0 is one of the best alternatives to that offer similar service with lots of new features. It is available in the United States only and covers more than 60 different cities. It is an excellent platform that makes the ride-hailing easier, safer and better. It requires all of their drivers to have a valid driver’s license, clear background, DMV checks and criminal checks. Both the rider and passengers need to download the Lyft application create their profile by providing the valid information such as hometown music preference etc. also produce lots of promotion rides that engage the more audience. Different payment method, user-friendly interface, all the professional drivers, high-class transport and good response and better overall service these are a more enjoyable feature of the It is best car transportation Network Company in the United States.




Grab is also known as GrabTaxi is a technology company that offers the massive range of ride-hailing and logistic service in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippine, and Vietnam. It is an Uber-like company and offers lots of similar services. It was established in 2012 with basic level but now it as more than 35 million users and 19 million taxi driver around South Asia. Grab Taxi allows simple communication between drivers and riders to use the service. The great thing about Grab is that it offers it also translates the conversation if the languages between the driver and riders are different. It offers very easy and simple interface, the rider just need to place the request to the nearby driver, after place the request the driver will the rider in order to complete the safe ride. Fast service, luxury cars, promotional deals, send rides, safe and entertaining ride and available in more than 50 cities these are the most prominent feature of the site. To make the service faster it introduce new GrabBike service which is mostly used to deliver the food and another thing from market to home. Grab is one of the best and cheapest services in South Asia.


0 is an Indian’s largest Online Transportation Company that was launched as an online car aggregator on December 3, 2010, by Bhavish Aggarwal. It has more than 600,000 vehicles in up to 110 cities. The great thing about is that it offers all types services such as economic to luxury travel. It allows it, users, to book a taxi at anywhere in the city with category and price. The great thing about is that an OlaPlay. Each vehicle of the has contained a unique console for its passenger which allows that to play games or listen to your favorite music in order to spend the best time. Just like another similar service it also requires a registration with valid information. also offers lots of prominent features such as verity of cars, cheapest ride, regular update, entertainment, safe and secure ride and much more. If you’re looking the alternative to than the platform is specially made for you.



0 also known as a Hailo is a British Technology platform which connects taxi driver and passengers through it service. It was launched in London 2011 and now it is available in more than 16 different cities. has up to 3 million riders for passengers from more than 30,000 registered taxi drivers. It is completely free service for both drivers and passengers. The passengers are able to book taxis and car different places such as stores, homes, offices and all the other public places. The great thing about is that it offers them. passengers to in a classic taxi or a luxury car, it is very easy to choose how you want to roll. In order use the service you just need to register yourself by providing the valid email address and all the other information. is one of the best and helpful services in the United Kingdom.



Uber is an American technology company which operates in more than 633 different cities around the world. It is a car transportation service where the drivers use their own cars. In order to use the service, the drive has a smartphone and user must access to either a mobile website. It is one of the best car transportation company that have millions of register users around the world. In most of the cities, it offers upfront pricing in which the rider is quoted the fare that they will par before requesting the ride. also offer lots of promotional rates to/from a certain location at a certain time. At the end of each ride, the payment is made based on the rider’s pre-selected preferences that would be cash, credit card file or Google Wallet depend on the area. One of the great things about is that anyone can become the member of Uber network by completing the information forum. includes lots of prominent features such as different payment methods, safe drive, and rating after each ride, high-class cars, professional drivers and much more. It is one of the best services as compared to the others.



Bitaksi is another similar service to Uber and offers lots of similar services. It is an excellent service that allows its users to book taxis through your mobile. Bitaksi enables its customers to locate a taxi through its online map and provide complete traffic data and turn by turn direction to its drivers. It is one of the best services as compared to the other similar platforms. It is safer than other you can see driver’s name, rating, image and license plate, etc. offers different kinds of cars depends on customer demands. The best thing about Bitaksi is that offers two different payment method such as credit card and cash. With the help of service, you can share your routes with your friends and family with a link to ride. includes lots of key features such as one tap to ride, 24/7 support, rate your driver, different payment method and regular update with new features, etc. If you want to ride with professional drivers and easily find the taxis, is best for you.


0 is one of the best alternatives to because it offers lots of similar services with some exciting features. It is an international transportation company that provides premium vehicles for hire. All the cars are driven by its owners who must pass a rigorous selection process. The service operates in Portugal, Spain, and Latin America, etc. and offers two different services such as business and individuals. It is the best choice for numbers of passengers to get around the city. Just like the other similar services it also offers mobile application to make the service easy and better. Before using the service you just need to register yourself by proving the valid information. Cabify is known for its service; it allows the passengers to choose your journey preference with car temperature and music. It offers different kinds of vehicles depend on the location and customer need. Try it out; it is best for the ride.



LeCab is as France- based mobile technology and car Transportation Company that allows you to travel in more than 20 different cities including Paris simply. It is a premium service that provides you a dedicated driver starting at 8 euros. is one of the best and leading platform in France which provide a private driver; you just need to visit the LeCab official website place the title in your destination, book your driver and confirm your booking. After the placing the order your private driver will wait in front of your home or the location to pick up. The ultimate goal of the service is to deliver the simple, fast and affordable service for everyone. also offers lots of facilities that make the rider happy such as phone charger, the verity of music, sit back and relax and much more. The great thing about is that it offers various exciting deals of their passengers to ride and get a huge reward in the shape of a discount coupon.



Didichuxing is a world largest mobile transportation service founded in 2012. The platform offer board range of mobile technology-based transportation option in more than 400 major cities across China including Private car-hailing, Taxi hailing, Chauffeur, DiDi Bus, and DiDi Enterprise Solutions. In 2015 the became the second largest transportation service in the world. Just like the it also allows the user to create an account by proving the valid information. Didi chucking automatically locates your location you just need to place the request, and after the few minutes, the service is available in front of your gate. It contains all kind of cars economic to luxury depends on the rider choice. has a massive team of drivers who daily complete numbers of the task to make the people happy. It has more than 650 million active users in each month.



Here is another platform like Grab Taxi named as It is a mobile E-hailing service available in more than 30 different countries. is used for the book the taxi and track it in the real time. The service aims to help the driver community. It was launched in Brazil 2011 by Tallis Gomes and Daniel Cohen. The service starts with very basic level, but after a few times, it has become the best service in various countries. As compared to the other it offers a more easy way to book the taxis you just need to press the single button. It has more than millions of users across 30 countries in up to 170 different cities around. also offers lots of exciting features that make the ride easier such as automatically locate the current address using GPS, also able to edit your location, different payment method, customize your ride, one click request, user-friendly interface, Quick service and much more. is one of the best E-Hailing services as compared to the others.