Feedreader.com Alternatives


#1 Feedly.com

Feedly.com is a web-based technique to organize and arrange your data searched over the internet. Whatever you encounter on the internet can be stored in the online database of Feedly.com and you can retrieve it anytime as well. The advantage Feedly.com is that you will be not required to bookmark the pages and to visit a Website, again and again, to find your desired stuff again. All will be stored by you in the saving center of Feedly.com and you can access it anywhere, anytime. This will save your time and effort. For is distinctive qualities and stunning features Feedly.com is not doubted a perfect all in one place to save and organize your data over the internet. Anytime you can read and share the data stored by you with the others as well. The data can be shared over the social media platforms and with your team members as well. You can just imagine what you are really going to explore at the portal of Feedly.com. An endless space and access from any part of the world. For its great organizing and sharing features, you can say it the one of the perfect replacements for bookmarks. Everything at Feedly.com will be surely of yours like your publications, your blogs, your YouTube channels, your keywords alerts, your collections and your private business content.

#2 Feedbin.com

Feedbin.com is an RSS feed based website where you can store your favorite content over the internet so that instead of searching them against and again there should be a proper place for accessing them next time. You can even get your RSS feeds directly into the storage dashboard of the Feedbin.com as well. Its interface is very simple and user-friendly but very fast and responsive at the same time. You will enjoy the great reading experience being delivered by the Feedbin.com. It is available for free for a limited trial period. If you want to fully enjoy the features and functions of the Feedbin.com then you will be required to go for the premium version of Feedbin.com that is available against per month price of $3. There is an application of the Feedbin.com as that will notify you in the case of arrival of any feed into your account. This website has made the process of reading favorite material over the internet really simple and efficient. In addition to working independently, various other applications are also synchronized with the Feedbin.com in which most popular are Mr. Reader, ReadKit, Press, Unread, Reeder and various others. It is going to deliver a new level of reading experience that you will like to enjoy again and again. The clean interface, user-friendly and ad-free interface, high-class typography and best themes will deliver you an optimal reading enjoyment.


#3 Newsblur.com

NewsBlur.com is a predictive article filtering platform that can be accessed in the shape of a website and application for the smartphones as well. It will operate as your personal news aggregator from where you can read the news of your favorite news website. You can surely arrange other reading material at the online data management system of the NewsBlur.com as well. Check out the real advantages of NewsBlur.com that you will get; real-time RSS, original site, shares stories, training, full-text search system, story tagging, blurblog privacy and the integration of third party applications. If you want to enjoy the real time RSS then go for the NewsBlur.com where you will instantly get your stories at the time when these are published on their official website. The involvement of the third party applications makes the NewsBlur.com a multifunctional reader over the internet. Content will be of the original website with its original interface. However, the way of displaying the content will be according to the NewsBlur.com that will be surely user-friendly and easy to understand. The free version is also available if you want to analyze the NewsBlur.com before going for the full features. The free support for the feed from sixty-four sites only and will deliver the five stories at a time. However, if you will go for the premium version of NewsBlur.com that is available against per year price of $24 then you will get the coverage of unlimited sites with unlimited stories.

#4 Readkitapp.com

For those who want to have their reading material on a single platform will surely like the reading system of ReadKitApp.com. This online RSS feed system will allow them to have their news collected at a single platform. The key technical features of ReadKitApp.com are bookmarks synchronization system, RSS feeds management system, customizable styles, read in offline mode, toggle views to switch between original and stripped down material, open in browser, clutter-free reading system, bookmarks as favorite and focus mode. All features of the ReadKitApp.com are easy to understand except the focus mode that sounds to be the unique feature of ReadKitApp.com. The focus mode will make you able to enjoy the reading by eliminating the disturbing elements like advertisements. ReadKitApp.com integrated the various other content aggregators as well in which most popular are Instapaper, Pocket, Readability, Pinboard and various others. You can access these from the platform of ReadKitApp.com as well. You can even get the content available on these platforms on the dashboard of ReadKitApp.com as well. It is a convenient place to read the materials of these platforms in an offline environment. The free version of ReadKitApp.com is available for fourteen days trial period. If you want to get an instant access to the all features of the ReadKitApp.com then you are required to move for the premium version.


#5 Feedwrangler.net

FeedWrangler.net is the name of an ultramodern and sustainable RSS feeds. It is known for delivering the frictionless services as possible. Six main advantages of using FeedWrangler.net are the features that it is delivering in the format of fast, clean, powerful, economical, seamless and sustainable. First, talk about the fast interface of FeedWrangler.net that is designed keeping in view the requirement of the each user to get the RSS feeds checked in a frictionless environment. The clean interface of FeedWrangler.net will put your content front and center. You will get the content only not the other disturbing material at all. The integration of features like a smart stream and easy to use filter system will make you able to easily get to your content whenever you want it. There is no free usage system at all. However, you can enjoy the free trial period for fourteen days only. The premium version of FeedWrangler.net is available against per year price of $19. Various third party apps are already integrated into the vFeedWrangler.net. You at your own can find the perfect application according to your own liking. Smart streams & filters, advanced read later option and full third party API will motivate you to go for. The application of FeedWrangler.net is also available for the smartphone devices delivering the same level of functions.

#6 Delicious.com

Delicious.com allow its users to keep, arrange, organize their best stuff over the internet at a centralize place instead of bookmarking all or saving in the form of web pages. They can access their reading data anytime and can share the same with others as well. It is one of the best social networking based bookmarking service where you can keep all of your material save that you encounter while searching over the internet. This will save your time and effort as next time when you will require that material then you will be able to directly access it from the Delicious.com instead of searching again. It will deliver you the basic searched of storing, organizing and sharing. It basically deploys a non-hierarchical classification system that allows the users to tag each of their bookmarks freely chosen index terms. On the basis of tags system of Delicious.com, you can, later on, search your article easily instead of exploring through the entire database or giving the lengthy URL. It also enables its users to link the other group members if they possess the same interest. For this purpose, there is a stack system where the users are required to provide the title and descriptions for the stack page. These stacked pages can be shared with others in addition to working as a collaboration platform.

#7 Readability.com

Readability.com is the web and app based clutter free reading provider where you can save your web articles in a comfortable reading view system. This platform is capable of turning any web page into a clean reading view for either reading now or simply saving it to reading it later in an offline environment. The services of Readability.com can be freely accessed from its website or app for smartphone and tablet. Three main highlighted features of Readability.com are clean up cluttered pages, save for reading later and availability of the free application for smartphones. The cleanup cluttered pages system of Readability.com will deliver you the features of reading your content over the website in the best reading mode. Then there is the save for reading later option of the Readability.com that will allow you to save those stories and articles that seem interesting but you want to read them later on. You can surely save these to read at your convenience anytime, anywhere. Readability.com is a totally free reading platform both for web accessing and using from its official application for the smartphones. All you required to install the add-on of Readability.com in your favorite browser and enjoy the reading. You can’t share the post with your friends. In the case of sharing, only the link to the post will be shared by the Readability.com and the recipient will be redirected to the official page of that URL.

#8 Inoreader.com

Inoreader.com is a powerful content reader for those users who want to save their time by saving the data quickly and further wastage of time. The content reading system of Inoreader.com will enable you to remain in touch with the top information all the time. In addition to web-based management and content organizing system, the application of Inoreader.com is also for the iOS, Android, and Windows Phone as well. It is one of the best ways to discover the best stuff on the internet and then share with your friends as well. It is not only an RSS reader that will only collect the data of your favorite website. It is, in fact, the name of a vibrant community of the content creators who are sharing their favorite content with those that shares the same level of interest and passion. In addition to saving your own, you will be given the opportunity of exploring the content of the others as we. In discovery mode, you can find the user-generated subscription bundles or broadcasting channels. The automation system of Inoreader.com will save a lot of time of yours. You can now best information overload once and for all and spend more time on enjoying the content instead of following the rules all the time. You can automatically organize the content by way of tagging as well. This automation system will save your time to much extent. All the content that you want to read available here with unlimited subscriptions and for free.

#9 Selfoss.aditu.de

Selfoss.aditu.de is an open source and multifunctional RSS reader and multi-source content mash-up aggregator. It will work as RSS feed manager and content aggregator for you. Selfoss.aditu.de is basically a web based RSS reader, mashup, live stream and content aggregation platform. The main advantages that you can say as the features of the Selfoss.aditu.de are web based RSS reader, a universal aggregator that is compatible with all websites, open source and entirely free. The best about Selfoss.aditu.de is that it is an extendable RSS reader that contains an open source plugin system by using which you can surely extend the most of the features of the Selfoss.aditu.de. The application of Selfoss.aditu.de is now available for the smartphones as well. It requires a very simple installation. There is no requirement of extra extensions or any kind of plugins. Everything has been already customized and in a ready to use position. The users of Selfoss.aditu.de can arrange the data in the categories of newest, unread and starred as well. There is also a proper tagging system along with specific color for identification of a specific topic or category.

#10 Feedafever.com

FeedaFever.com is a web-based way to organize your content from the multiple websites and arranged them in an order for the permanent record for the purpose of reading them later or keeping the record of the data only. If you want to enjoy more feeds and aggregate the stuff of your favorite topics from your favorite websites then FeedaFever.com will be surely perfect for that purpose. But before going with FeedaFever.com you must be aware of the fact that FeedaFever.com is not a free service. It is available against the price of $30. You can surely request for the free trial to check the demo of the FeedaFever.com. FeedaFever.com takes the temperature of your topic of the web and display what is trending now. The way of working of FeedaFever.com is very simple. It basically reads the feeds of the users and delivers it in a readable mode to you. It will simply ask you to create a simple line between essential and supplemental feeds so that you get important data first. The essential area will always deliver you the most important areas while those with low signal to noise feeds will be the part of supplemental. Check out some outstanding features of FeedaFever.com that are keyboard shortcuts, fixed and fluid width layout options, supported for cron based refreshing of feeds, search the feeds & contents, unread most recently read items, etc.

#11 Reader.aol.com

Reader.AOL.com is an online content management service by the AOL. It is a platform for getting all of your favorite websites organized at a central platform. The quick add system of Reader.AOL.com will make you able to collect all of your favorite websites at one place. You can quickly follow any website or can simply collect the some categories of that website and save it in your account with Reader.AOL.com. The reading application of Reader.AOL.com is now available for the smartphone as well and delivering the same features and functions to its users. The application of Reader.AOL.com will deliver you the same RSS reader experience that you will get from the website Reader.AOL.com. You will be able to explore all of your favorite websites, search for the save material and even switch between different views. Simply create an account with Reader.AOL.com or you can log in with your social media accounts and instantly get an access to explore the features of the Reader.AOL.com. Some of the key features of the Reader.AOL.com are quick add system, advanced search system, smart feeds system, highly customizable, simple import & export, star & tag articles and an advanced API system. The customizable system of Reader.AOL.com makes its users able to set the features of Reader.AOL.com as per their own requirements. From adding to accessing, everything at Reader.AOL.com has its proper order.

#12 Feedspot.com

Feedspot.com is a free feed and RSS reader that is based on the web based news requirement of the users, from the online platform of Feedspot.com you will discover the best RSS feeds in an online environment. Feedspot.com is the perfect place to read all of your favorite RSS feeds in a centralized platform. After using the online aggregator and content management platform of Feedspot.com you will be not required anymore to use multiple platforms to get your web base data organized all the time. Instead of visiting your websites, again and again, you can use the Feedspot.com to keep yourself updated with the fresh news and content from the multiple websites. This website will allow you to organize all of your reading material in a single location. If you are a busy person and don’t have enough time to go for your favorite content then the first advantage you will take from the Feedspot.com in the shape of time saving. Then comes the productivity, research and organization system of Feedspot.com that are also worth to explore. In order to use the Feedspot.com you are first required to create an account with Feedspot.com and after that start adding a new website in your account. The search system of Feedspot.com is advanced and will automatically find the feed URL for most of the domains.

#13 Commafeed.com

Commafeed.com is an open source feed reader that is going to deliver you the web based readable data management system. It is known for having a very user-friendly and responsive design that support for the desktop based, browser based and app based setup of Commafeed.com. It is basically a type of web application that can be self-hosted on a web server or used from its website Commafeed.com as well. It also supports for the right to left feed system as well. In addition to reading the material that is already available on the platform of Commafeed.com, you can add new data as well. You can easily subscribe to any service and will deliver by the feed of that service whenever it will be available on the main website. The data available at the Commafeed.com can be arranged into categories. You can at your own can set it in ascending and descending order. You can search for the desired topic from the search bar of the Commafeed.com as well. Currently, it is available in free and premium version. A free version that is basically a demo version offers the limited feature.

#14 G2reader.com

G2Reader.com was launched as a replacement to the Google Reader. It will allow you to stay in touch with your favorite websites all the time to enjoy your favorite content from these websites. It is very easy to do this. You are only required to add the websites and start organizing the data at one place and also read them from a centralized place as well. It is as simple as your inbox where you regularly check your emails. This reader will save your time and will make you efficient you as well. If you are such type of busy person who doesn’t have time to visit his favorite websites and don’t want to miss the updates from these websites then G2Reader.com will be a great help for you for getting the data from your favorite websites in the dashboard of G2Reader.com. It will then make you able to stay in touch with your favorite websites and read their data at one place. In order to start with G2Reader.com, you will be first required to create an account with G2Reader.com. You can login by way of your Facebook or Google account as well. The free application of G2Reader.com is also available for the Android device that is delivering the same level of experiences to its visitors. On the platform of G2Reader.com, you can enjoy the features of adding folder management, improve feed subscription system by adding few keywords, and much more. G2Reader.com is compatible with the tablets systems as well.