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Home Design Story Alternatives


#1 Farm Story 2


Farm Story 2 is a sleekly designed farm simulator that enables its global users to explore a stunning 3D world to harvest crops, discover exciting surprises, raise your set of animals, and much more without even paying for anything. Farm Story 2 is an amazingly created game presented in the market by Strom8 Studios Inc., which enables you to join in on the best sequel to this exclusive farming game.

It lets you get the chance to get up personally as well as close with your most likely animals. You can precisely plant crops and raise livestock as you try to become the sleekest and exclusive farmer. It allows you to plant and harvest your own crops and buy/sell with neighbors to profit from your hard work, and delve deep to uncover precious jewelry and gems whenever you play. You can precisely unlock and grab special characters as you expand your farms whenever necessary. Farm Story 2 game is available in Deutsch, Italian, François, Chinese, Japanese, English, Portuguese, Espanola, and various others.


#2 Bakery Story 2


Bakery Story 2 is one of the best and most incredible starter packs for all the noobs and new players and saves much on purchasing amazing deals. Bakery Story 2 is a gorgeous platform presented and developed in the market by Strom8 Studio Inc. that enables you to build the bakery of your dreams, serve scrimptions sweets, and decorate your happy place in the way you love.

It enables you to decorate, design, and manage the bakery of your dreams in the bakery story and enjoy baking making delicious and sweet things whenever you want. You can enjoy bake treats, decorate stuff on the gorgeous 3D platform, and buy ingredients whenever you want. It is one of the ultimate chef and bakery games that bring your bakery town to life and lets you get sweet bakery treats and savory 3D graphics.

#3 Farm Story


Farm Story is a fine place where you and all your friends and family members can grow fruits, decorate the most amazing farms, and raise farm animals whenever you want. Farm Story is a highly engaging and beautiful game presented in the market by TeamLava Games that includes free updates with new fruits, animals, decorations, and more every week.

You can plant more than 150 varieties of delicious fruits, exquisite flowers, ultimate veggies, and more. It lets you design and decorate your own arms with fences, buildings, and trees to make them unique and elegant. Its sleek graphics, amazing sounds, unique scenarios, and fun atmosphere helps you enjoy and love every bit of it.


#4 Castle Story


Castle Story is a widely loved gaming app presented and created in the market by Strom8 Studios that lets you build the kingdom of your dreams, discover the hidden secrets of your past, and more. Castle Story™: Build your Fairytale Kingdom game enables you to explore the mysterious forest, battle monsters, raise animals, and exquisite Glimmerwood right over your cell phones and tablets.

It enables you to craft a castle, magic options, wizard towers, and various other mysteries inside your crafting workshops. You can enjoy decorating your kingdom with gates, topiaries, towers, and various others. You can enjoy exploring the mysterious forest surrounding your kingdom and even rescue stuff that is trapped by the evils.

#5 Bakery Story


Bakery Story game enables you to choose to bake from more than thousands of different delicious restaurants level recipes and enjoy serving your delicious meals to tons of happy customers. Bakery Story: Cooking Game for a Master Chef is a sleekly designed gaming app presented in the market by Strom8 Studio Inc. where you get to decide what to bake, who gets to eat, how much of it to bake, and who to serve your baked goods.

You can designs your own restaurant any way you want in this baking game while designing an upscale patisserie, design a good old-fashioned bread bakery, and a corner coffee café, and more. Bakery Story: Mix, Bake, and Serve Game enables you to design the bakery, restaurants, diners, and other stuff of your dreams.

#6 Zoo Story 2


Zoo Story 2 app enables you to enjoy building Zo to ever live on your iOS tabs and cell phones to have ultimate fun. Zoo Story 2™ – Best Pet and Animal Game with Friends is a stunning platform presented in the market by Strom8 Studios Inc. where you can raise families of cute animals and watch them grow while playing with your excellent pets, merely babies.

It brings playful, amazing, and adorable animals who are waiting to be raised by you and mix and match their species to create new species for your zoo. It contains more than a hundred adorable animals that can have and discover new animals by cross-breeding.

#7 Restaurant Story 2


Restaurant Story 2 game lets you create the restaurant of your dreams and go over a fresh cooking adventure with smiling customers, delicious recipes, colorful ingredients, and real fun. Restaurant Story 2: Cooking Simulation Game is a stunning restaurant gaming app presented in the market by Strom8 Studios that lets you discover new recipes and ingredients right over your cell phones and tablets.

You can intuitively learn new designs, ultimate decorations, excellent dishes, and craft the most amazing dining experience whenever you want. You can enjoy cooking delicious, unique, and creative meals like cater to the tastes of your hungry and adoring customers. You can build your kitchen with new stoves, drink makers, pizza ovens, and various other stuff.

#8 Pet Hotel Story


Pet Hotel Story app enables you to build the ultimate vacation destination while having the best collection of the cutest and beautiful set of pets that you love to adopt or look after. Pet Hotel Story is a sleekly designed app presented in the market by Strom8 Studios Inc. that lets you bring all your most likely pets and build a fantastic destination to have real fun.

You can precisely collect your most likely cats, dogs, and exotic pets and built or décor things having more than 50 beautiful decorations and rooms. It lets you unlock unique and amazing pets and let your pets have fun relaxing with yoga, rocking out on the dance floor, and hitting the ski slopes right away.

#9 Pet Shop Story


Pet Shop Story app enables you to build a fun and entertaining place for all your most likely pets to share with your friends and have real fun whenever you want. Pet Shop Story is a highly fun and engaging app presented in the market by TeamLava Games that help you enjoy making an exquisite place to keep all your pets and mix and match your pets to make your own breeds.

You can keep your desired dogs, cats, birds, and other pets and even design new pets by cross-breeding to build a unique collection of pets whenever you want. It lets you get the cutest kitties, chicks, puppies, and other pets and see their unique looks whenever you want. You can also meet your neighbors and make friends.