#1 is one of the top rated web articles and web content management platforms on the planet that along with offering the system for creating, and website servicing resources, deals in the development of website and web blogs also. This leading CMS delivers the website owners and blog owners with all of those applications and tools that guide them in handling each and every web based written content from writing to editing and drafting to publishing. itself is written in the PHP and MySQL and that’s the reason installed on a web server. Nowadays it’s among the most preferred and trusted CMS due to providing a lot of choices to its customers. The main offering by the are it’s a unique web format system makes use of the template processor. Furthermore, it’s considerably featured fully in term of plugins, themes, built-in integration structure for mobile apps, and plenty of additional features that you can get in form of SEO tools, SEM helpful structure, advance permalink system, support for tagging as well as nearly all those functions and features termed as essential aspects for an effective online presence.

#2 is a web-based open source content management system offering the best solution for documentation and source for download. In addition to CMS system, this CMS also provides the hosting solutions too. has the impressive collection of nearly two hundred features and functions that will make you able manage your online written and other content, set priorities of your tasks also according to the importance of each and every task. In term of latest modules, developer documents system, themes, templates, API for websites, and various others must have requirements; has the solution for all these areas as well. For it up to the date CMS features and functions, this CMS has made it simple and easy for its users to build and produce a lot of stuff like personal blog and websites to the professional quality of apps for multiple devices. This content management system is integrated with a huge amount of add-on, plugins, and templates that will make able the app and web developers in developing their apps and sites in accordance with their particular requirements. is the ideal choice for managing personal blogs or websites, apps, social networking platforms, corporate sites, discussion forums, etc.



In line with the present day demands of the online content publishing and management, is among the finest content management systems simply because of being depending on the API; instead of solely centering on the web browser-based model. It is entirely dissimilar to other major content management systems because of delivering features in a different styles like it has own independent procedure for scalable cloud and there is no need for setup and installation, instead of being page-centric it is a content focused CMS, and provides the most effective content management according to the requirement of its clients. One of the best about is that it offers the website owners and web developers with the system of personalization to the framework and manages their content of all type in accordance with their particular demand. It even enables its users to create their own customized content model as well in addition to using the already defined and ready to use templates. All of these features jointly make the most impressive CMSs on the internet. By using you will not need to deal straightaway with the entire unprocessed API as SDKs for the most programming languages have already been created by the


For the mobile based blog and web developers, there is a professional CMS for them. is the most powerful user end CMS for them to manage their mobile centered blogs and websites. permits the mobile users to even make the new one as well. The functions of extensibility by adding third party apps, a robust CMS, the choice for front-end editing, menu management, content versioning, keyword tagging, and support for various international languages are enough to make among the best CMSs for the smartphone depending sites. It delivers the mobile web developers with all those features and requirements that are commonly found in most of the leading CMSs. In the case of registration with, the users will be provided with the choice of customizing their own personal options to be able to utilize the in line with their particular demands. Authentication or authorization on the internet that is primarily regarded as among the most essential aspects of user management system is also being provided by the This CMS also supports for a number of protocols like Gmail, LDAP, OpenID and a few others.


#5 is an online and open source content management system. This CMS make the beginners to professional web the developers and web masters to share the highly engaged and professional level of web based content with other people. The best about is that it contains the almost all those tools and supports that will help the web masters and web developers and webmasters in developing an inspiring content. is not designed for only developing the straightforward web sites and weblogs only; it is that level of content management system that can be used for creating all type of websites then either it is e-newspapers & magazines, e-commerce portals, product websites, brand centered websites, personal website, educational websites or some other website. You can create all those websites that you can dream up. One of the best about is that in addition to being free it is an entirely open source CMS. It will make you able to explore the professional standard of resources and provides the security of content as well. The main highlighted features and functions of are availability if WYSIWYG content editor, drag & drop system, In-text content editing system, customizable themes, templates, extensibility system in shape of add-ons, and much more.


MODX.COM is an online CMS for those web developers who are really concerned about not to compromise on design and style and extraordinary user experience. It provides you with those tools that will make you able to get complete control of your website and all of its content, with the versatility and scalability to adjust to your dynamic needs. MODX.COM is said to be the one of the most flexible and freeing CMSs. By using MODX.COM you can create your context as exactly as you want without any limit. Being a developer, it will make you able to keep you custom code and sanity separated from the both presentation and content. Confidentiality and security are the other features of MODX.COM to make you able complete project over time. If you are looking for professional web developers to create the website project for you then here is the MODX.COM to help you with an existing development platform. This platform is itself is based on the PHP programming languages and is being backed by the MS SQL Server and MySQL. MODX.COM is the best option for publishing content on both websites and intranets.

#7 is an advance level of CMS based on the system of programming framework. Almost all features listed in the are based on the requirements of the modern day content management. From editing to publishing and management, delivers the all features to its web developers and web masters. The best about is that in addition to providing the support for web content management, it wills also delivers you that level of system that will help you in boosting engagement with your visitors. In that’s way, work as a site promotion CMS as well. Amongst a lot of benefits of, the main highlighted ones are the system of cloud hosting, set of own personalized applications, monitoring systems, advanced engagement tools and much more. is not for the web developers and bloggers only to develop personal websites. It can also be used by the marketers, manufacturers, large enterprises, agencies and other brand makers. In addition to CMS, you will be also provided with those tools that will assist you in boosting the level of engagement with your visitors.


For those content and web developers who want to put lasting impression on their visitors will surely like the web CMS of the that is designed for creating and managing the static and dynamic websites. Building and managing and static website is not a big deal as it requires very few updates and that’s too also after a considerable lapse of time. But what it complex one is creating and managing the dynamic websites and is designed for the same purpose. will make you able to first build the dynamic websites and then keep these up to the minute update as per your own requirement. In that’s way, make it users able to get and deliver outstanding results. For the professional developers there are set of modules and add-ons that will make them able to extend the feature and functions of in order to get more benefit from the From content to service modules and utility to security modules, has a finest collection of all. You will be also provided with the various module templates and development tools as well.

#9 is a drag and drop feature based framework and content management system. This CMS is being backed by a brand new MVC engine that is based on the PHP components and allow the users to personalize the as per their own requirement as well. From content to web development, even support for creation of plugins as well. Check out the advantages that you can get by using the; simple & effective dashboard, professional level of design, inline editing system, drag & drop CMS, online support for solving the issues on time and much more. This CMS will make you able to exceptional level of multilingual websites to make an impactful international presence. Moreover, has a set of themes and plugins as well. The open source system of also permits its users to make their own plugins as well to make the content engaging and professional looking. is not about building only rather it is about assisting you to get real output from your investment. is available in two versions that are Free Self Hosted and Cloud. First one is totally free while the price of the second one is $4.99. The advantage of the second one is that you can add your own CSS, PHP and HTML code as well. A free development system is also the part of the Cloud.

#10 is an open source web content management system designed for the high development purposes. The advantage of using is that it keeps it self update regularly in order to deliver the fast and reliable way of working to its developers. You will surely like to read the feature and functions of the that are available in the shape of user friendly dashboard, consistent operating system, SEO friendly, open source, adaptable, versatile and intuitive. is suitable for those developers who want to make updates quickly and same purpose is of the to make its users abele to change the as per their own needs. is entirely an open source web content management system to always deliver you the best. If you need a concentrated performance for your multiple websites then will remain suitable for that purpose of because it will allow you to at once deal with your multiple contents. Check what you can do by using the; you can create your own associated and intranet apps, can manage multiple web addresses, can manage multiple APIs, can develop own extensions, and perform various other feature and functions as well. Large enterprises, micro bloggers, NGOs, brands, agencies, brand maker, e-commerce and online retailers, all can take out benefits from the will deliver the large amount of management tools to all these users to spread large amount of information among their visitors.

#11 is an open source web content management system that lets its users to deliver more and save more time by avoiding the unnecessary tasks. is a PHP based CMS that and for the same reason it will make you able to build bigger and deliver faster and stronger in a easiest and simplest environment. From simple sites to professional dynamic sites and from stores to ecommerce websites, allow the developers to develop all and manage all effectively as well. The main advantages of using are the options and tools that it delivers to its users in shape of a powerful API backed by the jQuery, faster & small footprint, integrated user management system, highly extensible architecture and active and user friendly management system. is based on the exceptional level of strong APU that provides the all custom fields and a powerful SEO based content management system. In a single dashboard, provides it developers with the system of controlling their web pages, templates, fields and markup at any scale. It has its own powerful templates system as well that is easy and enjoyable too. A lot of modules are the part of the development section of the to make you able to enhance the performance of your website. From generation of own codes to generating the files will deliver you the advanced level of modules to extend its basic working features.

#12 is a PHP, MySQL and Exponent Framework based open source web content management system from beginners to professional web developers. delivers the solution of designs & style of websites, development, content management, SEO system and various other that will make you able to enjoy the features of development of content and promotion of websites at once. is capable in web design and development and includes a wide range of web based solutions for small size business to enterprise level organizations. Spanning from custom website design o development of SEO and digital media marketing, contains the solutions for all type of content management. In a single platform, delivers the full service web and social wealth of solutions. is the name of fully featured and custom web design and development program. If you want to improve the performance of your content and website then simply use the and manage your website flow. The best about is that it can ne mirrored via website and edited in any instance or copy from any page that the content is placed on or simply created as unique content. From multiple websites themes to CSS style sheets and sub-themes, all are integrated in the The users of can also the use the admin interface in order to activate the different content modules.

#13 is an open source CMS for the advance web development purposes. The advance CMS system of enables the web developers to develop the advanced level of websites for the professional and large scale businesses. With the integration of new tools and the option for extending the features and functions gives the developers the power to build even intranets in addition to the professional level of websites. The multilingual system and designer friendly system of make the developers able to easily approach to all of the audiences without any limitation of devices and operating systems. The CMS system of is available in almost forty international languages that in addition to allowing the international developer to develop content in their own language also make them able to develop content for their international visitors in their own languages. Based on the excellent security track record and then system for sophisticated workflows, also delivers the wealth of solutions to its users. The main highlighted features and functions of are HTML5 responsive themes, a new toolbar instead of green bar, gold standard in the web editors, cross site protection, social media integration, chameleon templating engine, migration system, availability of APIs and much more. You will be also provided with a dozens of add-ons and modules as well to extend the features and functions of the

#14 is the provider of simple and small CMS. For the information of the reader the CMS system being provided by the is for the small site makers only. So, don’t bother to consider the if you are looking for the CMS to build the high level of websites and management of a larger amount of content. is the name of a free and open source web CMS that will make you able to easily create an advanced level or micro websites. is not as greater as compared to the other CMSs because it is designed for professionally accomplishing the low level of tasks but still it is doing best for the micro website makers,. Check out the features of the availability of latest web standards, user friendly web style & design, support for clean URLs, database backups system, file manager, tag support, open source, quick developing tool and much more. The clean URL generating system of will always deliver you the clean and SEO friendly URLs instead of dynamic URLs that brings no benefits for the users. The availability of themes, modules, blocks and plugins do more for the developers. The developers of can browse increasing extra section on the website The best above all never impose limitation on the site, so that the developers can have as many files, pages and posts as they want. The restriction is only one and that is your imagination.

#15 is a free and open source self-hosted CMS system that is backed by the PHP framework. As it is based on the PHP framework so the possibilities are high that it will deliver you with the user friendly environment and power at the same time. contains a simple modular infrastructure that will make you able to always deliver the best to your visitors and increase level of engagement with them at the same time as well. is perfectly designed for the developers, designers and agencies. By using the, all these users can easily manage all area of their websites by using the powerful bespoke tools that requires either little or no explanation at all. If you are designer then by using the you will get full command and control on your JavaScript, CSS and HTML code in order to get more productivity. For the developers there is a framework that will keep on updating with the increase in level of your work. The framework of that is designed for the developers bring the simple to create custom features as well. Then comes the features for agencies that will make them able to build any desired thing from simple to high end powered websites and web apps. has really made the web development very easy and simple.