Gangstar Rio: City of Saints


Gangstar Rio: City of Saints Alternatives


#1 Great The Auto 5


Great The Auto 5 is a third person controlling game that features the realistic physics elements and high class graphical 3D environment. In the game you have to climb from the bottom to the place where only the godfather can live. You have made it sure to live at the top of the mafia. And if you think it will be easy for you for taking that position and other gangs will welcome you with open heart then you are totally wrong because these are against you and want to let you down at any cost. The only way of dealing with them is to think like a gangster. So get ready to live the life of a gangster and start stealing and snatching cars, robbing banks and giving the tough time to the opponents. This city will give you the all means of living the life of a criminal so that you can be the real godfather.


#2 Grand Sniper in San Andreas


First of all, we think it is important to clear you that Grand Sniper in San Andreas has no connection with Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. Some parts and scenes although look like the later mentioned game, but it is an entirely different game and developed by the developers other than that of Rockstar Games. Grand Sniper in San Andreas tell us about the story of San Andreas that is filled with zombies, and you have to clear the entire city from this fatal plague. Make it sure every bullet is hitting the target. You are the only sniper who is successfully surviving. Now it is your duty to protect the inhabitants of the city from the zombie apocalypse. You will find different guns in your way so collect them as these are designed to turn the living things into dead in a  heal of stinking rotten meat. Grand Sniper in San Andreas will surely give you a new gaming experience.

#3 Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories


Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is one of the best action centered third person shooting game developed by the Rockstar Games. Just like the other versions of the GTA, this game has also earned a lot of popularity among the smartphone gamers especially those who like car stealing and open world environment games. The new Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is there all with streamlined and hard missions to complete. These missions are designed keeping in view the mobile playing environment. All of the features of the game just like PC version are available for the smartphones as well. A lot of open world adventures are waiting for you to explore. The features and functions that make Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories simply the best above all it supports for high resolution playing, offers real time shadows and lighting, availability of sixty first person shooting games, 3D touch support along with multiple control options and much more.


#4 Downtown Mafia: Gang Wars


Downtown Mafia: Gang Wars is one of the best games that are based on the world of mafias and gangsters whose favorite activities is to rob others and even killing others as well. This addictive game is the fine mixture of a lot of environments like RPG, MMO, gang wars, TURF wars and much more. A lot of missions are there, and a lot of cities are also there as the gameplay environment of the game. This game is simply going to give you a lot of options and means to explore the world of gangs in a new style. And do you know what your role in this game is? You also have to perform the role of a gangster. Make challenges to the other gangsters and eliminate them completely to prove them that you are the real boss of the area.

#5 Vegas Crime Simulator


Vegas Crime Simulator is one of the best actions packed third person shooting game where the weapons and ammunition are arranged with a great variety of usage. The exciting gameplay of the game at first instant will force you to forget about all those open world and open environment based shooting and action adventure games that you have recently played. Car theft is the main activity of this game because it will assist you in escaping and moving from one part to another one. Offenders, gangs, and corrupt cops are after your life. You have to protect yourself. Don’t hesitate to kill these cops, gangs and even ordinary citizens if you think they are distracting you. You can also steal as many vehicles as you want for your usage. And don’t worry about the availability of weapons and ammunition at all as these will be at your disposal all the time.

#6 Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars


Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is an action adventure third person controlling game and one of the top rated and widely downloaded version in the Grand Theft Auto series. This game is now available for the smartphone devices as well and developers have crafted this game again keeping in view the playing modes of the smartphone devices. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars playing style is just like other installments of the series. Here the players navigate from one place to another either on foot or stealing or snatching the cars. The openly uses the weapons and never hesitate to even shoot down someone. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars really featured tons of side missions, hidden collectibles, support for widescreen resolution, and offers a great amount of stunning graphics, and lighting and explosion effects. The best about Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is that it is fully compatible with USB controllers and Android Bluetooth as well.

#7 Mafia Driver –Omerta


Mafia Driver –Omerta is also a kind of gangster and mafia world game where you have to play the role of a gangster in the new style. Mafia Driver –Omerta is a kind of mafia parking game where you are working for an underground gang. You are the driver and means of transportation for the other members of the gang. It is very simple. You have to work in place of your real bosses. Rather than working on your own, you are in fact following the commands of those who are behind the scene as common practice adopted by the rich and reputable American families in the past. You will do all activities on their behalf like bribing and intimidating the public officials and even causing death to those who are creating difficulties for you. You don’t need to be afraid of any one as you are like the boss in the absence of your real boss.

#8 Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld


Just like its name, this game is packed with an action and adventure open world environment where only those can survive who knows how to take the life of others. In this brutal world, no one cares for someone, and you have to follow the same principle if you want to live free and at your terms, this fascinating city that is the home of criminals features a giant collection of advanced vehicles, outrageous and above all complete freedom to do whatever the player wants to do. It is an endless game so be careful about your time because it will captivate you with its charm and you will forget about doing what you were doing before playing this game. The game is containing all those tools that will assist you in becoming a criminal legend. Fight against gangs and your rivals if you want to become the criminal legend.

#9 Grand Ten Auto New City


A warm welcome to an American city that is riddled with crime and corruption. Everywhere mafia and gangs are ruling over the city and you are also going to be the part of them. But the difference between them and you is that you are alone and they all have joined hands together to fight against you. They want to eliminate you from the scene at any cost. To survive in the area, you also have the same option, and that is to get rid of them at any cost. A lot of mission you need to complete in this game. As you entered the game for the first time the first mission of yours will be a major bank robbery. Each level of the game is full of a lot of difficulties and demands many tests from the players like steaming cars, robbing banks and shops, killing gangster and much more.

#10 Miami Crime Vice Town


Miami Crime Vice Town is the crime city of the gangsters and mafias where only the people like them can live and survive the meaningful life. But this is your homeland too and you also have to make the place of living here. The best about this mafia game is that it is offering the all kind of options that will assist you in perfectly doing the multiple variety of criminal activities. A vast collection of dangerous and lethal weapons will be at your disposal. You can play the game in the magnificent combat mode to teach the very harsh lesson to your opponents. The best thing here is that you can update your weapons and even your skills as well if you have earned a lot of virtual money for that purpose. Miami Crime Vice Town is going to give you a new level of thrill and action.

#11 Criminal Russia 3D


Criminal Russia 3D is one of the best simulation smartphones games that depicts the criminal life in the brutal Russia. The hero of the game that is basically you who is playing his role as a player have no money and means of living at all. Now you have to earn both bread and respect for you otherwise it will become impossible for you to live in the harsh Russia. In order to get resources for you maybe you have to breaking bad and working for the mafias or gangs of Russia. That is the only way open for you because economic crisis are so high that you will not find any other job at all. This unique open world game that is packed with realistic 3D graphics and physics will offer you a real time control system in the open world. In this third person controlling game you may be asked to perform the activities like stealing cards, shooting down others, fighting and even racing in traffic race as well.

#12 Mad City: Gangster life


This action centered game is based on the controlling by the third person. You as a player have to control the life of your hero and make it sure he is able to survive in this open world environment. People are making his life difficult for home and only you know how you have to earn the means of life for him. Take the calculated steps only because there is no more room for mistakes at all for a person who is already facing too many difficulties. As a player of the game you have to fight against the members of other gangs because that is the only option to live free in this world. For your assistance there are a lot of weapons and cars that will be always at your disposal. Some players of this game have of saying that most of the time it get crash so be careful while playing the game.

#13 Rope Hero: Vice Town


You were an ordinary man and were living the life of a common man but then some incidents happen into your life and forced you to become the real life hero. Rope Hero: Vice Town is an action packed game set in a 3D gameplay environment of the open world. Compete against those who are disturbing the life of others. The best about this action packed first person shooting game is that it contains the elements of RPG as well. The availability of vehicles and quests and great selection of weapons will always keep your one step further from your enemies. First you need to explore this crime city that is full of gangsters, corrupt elements and aggressive fractions. Only you are the hope of those living in the city and want to live a reputable life but these gangs are not ready to permit them doing so. Enter into the game and be their hope.

#14 Miami Crime Simulator 2


Miami Crime Simulator 2 is a real action adventure third person shooting and controlling game that is set in an open world playing environment. That game is featuring stunning graphics and cool sound effects that will make you the fan of this game. This game will open the new level of actions and adventure on you because here you are going to explore what you have not explore before. A lot of cars are the part of this game that you can steal for moving fast to the targeted places. For its function of stealing cars, Miami Crime Simulator 2 is also sometimes called as action car thief simulator as well. Miami Crime Simulator 2 is very featured rich in term of high class 3D graphics, special effects and sound tracks. For your assistance, thirty different kinds of weapons are also the part of this game.

#15 Grand Heist Online Free


This open world action game is exclusive for the smartphones. A lot of guns, cars and even helicopter, airplanes and military tanks are there in this game so that you can became the most famous gangsters of the area. At a time you have to fight against cops and rivals of other gangsters. There is no other way except to fight against them after all they are also after your life and want to shoot you down at any cost. Amazingly you are alone in this game at all. You have got a team of five members and you can call any of them any time to assist you in fighting against your opponents. Imagine about using the advanced weapons and ammunition like grenades, guns, C4 explosives and Molotov to destroy cars and important places. Also blown up the ATM machines to steal money because these will assist you in getting more and more items and will make you stronger than before.

#16 MadOut2 BigCityOnline


MadOut2 BigCityOnline is a game that is listed in the top rated open world games because of offering real big territory to the players to explore. This open world game will never end within one chance because a lot of activities are there to explore that will offer you a new gaming experience you have never explored before. The best about this game is that it offers a full and open world to its players without any cost at all. They can move from one part to another one without thinking about the means of riding because many kinds of cars will always be available in their parks. Excellent physics and style back are a specialty of these cars. Over thirty kind of classic and military cars are there. You have to complete the different kind of missions that involve racing as well. Each level has its specific requirement that you have to complete so that you can emerge as the real winner of the game.

#17 Gangster Town: Vice District


Gangster Town: Vice District is an action and third person shooting game that is set in an open world environment. You have to survive in the city of crime because your rivals are after your life. Complete all those fraction tasks that will get back your reputation. There is no other way except to accept the responsibility of fighting against all those who are not willing to do a favor with you. They want to kill you at any cost and how you will keep yourself away from them is up to you. But don’t worry, you are not alone at all as some gangs of the area are ready to help you in your survival mission. Means of funding are also available, and even some arm shops are also ready to give you the legendary guns and melee weapons. Varying the combat styles is your specialty that will assist you a lot in a time of need.

#18 Crime Wars Island


Crime Wars Island is an open environment game that is set in this big world. The law enforcement agencies have joined hands together to eliminate all kind of corrupt elements, mafia, and gangsters from the city. In this action adventure and the third person controlling the game, you have to fight against the cops and soldiers of special services. After all, it is about your survival too. Don’t feel mercy for them at all because they are after your life and you have to keep it safe from their attacks. To solve your problem, the game will offer you the big guns and green signal to shooting them without feeling mercy on them. Create an open world for the gangster where they can live freely and do all those wrongdoings that they were already doing. The game is featuring nice graphics, stunning sound effects and will give you easy means for controlling your hero.

#19 Crime Of Clash Gangsters 3D


Crime Of Clash Gangsters 3D is one of the most adventurous games to the player because it is a real 3D simulator game set in a big and open world gameplay environment. If you think you are smart enough that you can wage war against corrupt elements of your city, then come and proof how you will do this if all of the means of competition provided to you. You have to do many kinds of activities that will be surely not acceptable for you if it was asked to do in real life. These are about robbing others, snatching cards and bikes, killing and shooting the enemies to complete the mission at any cost. This is all you have to do in this game because there is no other way of doing this. After completing each mission, you will get many kinds of rewards in the shape of cards, bikes, vehicles, weapons and much more.

#20 Clash Of Crime Gangsters 3D Simulator


Living the life of a gangster is not easy at all because at the same time he has to face two kinds of people; first in the shape of rival gangs and secondly the cops who are also after the life. This game tells about the harsh clash between two gangster groups who are fighting for ruling over the San Andreas. Your opponents are ready will all kind of weapons. You also have many weapons under disposal, but these are limited in numbers as compared to your opponents. You alone have to step into many mission and have to complete once you start any one of these. Clashing with different gangsters at the same time is not easy at all. But the game will also offer you a lot of possibilities like stealing cards, doing racing on the streets and gunning down the other gangsters with real guns.

#21 San Andreas Crime Town


San Andreas Crime Town is the story of a city that is full of gangsters, criminals, drugs and corrupt elements. You too are doing the role of a gangster, but your aim is to eradicate your rivals only. Don’t think of killing or causing harm to the good citizens at all because it will put a bad name to you and in most of the cases the earned points will also decrease. Be a hero who never afraid of anything. Start fighting with courage with all of the mafias that are currently ruling in the streets. Be alert and walk with the attentive mind because aggressive criminals are wandering everywhere in the city. A single wrong step can result in many bad consequences, and you can be thrown out from the game as well if you will make any fatal mistake. A lot of breathtaking missions are there to test your fighting and driving expertise.

#22 Crime Town Wars San Andreas


Have you ever lived the life of a gangster or have ever desire to live the life of a gangster than Crime Town Wars San Andreas is an action packed game that will give you the full means and opportunities for living the life of a gangster. Let’s move into the big and open world of San Andreas and force the city to work as per your commands. But the people at first instant will not accept your commands because it is a crazy city of criminals who never feel mercy on any one even on you. There are some good citizens too but most of the time gangsters will be in front of you. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your favorite weapons and fight against these mafias, street gangs, and even dirty cops. No one can dare to threaten you if you have the courage to fight against them.

#23 San Andreas: Gang Crime Auto


San Andreas: Gang Crime Auto is about living the life of a gangster whose life is in threat because he has so many enemies. He is facing trouble everywhere in the city where he is living. He has to run and fight for his survival. The main challenge is that at one side there are opponent gangs and at other side cops are after him. He has to tackle both brilliantly. You have to take the role of that person, and by deploying your combat fighting skills, you can overcome on these. Don’t hesitate for opening fire on them if you think that will work fast. Survive in the entire mission of this game and emerge as the real gangster of this game. Start building your lost empire again. Don’t forget to collect the hard cash that will assist you in upgrading your skills and getting more vehicles and weapons.

#24 Mad City Crime


Mad City Crime at first glance seems very fun, and an action game and it is. This action adventure game is based on the third person shooting game where you as a third person have to control the entire gaming environment of this game. The game is containing a broad range of amazing vehicles along with capabilities of drift physics as well. All of these are to support you so that you can survive in this open world environment game. Move to wherever you want but make it sure you are taking the meaningful steps otherwise it will be impossible for you to survive in this game. Your rivals will never allow you to live freely, so you have to make your mind against them as well. The game is packed with over sixty kinds of cool and classic cars and sports cars. Ten different kinds of bikes are also the part of the fleet.

#25 Payback 2 – The Battle Sandbox


Payback 2 – The Battle Sandbox is an action packed game that features some elements of GTA as well. It is a video game for the smartphones that where as a player you need to create a sense of overblown fun, entertainment and thrill that permeates all of the activities from simple racing to capturing the flag inspired heists. The entire gaming environment is so classy and full of fun and action that you will get an immensely entertaining experience while playing this ultra-modern action packed game. A ton of stuff is there to do like rocket car races, battling with friends, and much more. The best about Payback 2 – The Battle Sandbox is that it is containing an exclusive gameplay mode with the name of custom mode that gives the players option of using any combination of available cities and using any of weapon and vehicle for taking the edge over the rivals.

#26 Real Gangster Crime


Packed in a 3D graphical environment and containing the special effects to double the fun of gaming, Real Gangster Crime is an action adventure and third person shooting game that brings the players to the streets and roads of a city that are full of gangsters, special force soldiers, and cops. They never show mercy to anyone who stands in their way. You have to also follow the same principle, after all, it is about your survival too. Gun down all those who are coming in your way because it is the only means of living free in this world. The map of the game where the weapons and hidden secrets that you have to unlock so that you can thoroughly dominate that city known for holding advanced military vehicles. If you are to unlock more and more areas, you will be able to upgrade your skills to know down rivals in few kicks.

#27 Grand Gangsters 3D


A game from the City of Sins that is none other except San Andreas and is full of dangerous and life survival challenges but you have to survive for your future in this area. It’s all began so get ready and rolls up on a most challenging trip across the San Andreas. It is the world where no one loves with anyone. This action oriented and adventure game will put the world full of darkness and a ruthless and intriguing world of the San Andrea’s crimes on your smartphones. Here you can tackle six different kinds of vehicles so that you can easily move into the city and outrun the police who is after you. Stealing cards, evading cops and racing through the entire streets and even gunning down the other gangs in the case of need will be your favorite hobbies in this game. If you think you have to guts to rise about the criminal piles, then welcome to the City of Sins.

#28 Gangstar Vegas – mafia game


Gangstar Vegas – mafia game

We warmly welcome you an outrageous and dangerously city of Las Vegas. This is the city of gangs, corrupts persons, mafias and the city of sins where people like enjoying all of these activities. You too are not living with clean hands, and blood is also in your hands. Just like other characters of the game you are also enjoying snatching, stealing cars and shooting of rival gangs. The fact is that you want to become the battle royale grand and you are designing all this play. So move into the game and prepare yourself for finding the way to process through those eighty missions that are filled with a lot of action, adventure, shooting, auto racing and much more. Keep the brain active all the time in this open world game environment because every challenge counts and every action has its consequences. A single wrong move can kick you out from the game.

#29 Lara Croft: Relic Run


Lara Croft: Relic Run is a free action adventure third person shooting game where the world is facing a shadowy conspiracy. Only Lara knows how to solve this mystery because she is equipped with those tools and has all those necessary skills that make her able to unearth the truth. You have to take the role of Lara Croft in this game. As you enter the game, you have to survive and find the truth. Start moving either using running, swinging or driving your way through the excellent but challenging environments. Uncover all those ancient relics that according to you are hiding the truth from you and the reason behind all this mystery. This open world environment game contains three incredible locations like a desert, jungle temple, and new mountain pass. Each level of the game is filled with secrets and dangers, and you have to progress through all the ways to collect the proofs to solve this mystery.

#30 Deus Ex: The Fall


This must play action featured game is packed with the stunning environments of the golden age of technology, science, and human augmentation. The man named Ben Saxon who is you are investigating the case of a global conspiracy that is about killing him. He thinks someone is there in the world who is setting the conspiracy against home and causing a threat to his life. Now he has to survive in this open world game and has to search that person as well who is behind all this plotting against him. He can’t do all these alone. You have to help him fight against those mafias that are hideouts in Moscow; you have to fight for him for his survival in a global conspiracy. But keep in mind that every action has its consequence so make it sure you are going to take calculated steps. Otherwise rather than helping him you too will put his life in danger.

#31 Max Payne


Max Payne is a third person action and shooting game for the both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. A man who has recently lose his loved ones and his wounds still refuses to heal. Nothing more is there in his life but he has to live and tool the revenge from the culprits. Will you help here by taking his role in the game. Your start will not like a hero. For the first time when you will enter into the game you will find yourself alone on the streets of an area that is unfamiliar to you. You have to desperately search for the truth and fight for a way out too. This game featuring cutting edge shooting mechanics in open world environment for a precision gunplay that are advanced with Shootdodge and Bullet Time effects and also full with integration of the Natural Euphoria Character Behavior system just like lifelike movement. This game is going to give you a highly detailed, seamless and cinematic playing experience.

#32 Grand Theft Auto Vice City


Grand Theft Auto Vice City is the story of a man who rises to the top of the criminal pile. You have to perform the role of that player. The game is about fighting for own survival and doing all those things that think to be fit and important one. Grand Theft Auto Vice City is simply the best installment of the racing franchise Grand Theft Auto by the Rockstar Games. Grand Theft Auto Vice City is the fine combination of many streamlined environments likes an open world gameplay environment and a character that is driven narrative. Recently you arrived into the town that is brimming with degradation and delights and offering you a lot of opportunities to take it over as you want. This world belongs to you if you can rule and force the others to accept you as well.

#33 Clash of Crime Mad San Andreas


Clash of Crime Mad San Andreas is a double crossing game where you have to fight against both gangsters and policemen. They are running after you to kill you because they are not ready to accept you at all as the real gangster of this area. The game featured a lot of challenging levels that you have to do professionally and brilliantly because at the completion of each mission, virtual money will be credited to your account that you can consume for upgrading yourself by buying more number of weapons, cars and other items. It is up to your approach how you use your skills to deceive all of your opponents at once. And don’t hesitate to kill you enemy if there is urgency of doing so and there is no need to repent over this at all after all they were also running after your life. Clash of Crime Mad San Andreas features stunning graphics, heavy character and vehicle models that will surely fascinate you.

#34 Grand Theft Auto San Andreas


This action adventure game for the smartphones is the story about a man who escaped from the burden of life in Sand Andreas. He was running for his survival but again stuck into a city that is too the land of gang trouble, corruptions, and drugs. He has no other option except to accept this environment and to do fight with his opponents. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is entirely designed keeping in view the third person perspective. The entire gaming environment is set into the open world environment where the player can interact with the game world in full detail. The gaming structure of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is just like earlier versions of the Grand Theft Auto Series. However, in this game, the main element involved is driving all the way and moving in the open world environment all the time while completing some specific tasks as well.

#35 Grand Theft Auto III


With dark comic story plot, stunning soundtracks, stellar voice acting and revolutionary open world, Grand Theft Auto III is the name of the top rated and highly playing action adventure third person shooter video game for multiple devices. It is now available for the smartphones as well along with all of its features, functions and gaming environment. It is the fifth installment of the most popular Grand Theft Auto Series. The game is the story of Claude that is you who is left for dead and become entangled in the world of gangs, corruption, and crime. He is wandering here and there for his survival and doesn’t care about being cruel as well. In the entire game require from you either navigate on foot or by vehicle snatched from the other people. Because of its concept and best gameplay environment, Grand Theft Auto III has received a lot of acclamation across the globe.

#36 Great The Auto San Antonio


Great The Auto San Antonio is perfectly painting the criminal life of America during 1980s. In this game you will come to know about the real living environment of now super power America. Just think about living the life of a criminal that is the only way to survive in a land that is full of criminal and where criminals and gangster can earn the real reputation. In the game you have to start your journey as a normal street gangster and after that completing the challenging levels you will climb up from the bottom and will finally reach there where Godfather sits. To get the place of the top of the mafia, you need to live the life of a criminal so that you can rule like a criminal. So don’t afraid of taking the life of others or robbing banks, stealing cards, and doing other criminal activities to eliminate the competition.