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Fiverr is known as a worldwide online marketplace providing tasks as well as services, starting at a price of $5 per job performed, that it gets its name. The website is usually used by freelancers who use Fiverr to provide services to users worldwide. At this time, Fiverr lists greater than 3 million services on the website which range from $5 and $500. Fiverr initially began as a new and extremely unique concept. Fiverr offers the selling and buying of Gigs or micro jobs online. Gigs range from get a well-designed business card, a professional consultant will create an eye catching resume design, help with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery, Fiverr will be your individual assistant or digital assistant and Fiverr will have Harold the Puppet make a birthday video.



Elance is an online large staffing marketplace for any beginner and also professionals. The primary benefits of using this platform for freelancing are perfect work & best clients, financial win-win scenario, best negotiating, absolutely no headaches and also work at home at idle times. People who are searching for a professional team of freelancers are also welcomed on this website.

Elance website enables businesses to publish jobs, look for freelance professionals, and also get proposals. They are able to evaluate the contractors looking for the job and, when a contractor is selected, communications and also files are exchanged via the Elance system. Payment for jobs, which may either be hourly rates or project-based jobs, is made by the client through Elance’s system.


Freelancer is a website to earn while sitting at home. Freelancer is definitely a freelancing platform both for the beginner and also professionals. This is a good earning website that delivers jobs to almost everyone. People that want to sell their expertise and also services are encouraged to explore the idea of Freelancer. Those people who are searching for professionals to carry on their task can also be welcome on this website. Freelancers have a wide range of reasons for freelancing, the recognized benefits differ by sex, industry, and lifestyle. Freelancing is furthermore used by workers who’ve been laid-off, that are not able to find full-time employment, and for those industries such as journalism that are depending increasingly on contingent labor instead of full-time staff.

#4 is an online marketplace for finding jobs. For those who are looking to hire someone and for those want to get hired online then here is the MyCheapJobs. It is an outsourcing and staffing platform where you will get a job that you like most and for those who are looking for the others to complete their work will also find the best talent of the world here to complete their task. Most of the jobs available at MyCheapJobs are regarding online advertisement, business management, online project management, business ideas, fun & bizarre, gift ideas, creative ideas, designing, graphics, programming, development, tips & advice, counselling, social marketing, technology, video & music, writing & translating, and lot of others. In short, MyCheapJobs is a place where everyone will surely find anyone. Just join the MyCheapJobs by creating a simple account then you are all there to become the part of MyCheapJobs. Now it’s your turn to say the world what you can do or what you need the work done right. If you are looking for a job then share your skills and tell what you will do for money. Buy and sell in a fun environment.


Toptal is the one other professional as well as large network of freelancers. The majority of the freelancers available at the Toptal belong to the industry of software developers and also designers. For many who desires to apply as freelancer to obtain a job are welcome at Toptal. And people who wish to post a job or need to hire a freelancer are welcome on this website. The very best about Toptal is that there’s no commission system in Toptal. Toptal is a website that truly contacts the talent seller and talent hirer. Toptal is a big as well as growing rapidly network comprised of essentially the most thoroughly screened, skilled freelance engineers and designers across the world. Hire Toptal freelancers to develop advanced custom software and style projects and find out how Toptal is different.


Fourerr is a best website for micro level jobs. Being a micro level freelancing website, Fourerr is great for people who are beginners are fresh students. Fourerr is an online marketplace of freelancers which deals with buying and selling of micro jobs. Fourerr deals in jobs regarding graphical design, music & videos, technologies and writing. Platform is micro but is doing well. Fourerr has existed for years now and it has established a reputation as one of the more trusted Fiverr clones. Fourerr also consists of some interesting option, such as Charity, Fundraising, Donations, Christmas Gigs, and Valentine Specials. The website follows a design model pretty different when compared to competitors, and reviews say that the customer service provided at Fourerr is a lot more responsive and also helpful than others. Fourerr costs a 20% commission rate.


FiverUp is another greatest website to be hired and hire the other experts at affordable price. FiverUp is widely known as one of the most effective website for buying and selling services range from $4 to $100. Freelancing offers seriously made the unemployed and also professionals able to sell their services online. FiverUp is also such kind of freelancing platform which deals in almost all professions. FiverUp provides a shipping, instant delivery, video gigs, push your gig to front page once per day free, free account verification for more sales, express delivery, gig extras, and also no withdrawal limit. FiverUp deliver a customer service response in less than 12 hours.

#8 is a platform for finding low-cost freelance jobs where the potential buyer and willing sellers buy and sell the freelancing jobs. MERCADILLO5 is an outsourcing platform that deals in the freelancing jobs like online digital advertisement, social media marketing, audio, business management, cooking tips & recipes, online courses & tutorials, eBooks, fun, gifts, graphics & designing, audio & music, photography, programming & development, SEO, online marketing, technology, writing & translation, travel, video editing, and much more. Only six simple steps are required to buy and sell the job. If you want to sell then simply create a job that you want to sell and then share it over the MERCADILLO5. In the case of selection, the user will be notified that anyone is willing to select him for the job. After delivering the work, the account of freelancer will be credit by the amount and then the freelancer can withdraw his earnings from PayPal. If talk about for those who are looking for the freelancer they are required to post for the job and price they are offering for the job and communicate with the freelancer who is willing to perform the job and that is. The seller is also required to give his feedback over the freelancer as it will add to his portfolio.


TenBux is a market for freelancers where they can find the dream jobs that are according to their qualifications, interests, and skills. It is not only for the freelancers, it is also for those who are looking for the best talent to get their works done. TenBux deals in the freelancing jobs regarding administration, advertising, business management, digital products, online advertisement, online marketing, fun & bizarre, gift ideas, graphics & designing, programming & developing, SEO, social media marketing, silly stuff, technology, tips & advice, video editing, web designing, writing & translation, and much more. Don’t worry you will not be returned with empty hands from the TenBux. You will surely find what you are looking for. TenBux is for both who are looking for jobs and for those who want to hire the talent. Those who want to get a job are required to tell what they can offer and share this over TenBux. They will be notified if they succeed in getting the employer and after the accomplishment of the task their account will be credit with the agreed amount. In the same way, the employers can post their jobs. However, they are required to pay the price of the task first that will be delivered to the freelancer after the accomplishment of the work.


Upwork that is formerly known as Elance-oDesk is definitely a business platform for the independent experts to fulfill with the other experts who are searching for staff to carry on their projects. Upwork is a business website that communicates the self-employed with the potential buyers of services. If you wish real income on your skills then here we are presenting the Upwork. Upwork enables clients to interview, hire and also work with freelancers and companies through the company’s platform. The platform now features a real-time chat platform aimed at reducing the time it requires to find and hire freelancers. Upwork gathers 10 % of the payment to the independent professional no fee is charged to those offering jobs. Payments can be created using credit cards, PayPal, or bank transfer. Payments are made via Upwork’s escrow system, which exchanges the funds to freelancers after a 6-day period.


If you are searching for experts are for jobs in the arena of freelancing then here’s the Work N Hire which will allow you to find job related to your abilities as well as skills. Work N Hire is a platform that offers the best service to the beginners and also professionals. Searching for the specified job and posting projects to hire the very best staff is simply and easy by using the business platform of Work N Hire. A great communication between you to your contractor is important. Work N Hire advice that you request and also agree upon deliverables and post them to your project. It’s also a great idea to determine milestones, delivery dates, and payment schedule as well as quality expectations. That way everyone’s clear.

#12 is another best freelance marketplace. This website allows companies to find freelance workers for commissioned work. Nowadays millions of users are available over the platform of Guru to find and also hire the skilled and professionals freelancers all over the world. No firing and hiring, simply see the profile of a freelancer check the background of project completed reviews and then hire him for your work. Guru is an excellent freelancing platform that gives jobs in the majority of fields. Guru keeps everything on track and also collaborate with no trouble using work room. Guru provides you with all of the professional equipment you have to define milestones, set tasks, communicate with employers, share files, as well as agree upon payment schedules.


PeoplePerHour is a website to search for the jobs and hire the staff for the achievement of projects. PeoplePerHour deals in job regarding creating, web development, writing & translation, sales and marketing, multi-media, social media marketing and management, business support, management, software & apps development, and many others. PeoplePerHour is a objective driven business, which is to help people start and create their own businesses and live their dream of being independent. The three simple ways to get started: Post a job and let people find you, Search profiles and contact with freelancers directly. The second step is manage, pay & communicate all in one place and the last one is rate the seller and keep it rolling.

#14 is an online marketplace where search engine optimization services are offered along with other small and nominal jobs for people. As a buyer on the website, you can find services offered by sellers on different but affordable prices. Sellers, who are interested in earning through freelancing and SEO marketing, offer their services to the buyers. Anyone, with the interest of freelancing, can start earning on It was started back in 2011, and now with the passage of time, this freelancing platform has 500,000 members and 370,000 services.


It is indeed one of the best looking websites with its excellent design. Since its development it has been working on micro jobs and is giving a tough competition to the similar sites. If you are new to GigsClerk, you can go there and make around five gigs or post jobs over there. The gigs can range from $3 to $100 in rates. You can also place your services and start earning in no time. There are the jobs categorized at the end of the website page where you can select and visit any of the categories you want. It can work for you in both ways, if you are a buyer or a seller. If you are a seller you just have to create a job and share it with the help of social bookmarking tools available over the website. If someone interested in your job places an order, you will be notified and after the order is complete your money transfer is done with the help of PayPal. If you are a buyer, you like any job in which you are interested and have to track the progress of seller by communication. When you get your completed work, you have to pay for the job to the seller and provide feedback on the job posted. If you are interested in micro jobs, this is one of the best platforms for you to work on. So sign up now and start earning with this website.


It is one of the best options for freelancers where they place their gigs and jobs. Also you can post your gigs at different prices unlike the other websites where you are given only one rate option for any kind of gig. It has also introduced the virtual currency which you can use to buy gigs on this website which is unique to it and not present in other websites. With its 77,117 visitors in a day it is becoming one of the popular websites all over the world. The micro jobs can be used for buying as well as selling. You can easily find the top service providers and get your job done. At the end you have to pay for your provided service. If you are interested in earning, this is a good platform for you where you can earn up to $700. All you have to do is to make your portfolio, do work in your free time, find jobs and get your money from the buyers. It also provides you with one of the unique features with the help of which you can earn reward when you buy, sell and stay connected with the community. You can search any of the categories you want to and can also customize your job. It is one of the platforms where you can get your dreams come true by accomplishment of your tasks.


It is one of the website available for freelancers where they can list their services. Another feature of social hawker is the boosting of your services on the front page by paying only one dollar and gets noticed. This feature can help you to earn more money by making you prominent. This website provides you three user levels that offer you several benefits and have their own certain requirements. It is very simple to use social hawker for buying as well as selling. If you are interested in selling, you just have to find a service and place your order over it, after that you have to pay for your services and communicate with your seller. When you have received you completed work, you will have to provide feedback on the services provided to you. The process of selling over social hawker is also very simple and easy. You have to create a new gig focused on the service you are providing and share your gig. When someone ordered your gig, you will get notifications and have to get their work done after which you will be paid according to the requested amount. It is one of the emerging freelancing website; where there are around 14000 visitors come on a day.


A new website made for the freelancers, HubWit is struggling for its progress. It has 12,400 visitors per day and 370,710 visitors per month. The working of HubWit is quiet easy and you can use it for selling as well as for buying. If you are in the selling category you can start simply by creating your service by going in to the Start Selling are of the website. In the area you would find a number of fields and fill it all according to the requirements. After you start selling a service, you would receive a detailed email with all the procedure on how to deliver the required services. After that you would be allowed to communicate with your buyer directly from the seller area. When you deliver your service you would be provided with the credit. Similarly the buying works easily. Yu have to filter the categories to find suitable service. Pay the required amount and follow your seller to check if he/she following your order correctly. You are given 72 hours to ask for fixes. At the end of the work and transaction you have to leave a comment and rate the seller.


It is one of the growing website in the world of freelancing world which can help you to earn a decent sum of money. It allows you to make gig starting form $1 dollar. If you are a starter, it can work wonders for you with its amazing figures. Just like other freelancing websites; it can help you sell as well as buy gigs. Many great jobs are posted over here for which you can choose the one suitable for you. You can post your gig according to the talent you possess and the service you can offer. This gig is seen by the buyer who would place an order for your gig and you have to complete the task. After the completion of the task buyer is given some time in which he can place fixes if he wants to. Then the seller gets the payment via PayPal or Credit Card and receives the feedback and rating from the buyer. The working of this website is quiet easy. However it is not used much nowadays and is still struggling to find its place in the world of freelancing