1 is basically a cloud computing platform that delivers the solution for business problems in an online environment. is the set of those tools and instruments that assist the business managers and professionals in building the lasting and meaningful relationship and connect with customers in a more systemized way. is basically the provider of sales & marketing tools, apps, analytical tools, customer services and much more in a single platform. The main highlighted products of are sales, customer services, marketing solutions, community networks, analytics tools, apps, and IoT. is the solution provider for small business and medium size enterprises. is the cloud-based solution for selling smarter and faster with the highly advanced CRM of the CRM is the hot topic of the modern dynamic business environment, and this issue is often overlooked by the most of the business. is a platform that assists the business managers in creating the satisfactory customer experience that will delight your current clients and retain the existing one. is the provider of the state of the art CRM solution along with speed and efficiency. The sales and marketing solution of assist the users in connecting with their customers in a brand new way to by simply using the sales and marketing apps of the



0 is the online source for marketing for the small to large enterprises. is best known for dealing with content management, and sales & marketing software and programs. Most of the CRM and marketing software being provided by the are designed for the small business, however, the medium and large enterprises can also use the services of as well for the promotion of their business as well. The software and program developed by the are best for the automation of sales and marketing areas of the business. is one of the best sources for marketing and promotion for those who are looking for a credible source for getting the solution for email marketing, e-commerce and a lot of others marketing and advertising on a single platform. The main advantage of using are the services and solutions that are being offered by the in shape of getting each and everything organised, automate marketing, close sales and selling online. assist the small and medium sized enterprises in harness the power of automation to organize contacts, turn leads into customer and transform the customers into revenue. If you are looking for highly advanced solutions for the purpose of aligning your selling and marketing then is the best solution provider in these regards.


0 is a solution provider of sales, market automation and CRM software. The programs of are designed for the purpose of automation of sales in a best profitable. is the set of those tools and programs that will assist you in building customer relationship by simply using the easy to use yet powerful CRM software of that delivers the one of the best sales and marketing automation solutions to both small and medium sized business. The best about is the services that it is offering via its CRM software Agile CRM in the shape of marketing automation, web engagement, telephony, social media integration, email campaigns and mobile marketing. is the provider of emails solutions, social suite, sales enablement, notifications, automation system and various other essential tools. is known for its simplicity yet powerful tools that are available in the range of sales and marketing. When it comes to sales, that means close more deals. When it comes to marketing then it means nurture every lead. From marketing automation to sales essentials, is the solution provider for all type of business problems. The analytics portion of delivers the contact-level analytics and campaign metrics for higher return on investment.



0 is a business automation software provider that provides the solution for small entrepreneurs and business. is the name of all in one business and marketing automation solution providing platform that is utilizing the technology in the best way to provide the solution. Publishing, marketing, selling, and organizing are the four main areas of services of that assist the business managers in building a better business. If you are looking for a highly professional and advanced management solution, then is the solution provider of all these issues. is the provider of CMS services that assist the business managers with the content management, managing web pages, lead tracking, traditional marketing solution, social media, direct mail solution, automated billing system and lot of others solutions. In short, is a way to automate the workflow in a professional way. Being a business manager and publisher, the managers are required to use the separate tools to run their business. That sometimes becomes messy, but when it comes to, then it is a way that simplifies the works of the users and assists them in growing their business. From publishing to marketing and from organizing to selling, is the solution provider for all type of business issues.


0 is the solution provider of CRM that delivers the business managers and sales professionals with a 360-degree view of their entire sales life and pipeline. It is entirely different from the other leading CRMs because of delivering efficiency, assists in generating the opportunities and reduce the business costs in an efficient manner. is the way to grow the company by transforming the traditional working style of into a customer focused organization. The main advantages of using are the solutions that delivers to its users in more professional way. The CRM solutions and advantages being delivered by the are sell smarter, automate the business work, be more productive, track the sales activities, connect with customers by all means, extend the CRM and use the CRM of even via Google Apps as well. is offering its solution in three plans that are Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. The is offering these solutions against per year price of $12, $20 and $35. is the one of the best CRMs that contains the solutions for sales forecasting, email integration, reports & dashboard, territory management, custom modules, document library, Google AdWords integration, workflow automation system, custom applications and much more.


0 is a marketing automation provider to automate the marketing workflow in the best way as per the demands of the businesses. The simple to use yet powerful marketing automation and program of assist the marketers in mastering in their field by emphasizing more on the digital marketing solution to enhance the engagement with customers in a more professional way. The features for optimizing the marketing being offered by the are Lead Management, Sales Insight, Revenue Cycle Analytics and Social Marketing. If you are looking for the all in one marketing solution in order to get more output from the business and real return on the investment, then is the best for that purpose that is the fine combination of speed and accuracy. From customer based marketing to consumer marketing, is the solution provider for all. has the even solution for mobile marketing as well. The dynamic and digital world of business today requires the most professional way of marketing in order to drive the sales in a more planned way. All this can happen to true if the planning is being backed by systemizing marketing tactics and strategies. If you at your own are unable to deal with complex marketing issues and requirement then here is the that will assist you in driving customer engagement with the professional CRM of


0 is a B2B marketing automation system being backed by the SlaesForce. Most of the marketing features of are much similar to that of SlaesForce but at the same time are very different from the as well. The best about is that it has made the marketing automation system very simple yet effective. The main advantage of using is its team collaboration system that make the users of able to coordinate with each other for the purpose of effective and purposeful marketing. is a way to get the real picture of the return on investment. is a way to drive sales with intelligent marketing system. The newly added features of will assist you in building your own marketing campaign. Increasing sales revenue and boosting the marketing productivity are the two main area of functionalities of Everything you need about generating the high quality leads, create custom, targeted emails, accelerate sales pipeline, calculate marketing ROI and much more are covered in a professional way in the The other quality of is its engagement services that are in shape of engage campaigns, engage alerts and engage reports. Simply use the and empower sales to connect faster from any part of the world by using and the state of the art marketing technologies of the Salesforce.


0 is the name of SaaS product that is basically the provider of email marketing and marketing automation solution. is helpful for those small to medium-sized and large enterprises who are looking for a way to digitalize their marketing department. is an entirely subscription-based SaaS product for the purpose of marketing automation. basically includes the basic business marketing solution in the shape of landing pages, social media prospecting, email marketing, CRM integration, lead management, webinar management system, analytical tools and much more. The state of the art marketing system of assist the marketing managers in publishing and monitoring their content over the social media platforms. is way to build and manage the entire lead to revenue lifecycle in the business environment by simply attracting the new prospects to building brands advocates. The main highlighted marketing products being offered by the are inbound marketing solutions, reports & analytics system, data studio, CRM integration, apps & connectors, outbound solution, automation system and access from any part of the world. is a way that has made the marketing simplified and multiplied the revenue. is a highly personalized platform that is designed to cultivate and engage the customers throughout the buying the journey. Simply use the attract the future customers when it matters most.


0 that is simply known as the Oracle Eloqua as well is the cross channel marketing solution by the Oracle. is particularly designed for larger sized enterprises that enables them to plan and execute the effective marketing solution in the business environment. The main advantage of using are the solutions that are delivered by it is shape of simplifying and making the marketing automation campaigns effective. Targeting, lead management, marketing measurement, web marketing and sales enablement are the five main capabilities of the marketing cloud of the The integrated lead management system of the and then the easy creation of the marketing campaigns assist the market managers in enhancing the engagement with the right audience in real time. The team collaboration that is considered as the must have element when it comes to digitalizing the marketing is best covered by the that make the marketing teams able to increase the retune on investment by getting the real-time insight of the business performance. is a totally cloud based marketing solution that can be now access by way of Google Chrome extension that assist the market managers to find and engage with prospects while performing prospect research. The new version of contains a special ROI calculator that will make the marketing managers able to automate their marketing in a best way.


0 is an affordable yet professional marketing automation system that assists the market managers in enhancing digital media marketing by simply creating the behavioral based emails. The marketing automation system of is designed for both agencies and business. There is no benefit of marketing until being a market manager you are unable to drive it in a professional way to get more leads. The marketing solutions of make the users able to convert the leads into sales and optimize their marketing in a meaningful way. In addition, to complete in features and then the integration of powerful marketing tools make the one of the best CRM provides. What makes the special is the integration of third party CRM systems that make the marketing managers in centralizing all of their marketing solutions. assist the market managers and sales persons to tracks customers and the sales performance. is basically a way to connect the gapped dots and build the own powerful automation system to send the behavioral based emails to targeted audiences. The main highlighted features and functions of are behavioral based email automation system, dynamic forms built for conversion, engage leads at critical points, identifies the visitors to get more leads, availability of built in and third party CRM and much more.


0 is an all in one and customizable CRM system and business marketing solution for the small businesses. The best about is it’s easy to use CRM system that in addition to being simple to handle highly professional at the same time. The integration of social media platforms and email marketing makes the one of the best CRM systems. The main reasons of selecting the for the purpose of managing the sales and marketing are the solutions that are being delivered by the in shape of complete CRM solution, support for unlimited users, easy marketing automation system, better customer experience, full event management system and system for predictive analytics. In addition to availability of own independent CRM system, support for the integration of various third party marketing and sales management platforms as well. The main highlighted features and functions of are marketing automation system, event management, calendar booking, website & analytics system, SMS/MMS/Call Management system, social marketing, advanced collaboration tools, eCommercing system, learning management system and much more. It is not ended here; various third-party management tools are integrated in the in shape of Salesforce, QuickBooks, Magento, WordPress, Outlook, Evernote and much more that will make your work more professional.


0 is a customer relationship management solution by the Microsoft that is best known for delivering the positive customer experience. One of the biggest problems in the modern day dynamic business environment is to retain the customers and enhance the engagement with them. is the solution provider of the same issue. The CMR system of assist the companies to deliver the exceptional customer experiences and deliver the long-term relationships with the customers. The highly configurable CRM system of makes the market manager and the entrepreneurs able to make the smart decisions and sell effectively and productively. is the provider of business intelligence, social insights, and productivity with the all in one CRM solution of the There is no need to install any software as the is delivering each and every CRM solution in a cloud environment. The availability of in cloud allows its users to access it from any part of the world. The dynamic world of business requires from the managers to reduce cost and boost the productivity level by organizing and automating the business process by arranging the satisfaction level in all areas of activity from marketing to sales and engagement to customer service. is a way to get the real return on investment by simply deploying the customer service, marketing and sales automation features of the


0 is a cloud based marketing automation provider that delivers the best possible solution for the social media an email based marketing. is the set of those marketing and management tools that enables the market managers to create, track, analyzes and forward the effective social media messages and HTML based emails. is particularly designed for the email marketing but at the same time, it is indirectly linked to the sales performance of the company. is the email marketing system for everyone. is the other name of smart solutions to maximize the power of email marketing in a more efficient way. The best about is that the Salesforce is backing most of the marketing solutions integrated in the That makes the one of the best email market automation system. The reasons behind using the are the solutions that are being provided by the in the shape of result oriented features and designed to ensure the success for its clients. This powerful CRM system has simplified the email system and tracing the results of CRM is an easier and efficient manner. The integration of Salesforce dashboard in the makes this platform able to deliver the richer team collaboration system and bypass sending limits.


0 is the cloud-based business solution provider of digital marketing, lead management and customer experience analytics. The exceptional experiences by the for its customers that assists them in getting the analytical insights, leveraging customers data and automate the related cross-channel integrations are the factors that are covered by the in an easy to understand way. This cloud-based CRM system is a way to effectively design and automate the cross-channel experiences. is way to make better decisions in real time when the business requires sudden change. At the same time, delivers the faster and efficient return on investment as well by delivering each and every solution in the cloud-based digital marketing platform that requires no kind of third party installation at all. Digital marketing is the game of minds that requires a careful planning when it is about generating the content as per the behaviors of the customers. is the way to read the mind of your clients because it brings the marketing automation solution from the variety of sources and makes his clients enables to promote instantly personalized customer interactions. By deploying the solutions of, the marketing managers and sales persons can deliver a consisted customer satisfaction experience in all segments of business.


0 is a sales and marketing automation platform that is designed to assist the market managers in approaching to the targeted audience according to the behaviors and mentalities of the customers. is designed by the marketers for the marketers to get the best command and control over the marketing areas of the business. provide the solutions of four core issues that are capturing the audience, created the impactful campaigns, streamline the lead process and analyze the result. is a way to know the real time behavior of the audience. By using, market managers will come into the position of using the important features at a centralized platforms. These are available in shape of website tracking, Google AdWords integration, social media marketing and search engine optimization. That is the way of working of to deliver the best market automation solutions to the market managers. The simple to use yet powerful and highly advanced campaign system of make the users able to create the stunning level of campaigns by simply building resources and managing the reputation. has made the process of email marketing, landing pages & forms, surveys, campaign management, nurture marketing and webinars & events simple yet effective.