Hays.ae Alternatives


#1 Naukrigulf.com

NaukriGulf.com is a dedicated online job hunting website for finding jobs in the Middle East only. If you are looking for jobs in Dubai, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Gulf Countries, Bahrain and likewise other Middle East and Gulf Countries then NaukriGulf.com will be surely a great help for you to assist you in finding best jobs in these areas. Being a one of the leading platform for both job seekers and employers, NaukriGulf.com is the house of those thousands of jobs that are being posted by the random employers across the Middle East and Golf Countries. The user friendly web interface of NaukriGulf.com makes its visitors able to quickly and effectively search for their dream jobs in their dream Golf Countries. The employers can also post their jobs as well by simply creating an account. The other best quality of NaukriGulf.com is creation of profile and CV and on behalf of that applying online by sending CV directly to the HR departments.

#2 Bayt.com


Bayt.com Job Search is a job searching platform for people who belong to different fields and want to find a perfect job for themselves. More than 18 million individuals use this app, which makes it one of the most trusted platforms for finding the vacancy. You can register through your Gmail or Facebook account and after entering few details and uploading your resume you can start applying for jobs instantly. If you have entered your details in your profile, you can apply for jobs by just one click. If there are currently no jobs vacancies applicable to your field, the app sends notifications whenever a post is made available. There are several other useful features in the app as well such as getting valuable information about your resume and ways to improve it. You can save the jobs you like for further action, and also, review the jobs you have applied recently to check the progress. People can also find out about the top three types of jobs in their country and what sort of salaries are on offer. All in all, this application is useful for people who want to find an available job for themselves quickly and in a reliable manner.


#3 Dubizzle.com

Dubizzle.com is basically a Dubai based advertisement and classified websites that in addition to providing the classified of the UAE lists the advertisements of the jobs and career opportunities as well. Dubizzle.com is a multifunctional website whose largest portion contains the information about jobs. Dubizzle.com is one of the best online for getting the information about those jobs that are available in the Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Al Ain, Fujairah, Ras al Khaimah, Sharjah, Dubai and Umm al Quwain. The jobs area of Dubizzle.com is not restricted to the UAE only; rather it provides the jobs advertisements of various other Gulf Countries as well in which most popular are Egypt, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Lebanon, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. Dubizzle.com is the best one option for getting the information about the reliable jobs and career opportunities. The jobs advertisements available at Dubizzle.com are arranged alphabetically for the ease of the visitors. Moreover, the visitors can directly upload the CV against a desired job as well. This platform also allow for posting of ad as well.

#4 Gulftalent.com

GulfTalent.com is getting the information about those jobs that are being offered by the leading employers and companies of Gulf Countries. GulfTalent.com is the platform for the professional job seekers where they can get the information about available career opportunities in Gulf region and Middle East countries. It is very simple to search via GulfTalent.com and applying the same by using the online portal of GulfTalent.com. The job seekers can directly send the resume or CV to the employers right from the platform of GulfTalent.com. The list of jobs available at GulfTalent.com can be search into the category of by country, by city, by category, by industry, executive jobs and top companies. For the counseling and knowledge of the visitors there are various others resources available in shape of employment news, market search report, cost of living reports, salary calculator, labor laws, job search support, public holidays, HR service providers, etc. The employers can also post their jobs as well by simply creating an account.


#5 Monstergulf.com

MonsterGulf.com is a dedicated platform by the world’s leading jobs providing website Monster.com. This online platform is working for the purpose of assisting the job seeker in getting the information of the best and real opportunities in the Gulf Countries and Middle East region. Whatever your purpose is; whether it is about getting the new job, ne career advice, going to new city or getting the perfect career direction and advice, MonsterGulf.com assist you explore the possibilities and find those level of opportunities that are right for you. Just like its name Monster, MonsterGulf.com is the monster of the jobs and career opportunities that are available in Gulf Countries and Middles East on daily basis. For the better search of job, the visitors are required to provide the answer of three questions that are job title/keyword, experience in years (if any) and location. In return, they will get the list of all possibilities for them. The jobs can be searched out by way of category and top companies as well. The employers can also post their jobs as well by simply creating an account. The other best quality of MonsterGulf.com is creation of profile and CV and on behalf of that applying online by sending CV directly to the HR departments.

#6 Gulfbankers.com

GulfBankers.com is a career opportunities portal for only those with commerce and banking background. Founded in 1997, today GulfBankers.com is the name of executive level of recruiting agency for the Gulf Countries. In addition to providing the advertisement of the latest jobs in commerce and banking sector in Gulf Courtiers, GulfBankers.com also work as a recruiter for top notch companies as well. Each time thousands of jobs in the banking sector and financial industries are available at the platform of the GulfBankers.com. If you have background of accountancy, bank degree or any other commerce degree then GulfBankers.com will be surely a great help for you because here you will find the jobs related to your field of study only. There are lot of other materials for the information of the candidates as well in shape of career planning, career counseling and likewise many others. For employers, there is a separate section and that is entirely different from those traditional websites that provide the system of ad posting only. For employers, GulfBankers.com provides the HR consultancy and hiring services.

#7 Gulfjobsmarket.com

GulfJobsMarket.com is an online to find your dream job in the Gulf Countries. In term of number of jobs, GulfJobsMarket.com is not too much featured rich; however, whatever is available at this platform is still acceptable because of its reliability. At the online jobs platform of GulfJobsMarket.com, you can search for jobs in IT, banking & finance, telecoms, oil & gas, engineering and many other filed. GulfJobsMarket.com is a way to fast track your job success. GulfJobsMarket.com displays the jobs of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and rest of the Gulf Countries. For the information of the readers, GulfJobsMarket.com is an online source to get the most up to date and latest information on who is hiring in the Gulf Countries. GulfJobsMarket.com is way to know about the hottest skills, salary trends and news about the jobs market of the Gulf Countries. The user friendly web interface of GulfJobsMarket.com allows the users to easily search and apply online for the dreamed jobs. The other exceptional quality of GulfJobsMarket.com it its system for getting the latest news related to specialty by means of providing the email address.

#8 Careersingulf.com

Here is the way for finding the information of those top notch companies in Gulf Countries that are looking for permanent staff for their companies. By visiting the online jobs portal fop CareersInGulf.com, you can also get the chance of knowing about these jobs providers. CareersInGulf.com deals in two types regarding jobs; for job seekers and for employers. The section for job seekers at CareersInGulf.com make them able to search for available jobs in the Gulf Countries according to job function, job industry, job location, job type and nationality. For the job seekers, there are full arrangements by the CareersInGulf.com is shape of posting their resume and getting job alerts by way of email ID. The simple and easy to use interface of CareersInGulf.com makes its visitors able to navigate easily from one section of CareersInGulf.com to another one. Uploading DV at the portal of CareersInGulf.com is also very free. Those who want to enjoy elite features there are premium plans as well. The employers can also post their jobs as well by simply creating an account. The other best quality of CareersInGulf.com is the creation of profile and CV and on behalf of that applying online by sending CV directly to the HR departments.

#9 Waytogulf.com

WayToGulf.com is a UAE, Middle East and rest of the Golf Countries recruiter provider that is providing an online portal to those willing job seeker who are looking for the ways to settle down in the Middle East and Gulf Countries. The website of Way to Gulf delivers and executive and professional online source to select the right talent and find the right employers in the Gulf and Middle East countries. If you are an employer then WayToGulf.com will be surely a great help for you because it will make you able to select the right talent from fresh to senior executives professionals for the different sector of industries of Middle East countries. The simple and responsive web interface of WayToGulf.com has made the recruitment process very simple and effective. For the job seeker, there is system for searching jobs according to category and then the addition of posting the CV made the WayToGulf.com a complete job providing platform. The job hunters can submit their resume for free. If you will go for the premium service of WayToGulf.com, you will be given top priority.

#10 Charterhouse.ae

CharterHouse.ae is listed among the oldest jobs platform that has been operating in Gulf Countries and YAE for past twelve years. CharterHouse.ae has made the process of providing jobs and selection very simple as per the understanding of the visitors. There are lot of online jobs websites that are providing information of the jobs available in the Middle East and Gulf Countries. But the way of working of CharterHouse.ae is entirely different from them because instead of publishing the bunch of jobs advertisement on daily basis, CharterHouse.ae believes in providing jobs as per the requirement of the market of Middle East. The GC and Middle East recruitment market us very dynamic and challenging that requires careful planning on the part of both job seekers and employers. The jobs are categorized according to professional and education background of the job hunters. For the candidates there are services like salary guide, residence information, apply online and job alert. For the employer services there is information in shape of search methodology, recruitment divisions, end to end recruitment solution and screening tools.

#11 Gulfjobsbank.com

GulfJobsBank.com is among the premier jobs websites in Middle East that started to provide the jobs advertisement in shape of cut papers of the English newspapers. With the passage of time, GulfJobsBank.com has developed its web based jobs providing interface. GulfJobsBank.com basically collects the jobs information form the leading Middle East newspapers and from various other jobs providing sources. That system of GulfJobsBank.com increases its level of reliability because what is available at GulfJobsBank.com is genuine and appear in the leading Middle East and Gulf Countries newspapers. That means GulfJobsBank.com is one of the best and credible sources for getting the information about the real jobs only. The major sources of jobs information for GulfJobsBank.com are Arab News, Arab Times, Kuwait Times, Gulf News, Khaleej Times and various other leading jobs advertisement sources. The job hunters of GulfJobsBank.com are also allowed to send their CV or apply online with their application directly given in the job advertisement. So, in that’s way there is no system for applying online in GulfJobsBank.com.

#12 Gotogulf.com

GoToGulf.com is a job offering website that list the information of career opportunities available in the Gulf and Middle East countries. GoToGulf.com is one of the best job information website for knowing about the real scenario of the Gulf recruitment market. The recruitment market of both Gulf Countries and Middle East is very challenging and dynamic that requires careful planning on part of the job hunters. Thanks to GoToGulf.com that has made this complex process easy to understand and very simple. Simply visit the GoToGulf.com and explore the opportunities to work and build career in the Middle East and Gulf Countries. Most of the jobs related services at GoToGulf.com are totally free. However, if you will go for the premium service of GoToGulf.com you will get a chance to be highlighted when the potential recruiters will come at the website of GoToGulf.com for the purpose of finding the staff for their companies. The jobs available at GoToGulf.com can be searched by way of providing information about jib title, country, city, experience if any and category.

#13 Gulfjobvacancy.com

GulfJobVacancy.com is a popular website in Middle East and Gulf Countries for knowing about the latest career opportunities. GulfJobVacancy.com is one of the best online sources for getting updates about new openings in the entire Gulf region. The user friendly and easy to search interface of GulfJobVacancy.com make the job hunters able to find jobs or employees faster than those traditional websites that requires too much candidate information. For the first time, GulfJobVacancy.com is listing the walkin interviews based jobs as well. That is the level of working of GulfJobVacancy.com to deliver the best jobs services to the visitors. The jobs available at GulfJobVacancy.com can be explored in the category of accounting, administration, HR department, sales, engineering, IT, oil & gas and much more. GulfJobVacancy.com is a revolutionary level of job search portal. The search job hunting system of GulfJobVacancy.com will match your eligibilities and professional background with the most relevant job openings and will help you in getting your dream job.

#14 Gulfjobseeker.com

GulfJobSeeker.com is a career hunting platform to explore jobs in Gulf and applying against these jobs in an online way. GulfJobSeeker.com has made the process of recruitment and finding best career opportunities in Middle East and Gulf Countries very easy and simple. The five main sections at the front page of GulfJobSeeker.com are job seeker services, employer services, search jobs, get job alerts and highlight your CV. The job seeker services area make the job seekers able to apply against a job and get notified by the employers. In the same section, the job seekers can get researched relevant jobs as well. One of the best qualities of GulfJobSeeker.com is its system for providing professional advice and support to the job seekers. Then came the employer services area that makes the potential employers able to post their jobs for free for three months. In short, GulfJobSeeker.com is a perfect job portal for both job seekers and employers.

#15 Gulf.joshprakash.com

Gulf.JoshPrakash.com is a free source for searching professional level of jobs in Gulf and Middle East countries. The free web based job portal of Gulf.JoshPrakash.com makes the both employers and job seekers able to get the best possible output by using the job services of the Gulf.JoshPrakash.com. The jobs seekers at Gulf.JoshPrakash.com can get the advantages of submitting and uploading their resume against the available jobs. The other services for the job seekers are create and maintain their personal profile and upload the resume. The job seeker can also search for jobs, view complete job description and online apply for the jobs. The other best service for the job seekers by the Gulf.JoshPrakash.com is in shape of tracking job application history. The free services of Gulf.JoshPrakash.com are also available for the employers as well. The employers can enjoy the features of posting job position online and getting the job applications in their inbox. They can also track and maintain the jobs posted as well.