Filmbox+ is a smart and sleek database for TV shows, and movies develop din the market by Tayfun Susamcioglu Inc. Filmbox Smart Movie Manager – Trailer, Review, TV Show, and Box app brings one the most exclusive way to create a powerful, simple, fast, and useful organizers… read more

Filmbox+ Alternatives for iOS

#1 Movie Bucket


Movie Bucket is your safe and exciting pocket where you can keep the entire list of movies whenever you want, presented in the market by Aspyre Solutions Inc. Movie Bucket app helps you keep track of all your most loved movies that you want to see in the future. You can grab your desired movies whenever they are available for watching. The app also gets to know you which movies your friends are watching as well.

You can instantly add your desired movies over its lists through incredibly effortless browsing and searching. You can precisely see what videos your buddies, family members, and your loved ones are watching. It helps you grab the entire detailed information over movies that you love to watch and also grab movie posters and trailers. So just download a simple, gorgeous, and fun app named Movie Bucket and start adding movies to your bucket list now.


#2 TodoMovies 4


TodoMovies 4 brings an exclusive way to manage as well as monitor movies that you love to have in your bucket lists and want to watch right over a single place. TodoMovies 4 is a stunning tool developed in the market by Screenplay & Script Pte. Ltd. that brings an edge to edge posters, an unlimited list of movies, custom listings, and various other features. You can precisely create custom lists as well as discover new movies on the move.

It helps you enjoy the features like cast profiles, release notifications, bonus scene indicators, an App Watch app, and various others. The app enables you to create a custom movie list and manage them properly. It helps you get important information regarding movies such as their ratings, sorting, bonus scenes indicators, and much more. TodoMovies 4 app enables you to search and enjoy your desired movies, browse photos, and have endless hours of fun.

#3 Boximize


Boximize is an all in one app to organize collections, sketch ideas, record audio, build forums, and do much more without going anywhere else. Boximize – Be an infinitely more organized app is easy to use stuff organizing app that provides you with the access of a database and the usability and simplicity. The app lets you choose from a selection of 28 templates, and you can pick any of them accordingly and get started in seconds.

You can get customized collections by removing as well as adding multiple fields and even build your own collection from scratch. The app also features a passcode protection facility, record voice notes, listening fast searching and sorting, record voice notes, take handwritten notes, track location, keep track of timing, and much more. Boximize – Be infinitely more Organized app lets you enter 20 different types of media stuff, including text, GPS, picture, number, and more.


#4 My Movies by


My Movies by is a widely loved app for all the members and users of My Movies by is a fine and entirely free to use platforms meaning everyone can use this entertainment podium. You can intuitively synchronize the collection of your most likely games and movies and bring it with you as well. It lets users scan barcodes to grab the details information about your favorite movies and even add those to your collection of movies.

Its game collections support Nintendo Switch, Wii U, Wii, PS4, PS3, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS Vita, Steam, and PC Games, etc. The app helps you get the most exclusive deals, Blu-ray release calendar, see current theatrical releases, rate movies, and see the stats without going everywhere else. My Movies by app supports 4K Ultra HD, DVD, Blu-ray, and Blu-ray 3D, theatrical movies, and Digital movies, etc.

#5 Playbox


Playbox helps you play tons of movies, anime, TV series, and dozens of entertaining stuff directly over your Android cell phones and tablets without even downloading a single file. Playbox – Hundreds of Movies and Series for Streaming is a stunning platform that carries a simple and intuitive interface that brings plenty of exciting options right on the palm of your hands. You can instantly click over your desired category (from various categories) to pick what you desire.

The app carries menu options over the left side through which you can instantly access different sections for animated movies, anime, TV series, and everything else that it contains. You can intuitively view your most likely series as well as movies online while enjoying everything flawlessly. Playbox – Hundreds of Movies and Series for Streaming app also enables you to enjoy watching all the latest episodes of the most likely anime series.

#6 RecordMovies Free


RecordMovies Free app helps you keep track of all your most liked movies without having any paper, pencil, or any other materialistic stuff. RecordMovies Free is a fine tool presented in the market by Living Paper Free, LLC. which intuitively optimizes recording movie lists by providing multiple fields to track all your favorite movies and entertainment stuff instantly. You can list the entire collection of movies by sorting those via actors, titles, and the ID with one click from the tab menu.

You can also filter content by favorites through the tab menu of the app. The app carries an option on the administrative tab to send a complete list and favorites. You can precisely send a message regarding your movies over your list. Over the full version of the Record Movies Free app, users can enjoy the ad-free experience, link removed from Twitter, import movies, and get back up and restore option, etc.

#7 My Movies 3 Pro


My Movies 3 Pro app helps you make an intuitive catalog of your favorite collection of movies as well as TV shows from its exclusive service, introduced by Binnerup Consult Inc. My Movies 3 Pro – Movie & TV Collection Library app brings a clean interface through which you can grab data for movies, TV series, and disc titles from various countries in plenty of languages as well. You can precisely enjoy a collection of almost the most exclusive database of titles.

It carries plenty of sleek customization options, including multiple views (both a white and black interface). Apart from watching your favorite content, you can also enjoy audio tracks and subtitles over as well. My Movies 3 Pro – Movie and TV Collection Library app features many sorting options, advanced filtering, links to IMDB, parental control support, shake to the random title, high-quality covers, and integration with social platforms, etc.

#8 My Movies 2


My Movies 2 enables its global users to make an elegant catalog of the entire collection of their most likely TV shows and movies without making much of a stretch. My Movies 2 – Movie & TV Collection Library is a significant platform developed in the market by Binnerup Consult Inc. that makes it hell easy to enjoy entertainment’s stuff from the classy online data service. The app carries one of the most extensive databases of titles that are more than 950,000 in numbers.

You can intuitively scan large Blu-way and DVD collections via its instant multi-scanning option. My Movies 2 app features instant searching for disc titles, links to IMDB, HD front and back covers, view audio tracks and subtitles, advanced filtering, parental content facilities, shake to the random title, online title collection, and much more. My Movies 2 – Movie and TV Collection Library app helps you get entertained effortlessly.

#9 Dejavu Movies Discovery


Dejavu Movies Discovery is a must-have tool for all the movie lovers that enables them to grab a new way to enjoy movies. Dejavu Movies Discovery is a fine platform developed in the market by Kerr Maric Miller, which allows you to discover your next most likely Movie instantly whenever, wherever. The app carries a limitless number of TV shows and movies and lets you grab all the new content flawlessly.

This extensive number of movies ads an additional layer of difficulty for all the users to discover relevant and new movies to watch. You can find your most likely movies by browsing as a guest and even through logging in. It features dynamic filters, including the filters by release dates, popularity, vote average, genres, and upcoming movies, etc. Dejavu Movies Discovery app lets you have a one shop stop for all the information regarding the cast and crew, Movie’s plot, genre, and high-quality trailers.

#10 My Movie Collection HD


My Movie Collection HD app lets you track your movies, whether you are a collector, movie buyer, movie watcher, movie critic, or anything in between. My Movie Collection HD is one of the most intuitive, fast, easy to use, and professional movie organizer available that helps you enjoy movies whenever, wherever you want. You can search for your desired movies, see your entire collection, get a personalized view (text, pics, and details), and search and navigate through a single screen.

You can intuitively view dozens of biography, millions of photos, and tons of filmography without doing much. It helps you capture all your favorite films and get to know the star cast as well. Apart from enjoying films, you can intuitively discover plenty of useful data, get links regarding facts, and enjoy movies as never before. My Movie Collection HD app lets you filter content by rating, decade, genre, format, and more.

More About Filmbox+

Filmbox+ is a smart and sleek database for TV shows, and movies develop din the market by Tayfun Susamcioglu Inc. Filmbox Smart Movie Manager – Trailer, Review, TV Show, and Box app brings one the most exclusive way to create a powerful, simple, fast, and useful organizers. Film Box + – Trailer, Review, TV Show, and Box app contains a simple but robust and sleek design and precisely supports iOS 13 and iPhone 11.

Film Box app features no accounts requirement, synchronization over iCloud, recommendations, reviews, rates from different sources, predefined lists for users, unique roulette view, photos and artwork, iTunes store integration, and trailers and other videos, etc. You can instantly grab the biography of the cast, filmography, high-quality photos, and all the authentic information. You can precisely search your desired content by the name of the movie, name of the TV show, and by placing the name of casts as well.