-board videos right on the palm of your hands. You can precisely collect ranking points and get a chance to participate in the special competitions organized at the end of the year.


#2 SPORTident Orienteering


SPORTident Orienteering is an intuitively used application for managing your entire time orientation training using cell phones and tablets. SPORTident Orienteering is a sleek application presented in the market by SPORTident GmbH Inc. that makes it easy to manage events, results, entries, courses, and various other facts whenever you want. This app enables you to read out all the cards and get splits printouts along with rich results intuitively over your mobile devices.

It makes it effortless to import courses and maps via OCAD, manage your events flawlessly, and even import a competitor database to speed up registration. You can fetch clubs and games from the SI-Cad or even the database and print ranking and splits via its printer.

#3 Activity Box


Activity Box brings a unique and personal benefit system that intuitively gathers all your results, benefits, and points from different places where you have fun. Activity Box – Business and Marketing Improvement NV is a significant tool presented in the market by SMS-Timing Inc. that brings an excellent platform for people having fun in entertainment centers.

The app can intuitively gather points as well as benefits from all the places where you have quality time and a great experience. It enables you to access the history of your activities and results whenever necessary and use it as an easy and fast data gathering tool. Activity Box possesses a sleek registration method to get all the benefits of the app.


#4 iSchedule for iRacing


iSchedule for iRacing makes it effortless to get iRacing Calendar right over your cell phones and tablets and never miss any iRacing race ever again in your life. iSchedule for iRacing – Race calendar for iRacing is a significant tool presented in the market by VincenDev Inc. through which you can get plenty of valuable functionalities regarding iRacing right on the palm of your hands.

You can follow your most likely series, watch all the upcoming races, add your desired remainders for races, and get various other functions directly to your phone. iSchedule for iRacing is an unofficial application that is not affiliated in any way with the iRacing Simulator or even with their partners as well.

#5 Villo! Official


Villo! Official makes it effortless to access a community of more than 5.000 bikes along with 360 docking stations right over your cell phones and tablets. Villo! Official is a widely used app presented in the market by JCDecaux SA Inc. that you get plenty of features to enjoy an exclusive bike-sharing platform to explore like never before.

The app brings a sleek dashboard functionality that provides the options of My Profile, My Plans, My Trips, My Payments, My Usage Stats, Contacts Us, Map, and Log Out, etc. You can instantly open the app and activate your current location to discover all the surrounding docking stations with available bikes. You can precisely get flexible options of daily, three-day, and annual rentals.

#6 Xplova Connect


Xplova Connect app brings plenty of valuable features regarding the plenty of healthy stuff regarding your activities whenever you want. Xplova Connect is a significant tool presented in the market by Xplova Inc. that helps you view as well as keep a record of all the activities that are synced from X5 Evo. You can precisely create a cycling route from the official website of Xplova and sent stuff to the X5 Evo with some simple swipes.

It enables its global users to download a cycling route using the website of the app and sent it to the X5 Evo without paying for anything or making any effort. It helps you download training plans and upload them to the app right away to get their benefits.

#7 Beam – Escooter Sharing


Beam app enables you to discover and ride a beam e-scooter in your area and around the globe. Beam – Escooter sharing is a stunning application presented in the market by Ride Beam Inc. that helps you find a beam near you, scan the beam QR code to unlock, and make cities flow better for everyone.

The app enables people to get out of their cars to get onto the scooter to have real fun riding. You can download the Beam app for free, sign up for getting an account, find and unlock beams, and enjoy exclusive ridings right away. The app helps you get comprehensive rules of the road and understand how to ride, what the speed limit is, and other important information.

#8 NIU E-Scooter


NIU E-Scooter app provides users with a comprehensive vehicle service right on the palm of your hands whenever you want. NIU E-Scooter is an engaging platform presented in the market by NIU International CO., Ltd Inc. that makes it effortless to get plenty of valuable features right on the palm of your hands. Some of its highlighted features include the Vehicles portal, Service portal, and dashboard portal to manage things sleekly.

You can precisely get to know the remaining battery level as well as range estimates, security alerts, past routes, GPS positioning, and riding stats to keep things clear. The app provides a comprehensive details on personal information management, service station inquiry, binding information management, and other inquiries whenever you want.

#9 CSCS Pocket Prep


CSCS Pocket Prep app focuses on working with a magnificent group of athletes and helps them through nutrition, injury prevention, and strength training through exclusive guidance. NSCA CSCS Pocket Prep – Strength & Conditioning Prep is a sleekly designed tool presented in the market by Pocket Prep, Inc. that helps you study anywhere, anytime to get exclusive content.

It is an elegant practice tool and powerful exam simulator that lets you create customized practice tests with enhanced explanations for all the questions. You can view your exam history and results in just a few taps of the button. You can intuitively enhance your learning capability and get to know plenty of important data whenever necessary.

#10 Assioma


Assioma is a sleek tool that helps you get robust, precise, and immediate access to all the key functions and settings whenever necessary. Assioma is a fine application presented in the market by Favero Electronics SRL, which helps you make an instant connection with your Assioma power meter pedals to your cell phones and tablets via Bluetooth.

You can precisely activate your cycling power meter and get or install firmware updates intuitively. You can also perform manual zeroing of sensors, check the battery charge level, customize the auto-off times, and set the crank-arm length. The app also converts Assioma UNO into Assioma DUO and get online support as well.

#11 ROUVY Workouts


ROUVY Workouts app intuitively turns your boring trainer rides into a fun outdoor adventure station having all the exciting things right in the palm of your hands. ROUVY – INDOOR CYCLING REALITY is an elegantly designed tool presented in the market by VirtualTraining S.R.O., which helps you ride real routes from amazing places from all over the world.

The app enables you to compete in plenty of amazing races or train virtually anywhere in anyone. The app carries virtual reality that brings plenty of remote riders together over the road through animated 2D videos as well as 3D objects. You can precisely access and try all features of ROUVY for free and without any credit card requirement.

#12 iCLOO


iCLOO brings a unique and excellent way to enjoy all your sports videos, cute videos, cute animals, dance videos, and much more. iCLOO! – Sports Video Analysis and Editor is a sleek application presented in the market by BrainKeys Inc. that brings plenty of exceptional features for checking your golf swing, yoga moves, dance videos, and various other amazing facts.

The app supports amazing jog-wheel playback, analyze your dance and sports, multi-speed and reverse playback, and various other functionalities right over your cell phones and tablets. You can intuitively add text of your choice, add cute little stickers, blur-out effects, and various other filters. You can record everything while you are playing and creating your yoga videos, dance lesson videos, tutorial videos, and other content for Youtube.

#13 BkoolFitness Activity & Health


BkoolFitness Activity and Health is a sleekly designed tool where you can train to your own beat, your own rhythm, your results, and your goals whenever you want. BkoolFitness Activity & Health – Sweat with the best workout is a stunning application presented in the market by BKOOL Inc. that brings content adapted to your capabilities and objectives right over your smartphones.

You can get exclusive training regarding your desired stuff while having hundreds of hours of classes and workouts. You can precisely set your own witness goals and your own rhythm to get exactly how you train, having a selection of exports instructor’s video classes. Bkool Fitness Activity & Health app is compatible with Strava Apps and Google Fit.