Glory Fit


Glory Fit Alternatives


#1 Facer Watch Faces


Facer Watch Faces app is a sleek and stunning watch free customization for Tizen and WearOS smartwatches, developed in the market by Little Labs, Inc. Facer Watch Faces is a fine tool that brings dozens of exceptional features right on the palm of your hands. The app supports more than 15,000 watch faces (collect them all and create your own as well) unique designs from leading artists, exclusive brands, and extreme level customization.

The app provides everything you need to personalize as well as customize from leading artists and brands. You can even make your own watch faces as well as share them by using the creator tool. Facer Watch Faces app brings plenty of exceptional features that you need to personalize style to your smartwatch. Facer Watch Faces app carries probably the largest single destination for both premium and free faces, and you can grab your most likely one effortlessly.


#2 WearFit2.0


WearFit 2.0 is a massively loved health and fitness real-time data monitoring tool that brings plenty of exceptional features right on the palm of your hands. WearFit2.0 is a stunning platform presented in the market by Wakeup Inc. that features step counting, sleep measurement, body temperature, immunity, blood oxygen, blood pressure, heart rate, exercise record, and fatigue, etc. You can intuitively get to know all kinds of health data and get real-time health monitoring over the homepage.

The app helps you to explore and discover health check-in, exercise and fitness, appointment registration, hot current affairs, short videos, mini-games, and loads of fun facts. You can precisely set the alarm clock for the WearFit2.0 bracelet that reminds you to get up and no longer disturb the people around you. WearFit2.0 app enables you to get to know the mental health, blood pressure measurement, blood tests, stats exercise steps, sleep time, and physical situation.

#3 LinkTo Sports


LinkTo Sports is an intuitively designed as well as companion app for a diversity of sports watches. LinkTo Sports app enables its global users to keep track of your activity daily and monitor your sleep in the most precise manner. You can precisely check the level of your performance and measure your progress with its exclusively made activity dashboard. You can intuitively check the dose of your daily exercise and get recorded status of your exercise.

You can get instant and precise notifications of SMS, emails, social media, calendar events, and various other notifications instantly and get notified on your wrist. You can intuitively set daily reminders, take pictures remotely, set up daily goals, get the anti-lost alert, music control, find your phone, watch faces selection, and wireless sync, etc. So just download LinkTo Sports app over your cell phones and tablets and synchronize the pace of the sports watch, sleep, exercise, heart rate, and other data.


#4 Sports+


Sports+ is a stunning platform that tracks your activity daily and helps you to know plenty of exceptional stuff in a way like never before. Sports+ is a superb platform presented in the market by Signal eTech Inc. that supports 12-digit chronograph, seconds, day, week, month, minute, and hour, etc. The app features interrupted timings as well as continuous timing and 12/14 hour format options. It supports beep alarm and notification, low battery indicator, ultralow-power Bluetooth protocol (Android 4.o, and above).

The app helps you get instant notifications of all the incoming messages, WeChat messages, QQ messages, and various other data. It supports robust and intelligent synchronization of the time, alarm, and date of your cell phones, without tedious manual operation. You can intuitively share activity data with your friends, family members, and other loved ones via the app and show the leaderboard as well.

#5 ZeCircle2


ZeCircle2 is a sleekly designed activity tracking platform with a diverse touchscreen that intuitively tracks distance, time, tracks steps, quality of sleep, and calories burned. ZeCircle2 is a stunning platform presented in the market by MyKronoz Inc. That helps you to stay connected and stylish right over your wrist. Moreover, you can precisely keep track of your activities on a daily basis and monitor your timings and quality of your sleep. Its elegant interactivity alert reminds its users to move with the sleek vibrating remainder.

The app features the tracking of daily activity and sleep, set daily goals and reminders, contactless payment, such data wirelessly, view incoming calls, find your smartphones, control your music remotely, take selfies, and more. You can intuitively select a watch face from its collection of dozens that fits your style. ZeCircle2 app enables you to get instant notifications of emails, events of the calendar, social networks, SMS, and other data.

#6 Zeroner Health Pro


Zeroner Health Pro app supports a sleek and beautiful bracelet available in plenty of colors equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 as well as a 3D sensor. This sensor enables it to connect with both Android and iOS cell phones and tablets. Zeroner Health Pro app brings comprehensive data regarding health and fitness, and you can grab information right from the band over your wrist. Once you get connected, you can effortlessly get to know SMS and phone call notifications through bracelet vibration.

The latest version of it supports English, French, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Polish, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, Polish, and various others. Its sleek design helps you to get comprehensive data along with a graphical approach while getting the exact ration of steps, stand up, and calories burnt. So just download the Zeroner Health Pro app over your cell phones and tablets and get to know the information regarding exercises, blood pressure, health trend, heart rate, and other facts.

#7 Orunning


Orunning app needs integration with the sports smartwatch to provide you with the best set of information right from your wrist. Orunning is a fine app presented in the market by Synergy Technologies Limited Inc. that helps you get to know plenty of functionalities regarding your sports, fitness, and more. It is not only a traditional sports smartwatch app but a robust and smart sport computer to manage and monitor your performance whenever you want.

Its inbuilt pedometer tracks your calorie burned, steps, distance, and various other facts without letting you do much. The Orunning app also carries an inbuilt sleep monitor that effectively tracks the quality of your sleep daily. You can also get an inbuilt heart rate sensor that precisely tracks your heart rate. The app is powered with a multi-sport feature that you choose from plenty of activities, including walking, hiking, biking, trail, and running, etc.

#8 ZeFit4


ZeFit4 is a fine activity tracker with a fantastic color touchscreen that intuitively provides precise distance, track steps, time, calories burned, and the quality of sleep. ZeFit4 is a beautiful tool presented in the market by MyKronoz Inc. that precisely keep track of your daily activity and get notified at a glance in real-time. It helps its global users in setting fitness and health motives, exercise routines, giving you the possibility to adjust your milestones and check results daily.

ZeFit 4 app is useful for people who are suffering from a lack of confidence as well as motivation and needs a tool that boosts their performance. Its elegantly designed interactivity alerts encourage its users to move their selves throughout the day with a gentle vibrating reminder. It provides you with the capability of controlling music and taking pics using your watch. ZeFit4 also brings a stunning feature of the Anti-theft alarm as well.

#9 SmartWatch Sync & Bluetooth Notifier


SmartWatch Sync and Bluetooth Notifier app enables establishing an instant and secure Bluetooth between Android smartwatches or Android Wear Smartwatches with Android devices. SmartWatch Sync & Bluetooth notifier is a superb platform presented in the market by Smartwatch Sync Technology Inc. that helps you to integrate your watch with your smartphones and get instant notifications right into your watch. The app carries multiple notification themes, and you can choose a unique notification style for every single app.

The SmartWatch Sync app intuitively works with almost all the Android wear or Android smartwatches (it supports all watches of china). You just have to enable Bluetooth button, make smartwatch discoverable, open the smartwatch sync app from the phone, enable permissions, and allow your smartwatch to access notifications. The pro version of SmartWatch Sync & Bluetooth notifier app includes no ads, plenty of notification themes, and the ability to turn off/on notifications for specific apps.

#10 Manager Watch Face


Manager Watch Face is a comprehensive digital watch face designed to manage as well as monitor your time, presented in the market by SOOON Inc. Manager Watch Face app features four premium time modes that include Hour mode, Second mode, Linear mode, and Minutes mode. Its free features and settings include time (hours, minutes, and seconds), phase of the moon, weather (Celsius and Fahrenheit), date, coffee counter, six complications, watch battery, missed notifications, calories, water counter, and more.

Some of its premium features and settings include the capability of 4 unique time display along with 14 complications. These complications include atmospheric pressure, nearest storm, phone battery, calendar, precipitation rate, humidity, distance, steps, wind gust, wind speed, UV Index, alarm, second-time zone, and altimeter. Manager Watch Face app is optimized for low battery consumption, not for Samsung Gear S3 and S2, ads-free atmosphere, and developed for Android Wear 2.0.

#11 ZeTime


ZeTime is probably the world’s first hybrid smartwatch that requires the integration of MyKronoz ZeTime hybrid watch. ZeTime is a stunning platform developed in the market by MyKronoz Inc. that intuitively blends the classic design of traditional timepieces with elegantly designed features of the smartwatch. You can instantly manage your schedule with remainders on sports, wake up, eat, sleep, medicine, drink water, bills, personal remainder, meeting, and various others.

The app helps you monitor the quality as well as the duration of your sleep, along with keeping track of your activities on a daily basis. You can monitor your heart rate, set personal goals, record your sleep cycles, set daily reminders, choose your watch faces, remote control support, offer multiple time zones, and much more. You can intuitively select the notification of your desired choice from a range of options such as emails, social networks, calendar events, SMS, and incoming calls, etc.

#12 MorePro


MorePro intuitively records the daily data of your exercise that includes calorie burnt, distance, steps, and various other things and helps you stay updated with your physical condition. MorePro is a superb platform presented in the market by WoFit Inc. that shows 24-hour exercise data and total data by month and week along with the trend stats graph accordingly. The app precisely records the daily sleep of the user, show deep sleep time, wake up timings, light sleep time, and various other facts.

The app helps you record daily actual scope and data about the heartbeat, the lowest value, average data, and list the top heart rate value by week, month, and day respectively. More Pro app intuitively records daily actual variability trend and blood pressure data and lists the blood pressure data over variability and average trend as well. You can also add your favorite people and get their fitness data as well.

#13 WoFit


WoFit is one of the classiest and sleekly designed tools for tracking data records, track statistics, fitness activity, and others via smart fitness watch or bracelet. WoFit is a widely loved tool presented in the market by WoFit Inc. that enables its global users to enjoy a complete and uniform experience while inspiring yourself to have exercise and adopt a healthy lifestyle and meet the better yourself. You can intuitively record daily exercises, including distance, burnt calories, steps, and various other facts.

It helps you record daily sleep status, light sleep time, illustration with character, wake-up times, and deep sleep time. You can also summarize sleep trends over the month and week. It also records daily data and scores of heartbeat, the lowest value, list the top heart rate value, and average data, respectively. WoFit app also supports to add your friends and family and track their fitness data regarding blood pressure, health trend, and exercise.

#14 WeLoop


WeLoop is an elegant, free, and smart app that can be paired effortlessly with WeLoop devices. WeLoop is a sleekly designed tool developed in the market by WeLoop Inc. that helps you to get detailed stats regarding your run details, daily stats, and various other data. WeLoop is a wristband and can intuitively record your steps, exercise, and other activities on a daily basis. Apart from these, WeLoop app also recording such as running, walking, sitting, and various other things.

The app intuitively detects and records your sleep of the day and provides you with the sleep evolution and tells you either you sleep well or not. While on the other hand, it can push messages as well as calls through vibration so that you don’t have to grab your phone out of your pocket whenever you get any notification. WeLoop app helps you to get all the previous calls and messages without letting you do much.

#15 FlagFit 2.0


FlagFit 2.0 is a smart movement sleeping monitoring tool that brings plenty of exceptional features right on the palm of your hands. FlagFit 2.0 is a fine tool presented in the market by Smart Wear Inc. that helps you to track sleep, time spent on sports, your heart rate, blood pressure, and various other things on a daily basis. The app intuitively supports the exercise calorie conversion as well as the pedometer function. The app supports sleep monitoring, the quality of sleep, and statistical analysis of sleep whenever you want.

FlagFit 2.0 is a free platform that contains a user-friendly interface that helps you to manage and grab data with extreme ease. It supports instant and secure sharing of health and fitness information, sports progress, and various other functionalities. Your cell phone must contain the Android 4.3 version along with the support of BLE if you want to download FlagFit 2.0 app and use its functions.

#16 Comfit


Comfit is a fine tool that brings elegant information, services, and data to your wearables while enabling its users with unified, convenient, and comprehensive experience. Comfit is a stunning platform that puts your smart devices and comfit to make life more convenient, sleek, and exciting. The app helps you in recording and tracking the number of steps per day and helps you to stay updated on a daily basis. Its sleek, dynamic timeline enables you to get the amount of exercise for each exercise period.

It intuitively records daily sleep and provides you the information of daily sleep time, waking times, and light sleep time. The dynamic timeline tells you regarding the exercise for each exercise period. You can also get the statistics of your monthly or daily, and even the historical data at a glance. Comfit app enables you to set goals regarding sports and urge yourself to achieve those of exercise every day.

#17 ZeRound2


ZeRound2 is a superb smartwatch with a built-in speaker and microphone that enables its global users to handle calls right from your wrist. ZeRound2 is a fine tool developed in the market by MyKronoz Inc. that helps you to make an instant integration of your cell phones with your smartwatches and access data and notifications instantly. It is an intelligent smartwatch app that enables you to manage and handle class right from your wrist.

ZeRound 2 is a free mobile tool that enables you to choose a watch face from diverse designs, set daily reminders, and goals. The app lets you track your activity regularly and keep track of your goals, performance, and progress. It keeps track of your activity, set up daily goals, weather forecasts, music control, watch face selection, wireless synch, sign-up with third party accounts, monitor your sleep, and check progress whenever, wherever.

#18 Fundo Wear


Fundo Wear is an integration or division app that enables users to get a unified, comprehensive, and unified experience and enjoy service as well as data can wear products. Fundo Wear is a fine tool developed in the market by Shenzhen Fen Yun Technology CO, Ltd that brings plenty of exceptional features for letting you use products. The app is currently supporting GT88, IW-P9, TFL-1 / EPIC04, DM09, R02S-V008, SX9 series, R02S-D10, AX9 series, and various other intelligent wearable products.

The app integrated with the Bluetooth, sending and receiving messages, sync messages, remote camera, real-time push messages, contacts, and other third-party applications. Baidu voice inquiry stocks, lunar, phone calls, a key SOS call set up promptly, weather, Bluetooth anti-lost warning, battery, and equipment to find. Fundo Wear app supports multiple languages, including simplified Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, traditional Chinese, Italian, Korean, Russian, and various others, and you can choose accordingly.

#19 FundoBracelet


Fundo Bracelet is a superb health management app that intuitively gets integrated functions such as heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, real-time message push, exercise recording, and various others. Fundo Bracelet is an excellent tool presented in the market by Shenzhen Fen Yun Technology Co., Ltd that helps you to open your healthy lifestyle. You can intuitively use the smart bracelet as well as a smart app to achieve sleep, heart rate, alarm clock, sports, sedentary reminders, and more.

The app pushes third party messages in real-time and uses the call record or SMS permission to push the call and message information to the bracelet instantly. It record exercise data, daily sleep situation, heart rate, calorie to the bracelet in real-time. You can also get the stats of your monthly or even your regular data, historical data whenever you want. Fundo Bracelet app enables you to set your goals and encourage yourself to achieve your fitness activities daily.



FUNDO PRO is an elegantly designed Smartphone integration tool that brings plenty of exceptional features right on the palm of your hands. FUNDO PRO is a stunning tool presented in the market by Shenzhen Fen Yun Technology CO, Ltd, that brings sleek design to manage and use data accordingly. The app requires permissions of your cell phones and tablets to read the text messages and provide the likely information just to let you stay notified.

You need to give the app the authority to access text messages and SMS because it won’t work if it does not have SMS permissions. FUNDO PRO app intuitively read sleep time, heart rate, count of steps, and displays the stats of other notifications on the phone from the bound smartwatches. You can instantly grab all the necessary information and notifications regarding your cell phones over your smartwatches and stay informed of all the data at all the time.



ITOUCH SW2 is an elegantly designed smartphone integration tool that helps you to get plenty of beautiful features without paying for anything. ITOUCH SW2 is a superb app presented in the market by AX technologies Inc. that can pass the notifications and data between Android cell phones and tablets to wearable smartwatches. It lets you have the options of settings, sleek dashboard, activity, task timer, list-maker, weather syncing, list-making, find the device, and an about section.

You can intuitively use this magnificent tool to record the quality and time of sound and movement steps and helps you to get everything intuitively. ITOUCH SW2 is a smart app that is capable of supporting Bluetooth smartwatches of multiple brands. It needs to read the call logs, access photos, phone contacts, documents, files, and other data to interact with the watch. So just download ITOUCH SW2 app and integrate data between mobiles and watches.

#22 FlagFit


FlagFit is a stunning fashion movement sleep monitoring product that brings plenty of exceptional features right on the palm of your hands. FlagFit is a superb tool presented by Smart Wear Inc. that brings various valuable features for letting you get your watch integrated with your cell phone. The app features elegant and precise sleep monitoring, quality of sleep people, statistical analysis, and various other significate data. You can instantly get the distance in KM, calories in Kcal, and quality as well.

Apart from these facts, you can also get instant stats of Deep sleep, awake, light, minimum rate, average rate, and maximum rate, etc. This smartphone management tool also supports the sharing of sports information, health stats, and various other functionalities. You can instantly grab this significant tool named FlagFit app from the stores and start enjoying plenty of valuable features right away.