FiiNote, Note Everything


FiiNote, Note Everything Alternatives


#1 Fast Notepad


Fast Notepad is a gorgeous tool that makes it easy for its global users to create and manage notes using their cell phones and tablets. Fast Notepad is a stunning app presented in the market by Simple Apps, which brings loads of benefits and features for managing and creating notes using cell phones. The app features auto-saving notes when closing the app and supports voice input for an exclusive working scenario.

It provides amazing night mode availability to work in dim light and flamboyant color themes to choose from accordingly. The app also supports the color selection of notes, and you can search your desired stuff in all folders to get effortless access.


#2 Notepad by Notas


Notepad by Notas is a fast and secure note-taking application that helps you get things done without wasting your money and efforts. Notepad – Notes, Checklist note is a stunning application presented in the market by Notas Notepad Inc. that helps you make your notes comprehensive while having everything needed.

You can intuitively edit, create, view, and manage your notes while adding links and tasks over your notes with some simple clicks. Notepad – Notes, Checklist Note app enables you to instantly share your notes over plenty of social platforms without any harm. Notepad by Notas app enables you to attach images and files over your notes and enjoy unlimited redo-undo functionality to make your work sleeker and simple.

#3 Simple Notepad


Simple Notepad enables you to save your content using a simple and beautiful user interface and access them whenever you want. Simple Notepad – Note Taking Tool is a simple application that enables its global users to create notes while having all the necessary things right on the palm of your hands. You can enjoy the app in multiple modes and customize them according to your choice.

You can intuitively press the button placed over the topmost corner of the icon to create a note and manage them with simple swipes. Simple Notepad – Note Taking Tool enables you to delete the note whenever you hold down the note’s item and use them according to the situation.


#4 Notepad Notes


Notepad Notes is an elegantly designed note-taking platform that features plenty of exquisite functions for creating and managing things. Notepad Notes is a great app presented in the market by HLCSDev Inc. that brings plenty of simple tasks for creating and managing things properly. You can precisely get the main folder, manage favorites, and create multiple folders according to the workload.

It makes it easy to create folders, search for notes in a notepad, create notes in multiple folders, sort the list of notes, highlight notes in multiple colors, and manage things in the way you want. You can also set a passcode for all your private, individual, or personal notes and secure them from prying eyes. Notepad Notes app helps you change the font size in the note window and even export notes to a text file.

#5 Saving Notes – Notepad


Saving Notes app makes your life more productive while helping you boost your productivity while providing dozens of exceptional features right on the palm of your hands. Saving Notes – Notepad is a sleek application presented in the market by Magin Studios that helps you start getting things done with an exclusive note taking and to-do list managing app.

You can intuitively prioritize all your tasks by sorting them by priority with colors and add remainders to your Calendar in a way like never before. You can make lists of what you need, keep track of your money, review notes, prepare your exams, schedule your work tasks, and save your TV shows, lyrics, and books.

#6 Inkpad Notepad & to-do list


Inkpad Notepad & to-do list is a simple tool that makes it robust and simple to write notes, secure your stuff, and manage your notes in the best possible way. Inkpad Notepad & to-do list is a stunning application presented in the market by Workpail Inc. that enables its global users to make their notes functional and secure, having plenty of gorgeous features.

This flamboyant note-taking tool helps you never lose your notes by providing an auto-save functionality. It also features a secure online restore and backup support so that you can access your entire content whenever you move to a new tablet or phone.

#7 MindMeister


MindMeister is an exceptional tool that you can use for mind mapping, brainstorming, idea management, project planning, presentations, note-taking, or anything in between. Mind map & note-taking tool – MindMeister is an amazing application presented in the market by MeisterLabs Inc. that enables you to visualize your ideas right over your cell phones and tablets.

This application helps you prioritize, generate, manage, and organize new ideas whenever you want. MindMeister – Mind map and note-taking tool enable you to share ideas with your buddies and family members via SMS, Twitter, email, or other platforms. You can flawlessly create/edit graphical mind maps, share maps directly from the device, multi-touch support, and share maps.

#8 Free Notes App Notepad


Free Notes App Notepad app lets you make comprehensive notes using tons of flawless functionalities and loads of exceptional features. Free Notes App Notepad is a superb tool presented in the market by F. Zender Inc. that helps you create and manage notes having a bunch of exceptional features right on the palm of your hands.

It brings new layouts and dark mode availability, and you can precisely switch manually to dark mode as well. It also will automatically switch itself into dark mode whenever you enable the energy-saving options on your smartphones. You can add dozens of photos to your notes and slide pics from left to right or right to left.

#9 Notepad Pro by Bazimo


Notepad Pro by Bazimo is a simple yet great note-taking application that brings plenty of exceptional features to your Android cell phones and tablets. Notepad Pro – Notes, Todo List, Tasks & Reminders is a superb tool presented in the market by Bazimo Inc. that features incredible options for you to make exclusive and comprehensive notes for your official and domestic use.

It features tags, labels, and different colors that help you organize your notes conveniently. You can precisely create new notes with just a single tap and manage voice notes without doing much. This app features voice notes, reminders, labels, and notifications, add notes to favorites, and add quick notes in multiple ways.

#10 Notes with Pictures


Notes with Pictures is a simple, lightweight, and easy to use application that makes it easy to write down all your thoughts and content and even attach multimedia pics without much of a stretch. Notes with Pictures – Easy Notepad with Images is a stunning application that helps you make your notes comprehensive, beautiful, and flawless right over your cell phones and tablets.

It enables its global users to write as much text photos to your notes and make it comprehensive. You can also add approachable links and emails over your memos and notes to make your notes socially active. It enables you to write text in bold and italic styles and classify your notes in multiple folders along with the touch of various colors.

#11 Notepad by Splend Apps


Notepad by Splend Apps is a fully functional, elegantly designed, free, and easy to use notepad platform for all the Android cell phones and tablets. Notepad by Splend Apps is a significant tool that you can use for note-taking and its functionalities as a diary. This app brings all the basic notes’ functionalities and brings a text field where you can write stuff of your desired length.

It brings plenty of exceptional features, including a bold title field, take photos, attach it to notes, voice memos, colors support (8 colors to choose from), and various others. You can also add quick notes, synchronization with Google Drive or Dropbox, favorites support, and various other functionalities.