#1 is a popular source of ebooks, magazines, and articles. This platform for ebooks is considered as a multi-lingual online library. This electronic library has more than 2230000 books. aims to provide the visitors on the site with more and more ebooks by increasing the number in comparison to the present. is a non-profited electronic library as it is based on the support of various generous volunteers. People can donate books and finances to support this ebook platform. Therefore, this platform allows the free access to every kind of literature people are invested into. There is no need for registration on

#2 Ebook3000

Ebook3000 is an online platform for ebooks based on different topics. You can find and download for free various ebooks based on the categories like fiction, technical, science, engineering, and so many more. Ebook3000 is popular among people across the world for its vast database of ebooks. Along with the PDF versions, you are also provided with direct links from where you can download your favorite ebooks. This site indexes-free ebooks based on different topics.


#3 is an online platform for online ebooks, articles and, magazines on every topic and subject. You can find any ebook you want to along with the free download. Not only the PDF formats of ebooks are present on the site, but links are also available as well. provides its visitors more than 90 categories like fiction, engineering, scientific, literature, and so many more. You can add new books to the electronic library of by becoming a member of the community. To become a member, you need to register yourself which is totally free and a short process. By becoming the member of this community you can create your own list of favorite ebooks and you can also download them for free. According to the latest information, ebooks download is free within the first five days of registration only and after that with nominal charges.

#4 is an online platform where you can get your hands on some amazing magazines in PDF format. These magazines are from all over the world. provide you the latest magazines on different topics. Along with the latest magazines, you can also search for the old magazines on not only gives you the access to latest and old magazines but also daily-based newspaper as well. You can download daily newspaper of any region in PDF format. You can freely download magazines and newspapers from this site.


#5 is an online source for downloading various novels in PDF format. These novels are from famous authors around the world. Genres like a thriller, romance, comedy, action, fantasy, etc. are available in novels. You can download these novels for free. is a non-profited platform where new authors are also encouraged to share their writing pieces. You can also, as a new author, can donate your PDF format books on this site.


If you are tired of carrying around heavy books, is here to provide quality-based ebooks on any topic you like. You can buy novels and books on any topic from on cheap rates to support the authors you like to read. On this platform, you can find latest ebooks and old versions that suit your taste. Every ebook, in PDF format, comes with a summary as well that gives you the idea of the topic and genre type. From practical how-to guides to novels you can find any book on

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#9 is an online portal where you can find magazines from all over the world. These magazines on the website are in PDF format. You can access these magazines for free for online reading and for downloading as well. Created back in 2010, makes sure to provide you the best quality magazines from different regions of the world and on different topics like adult, fashion, showbiz and celebs, country, games etc. In the search bar, you can find your favorite magazines by entering the year and topic. makes your search interesting by categorizing magazines in Weekly and Monthly popular ones. You can also find magazines with help of tags on the site.

#10, an electronic library, was established back in 2004. The goal of establishing this platform was to provide readers around the world with a big library of books for free on the Internet. You can now access the digital format of your favorite books with free downloading. What’s unique about this online platform is the fact that you can now get your hands on the early classic ebooks which are from the archives of the Project Gutenberg. It’s been almost more than a decade that is providing a quality service of latest and old ebooks from its extensive database of books. You can keep yourself updated with the new additions of ebooks in the digital library by subscribing to the site’s newsletter.


A Multimedia Search Engine, searches the top sites present on the Internet. It searches the top listed media sites on the Internet from one page. The result generated for each site are displayed by on either top-down list or in the small size horizontal frames. These results for each page lead to the pages from which it has the license contracts. If the search by this multimedia platform fails, they provide you with the best alternatives. These alternative sites, however, are not affiliated with the You can find the right search listed sites on by following two options. The first option is that you need to enter the keyword and then press search to open it on the same window page. The second option you have is that you are re-directed to by using a keyword on an affiliated site.

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#13 is an online search engine for ebooks. This online platform for ebooks is about 2.8 million along with them 52.5 million science articles. The majority of the books and articles are present in PDF format which comes in quite handy for those people who download the majority of books in PDF. You can search for your favorite books and magazines in the search box of by entering the name, keyword, date, language, language and file extension. You can also search for books through the categories section. has encoded its book library in an fb2 format which allows two types of readers Alreader2.rar and CoolReader. As for registration on this site, it is a nominal process.

#14 is an online book portal where you can find eBooks available on the internet. You can now access free online eBooks from the download library at You can also read online electronic Books on the latest browsers like Opera, Firefox, and many others. You can find any ebook your looking for in the categories and tag section. You can also subscribe to for free to stay updated with the newest ebooks uploaded. You can download many ebooks you want to. You can download as many books as you want in the first two weeks of subscription for free and afterward with nominal monthly charges. offers you more than 5000 eBooks to read and download.


This online platform was launched back in 2013. believes in the free-limit of reading books and documents. And following that, it provides you the best quality books online reading service so that you can spend your spare time with quality content. Along with the ebooks in PDF format, you can also download audiobooks, magazines, and daily based newspapers. Latest and old versions of eBooks are available on You can download and view ebooks, magazines, audiobooks, and papers for free and with subscription.