Free Books and Audiobooks


Free Books and Audiobooks Alternatives


#1 Audiobook Lender Audio Book Rentals


Audiobook Lender Audio Book Rentals app enables you to rent audiobooks for a month for free and enjoy all your most likely audiobooks or whatever else you want to listen to from its exclusive collection. Audiobook Lender Audio Book Rentals is a gorgeous tool developed in the market by Inc. that enables its global users to enjoy plenty of sleek functionalities for you to listen to and manage audiobooks whenever you want.

This app enables you to set a timer and manage the audiobooks’ speed to listen to them in the way you want. You can either download your desired audiobooks whenever you want or even stream them online right over your cell phones and tablets.


#2 LibriVox


LibriVox is a stunning platform that brings a collection of thousands of free audiobooks from LibriVox project and enjoys everything flawlessly. LibriVox AudioBooks: Listen free Audio Books is an incredible tool presented in the market by TOBIMI Group Inc. that enables is global users to listen to more than 10,000 languages audiobooks without paying for everything.

You can flawlessly search books from its exclusive collection by category, author, and word, etc. to get everything with a single touch of the button. LibriVox: Listen Free Audio Books app lets you listen to audiobooks whenever you want and enjoy free audiobooks with ease. You can even download any of your most likely books and audiobooks and listen to them in offline mode.

#3 Simple Audiobook Player Free


Simple Audiobook Player Free is a stunning audiobook reader that brings plenty of valuable features right on the palm of your hands and helps you manage things in the way you want. Simple Audiobook Player Free is a classy tool that contains an audiobooks-rich library for you to listen whenever, wherever. It carries a dual-pane landscape mode along with the availability of light themes to enjoy things in the way you want.

It features a playback control via remote buttons and helps you bookmark all your loved audiobooks to access them whenever, wherever. Simple Audiobook Player Free app contains a customizable seek buttons along with both in-app and in notifications.


#4 English Novel Books – Offline


English Novel Books – Offline is an easy to use and sleekly designed software app for reading exclusive books and having classic works of English literature whenever you want. English Novel Books – Offline is a superb tool presented in the market by NLsolution Inc. that enables you to have a magnificent collection of massive e-book collections of best buyers of both professional and local authors.

You can get fantastic book reading and English literature while covering almost all the genres. Some of its significant genres include memories, kid’s books, philosophical treatises, fiction, sci-fi, romance, thriller, and various others. It brings a sleek display of a list of stories, offline reading, easy to use interface, and a massive catalog.

#5 Storytel


Storytel lets you have elegant access to reading and listening e-books and audiobooks in English and various other languages. Storytel: Audiobooks and E-books is a classy platform presented in the market by Storytel Sweden AB that brings all the popular and upcoming bestsellers to listen to them on the move. You can precisely search for the e-books and audiobooks of your choice by browsing over its tremendous categories available for its global community of readers.

It is a smart ebooks and audiobook companion that helps you save all your most likely audiobooks offline and read them whenever you don’t have an internet connection. You can also set the sleep timer and manage things in the way you want. You can discover your most likely stories using personal recommendations.

#6 50000 Free eBooks & Free AudioBooks


50000 Free eBooks & Free AudioBooks is a stunning application that brings many free English audiobooks and English classics. 50000 Free eBooks & Free AudioBooks is a superb tool presented in the market by Oodles Inc., where you can enjoy 5K free books, and you can download them whenever you want. Other than these, you can enjoy 15K free audiobooks and read them over your cell phones and tablets.

Some of its most popular books include Aesop’s fables, Moby dick, Alice in wonderland, Peter pan, Kama sutra, Anna Karenina, Hamlet, Sherlock Holmes, Grimm’s fairy tales, Beowulf, Macbeth, Chanakya Neeti, Dorian gray, Pinocchio, and plenty of others. Some of its famous Hindi Authors include Rabindranath Tagore, Devki Nandan Khatri, Munshi Premchand, Jayashankar Prasad, etc.

#7 Free Books & Audiobooks


Free Books & Audiobooks bring a collection of more than 80K ebooks and more than 12K audiobooks right under one platform. Free Books & Audiobooks is a stunning platform presented in the market by Free Books Studio Inc. that lets you discover awesome books right under one platform. You can browse the most amazing collection of popular free books and search for your desired books with ease.

You can download free books from here to read them whenever you want or don’t have an internet connection. Through its humongous collection of free audiobooks, you can listen to audiobooks in any situation because many books have a version of audiobooks to listen to them whenever, wherever.

#8 Listen AudioBooks Free


Listen AudioBooks Free is an exclusive app that brings a superb library of more than 300 free public domain audiobooks in plenty of genres. Listen AudioBooks Free – Classic AudioBooks is an awesome app presented in the market by English Conversations Inc. through you can enjoy dozens of audiobooks in the genre that you love the most.

You can enjoy plenty of famous authors William Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, Victor Hugo, HG Wells, Plato, Lewis Carroll, Oscar Wilde, Aesop, Wodehouse, Sigmund Freud, James Joyce, Dostoevsky, and various others. You can enjoy the most famous books along with the best English books with audio readings.


0 is a magnificent platform for people who love audiobooks and are crazy about listening to amazing podcasts. Listen to new Audiobooks & Podcasts is an elegantly designed platform that lets you get three audiobooks for free just by signing up here. You can enjoy browsing through your desired books over its gigantic collection of best sellers and listen to world-famous podcasts and audiobooks whenever, wherever.

You can instantly search for your most likely audiobook from its collection of more than 8K free audiobooks titles. You can precisely browse through more than 1.2 million titles and even browse things by genres to discover what others are up to. You can also keep your kids and family members entertained over its family-friendly, bestselling fiction books.

#10 MyBook Library


MyBook Library is an exciting platform where you can enjoy listening and reading audiobooks right over your cell phones and tablets. MyBook Library – Books and AudioBooks is an excellent tool developed in the market by MyBook Inc. that not only brings a massive catalog of exclusive audiobooks but also keeps on adding new stuff every day.

You can intuitively save all your most likely books and read them whenever you don’t have an internet connection. MyBook: Books and Audiobooks app lets you have full synchronization of accounts between multiple devices along with the most precise notes, ratings, and quotes. The app provides a standard subscription that lets you get access to a limited catalog of audiobooks.

#11 AnyStories


AnyStories is a super fantasy land where you can enjoy a massive collection of thousands of hottest bite-sized fantasy stories, romance fiction, and love stories. AnyStories-Books, Novels, Fictions & Chapters is a superb tool developed in the market by AnyStories that lets you dive into addictive and highly-engaging stories and keeps your favorites updated.

It brings a long list of genres of exclusive originals, including fantasy, romance, young, adult, vampires, adult, and various others. AnyStories – Just One More Chapter app lets you enjoy amazing stories about seductive romance, sexy vampires, erotic stories about baby daddies, jaw-dropping scandals with billionaire bosses, and Literotica about secret affairs.

#12 Audiobooks Now Audio Books


Audiobooks Now Audio Books enables you to access and stream more than 150,000 awesome audiobooks highly curated for its online community. Audiobooks Now Audio Books is a magnificent tool presented in the market by that brings an exciting bunch of amazing audiobooks along with all the features for free.

You can intuitively control the timer of the audiobooks, manage the speed, and enjoy the facility of instant streaming whenever you want. You can instantly start listening to the most-exclusive, best-selling, and highly-engaging titles in both on-fiction and fiction stories. You can also save a bug with its Club Pricing Plan or even purchase them at a reasonable price without having any plans.

#13 Books Play


Books Play app lets you listen to a fine collection of books with a high-quality audio format and in a real professional way. Books Play – Audiobooks Free is a fantastic platform presented in the market by NNT Dev Inc., where you can enjoy a bunch of amazing audiobooks whenever you want, right over your cell phones and tablets.

It enables you to immerse yourself in thousands of great stories and enjoy having an awesome time anytime, anywhere. You can enjoy exclusive content by downloading or streaming from a breathtaking collection of more than 10,000 titles to your phones. You can enjoy almost all audiobooks’ genres, whether you want to stream classics to best sellers and almost everything in between.

#14 Listen


Listen is a superb tool that enables its global users to discover the latest books whenever you want and enjoy a collection of more than 50K audiobooks over its exclusive library. Listen – Download the Latest Books is a glibly loved audiobook providing application developed in the market by LitRes Inc. that brings a highly effective and convenient way to search and listen to all your favorite audiobooks. It carries an inbuilt audiobook store where you can get over 5K LitRes audiobooks library.

You can elegantly listen as well as evaluate book fragments before buying audiobooks whenever you want. Listen – Best Sellers and New Releases app bring everything from new hot releases to all-time classics to provide everything under one platform.

#15 Free Audiobooks


Free Audiobooks is an elegantly designed tool that enables you to listen to classic audiobooks for free and discover the most popular books whenever you want. Free Audiobooks is a gorgeous tool presented in the market by Sanity Audio Apps Inc. that brings an exclusive catalog of free audiobooks right on the palm of your hands.

You can elegantly discover and listen to a collection of more than 14,000 classic audiobooks and read them whenever you want. You can stream all your most likely audiobooks over the internet and enjoy your most likely genres whenever you are in a mood. This application all the book genres, either you love romance, mystery, poems, sci-fi, children, poem, or anything else that you want.

#16 Listen to Books for Free


Listen to Books for Free is a superb platform that brings tons of valuable features for its global users to enjoy getting dozens of audiobooks without wasting any money or effort. Listen to Books for Free is a superb application presented by Anyreads Inc. that makes it free and easy comfortable to listen to your most likely audiobooks.

It contains a collection of more than 7K available audiobooks that you can instantly grab and enjoy. The app provides a vast collection of radios and audiobooks by foreign and local authors of almost all the possible genres. You can enjoy listening to any of your books without ads, set the time off and on, and bookmark or leave notes.

#17 Novels & Books in English


Novels & Books in English app provides an extensive collection of public domain novels and books in English for everyone with multiple morals and categories. Novels & Books in English is a classy tool presented by Banaka Inc. that brings a fast and responsive app that contains hundreds of books and novels in English.

Some of its top categories include Emma, Persuasion, Pride and Prejudice, A Tangled Tale, Northanger Abbey, Sylvie and Bruno, Sense and Sensibility, Lady Susan, Mansfield Park, Great Expectations, Oliver Twist, and various others. It fast and elegantly designed interface with exclusive search capabilities to search for your desired audiobooks.

#18 Audiobooks Online and without Internet, Gramophone


Audiobooks Online and Without the Internet, Gramophone app enables you to discover thousands of radio plays and audiobooks by international and domestic authors. Audiobooks online and without internet, Gramophone is a gorgeous tool developed in the market by Anyreads Inc. that lets you have your most likely books in any of your desired genres.

Some of its most likely genres include thrillers, fantasy, adventure, mysticism, detective stories, classics, and various others. It enables its global uses to explore a magnificent collection of fairy tales and audio performances for kids. You can also grab a superb collection of audiobooks, funny stories, and simple books for kids for the night.