Ebid.net Alternatives


#1 Lemonstand.com

For those who want to enjoy the features of marketing tools in addition to enjoying the ecommerce platform will surely like the ecommerce software of LemonStand.com. LemonStand.com is for those retailers who want to create their online store in order to sell more and to the more customers. It is a way to sell more and rank higher with the customizable feature of LemonStand.com. The universal ecommerce software of LemonStand.com is available for all then is it agencies, brands, or web developers who want to create online stores just because of stand highlighted out from the crowd and get more return on investment. LemonStand.com will never force you to utilize the ready to use tools of LemonStand.com; rather it will permit you to customize the design of your online store to create a buying experience for all those devices that the customers will lover. From ready to use tools to customizable designs, LemonStand.com is a feature pack ecommercing platform to generate amazing web based shopping experience. You will enjoy the flexibility system of LemonStand.com to build a unique online store.

#2 Jet.com

Jet.com is an e-commerce site which the experience of shopping easier for you. Jet.com was founded bac in 2014 by Mac Lore. This online shopping centre has everything that you need for your house and other places as well. From book shelves to kitchen utensils, Jet.com has got everything for you. Jet.com offers you special deals for home delivery based on a prominent discount. Deals are not only for home delivery of your goods but also for the amazing items available in the store.


#3 Amazon.com

Amazon.com is an online shopping portal for making shopping from any part of the world. At the start, it was the online market of electronic and electrical home equipment only but with the passage of time, it started to deal with different range of merchandise and services as well. Amazon.com supplies the shoppers with the exceptional products at the pleasant and discounted prices feasible. The Amazon.com is the amazon of songs & video games, books & audible, movies, house gardening & instruments, magnificence, beauty & grocery, toys, children & baby, apparel, footwear & jewelry, physical games & outside, automotive & enterprise, handmade merchandise, home services and lot of others. Amazon.com is distinct from other online browsing portals in that sense it presents the buyers with products at discounted rates. The other pleasant feature of making use of Amazon.com is its permission for selling merchandise or services on the Amazon.com. Amazon.com delivery charges for the U.S. and other global international locations are exclusive of all prices. The customers may also return their merchandise as well freed from price and can get again the full fee as well. If in case you have already earned Amazon points or Amazon gift cards then that you can additionally make purchases in opposition to these cards. The availability of Amazon.com throughout all international locations of the sector makes it one of the leading online retailers in the world. It’s a satisfactory searching portal for making cozy and warranted products by sitting within the home or office.

#4 Taobao.com

Taobao is an online shopping platform where people can sell and buy products from the web without having to go through the trouble of creating their own shops. Although it is one the most used platform in the world, it is restricted to China, and most of the content available is in the Chinese language though different language versions are available. It provides various features to help the product gain more views and the user to see more products. The site works fine on several platforms such as tablets, cell phones, and laptops. This app lets you the selling of the goods related to fashion so you can be assured that things like clothes, makeup kits, accessories, jewelry and other various items from the most famous brands can easily be found here. They can sell electronic goods, books, property, furniture, cell phones, anything. The process is very simple; people have to search for the items they want with the help of filters which allow them to reach their choice quickly. Before that, the person who intends to sell the product have to upload the picture of the item they have to sell, these pictures are taken from different angles. After that, they can enter the details of the item which is being sold. The app will then add the item to the list as soon as it is uploaded. There are many offers of discounts to help people get the best value for their money. There are more than 800 million products available on this platform to be sold and is included in the world’s most visited sites according to Alexa rankings. Brands which are famous have their own pages where they can sell products while all the information about them can be gained by the person who wants to buy anything.


#5 Graysonline.com

Grays Online is one of the most famous platforms in Australia related to internet shopping. People use this site to get the best deals for the products which they want to sell or buy and are able to do so with the help of various options that can help them. People can find a wide range of items such as books, cell phones, music items, electronic goods, shoes, jewelry, makeup, art items, fashion, accessories along with many others. The process of searching for the relevant item is easy where people have to enter keywords in order to find the item, they are able to use various filters to refine their search. The user interface is simple and easy for everyone to use and therefore people of different age groups are able to shop without any issues. They can book the item and order in online and it will be delivered to their footsteps no matter where they are in the country. There are no charges for the person who wants to buy a product but a few percent are struck off the price when the payment is being made to the seller according to the policy and the item which is being sold. New products are added daily and can be viewed on the homepage. The payment method is secured and the money is only sent to the seller when the product is delivered to the buyer. People can create your own wish list where items which you want to buy can be added and this list be shared with anyone you want. It is planning to expand the business to other countries as well after making a mark and establishing itself as the top online platform in Australia. Overall, there are many features on the site which can convince people to use it as their main shopping place.

#6 Mercardo.com

Mercardo is one of the most famous places when it comes to online shopping in Latin America. It is a site that owns more than 60% of the total revenue in the intended marketing field. There are many options there which can benefit the ones who want to buy or sell items through their phone or laptops while sitting at homes. The process of doing so is simple, you have to have an account to use different features which can be created by signing up through email address. If you want to buy something you have to enter the name or keyword and the list of matching thing will open for everyone to see. People can share items on different social networks and show it to their friends to get their option while there are many other features present too. The main benefit of this app is that there are many authentication processes that a person has to go through in order to upload the item they want to sell and to create a profile which makes sure that everything on this place is authentic. If the person wants to sell something they will need to get a premium account and have to pay a small fee for it. They then have to give all the info related to the item and take different pictures for everyone to see. There is an option of scanning within the app where people can check the prices and compare it with other products of similar type. If the information is not added to the item, then the app will add an automatic description of every item which can later be edited. There are many other features too, which make this place a very useful site to use and therefore it is the best place to shop for all the Latin Americans around the world.

#7 Tmall.com

Tmall is one of the most famous platforms in China where people can buy and sell things in a different way. They can open their own small market place here where they can upload all the items they want to sell and then operate their business from here. There are few compulsions, though, people can only open their mall on the site if they have been registered and working in China for more than three years. Even with this restriction, it owns more than half the share in the e-commerce market in the country. That said, it is mostly for people or companies who have already established themselves. The initial deposit which has to be paid is around 25000 dollars so most top brands are the ones who use this place to sell items. But the people who want to buy stuff find things easier. They click on the item they want to buy, read all the information that is provided along with the pictures and then order that thing online. It not only helps people to save money but also gives them a wide range of products at one place to choose. They can easily make an account and can get registered with their email address. If they want to make sure they get the best deals and products, they can also pay a small fee to unlock the premium features but that is not a requirement. The process of searching for the relevant item is easy where people have to enter keywords in order to find the item, they are able to use various filters to refine their search. The items which are to be sold or bought can be of a variety of categories such as books, cell phones, music items, art items, fashion, accessories along with many other items. All these features make this place on the best choices to run your established business on an online platform.

#8 Aliexpress.com

AliExpress.com is an online shopping portal and consumer to customer-retailer that supplies the great purchasing and saving offers in thousands of merchandise of the top rated brands and companies of the world. Even though, it is a Chinese-founded online retailer however has a pleasant presence in Asian, European and several markets of the United States of America. AliExpress.com supplies the products at the best cheapest charges feasible. The products and services that the advantage purchasers can assume from AliExpress.com are , electronics & electrical appliances, computer & administrative instruments, guys & women’s clothing, telephones & components, client electronics, watches & jewellery, house appliances, kitchen & gardening equipment, baggage & footwear, toys, children, youngster merchandise, sporting activities & outdoors, wellbeing & beauty, auto & motorcycles, residence decor & enhancements and tens and hundreds of products. For purchasing any product with the AliExpress.com the willing buyers are first required to create a free account with the AliExpress.com and after that they may be able to start buying as so much product as they can. The payment methods acceptable by AliExpress.com are Alipay Card, MasterCard, Visa, Boleto Bancano, Transferencia Bancaria, Maestro, WebMoney, QIWI Lomenex, Yandex-cash, bank transfer and the Western Union. The customers may also prefer from nearly 20 transport offerings which are presently being supported by using the AliExpress.com.

#9 Bonanza.com

Bonanza is one of the best selling and buying website around the world and though it does not have anything different from other sites. The main reason for its fame is that it competes directly with eBay in the business, or at least, tries to do so. That said, there are no similarities in the way the site is run and the user interface is very attractive where people can easily navigate from one option to the other and find the things they need. They can create pages of their own with the products that have to be sold and then others who want to buy things can do so with the help of different options that can help them in getting the best deals. Not only does this site have an online presence but people can also use their apps to do shopping in an even easier way. People can find a wide range of items such as books, cell phones, music items, electronic goods, shoes, jewelry, makeup, art items, fashion, accessories along with many others. Sharing products with your friends and on social networks is possible through the website as well as cell phone applications. There is a wide range of options for people who want to buy items which include furniture, clothes, accessories, books and other items. There are many other options too that can help people. The paying method is simple where you just have to enter your debit card details and the amount will be deducted from your account. The item is delivered to your home if you choose the option and pay the delivery charges or else it can be collected at a specific place. There are some problems too, for example in some cases people do not get the product they have ordered or the quality is not that great. But overall, there are many benefits of the website and people use it for their shopping.

#10 Overstock.com

Overstock.com is an online retailer that supplies the customers with the system of purchasing items and merchandise for household to the administrative center equipment. Overstock.com is the online shopping retailer that is the provider of low rated and discounted products across the globe. It supplies the products and offerings in house décor, shoes, accessories, watches, cloths, jewellery, ornaments, kitchen & eating, backyard, room home equipment house electrical & electronic home equipment, furnishings of all form for house & office, mattress & bath accessories, watches, beauty products, electrical & digital home equipment, and lot of other offerings to the online purchaser. All these merchandise can be purchased effortlessly by placing an order with Overstock.com by means of making a free on-line account. Its return policy is great as in comparison with the opposite online shopping portals. The buyers can return new and unopened items inside 30 days of supply for a full refund. However, some items and products which might be specially marked as non-returning merchandise are not able to return to the Overstock.com. The other exceptional factor about Overstock.com is its substitute policy that allows the customers to interchange their already bought product with Overstock.com. However, there is just one limit and that is its substitute coverage that is not for all purchasers of the sector. Overstock.com is the fine looking platform for making on-line purchases in various forms of products.

#11 Newegg.com

NewEgg.com is a different place than others in such a way that it allows people to create their business by creating a market place. Other than this, the platform is same as others where people get to buy the items of their choice and do so in a proper manner. The process is simple where people just take a few pictures of the item they want to sell and then place it on the website by writing a description. NewEgg customer who needs such thing looks for the most relevant things in the list and then selects their choice, reads the articles and then make their purchase. The New Egg’s search option remains at the top that provides the easiest way of searching the thing required. People who want to buy stuff just need to have an account after they select the job and have to make a payment.

#12 Rakuten.com

Rakuten.com is a web-established world eCommerce platform that deals with the electrical and electronic products and offerings. Being a one of the leading online shopping portals in the world it is dealing with a few different merchandise and services. Nonetheless, it is basically the dedicated looking platform of electrical and digital appliances and the range of other merchandise and services are very limited at this platform. From right here the patrons can purchase computer systems & place of business accessories, tablets, scanners, suppliers, printers, CPUs, monitors, projectors, hard disk drives, laptops, servers, drugs, energy savers products, cameras, TV & video, individual electronics, car electronics & GPS, telephone phones, house theater accessories, audio set, video games, game consoles, PlayStation, movies & television and lot of other products and items. The other best one and constrained merchandise being on hand by using the Rakuten.com are residence & home equipment, furnishings products, residence development, luggage & bags, health & fitness, skincare, out of doors & sporting activities gadgets and extra. In addition to providing products for online buying at Rakuten.com, it has its offerings for the seller as well. For this, the willing dealers are required to get their self registered with Rakuten.com and then record their products. They’re going to be then paid through the Rakuten.com after deducting the fee when their item will likely be bought by the buyers. The return and trade coverage is also very fit that allow return within forty five days.

#13 3dcart.com

3dCart.com is feature pack ecommercing software designed to create a unique level of online shopping portal. 3dCart.com is the name of all in one ecommerce solution that offers you fifteen day trial period before going for its premium versions. The services and resources available by the 3dCart.com are shopping cart software, point of sale system, enterprise ecommerce, ecommerce web design, ecommerce marketing, SSL certificates, payment system, theme store, and app store. All these features will be at your disposal in order to make you able to create a unique level of online shopping portal. This feature rich ecommerce software in addition to providing the ready to use tools, believe in delivering customizable features as well so that you can develop your site easily as per your own liking. 3dCart.com available in five plans that are 3dCart Nano, 3dCart Mini, 3dCart Starter, 3dCart Professional and 3dCart Professional Plus. All these versions are available against per month price of $9.99, $19.99, $35.99, $65.99 and $99.99. The common features among all these plans are that all requires to transaction and setup fee. However, the other features vary from one plan to another one.

#14 Ebay.com

eBay.com is a multinational ecommerce portal that’s delivering online, consumer2consumer and business2business selling and purchasing service in an online format. eBay.com has the big assortment of fashionable & garb products, automobiles & autos, fashion attire, residence merchandise, kitchen & gardening, wearing items, digital camera & electronic merchandise, baby merchandise, and numerous others that you can assume from one of the most largest grocery stores on the planet. eBay.com is not a location for purchasing the items and merchandise only. It additionally offers promoting shops to the willing retailers as well. The seller can create their stores at eBay.com as well and for this, they’re going to be charged on commission basis every time they’re going to promote any product with the eBay.com. So, eBay.com can also be mentioned as a two-means shopping portal that offers in shopping and selling. The buying system of eBay.com is available in two codecs which are either purchasing at a fixed fee listed through the eBay.com or going for public sale-sort record. The money back and return policy of eBay.com are according to the interest of the shoppers. The customers can return the faulty or unopened merchandise within prescribed days against full refund coverage. There is also an order tracking approach of the eBay.com from where the shoppers can verify the status of the order they’ve positioned with the eBay.com. All policies of eBay.com are designed keeping in view the requirements of the all of its customers without any geographical restriction.

#15 Tomtop.com

TomTop is one of the best alternatives when it comes to doing online shopping. It may not be the most famous around the world but has a big name and market share in China. It is considered a like for like alternative to Amazon and has been used in the country for a long time. There are many features of this site that can be helpful for people who want to do online shopping. The main one is the searching for an item, there is an advanced filter that is present where people can find the thing they need. The search option is advanced and people are able to find the item they need quickly. An important feature of this site include the fact that there are no charges for buying and selling things, all the sales are made directly to the person but the payment method is secure. It is a place where people can open small businesses and then manage it through this platform. All they have to do in order to sell items is to upload pictures of the things they need to sell, and then write the information about that product. Once this is done, they can upload all the data which is added to the list and then the ones who want to buy can search for it with the help of different terms. The payment method is secure; the user pays to the developer, who forwards is to the seller only when the delivery is made. People can share the products they are interested in buying, with their friends on other social networks so get their opinion while there are different price ranges available which make it easier for people of different background to buy what they want. It has been able to maintain its name in the competitive market and is gaining more popularity with every passing day.

#16 Lightinthebox.com

LightInTheBox.com is an international level of shopping portal that delivers the online shopping service in two hundred countries across the globe. LightInTheBox.com is basically a fashion oriented retailer, however, deals in the sale of various other products as well. Till the date of writing, LightInTheBox.com is offering its products for sale in three basic categories that are apparel, home & garden accessories and gadgets. These three code categories then cascades in dozens of other sub-categories like electrical & electronics, phones, sports & lifestyle, jewelry & watches, cell phone accessories and much more. LightInTheBox.com offered its global customers a convenient way to shop for a wide range of products at attractive affordable prices. The exceptional quality of LightInTheBox.com is its customized product system for limited products like wedding dresses. In order to deliver the best shopping experience, free delivery system is applicable for most of the countries. Moreover, the return policy of LightInTheBox.com is also very convenient. The customers of LightInTheBox.com can return product in original shape within thirty days of receiving the order.

#17 Shopify.com

Shopify.com is the name of ecommercing platform setting system that assists the willing retailers to create their own shopping store. The platform of Shopify.com also contains the ready to use ecommerce platform as well that requires to kind of setup at all. Simply create your online shop simply utilizing the tools of Shopify.com and start selling instantly. What makes the Shopify.com different way is the availability of those developing tools that allow the users to build successful online business. Check out the sales channels that will be available at your disposal will be online store, point of sale, buy button, Pinterest buyable pins, Twitter buy now, Facebook shop and various other enterprise level of feature and functions. Shopify.com is the home for ecommerce business that will allow you to get even free online marketing tips and resources as well. Shopify.com is available in four plans that are Shopify Lite, Shopify Basic, Shopify Pro and Shopify Unlimited that are available against monthly prices of $9, $29, $79 and $179. The features of all vary as per plan.

#18 Qvc.com

QVC is a place to sell and buy items online in a very different way. It has a whole broadcasting network of its own where people can get to see different programs regarding various items that are to be sold. This is place is not only used by people who want to develop their businesses but also top brands around the world or the ones who want to make a name for themselves, use this place. The name of the site says it all. Quality, Value, and Convenience. It makes sure that people are able to get the best products from around the world and get the best value for their money. And they get them in the easiest way. People can get to watch latest programs on the television which show the information about the products. Unlike other sites which just have few pics and information written, here you can see live videos, items tested on people and the prices changing off and on. The products can be bought on the internet or through the phone and can be delivered on your footstep within a short space of time. It has an audience from more than 350 million and the programs are broadcast in different countries as well. It was founded in 1986 and got a two-hour long show on a television network which gained popularity in a short space of time. The company progressed quickly and soon opened a television channel of its own. Ever since then it has signed several deals with different channels that make sure people are able to get to know about the latest items and products around the world. It also gives them several options on how to buy and flexible rates which help people in deciding that they want to buy a particular thing.

#19 Target.com

Target.com is the one of the largest saving and online discounted retailers on the internet from where the inclined purchasers can expect more products at best price ranges. It is amongst those few online outlets which might be supplying free shipping in case of a minimal order of valued at $25. If the customer has made online shopping in the USA then the delivery might be made to him on the identical day. Nonetheless, the global patrons are required to look forward to some days to get their orders. From whatever location you place an order with the Target.com; all prices are consistent and require no extra cost for the purpose of making supply. In addition, the consumers can monitor their order anytime by quite simply offering the email address and the order number. Incidentally the shoppers can purchase the web merchandise from the Target.com in variety of products including sneakers & jewelry, house & furniture, electronics & electrical appliances, toys & video games, physical games & health tools, magnificence & wellbeing products, medication & health items, family & products for pets and nearly various other products. For the know-how of the reader, worldwide orders made out of the Target.com aren’t eligible for the free shipping, free returns, purchases by way of gift playing cards, coupons and a few other purchasing plans of Target.com.

#20 Etsy.com

Etsy.com started as a new place for accessories and other goods and quickly has made its mark as one of the leading market places on the internet. The things that keep it different from others is the web design that has all the modern interfaces that are helpful for the customer to locate the item. The search bar stays on the top with the option of many elements that are easily searched and purchased. The list of articles includes clothing, accessories, jewelry, arts and crafts, weddings, entertainment, home, living, appliances, kids, and vintage. The best part of Etsy is that most of the content available is from the famous brands around the world and therefore people get the best deals with the simplest of processes. The payment is secure, and people also have the option of creating their account and saving personal details for frequent usage. If people are interested in finding the updated things they love, Etsy.com is the best place for doing just that.

#21 Walmart.com

Walmart.com is an American based multinational retailer that has also a web-based presence. Walmart.com has one of the greatest collection of the residence furnishing, video games, electronics & electrical, children’ products, wellbeing products, outdoor & sporting accessories, toys, administrative center products, garb & jewelry, furniture, house development and countless numbers of other merchandise and services. The return coverage of Walmart.com is very high-quality that levels from 15 to 30 day within the date of getting the product. However, its return policy regularly alterations as well but in many of the case stay equal as recounted above. Many of the items purchases from the Walmart.com can also be returned or exchanges within ninety days of getting the supply. Furthermore, the purchaser can return the merchandise by means of two approach both through directly returning to a retailer or through mail. However, most of its return insurance policies vary from division to department. Seeing that of its fine return and refund coverage, Walmart.com is the high-quality portal for online shopping. The one essential difficulty that’s related to Walmart.com is its less presence at global level. Most of its cargo offerings are purchases from Canada and neighboring countries. Earlier than making the purchases, the customer is first required to assess for the country availability as a way to location order with the Walmart.com. The promotional delivery presents of the Walmart.com are utterly for the U.S. Only. Moreover, Walmart.com accepts payment and cash order in credit card and money order only.

#22 Viagogo.com

Viagogo is a site similar to other sites where people can buy and sell thing but it is different in a way that they can bid for an item if there are more than one person willing to buy the thing. It has gradually made its mark as one of the best alternatives when it comes to shopping and is competing with the big giants such as Amazon and eBay. It follows the theme similar to these two and has brought all the tools together to create a place where people can not only buy new things from the top brand, local people who want to open their businesses but also to get the things they need in a short time. New items are updated daily to make sure there is always something for people to buy. Although it is a new place in comparison to other stores but still has been making its name because of a wide range of options that are there for everyone. The payment method is secure and people can do so with the help of their credit cards. All the transactions are protected with the help of coding. The site is not only beneficial in order to buy and sell things but people like to use it since they can also get different coupons which give it an edge over other sites. The user interface is simple and easy for everyone to use and therefore people of different age groups are able to shop without any issues. There are many features which can convince people to use this application. The app is totally free and you do not have to pay any money while buying or selling an item. There are many other options on the site as well which can help people who want to buy and sell things and this is the reason it is gaining popularity every passing day.