Hindustantimes.com Alternatives


#1 Indianexpress.com

IndianExpress.com is one of the leading e-paper and print paper publishing service in India. It is best known for publishing various media materials in Indian in which two most popular are The Indian Express and the Financial Express. Both shall be made available in English languages. The main area of coverage of IndianExpress.com is Indian current affairs. However, this website has also a strong grip on the regional and world issues as well. For those living in India or want to know about Indian current issues are advised to read IndianExpress.com in order to get updates on the Indian current affairs. IndianExpress.com covers latest news, headlines and breaking news, all exclusive news and stories, live news and hot topics from all around India and the India. The main news area being covered by IndianExpress.com are the nation, world, entertainment, lifestyle, tech, viral, photos, videos, e-paper and much more. There is also a particular area for the opinion as well where the readers can read out the views of the elite columnist and analysis of the IndianExpress.com. The other unique and extra ordinary service of IndianExpress.com is comparing two products, coupons and promo codes system that are also worth to explore.

#2 Timesofindia.in

TimesofIndia.in that is also called as Indian Time is the subsidiary of The Times International News Agency in India. TimesofIndia.in is listed among the leading news provider in India. In addition to daily print version of TimesofIndia.in, there is also an online portal of TimesofIndia.in by the name of TimesofIndia.in or Indian Times. TimesofIndia.in is known as a news provider that always comes with the latest headlines, stories, news, coverage of regional and global affairs, top breaking headlines from the world of politics, and much more. TimesofIndia.in is one of the best information sources for knowing about India and what is going around India. TimesofIndia.in has strong link with international media services that are making the opinions of TimesofIndia.in more valuables. In addition to providing the news, TimesofIndia.in also welcomes the new talents as well to share their experiences with others and ensure the enrichment of their learning through the experienced and expertise panels of TimesofIndia.in. What makes TimesofIndia.in unique is its newsletter subscription and alerts services that allow the willing readers to customize their own subscription and news alert system with TimesofIndia.in. The readers of TimesofIndia.in can subscribe for alerts in shape of breaking news alert or can go for daily brief of what occurred during the whole day. They are allow to create their own design as well by selecting from the list of available news category. The readers can also set the timing in which they want to get the news.


#3 Indiatoday.com

For those news readers who want to get the real time updates of the Indian politics will surely like IndiaToday.com for covering the news earlier than many other digital media services in India. IndiaToday.com is one of the best way to checking the latest news from India and also from the world. IndiaToday.com is about getting the latest news of Indian environment and also checking who the India perceives the global affairs and regional issues. In addition to Indian and global politics, IndiaToday.com is massively covering the other sections as well that are about business, lifestyle, technology, travel, sports, movies and much more. One of the best thing about IndiaToday.com is its trending section that it arranged for its readers in case of happening of any event like any special cricket tournament, assembly elections, and likewise many others. The weekly magazine of IndiaToday.com by the name of India Today can also be subscribed from the official website of IndiaToday.com. The web-based interface of IndiaToday.com provides the rich multimedia content and is the best way for accessing the paperless reading across multiple platforms.

#4 Thehindu.com

The Hindu is among the oldest newspapers in Indian that are working in Indian since the Independence Movement. TheHindu.com is among the pioneer English newspapers in Indian. Now the digital version of The Hindu by the name of TheHindu.com is also available for free to access by everyone without any geographical restriction. The independent way of covering the story and ensuring the reliability of the source before releasing the news are the specialties of TheHindu.com. For the same reasons, TheHindu.com in addition to India, has got great regards and appreciation abroad as well. The digital version of The Hindu deploys the modern facilities for page composition and news gathering. The easy to use and easy to navigate web interface of TheHindu.com make its readers able to go easily for any of the hot topic in any section that is being covered by TheHindu.com. The all version of TheHindu.com brings out features and supplements on all days of the week. For getting the latest news, comments, opinions, analysis, in-depth coverage of political and global issues, sports & business, cinema & entertainment, arts & science and much more, TheHindu.com is one of the best sources of information. There is also a news subscription service of the TheHindu.com by which you can get the latest news by the TheHindu.com right in your inbox.


#5 Ndtv.com

NDTV is a broadcasting network in India that has a digital presence by the name of NDTV.com as well. Today NDTV.com is listed among the leading digital news providers in India because being the most watched source of information and most credible in both India and out of India. The way to working of NDTV.com is little different from other digital news publishers because it perceives the world in a different way and use its powerful campaign systems to approach to the people of India. For past many years, NDTV.com has been continuously bringing the current affairs and social issues that are assisting the NDTV.com in raising the standards of journalism with innovative programming and uncompromising integrity. From business to politics, movies to sports, food to health, science to tech, electronic devices to apps, India to the world, trending to viral over internet and likewise many other topics and issues are at the priority of NDTV.com. The leading columnist, anchors, and analyst of India are associated with NDTV.com. NDTV.com is one of the best online sources of information for knowing about India.

#6 Dnaindia.com

DNAIndia.com is new in the digital news section in India but is doing well because of covering the best possible political and current affairs issues in India. With seven years of online presence, DNAIndia.com has made a strong influence in the Indian digital news world because of bringing those news and stories that others were reluctant to cover. From news to views, interactivity to analyses, DNAIndia.com delivers its readers with the unbiased picture of the India and its metropolitans. Because DNAIndia.com has no link with any national and international news agency that’s why DNAIndia.com is considered as the one of the credible sources of information in India. However, there is one limitation in case of DNAIndia.com and that is not covering too many stories but at the same time stories and events covered by the DNAIndia.com are hard to found on the web portal of the most of the Indian digital news providers. DNAIndia.com has a much diversified portfolio because it is dealing with DNA Financial Affairs, DNA Political Issues, DNA Sunday Magazine, etc. The renowned Indian authors like Rohit Gandhi, Prafulla Pendharkar, Archana Iver, Param Aruncachalam, Chanda Jain, Manamai Saha Mondal and dozens of others are working for DNAIndia.com. The main areas that are being covered by DNAIndia.com are India, world, business, technology, entertainment, sports, lifestyle, and education and careers.

#7 Samachar.com

Samachar.com is an online news provider for getting the news in Hindi and English languages. It is not as greater as compared to the other leading digital newspapers and news provider in India but is still doing best in most of the current affairs and politics sections. Samachar.com is an online source for getting the latest news from India. In addition to working as an independent platform, this digital media news provider relies heavily on the other publications in India as well. Most of the news covered by the Samachar.com comes from the leading news provider in India. In that’s way Samachar.com can be said as the news aggregator that brings the latest news from India across various publications. Most of the sources of information being deployed by Samachar.com are The Indian Express, Times of India, Reuters and NDTV. In that’s way, Samachar.com can be said as best one for getting the daily updates because the stories and events covered by the leading online news providers can be directly access from the centralized platform of Samachar.com.

#8 Thefinancialexpress.com

As the name of TheFinancialExpress.com is suggesting a website for getting the updates of the business and financial issues in India. This site also covered the various other topics that are directly or indirectly linked to the Indian and global economy. For those readers who are looking for a professional platform for keeping themselves up to date with the financial issues must consider the online portal of TheFinancialExpress.com. TheFinancialExpress.com is working under the supervision of The Indian Express and that itself is enough to prove the credibility of this digital financial news provider. TheFinancialExpress.com is experts in Indian and international financial and business news. In term of financial newspaper in India, TheFinancialExpress.com is one of the oldest financial daily and also one of the leading newspapers in the country. TheFinancialExpress.com has a firm grip and control over the corporate developments, market trends and economic policy making. The elite and highly professional financial analysis and trade expert are working for TheFinancialExpress.com. Some of the most famous faces in TheFinancialExpress.com are Surjit S Bhalla, M Govinda Rao, Arindam Bhattacharya, Jayanth R Varma, Adya Prasad, Mahesh Vyas, Rajat Kathuria and several others. For those who are looking for credible financial source will surely like the services and news coverage style of TheFinancialExpress.com.

#9 Theeconomictimes.com

TheEconomicTimes.com is one of the leading business and financial daily that offers business and economic news in India. TheEconomicTimes.com is the working under the supervision of The Indian Times with same passion and style of covering the news and daily information bites. The financial and business data that is being offered by TheEconomicTimes.com are totally free either it is about reading the online data of TheEconomicTimes.com or subscribing to its newsletter. If you want to get the financial updates in your inbox for free, then TheEconomicTimes.com will deliver you its newsletters comprising expert opinion, market analysis, financial tips and much more for free. The best about TheEconomicTimes.com is that in addition to general newsletter, it has specified newsletters as well that are designed according to taste and requirements of its readers. The weekly categorized newsletters by the TheEconomicTimes.com are ET Sunday Wrap, ET Mutual Fund, Slideshows Newsletter, Markets Watch, Daily Newsletter, Executive Wrap, Wealth, ET Investment Opportunities, and ET Panache. All these newsletters are designed keeping in view the individual requirements of the readers of TheEconomicTimes.com. Simply subscribed for any of the newsletter and get your weekly dose of corporate features, financial affairs, and business lifestyle tips for free.

#10 Thedailyindia.in

TheDailyIndia.in is the daily news provider on the trending topics of jobs, education, entertainment, technology, politics much more. Accessing TheDailyIndia.in is free for all those who are in search of some spicy news. In term of the policy and current affairs, TheDailyIndia.in is not too much good, however, it is doing well in the field of entertainment, fashion and lifestyle. Every day it comes with the hot stories from the world of fashion and lifestyle. TheDailyIndia.in is one of the best credible sources for getting the daily updates on the trending topics in the category of top best, movies, celebrities, entertainment, wishes, and much more. TheDailyIndia.in write about everything either it is about fashion, Bollywood, entertainment, trend and etc. In addition to above mentioned sections TheDailyIndia.in largely deals in the tips and tricks about the makeup, skin care, hair care, hairstyle and much more. TheDailyIndia.in is the one of the best online news sources for fashion and entertainment.

#11 Indiatimes.com

IndiaTimes.com is entirely different from the Times of Indian to The Indian Times. IndiaTimes.com is the online portal for getting the trending stories on Indian lifestyle, relationships, politics, travel, weather, entertainment, technology and much more. From regional issues to world affairs, IndiaTimes.com is a web based news platform that covers the each and every type of news in all above mentioned categories. The user friendly interface of IndiaTimes.com make the readers able to easily navigate from one section of IndiaTimes.com to another one within go. Everyday IndiaTimes.com brings the news, stories, articles, videos on entertainment, culture, emerging technology, trending topics, latest lifestyle and much more. For the information of the reader it is worth to mention here that most of the stories covered at the IndiaTimes.com are being backed by the news websites. It largely depends upon the Times of India, The Economic Times and several other online news sources. IndiaTimes.com is a free source of information for knowing about India and what is going on in abroad. IndiaTimes.com is the platform of those stories and events that will amuse, surprise and inspire you to read and share with even your friends. IndiaTimes.com is the house of trending stories of the day and always comes with the real time stories.

#12 Firstpost.com

Firstpost.com is a digital media newsroom that is best known for its trusted guide to the crush of news and those happening around you all the time. The fearless analysis and thoughtful analysis are the specialties of the Firstpost.com. Firstpost.com is the provider of Indian news and provide a perspective that is reflective of a changing dynamic. The main areas being covered by the Firstpost.com are politics, sports, India, the world, business, life, entertainment, tech, auto, photos, videos and much more. If you are looking for a way to get the in depth of the Indian current affairs and regional and world issues. The best about Firstpost.com is its special category that it launched in case of hot topics like any cricket tournament, any scandal, major story or incident and much more. There is a special section by the name of market watch from where the readers can know about the stock and share prices of the leading companies in India. In short, Firstpost.com is one of the best digital media platforms that covered the news and data of all type.

#13 Dailypioneer.com

Daily Pioneer that is also called as The Pioneer is one of the oldest national newspapers in India that is covering the latest and modern issues via its digital platform DailyPioneer.com. The web-based interface of DailyPioneer.com is known for its colour full editions, conceptualize a separate Sunday edition, revolutionise layouts and easy to use web-based interface. DailyPioneer.com is best known for its diversified type of categories. In addition to web based news platform of DailyPioneer.com there is also a special Sunday magazine of DailyPioneer.com as well. The main news categories covered by the DailyPioneer.com are city news, national news, world affairs, vivacity, avenues, sports, columnists, state editions and Sunday editions. The state editions of DailyPioneer.com covered the news of the Indian metropolitans. The Sunday edition of DailyPioneer.com comes with various features in shape of assignment, analysis, international, science, technology, wildlife, books, travel, issue, automobile, society and much more. The renowned opinion leaders of India like Rajesh Singh, Anirban Ganguly, Gwynne Dyer and various others are working for the DailyPioneer.com.