iPhone provides an easiest and the faster way to blog. It helps you to create custom sites, blogs and channels by converting your notes to a blog pages or post for anywhere, in no time. This platform allows you to post instantly from Dropbox, Evernote, and Pocket with no fuss, no code, just the tool you already use. Through this platform, a user may create his blog without any external or internal charges. This is an entirely free platform that enables you an instant creation of your blog. Once you visit its site, this platform provides you a great convenience for making your blog and to publish it. You can turn an Evernote Notebook into an attractive and beautiful website and blog. This platform provides you a user-friendly atmosphere for making your blog and allows you to write you content stuff on any of your devices and then convert it into a blog for free. Through this platform, you can write whatever the trending topic and publish it for the users without making any extra effort. You can use this platform over different iOS platforms (iPad, iPhone, iPad Touch, iPod Mini, and others).

#2 is an online idea sharing community to unleash the creativity of those who want to share the best with the online worlds. It is a way to create a strong impact of yours and highlighting in the crowd. It is a source where you can share your stories with the others on any topic. In addition to sharing of own, the platform of allows to read the stories of those shared by the others as well. First, create an account with and the move thinking forward to share something unique with the others. is an online global community of writers and reader that allow them to share unique perspectives on small and large ideas. Just after the signup you will be provided with the chance of reading and interacting with those that really matters for you. It is one of the best sources to unleash your creativities and connects you with those voices and perspectives that really matter. Read medium and get smarter with the best information.


#3 is a leading online learning community for those creators who want to share something creative and amazing with the others. offers these creators and chance to stand in the crowd by sharing those that really matters and inspires the others. It is also a source of learning for those who want to refine and polish their qualities. These type of visitors can enjoy the various learning sources at in the shape of an online class, watch video lessons and readable materials. You can even teach the classes to other willing learners as well. You will be even given the permission to create own projects as well and share the same with others. is an online community where you can learn new creative skills each day with those lessons and materials that are being compiled by the leading and professional experts of their field. is an online source of information for knowing about business, design, film, photography, writing and much more.

#4 is a web-based reading and writing network that offers its visitors to share their own ideas in writings and read the same of those shared by the others. From the ground level to the expert one, is the source of information for all level of brains. Being the global community of the writers and reader, will make you able to curate ideas and includes all those helpful material that will enable you to unleash your creativity and boost your skills at the same time. Check out the distinguish features of this blogging platform; an innovative dashboard to curate ideas in a better way, a blog forever to publish anything, the cleanest writing experience to always deliver something professional, the best reading experience to easily go for the ideas of others and lots more. is a very simple, fast and beautiful writing platform that is designed to showcase your writing skills in the best way possible by decreasing the chances of distractions.


#5 is an online dedicated platform for the sales persons and marketing professionals for getting the information about the remarkable business events and various other business management materials. Here you can share the small business tips, news, and information that are being shared by its members all the time. It is one of the best online medium for the purpose of small business news, networking, and tips. The leading entrepreneurs and business owners of the small business are the part of the platform of The advantages that you will get by simply joining the platform of are learn new ideas, save time by getting more, position yourself as a thought leader, market your website/blog/business, network with peers, and various others. The way of working of is very simple that starts from creating an account first and after that submitting the articles, videos, posts and features for free. The members of can find and read relevant content submitted by the other members of the as well.

#6 is an online medium for getting the latest news, articles and topics on the hot topics. The ideas benign shared here are backed by the leading experts and insiders of the is said to be the community for business professionals to know about the latest business ideas from the small to greater one. It is a platform for getting the top trends, news, and expert analysis for free. Here you can enjoy the solution of digital marketing, content marketing, social selling, digital media business and much more. Here you can read the ideas of others and can even share your own as well. In short, works as a community of business professionals where they can interact with each other to assist each other. Here you can read the latest social news and tips for your business to increase its sales and increase the revenues. Check out the topics and solutions that are being covered by the are digital & social, sales & marketing, business & finance, life & entertainment, tech & innovation, and much more.

#7 is a blogging and publishing platform for the professional bloggers where they can share their ideas and comes to know about the talents of others. One of the best things about is that it make its users able to create a beautiful and independent online publication system where they can share what is in their mind in a professional style. Everything available on the platform of is open source. So, you will always feel an open environment around you where there will be no restriction on sharing anything. The open source system of comes with the features of using own theme style, and even extending the features of the by integrating the external functions and features. In a single dashboard, you will be provided with all basic tools from writing to designing. What makes the writer of special one is that it is a split-screen editor having Markdown syntax system and a live preview system to allow you to write in any format and view the preview of the text in real time. It is up to you either you use as a single user or in a team environment.

#8 is an online publishing and idea sharing platform for the professional and creative people. It is an online source that permits its visitors to share their magazines, ideas, catalogs and publications they want the other people to know about. In addition to the system for publishing the own content, has the system for enjoying the publications of others as well. has the finest and largest collection of publication from the incredible publishers of the world. Every publishing material available at the platform of is free to explore, read and share with the others. By creating and account with you can also join the world-class publishers for free. It is very easy to explore the data from the that requires from the visitors to only provide a few keywords and get their desired material explored from the twenty-five million free to read publications. It’s time to blown away by sensational young content creators setting the pace for home & family, health & beauty, travel, food & beverages, design, music, art and various other publications.

#9 is a free web-based interactive service that has made the digital publishing very easy and simple. is known for a complete digital publishing system that it offers for free to all of its visitors without any geographical restriction. By using the writing and publishing dashboard of you will be able to create, distribute, and track the performance of your published work. What makes the exceptional one is that it even support for the system of monetizing your publishing work as well. You will get the best return in case of delivering the stunning digital publications with the most innovative ideas. By using the publishing system of you can create and distribute the publishing work in the field of magazines, catalogs, e-books, photo albums, and much more. Check out the stunning features and functions of are analytics, stunning CRM system, privacy & security, selling of your work, branding your product, and support by the experts of the Just one account of will take you to the success of your dream.

#10 is an online content sharing platform for the professional writers. is about sharing the ideas and great stories with others. The visitors of can read the ideas of others as well to increase their level of passion. In addition to professionals, the beginners can take out the benefits by using the At the, the beginners will be provided with the great resources for creating and sharing the collection of web-based informative material in the shape of text and images with the others. It is a way to share the data in an interactive and uncluttered interface. The work at starts from the collection that has the finest collection of simple to the professional level of ideas. In the collection section, allow the users to store ideas in a contextual and easy to use searchable and shareable manner. There is no limitation over collecting the ideas. provide a limitless platform to its users to embed web content and even add their notes and images to the content as well. It is very simple to start with



Soup is the most relevant platform with Tumbler in both features and interfaces. It is one of the best blogging platforms for the users. This app aims to post from image to videos, and texts to quotes and almost everything. Using other social media networks like Twitter, SoundCloud, and Reddit, it can directly import posts and also lets you publish a post to the Facebook automatically. Soup is a microblogging platform for creating and updating your posts. You can also point your convention domain to your microblog (on this platform), quickly. This platform offers you to make your Soup groups, and you can specify a topic to that group such as TV shows, animals and lot more. It is mostly similar to Tumbler and WordPress in features and helpful for roaming Tumbler users. It provides fairly good customization features, along with custom Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) editing. This allows a user post via the email in an easy way. It does not allow any custom plugins. It provides nothing in the way of monetizing support and looks unpolished. It is the best platform for the young or new bloggers looking for the reposting of content and simple blogging. You can do such type of blogging via your Smartphones as well.

#12 is an online community of writers that allow for writing, publishing and commenting on the articles of the others. also work as a publishing channel as well as it allows the professional writers to advertise their blogs, books and other projects without paying any cost. It is an online professional place for sharing stories and sample chapters with the global level of the audience. You can also enjoy the works of others as well by exploring the materials shared by them. One of the best features of is its simplicity that is the fine mixture of easiness and professionalism. It offers a safe place to its visitors to showcase their stories and other writing materials across the globe. In that’s way you can build your fan base and enjoy the comments and rate made by the visitors on your publications. If you want to read the stories of others then simply move to the I want to read a section and browse through the stories of others. If you want to write the move to the I want to write and publish your own works.

#13 is a web-based journal and blog system for those people who love to create unique and informative content and want to share it on an international level. It is a dedicated platform for those belongs to the creative folk. At the online and free platform of the, these writers can share their artwork, writing and their innermost thoughts with the audience of global level. also allow its users to find the stuff being shared by its other members. The users of at their own can sort the content to read that one they like most. You can also monitor those people who are following your content with the fine-grained privacy control service of the Articles on hundreds of topics have been covered by the By joining the, you can also get a chance to enjoy an independent and open community of writers that will provide you support diversity in all its forms. Most of the services of are free. In case, you want to explore and enjoy more, you will be required to create paid account with


Because of its features designed as per the requirement of the dynamic blogging world, has taken a right place as the one of the best blogging platforms. is a totally commercial platform. However, you can enjoy the free trial for fourteen days as well if you want to get familiarity with the The reasons behind the popularity of are the services that it delivers to it users in the shape of providing the beautiful and distraction-free blogging platform. If you want to refine your writing skills then will also make you able to reshape your writing skills to the professional level of writing. Sleek and minimal backend and then the addition of polished and intuitive frontend will force you to fall in love with the A lot of features themes are the part of the that allows the users to choose among these. All the themes of as based on the feature of being user-friendly and responsive. The main highlighted features of are full page cover photos, email subscriptions, host system, custom domain support, syntax highlighting, stats with Google Analytics and bio page.

#15 is a web-based publishing platform for creating immersive online magazines. The writing material designed and created by the can be access from any platform either it is desktop based or mobile based. In it rich experience features and functions, provide the online live editor, e-commerce system and system for showcasing the magazines. The online editor of makes it easy and simple for its visitors to create those that their fans want to read and the style that they surely like. What makes the special one is that it is not the provider of simple designs only. allow its users to use any computer to design, layout and edit their publication. The main features that can be termed as the advantages of using the are responsive dashboard compatible with the all devices, create your own templates, and styling & formatting without any further hurdles. There is no more requirement for writing HTML code. Every feature available in the is ready to use. It provides the entire hosted solution without any further requirement of installation of any software.