#1 that is previously named as the MSN Search Engine and additionally Live Search Engine is a web-based search engine being regulate by the Microsoft Company. The search system of is built-in with the various user interface in which media features, instantaneous answering system, local info display, plug-in with Hotmail, Apple, Facebook, Windows and translator are the most widely used. permits the internet users to directly search the webpages, photos, and videos in the In addition to offering search and search results, is the fact search engine site that supports over 2 hundred worldwide languages in which the users can type the entire world to find out the result. Furthermore, nearly same numbers of international different languages will also be based on the users in which the offers the results of a search. Also, has a reward scheme which allows the users win the coupons/gift cards and points by utilizing the for their search purpose.

#2 is a best online browsing facility being released by the Yahoo. That allows the internet users to find only the related information instead of going for the majority of information. lets the users to obtain the best and correct information on the internet in shape of webpages, videos, images and also answer formats, yahoo answer format is the best format in the world. When a user inserts any keyword inside the search bar of with regards to finding it on the internet, selected all information regarding that query from its directory of internet sites. After a complete search, the users are then supplied with the in-depth search result of the is definitely an independent search engine program which has its own search engine technology. also offers the users the results of the queries in almost 50 international languages around the world. hasn’t the a lot international presence yet still it’s the widely used search engine inside the European as well as Asian markets.


#3 is a Chinese-based search engine that provides the almost 60 search solutions to the internet users. is definitely a 3rd party search engine that has own built-in encyclopedia and even keyword discussion form which makes the queries of reliable and relevant. In addition to easy online searching, offers the users with different kind of multi-media content including Audio, Video, movies, as well as lots of other services. The limitation in case of using is just one and worldwide search engine rather a local search engine that largely relates to the internet environment of the People Republic of China. Many people out of China, however, use but they will not be able to enjoy the very best search results because of restriction in the international internet market. Just similar to other leading search engines, offers the search results in the type of webpages, images, videos, news, and also websites. features its own built-in dictionary as well.


Chrome OS
Online is a Russian-based search engine that allows users to access a wide range of data available on the internet. Whenever the users look for any sort of term or information, it easily brings it from the internet and offers the matched words links in front of users whatever it found regarding that typed word. It is the biggest search engine in Russia where it is now keeping the almost 60% share of the market in online searching. It also offers its smartphone apps.

In addition, it is offering online queries, smartphone apps, and other tools including, catalog for directory websites, Yandex Direct for auction-based marketing, Yandex.Dik for cloud storage space, Yandex.Fotki free-of-charge images hosting, Yandex.Images for browsing the photos available on the internet. The worldwide version of, however, isn’t as efficient as compared to its local version that’s available for Russia, Turkey, and also some other countries.


#5 is a web-based search system from where the internet users can find the best result of their queries that are offered over the internet. The key page of web search includes the many functions and features that make the search with the users quick and simple. To start with, there is a web search bar from where the users can easily look for information over the websites. Whenever the users type the few alphabets of the unique keyword, provides the set of available suggestions and save the time of users. Then you will find the categories of news, sports activities, entertainment, life-style, finance, weather and also videos from where the users can find the information for which they’re searching for. So, it is up to the users either they move the web search system or just move to these short categories for better results. Additional features that’re being offered by the and that can be used from the official website of consists of downloads, free e-mail, mobile phone applications, maps, games, traffic, PC check-up, favorites, etc. The very best about is that it ensure that the privacy and security of its users. Those users who’ve the mail account of can directly sign in to their account from the main page of the

#6 is an exclusive kind of online search engine that in addition to offering independent search system of browsing, deals with the question and answer situation based search that’s why is called as Ask. isn’t as much great search engine in comparison to the other web based search engine. Moreover, it’s not a worldwide level search engine, however, most popular in the United States. In addition to basic working as a search engine, works being an option based search engine in which the users put a question and then find out the appropriate answer for that. Furthermore, the search method of is also restricted to the searches in webpages, images, and videos only. So, when the users are trying to find webpages, images and videos then they are welcomed here. In all other cases, they’re advised to move for a few other search engine. The most important advantage that the users can get from the is the option of question on daily basis named as Question of the Day.

#7 is a search engine that provides groups of searches to the users. The very best about is that it is a family focused search engine that never shows the illegal or adult information. So, it’s the main benefit of using as it may be used in the home for a safe search environment and also to increase the searching skills of the children. is the house of billions of documents as well as websites and whenever the customers look for anything using the search engine of, it brings out the most effective result from its large database and web directories. Similar to other web-based search engines, also facilitates the advanced query format system that will help the users in getting the very best answer against his search. The main user interface of is simple that never shows all options. However, when the users look for any term, he or she redirected towards another page of the where he or she can search based on websites, web page, news, Wikipedia data, jobs and much more.

#8 is a unique web-based search engine that provides the result of users queries by utilizing the search databases of Google, Yahoo, and a few other popular web based search engines. However, regardless of the truth that use the browsing services of the other search engines, still it maintain the privacy and security of its users. The search system of is obtainable in two sorts; the first one that’s its default searching system which is like other web-based search engines and the some other one is toolbar based that allows the users search their content material over the Firefox and internet Explore in a net search way. let the users to search for websites, news, images, videos, and also shopping. The other attributes of are category links system for looking in specific category, yellow pages, white pages, web search engine, search button, preferences to set the personalized search preferences, spelling improvement, search filter, statistics bar, IntelliFind for getting addition recommended content, latest searches system, as well as favorite fetches system. The restriction in case of using is simply one and that’s its dependency upon one other search engine. It is best to use directly that search engine rather than going for the

#9 is a private as well as safe search engine that believes in the privacy of its users. To manage the privacy of its users and also the strength of itself, never track the activities of its users as it works without needing any filter bubbles. It’s a newly launched search engine therefore the users can expect some limitation. However, it’s still offering the best search engines as much it can. To start with, there’s a user friendly interface of the that begins from searching in all, the web, news, image, and videos, to shopping and a lot more. This means, just like other well-known search engines the users of can search based on their own interest in websites, news, photographs, and videos. Furthermore, there’s also a bookmarking system of in which the users can store the addresses of their favorite websites or webpages to think about them in future again. With this, they can save their time rather than browsing them again and again.

#10 is a web-based search engine. is truly one of those search engines that are widely used by the developers, coder and huge enterprises who would like to keep their privacy hid from the search engines. is really a search engine that is included with the real and smarter answers instead of offering the users a bulk of unnecessary information. Privacy and actual answers are the two primary benefits of using the The majority of its search services are derived from the sources of other search engines in which Yahoo, Bing plus some databases like Wikipedia are most widely used. The suggestion is also the portion of the and whenever the users begin to inputting a word, presents the directory of available choices in the form of the drop-down list. After typing a word, the users can search this in images, websites and also videos formats. The dictionary method is also built-into the and also the users can search for the meaning of a term simply by clicking on the meaning. One other unique quality of is its voice search choice that’s available in the kind of Voice Search Extension for the Google Chrome’s users.

#11 is an individual and open source internet search engine which includes its own database of almost websites and internet-based documents from where it presents the outcomes of the queries of its users. offers the internet based queries in two type. To start with, there is an independent system where the users insert his / her query and obtain the result of his / her search the same as other web-based search engines. Another system of is the directory of several topics from where the users may search in specific fields. This database includes the topic and issues like arts, business, computers, games, health, home, entertainment, news, kids, science, sports, shopping and also the entire world. This two type browsing system help the users in getting the very best result as he or she can go for browsing a particular field rather than browsing from the entire directory of the

#12 is the best search engine website that allows you search for webpages, photos, applications, videos, news, books, maps and large amount of other stuff from inputting only a few keywords. can be stated as the window to everything about internet. Presently, lots of local and international search engines are performing that enables the users look for anything on the internet. But there are only few that gives the users will reliable, correct as well as relevant information. is a web based search engine that always offers the users with specific information only. And the second good thing about the is that anytime the users begin to type a query, gives the suggestion and save the users’ time rather than forcing to type the whole world. When the users strike the enter button, he’s provided by the all possible searches about the query of the user. It’s now up to you either you wish to search from the webpages, applications, news, maps, videos, books, articles and also in other categories.