HCA Rewards


HCA Rewards Alternatives


#1 Instinctive Notes 2


Instinctive Notes 2 is an elegantly designed Chiropractic Clinical note-taking tool that enables its global users to keep on top of your note-taking app. Instinctive Notes 2 – Clinical Note Taking App is a fine tool presented in the market by Instinctive 3 Pty Ltd Inc. that brings almost everything that is needed in a clinical note-taking tool. You can intuitively record detailed and precise SOAP notes in seconds, view your clients’ history, and remind all the missed notes.

You can intuitively grab the test results, posture diagrams, ROM, Link attachments, and various other facts right on the palm of your hands. You can precisely track and manage all your appointments for the present day, upcoming week, and beyond. Instinctive Notes 2 – Clinical Note Taking App also features offline working, view clients visit history, schedule visits, and helps you upload as well as view attachments to your assistant.

#2 Mobile Benefits Passport


Mobile Benefits Passport enables its global users to view the benefits and significant information of your company over a sleek, secure, and easy to use the mobile tool. Mobile Benefits Passport is a highly engaging platform presented in the market by MobilizeWeb Inc. that enables you to view the benefit summaries of the company and get instant insights into it whenever, wherever you want. You can precisely get instant access to the carrier contact information as well as grab news updates uploaded over your company.

It enables you to instantly check with your benefit or employer administrator to discover if this tool is available for your company. You can instantly grab member information, medical plan, dental plan, insurance admin information, vision plans, short term disability, basic life and AD&D, long term disability, and much more. Mobile Benefits Passport app works on an invitation-only basis.


#3 HCA Inspire


HCA Inspire is an exceptional tool for nurses working at the Institute of HCA healthcare while helping you make more of an impact, developed in the market by HCA Healthcare Inc. HCA Inspire is a simple, user-friendly, and easy-to-use app that carries a new and exclusive way to connect with the nurses of HCA healthcare. Users can instantly make an instant connection with a mentor who can challenge, inspire, and motivate you right away.

You can intuitively unlock possibilities across HCA’s healthcare and chart a path to significant growth in leadership or clinical disciplines. It also helps you in recognizing the excellence over your colleagues of nursing as well. Using the HCA Inspire app, you can make an impact with your more than 90K nursing colleagues and grow as a nurse at HCA healthcare in a way like never before. So just download it to see what inspires you.

#4 eHCA


eHCA app brings an effortless, sleek, and secure access when and where you need it and is a beautiful tool developed in the market by Healthcare Australia Pty Ltd. that is being specifically designed for the Healthcare Australia brand’s employees. The app has a diversity of services and a bunch of information to help you connect and communicate HCA. It supports secure and elegant communication between employees and helps them stay active all the time.

The app enables its global users to update their availability, update preferences, view all your payslips, submit electronic timesheets, and much more. Other than these, the eHCA app also helps you in viewing all the allocated shifts, schedule meetings regarding your discussions, and confirm shifts right using your cell phones and tablets. eHCA app is also fully integrated with the scheduling system as well.