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#1 is an aggregating travel fare service available online. This metasearch engine related to traveling is in Edinburgh, Scotland. This site allows getting your hands on the cheap flights, hotel bookings, and cheap destinations that can save you some money of yours. This search engine has a news section that gives you the latest trends of the traveling market all over the world. This site is available in more than 30 languages and is frequently visited by more than 60 million people every month. The travel tips are also available in the blogs of

#2 is a metasearch engine for the travel fare aggregator. This travel fares aggregating platform gives you the information about the cheap flights, hotel bookings, and ride fares estimation to any local destination. The site publishes different flights prices and also provides its users a comparable price of the small traveling agents to major airlines. uses display advertising and pay-per-click.


A travel search engine, is an online platform where a user can find cheap flights and different services of different airlines. provides you compare prices of other airline flights in comparison to the cheap flight rates. The display of flight rates is from more than 700 different travel sites. Along with the booking of flights at cheap rates, users can also book hotels where they are headed to. This site displays the local and international airfares from the online travel companies. You can also see the travel fares now on your Android and iOS by downloading the app.

#4 is travel website founded in October 2001. This website features seat reviews, aircraft seat maps, and along with that a color-coded system that identifies the superiority and substandard seats of different airlines. This website also publishes information regarding the in-flight amenities and certain airline’s specific information like information about baggage, travel with infants and pets, check-ins, and unaccompanied minors. has expanded its platform to more than 700 aircraft’s seat maps that are from 95 different airlines from all over the world.

#5 is an online traveling website that provides you with great deals on traveling all over the world. not only gives you the amazing experience of cheap and reasonable flights, but it also believes in getting the most out of the miles you desire to travel. This site provides its users with the tips and tricks to maximize the frequent flyer accumulation for the miles you have traveled. Along with that, you get the web promotions, reward points as in customer service, and a wise redemption of these awards.

#6 is a travel website that is considered as the fastest way for you to plan your travel to any destination. This website offers you the easy and comprehensive travel search from trains, charter flights, commercial flights, and vacation rentals as well. This platform has also introduced its Android app that will help you in booking your flights and hotel you want to stay in. You can book a cheap flight with the help of this site but yet the cheap flights offered by this site are with the tag of quality as well. You can also do the rate comparison of different flights and airlines.

#7, a subsidiary website of Book Holdings, is a travel fare aggregating site. This site is also known for its travel fare search engine where you can search for different travel fares in your locality and of international airlines as well. You can find the cheapest flights with the help of this site. This is a user-friendly site as it provides information related to different airlines and gives you cheap travel fares information. This site also provides its users with the best hotel deals. You can also compare fares from other thousand airlines to get the best traveling rates out of them.

#8 is a travel fare aggregating website that helps you with tracking the travel fares of different airlines. While tracking the travel fares of airlines it gives its users the alerts when there is an increase or decrease in the fares of different airlines. Through these alerts, you can save money and can easily for a cheap flight. Along with the access to cheap flights, also gives you the perk of getting a booking in affordable hotels. This website keeps a track of millions of flights just to make sure that you get the best affordable deals on traveling through the air.

#9 is a travel website that offers you the consultative flight searching that helps you in saving your money. This website offers its users the complete solution as it searches cheap flights, book affordable hotels, and gives you the latest reports and alerts about the fare increase and decrease for not only flights but also for rental cars. These services of this travel site are on a global level and also 24/7. There is a team of experts to help you anytime. You can launch trips in which the experts consult with the customers to help them find the cheap airline fares so that they can have a good travel plan.

#10 is a new kind of travel search engine and booking app as well. This website makes sure that you get the full experience of a wonderful vacation by getting your hands on cheap flights. You can search for the best destinations to visit and then will search for the best flight deals for you that are according to your budget. This website is known for detecting good flight deals and for booking them for you as well. For finding the best vacation destination you don’t need to enter the exact location on this site because all you have to do is to enter a keyword and you can find a list of different destinations and the amazing flight deals as well.

#11 is a travel and flight search engine is known because of its place in the top ten metasearch engines for flights and travel destinations. The metasearch engine finds the cheapest flight deals for you online. The Meta-Flight Search of this site shows the users of this site the process through which cheap flights from different airlines and online are compared. The process of finding cheap flights is fast and reliable. As a user, you need to enter the flight details and just press the search button. This site searches the different flight schedules that are flexible enough, according to your requirements.

#12 is a travel website that has a goal to find the perfect travel deals for you. What makes this site different from other traveling sites is the fact that the deals offered are of a top quality that includes the short flights, fewer stopovers, and top routes as well. Instant alerts are provided to users when prices change from time to time. Thousands of routes and airlines are searched online through this site to provide you the price comparison along with the best deals available.

#13 is an online travel agency that makes sure that you find the best deals of traveling anywhere all over the world. Thanks to fast and powerful search engines, finding the best deals on cheap flight tickets, hotels, car rentals and train tickets has never been easier or more convenient. offer a fast and efficient online booking service for all our great products. Get cheap flight tickets, hotels, train tickets and rental cars in a simple few short clicks right now.


An online traveling website, makes sure that you get a joyful experience of traveling every time. You can search for and also book online flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, vacation packages and destination activities with This site offers the groundbreaking Orbitz Rewards loyalty program and the best thing about it, that it’s for free. This site makes life easier for you as mobile apps make a booking on your smartphone or tablet even easier, and we offer even more discounts for mobile users.