#1 is a gaming information portal designed to provide each and every type of information about video games. The information database of contains the information about almost 40,000 videos games for almost all operating systems and devices. was originally designed for giving reviews on video games. With the passage of time, it started to deal in video game cheats, questions and answers about games, cheat codes and various other types of information about video games. Visitors of can read the reviews made by the other visitors on video games. They can make even their own comments over any video game as well. In order to pass the comments or review on nay game, the visitors are first required to create an account with The main sections of are contributing game help, submit game information, share your opinion, bounties and contests. Each section of is worth toe explore and full of information. is best source of information for the game lovers from where they can get the information about almost all type of videos games designed for all type of operating systems and gaming consoles. In the share your opinion section, there is a system for writing a review, share a critic review and creating the list of top ten on any theme.

#2 is a video games reviews and views making platform. is said to be the one of the most credible and leading gaming sources for PlayStations, game consoles and other gaming devices. is particularly designed for passing the comments and reviews on the video games. However, now it is dealing in the trailers, previews and launching dates of the video games as well. In short, can now be said as a platform that in addition to working as the platform for getting the reviews on games can be explored for the purpose of getting the news and trailers of the upcoming video games as well. The best about is that it is an independent gaming platform that’s why it delivers the unbiased and authoritative reviews one each and every type of video game. For the real game enthusiasts there is a special forum section of that contains the specialized discussion forum. Check out the list of discussion forums of that are game discussion, PC/Mac/Linux society, PlayStation nation, Xbox association, Nintendo fan club, system wars, off-topic discussion, GameSpot giveaways, bug reporting & feedback and various other forums. In short, the gaming database is full of fun and adventure that are free to explore.


#3 is the name of an independent online database that contains the unbiased reviews and views on the millions of video games. is entirely an independent platform, and even it is used as a source of information for most of the leading gaming views platforms. is the directory of almost 240000 video games that are further subdivided into online and offline video games. In addition to reviews and views, there are tens of thousands of other gaming news articles that are the part of the database of the What makes special is its system for considering the opinions submit to it by the other gamers that’s why the reviews and ratings complied by the are said to be that one as per the expectations of the gamers. If you are looking for the all-time hit games then here is the and reverse is also true. If you want to submit your opinions and reviews, then has also the system for that. You will be only required to follow the some basic principles of that are regarding the submission of the minimum number of reviews in each month, professionalism, reviews on multiple games and much more. There is no restriction over any gaming platform; is an informative source for videos games of all devices, and that is its specialty.


Stand for Internet Game Database, is one of the leading sources of information for both professional video gamers and general video game consumers. is for those who want to get each and every detail of any particular game. These types of gamers must visit the to enhance their gaming experience by knowing more about the game they love. At the online game information repository of, you can search for video games, developers, companies, characters and much more that is directly or indirectly linked to any game. Same is the specialty of to make the process of information easy and convenient for its visitors. The user-friendly interface of makes it easy for its visitors to easy search for the unmanipulated, unbiased and uncensored information about tens of thousands of games. The real stake holders of the will be the game developers because user oriented system of allow the developers to get the in-depth detail about any specific game including its source code as well in most of the cases. For the assistance of the game developers, there is also a dedicated discussion platform from where they can take part in the discussion and can read the comments of the professional game developers. Each and every information available at is free to explore and share.


#5 is a dependent review and views based gaming platform that collects the reviews on the video games from the leading gaming websites. Currently, it is dependent upon the review databases of the GameSpot, IGN, Polygon and likewise many other online game reviews providers. In short, can be said as review aggregator for video games. brings those real levels of multiple publications and critics that enable its visitors to get the genuine and complete picture of any game. When it is about deciding which one is the best game because money is at stake, then it is wise to consider the reviews of that game in advance. is the platform to give the answers to the same questions and to decide where or not a game is worth your time or money. There is not dearth of online and offline game reviews providers still the is unique from all these because of possessing the unique qualities. These qualities are in the shape of transparency, customization system of, availability of more number of games, and review aggregation from almost all leading sources. If you want to pass your own comments and reviews, then you can also do the same by simply creating an account with The review section of is very interesting that itself highlighted the game and asked for visitors to pass the comments before the deadline.

#6 is one of the largest gaming website that offers the video game news, previews, reviews and much more. is a European based gaming website; however, provide the information about all type of games without any platform and operating system restriction. The user friendly web interface of makes its visitors able to navigate from one part of the to another easily. The main serving areas of are reviews, news, previews, videos, entertainment, opinion, guides, and articles. The other best thing about is its subscription system that enables the visitors to get ten most popular stories of the day in their inbox. However, to avail this service they are first required to subscribe for the subscription system of The information about any video game can be searched as per the gaming platform as well. Currently the gaming platforms covered by are PlayStation, Xbox, Wii U, 3DS, Android and iOS devices. If you want to get perfect and exact game then there is a special section of named recommended games where you can explore for the top rated games. The other best thing about is its release data area from where its visitors can come to know about the release date of upcoming video games.

#7 is a unique level of platform that deals in reviews and views of all type with the main focus on the games and those related to games. The sole purpose of gaming reviews websites is to make their visitors able to make the best buying decisions by getting the in-depth knowledge of any game in advance. is also based on the same principle. For past many years, is helping its visitors by providing them unbiased and unmanipulated reviews and views on all type of video games. As it is mentioned in the introductory lines, purpose is not only to cover the video games. The review system of contains the information about various other products and things as well. It is a platform for getting information about those that are happening in the world of technology all the time. is the independent and unbiased platform for getting the comprehensive news, in depth features of any viral story, reviews of on the game and criticism and advises on the products and much more. The main area of services by the are news, reviews, featured articles, videos, discussion forums, opinion, gaming platforms & operating systems and much more. In short, all those that are directly linked to games and those that have indirect connection with games being covered by the

#8 is a web based must have gaming portal for both beginners and professional gamers from where they can find a lot of stuff to enhance their gaming experience. Instead of mainly emphasis on the game reviews and opinions, largely deals in cheat codes and hacks for the iOS and Android games. is for only those gamers who stuck in a gaming level or who believe they can’t do it further and requires the game hacks and cheats. The hacks and cheat codes of almost all iOS and Android games are available at the platform of can be said as the repository of cheat codes for iOS and Android based games only. If you are looking for the hacks of Clash of Clan then here is If you are looking for cheat of any other game then here is the that is the house of tens of thousands of cheats of those video games that are designed for the iOS and Android mobile operating systems. The hack and cheat system of will make you able to collect a lot of gems, diamonds and enhance your playing skills without paying even a single penny. That is the way of working of to enhance the gaming experience of its visitors.


The name is suggesting for a portal for getting the trailers of the game. However, is designed for the purpose of delivering review, previews and opinions of the upcoming games in addition to trailers. For its distinctive level of information and way of delivering stuff to the readers, has been listed into leading gaming portals that are known for delivering best quality stuff to the game lovers. By visiting on the regular basis, you will be able to explore and watch trailer, reviews, opinions and previews of the video games that are going to launch in near future. The other exceptional thing about is its cheats area that is full of cheat and hack codes of the leading video games. is the free online heaven for the gamers where they can get the video clips in high resolution in addition to the standard definition. The other best thing about is its accepting contribution from the visitors. In that’s way work as the community of gamers where they can upload and watch the game videos. If you are interested, then you can also take part in these activities. You will be even allowed to create your own blog and take part in the discussion forums as well.

#10 is one of the most prominent and reliable web based game portal that is dealing in the information regarding video games only. It is a web-based platform for games lovers where they can come to know about cheats, hack codes, reviews, previews, guides, trailers, demos, screenshots much more. has discontinued its gaming service but still it can be used as a source of information for the classic video games. The news and reviews section of contains the information about latest news (discontinued), reviews, previews, features, blogs and stories. Then comes the cheat section of that is still operational. The cheat section of contains the list of cheats and hack codes of the most popular video games. There is one limitation over the usage of and that is not having the system for delivering reviews on the latest video games. However, is still a one of the most reliable sources of information over the internet for getting the reviews and previews on the old games and getting the cheats and hacks of the popular video games as well.

#11 that is also called as the home for gamers is the one of the largest independent sources of information for video games. is an online platform that deals in the reviews, views, previews, opinion, information about video games, cheats of video games of all type, screen shots and much more. A large number of cheats from a simple to advanced level of video games are the part of the cheat directory of For its unique coverage of information on the games, is said to be one of the largest and independent sources of video games information. Either it is about old games, new games are those that are going to be launch in near future, is the source of information for all. For the real gamers and game developers, there is a gaming community of where the gamers and game developers can read the reviews of the members. The articles complied by the professional gamers and developers are also the part of the community section. By visiting on a regular basis you will be able to explore and watch trailer, reviews, opinions and previews of the video games that are going to launch in near future. The other exceptional thing about is its cheats area that is full of cheat and hack codes of the leading video games.

#12 is an online platform that will take you closer to the professional gamers across the globe. By visiting the online gaming platform of you can enhance your gaming experience by simply know about the games, reviews and previews on them. is the house of opinion by the expert and independent gamers across the world. It is among those leading gaming portals that are used as source for information for most of the online and offline gaming portals. The main gaming areas covered by are news, reviews, views, trailer of upcoming video games, release fata of upcoming video games and much more. In short, is that level of gaming platform where all those information is available that is important for both gamers and game developers point of view. Among a lot of unique things, one of the best thing about is its features section that contains the articles on video games complied by the professional gamers.

#13 is one of the largest and old serving games database in the world that comprises the games from classic level to modern dynamic world. is best known for its accurate and reliable games database that contains the information about each and every game that has been launched till now since 1979. is basically a commercial games information based website which catalogs the video games from 1979 to 2016. The independent games database of contains the information about games of over 190 gaming platforms, game consoles and operating systems. The database of contains the information about video games and those behind these games. If you will go for the registration system of, you will be provided with the opportunity of passing rates and reviews on any game entry. On the basis of reviews submit by its registered users, released the list of all-time best and worst games. has an integrated discussion forum as well.

#14 is an independent encyclopedia that largely covers the game based information only. is the source of information for both game lovers and game developers from where they can get the information on games in the category of video game reviews, previews, news, trailers and much more. has the giant collection of information about most of the video games including all game platforms and game consoles. For its independent level, is said to be one of the largest game repository over the internet that operate as a source of information for most of the game websites and blogs. Most of the gaming websites mainly emphasis on the data for the purpose of gamers only while that is not the objective of also operates as a source of information for the game developers and publishers as well by providing them discussion forums where they can share their views and can read the views of other members of the


Stands for Video Game Museum, is online information center that delivers the data regarding video games only. The data being provided by the on video games can be categorized into the categories of screenshots of upcoming games, trailers of new games, reviews, previews, music, ads and much more about the games. Currently, the games of almost thirty game consoles and operating systems being covered by the It is further developing its database by collecting information about the video games of the other game consoles as well. One of the best thing about that can be said as the exceptional component of is its system for providing the hidden features and functions of the games. A lot of gamers, even the professional one, are not aware of the fact that the games that they are playing contain hidden features and functions that will make them able to enjoy the games with a new style. So, visit and know about the hidden potentials of the video games that you are currently playing.