Epicurious.com Alternatives


#1 Food52.com


If you want to become smarter, happier want to cook better then Food52.com is here to make you able to get the tips in all these. This platform will make you able to how to eat and how to live healthier and smarter. Everything you need to eat and live better – including recipes and how to – are the part of the Food52.com. From the main website of Food52, you can explore the recipes and take part in the food contest as well. The other exceptional thing about Food52.com is that it also deal in the shopping of kitchen products, tables, outdoor food items, cooking instruments, pantry, and much more. There are special articles on the foods and recipes as well that can be explored in the category of who to cook, how to cook, new & now, home design, drink and much more. The exceptional features of Food52.com is that here the visitors can take part in the current contest as well. You can also take part in the contest as well.


#2 Delish.com


Delish.com is a web based cuisine platform for those who are either hungry for something good or really the passionate about food. Delish.com has the giant collection of thousands of recipes, cooking ideas, menus, cooking tips, dinner ideas, party foods, family meals and much more. At the platform of Delish.com you will find the new style of cooking those foods that you cook on regular basis at home and much more. Delish.com is among those few food based sites that focus on the standard level of beverages recipes as well. The interface of Delish.com is very simple but incomplete at the same time. The users at their own are required to explore through the entire website to search for their desired food recipes. There are only a few categories that are not enough to provide you the proper guide. However, if you succeeded in understanding the interface of Delish.com you will be able to know about the food news, holidays dishes, information about restaurants & chefs, how to cook videos, kitchen secrets, recipes for parties and much more. The kitchen section of Delish.com is worth to explore.

#3 Cooking.nytimes.com


Cooking.NYTimes.com is the cooking and food focused website by the leading news publisher The New York Times. Cooking. Cooking.NYTimes.com is the online platform for discovering the best recipes, times recipes and even exploring the ingredients of the popular foods as well. For those who want to learn cooking can also get the benefits from the Cooking.NYTimes.com because this platform has a proper how to cook section for the newbies. When you will approach to the Cooking.NYTimes.com, you will like in the food heaven because it will deliver you the all possible solutions. You will be provided with a recipe box where you can save and organize your recipes to learn and watch them later. You can add more recipes later on in your recipe box as well. At the main website Cooking.NYTimes.com there are three mains sections that are recipe box, Passover and leant to cook. At present, there are almost 200,000 recipes are at the platform of the Cooking.NYTimes.com. In addition to ingredients, you will be provided with step by step guide how to cook that food.


#4 Taste.com.au


Taste.com.au is the provider of over fifty thousands of recipes from the professional recipe writers and chefs of Australia. The user friendly web interface of Taste.com.au make the users able to easily navigate from one recipe to another one because all the material provided in the Taste.com.au are categorized in the order. The simple web interface of Taste.com.au make its visitors able to search through the sections of recipe, how to cook method, features, menus, sampling, magazine and planner. When you will move to the recipe section you will get the chance of either searching in shape of using advanced search system of Taste.com.au or exploring through the categories. Taste.com.au is a way to search the recipes of pumpkin, anzac, pulled pork, and a lot of others. All the recipes listed at the Taste.com.au are very quick and easy to cook because there are being complied by the experts of the Australia. In the how section you can search for the ingredient guides, cooking tips, glossary, weights & measurement charts, calculator and access to the Taste TV as well. You can access here are lot of cooking schools.

#5 Finecooking.com


FineCooking.com is a food centered web based platform where you can find the best kitchen tested videos, recipes, party menus, cooking tips a lot of other materials that are directly or indirectly linked to the food and beverages. A lot of books and video guides are also the part of the food database of the FineCooking.com. At the main page of FineCooking.com you can search your desired food in the section of recipes, inspiration, how to methods, videos, moveable feast, events & offers, shop, magazine and much more. In the recipes area of FineCooking.com you can browse all recipes. You can even make your own menu as well and create your own recipe as well. You can share your recipe with the other users as well. The best about FineCooking.com is that it also provide the drink recipes as well. How to section is the interesting section of the FineCooking.com that allow its visitors to explore the tips and tricks and methods of knowing about dishes, techniques, test kitchen tips, food science, baking guide, grilling guide and much more.

#6 Simplyrecipes.com


SimplyRecipes.com is a food focused platform that deals in the simple recipes of food and beverages only. A lot of blog are there that allow the visitors of SimplyRecipes.com to know about cooking and food recipes by the expert of the world. SimplyRecipes.com is the one of the leading platforms of healthy and whole-food recipes for the home cook. The recipes in addition to text based are available in the shape of photographs and easy to follow instructions as well. You can even read the comments of the other users as well. At the online food blogging system of SimplyRecipes.com you can find well-crafted recipes for the home cook. The recipes being offered by the SimplyRecipes.com can be explored in the category of favorites, in season and according to budget recipes. The database of SimplyRecipes.com is not as greater as compared to the most of the food based websites. It only provide the only those recipes that are tested by the experts of the SimplyRecipes.com. The recipes available here are free to explore and share with others.

#7 Thekitchn.com


TheKitchn.com is the provider of food recipes from where you can get the nourishing and inspiring cooks through daily cooks’ tips, recipes, shopping guides and kitchen design. You can submit a story if you have something special to share with others. TheKitchn.com is for those who want to live healthier and happier all the time. TheKitchn.com is the name of daily food magazine on the website where you can find the ideas of home cooking to the kitchen intelligence. Thousands of recipes and cooking tips are the part of the TheKitchn.com. TheKitchn.com is particularly for those food lovers to get their hands dirty while they cook. It publish the twenty short articles on food and recipes on the daily basis. TheKitchn.com is a dedicated platform for those who care about the quality of their food and want to know how it affects the health of theirs. Simply move to the TheKitchn.com and browse the recipes in sections of how to, breakfast, lunch, dinner, sweets, budget, video tutorials and much more. You can get the email updates as well by simply signing up.