DVBViewer Alternatives


#1 Tvheadend


Tvheadend is a free streaming application that records video for Linux as an input source. It offers HTTP, HTSP, and SAT streaming. It can install into both user and client application with all files stored locally. Through this software, you can transmit your signals, and your Tvheadend has to live where you can connect your tuners.

You need less storage to install and configure this application. It is lightweight that lets it run on a low-powered CPU. It can convert high-quality video easily in real-time. You need one or more Tvturners to receive your broadcast; otherwise, you can’t get your IP source. The setup and configuration are present in its file, which you get from the web user interface. It is available for Android and IOS. For other clients, it will run through a VPN. It sets up a series of elements that determine how TV signals end up in front of you.

#2 Astra


Astra is a customized website through which you can make your portfolio. This website provides you a specific layout like header, blog, sidebar, and footer. You can change the design through a range of options without any particular coding. It gives you lightweight themes and unmatched offers and very fast & error-free. You can set colors and fonts according to your taste through this website, which integrates your brand.

Astra has become the most extensive library of free starter themes. It can create layouts with the editor, and it will automatically manage itself. It uses Vanilla instead of JavaScript because of performance optimization. You can load data in less than half-second with default Worldpress data. It deals with popular drag and drops page builders, making it super easy for non-technical users to build a website. It has countless customization that makes your work easier.

#3 DVBStreamer


DVBStreamer is one of the most powerful software that is used to stream the DVB or ATSC channel with a UDP file. You can stream your videos with this software. Even you can record, edit and share your video in a RAW file without any error. A turner station shows you a lock option, signal strength, and signal to noise ratio.

The other classical function of this software is that it gives you all the information about your favorite TV channels, music videos. You can convert an MP3 file into an MP4 file. It offers you to stream your multiple tracks on a single platform having different outputs. You can continue your stream without any unnecessary advertisement. Through DVBStreamer, you can filter the other channel, which makes your stream error-free. This software provides you schedule for your new recordings. The interface of this website is so simple that even a non-technical user can also handle it.



ARGUS TV is one of the most leading software by which you can record your favorite TV programs in a very intelligent manner. You can run this software in multiple client setups. It contains a rule-based system that allows you to record exactly what you want. It can record TV shows in all formats of media. You can also record RAW videos through this software. You can rewind and edit your presentations on the same platform. It can share your saved programs on other social media websites.

It can run into Windows, Linux, and iOS devices. You can also watch the recorded programs at high quality. Even you can connect it with your TV to watch your shows on a big screen. The setup and configuration are present in its file, which we get from the web user interface. It is not available on the Google play store, but you can download it with alternative websites.

#5 MythTV


Mythtv is software from which you can record your favorite TV shows and music. It acts as a digital video recorder and home media center hub. It can be transformed into a full media center having your photo, video, and music collection. The other function of this software is you stay up to date about the weather through it. You can pause, skip, and rewind live TV shows. You can watch your shows without any online advertisement. You can listen to your digital music collection through it.

It can run on Windows, Linux, and iOS. It keeps your TV listings up to date. It is powerful and can host high-quality recording files and hardware. You can also schedule your new recording through it. It is a free and open-source home entertainment application in a simplified manner. The interface of this software is so easy that even a non-technical user can handle it easily.