iBrary Link


iBrary Link Alternatives


#1 Dash-i


Dash-i is an immensely valuable memory expansion tool available on iOS platforms (iPhone, iPad, iPod, MAC, and others). The app provides 2-way storage between multiple devices such as iOS and PC/MAC without needing any battery power, Wi-Fi, and network signal. Through this elegantly designed, ultra-slim, and intuitive flash drive, users can precisely view, transfer, edit, manage as well as share documents, videos, images, audio files, and other data between gadgets.

The app is compatible with almost all the devices virtually by featuring a lightning connector. It helps you monitor and manage your desired number of files across multiple platforms, such as iPhones, iPad, iPods, or other iOS devices. Dash-i app lets you play videos and other music files right from freeing up the memory over your devices. Other than these, the Dash-i app also features backup or restore contracts, intuitive file encryption, and video streaming through Airplay as well.


#2 RockSpace Drive


RockSpace Drive app enables all the iOS mobile phone users to expand their storage by providing simple and sleek options. RockSpace Drive enables you to transfer your desired data from your PC to your cellular devices (iPhones, iPads, and iPods). The app features a lightning connector that lets you transfer docs between various devices with just a few clicks of the button. You can intuitively edit and share your documents with your family members and friends without any battery power, internet connection, and Wi-Fi.

You can manage and organize your desired files regarding videos, photos, documents, and other data across your desired platforms. You can stream videos through airplay service, restore contacts, and even translate them into codes and matching words to grab the valuable meaning of various content. RockSpace Drive lets you record your desired videos and audio and share it with family members, colleagues, and friends.

#3 U-Disk


U-Disk is a perfectly curated app that fits in almost all the lifestyles, whether you want to share videos and images of your special moments, stuck over a remote location without reception, and even traveling by airplane for a domestic or business trip. U-Disk is an ultimate memory expansion tool available-to-use on all the iOS devices, either you are using an iPhone, iPad, iPod, or any other.

The app helps you organize, share, and manage your files across various iOS platforms. You can precisely play music of your choice and stream videos right via freeing up space over your desired devices. U-Disk app helps you share and monitor your documents, videos, photos, and other files and folders between a multitude of gadgets as well. U-Disk app does not need any battery power, network signal, or any sort of Wi-Fi network for providing two-way storage between plenty of devices.


#4 Darling U


Darling U is a highly significant memory expansion client available-to-use over almost all the iOS devices that lets you enjoy two-way storage without needing any networking signals, battery consumption, or power or any Wi-Fi connection. It is a fast, ultra-slim, and intuitively made the flash drive through which all its global users can seamlessly view, transfer and share images, audio files, video files, recordings, and other vital documents between gadgets.

Darling U app lets you edit, manage, and restore files across platforms, including iPhone, iPad, iPod, and other iOS devices. Whether you are traveling through metro or train for any reason, want to share your desired photos or videos to your loved ones, or even stuck in a remote location without any reception, Darling U app precisely fits in all lifestyles. You can not only manage your files across various iOS devices, but you can also edit and organize things effortlessly.

#5 Flashlink


Flashlink is a super-significant solution to manage the expansion of memory over iPhones, iPads, iPods, and other iOS devices without having any internet connection. Flashlink app does not need any internet connection, battery power, or Wi-Fi for having two-way storage between Personal Computers or Mac and iOS devices. The app features instant video streaming via airplay service, contacts backup restore, and elegant file encryption.

You can enjoy its service, whether you are stuck in a remote location (even without any reception), traveling by airplane for family or business needs, or elsewhere. Flash Link app elegantly fits into any lifestyle and helps you share videos, images, and other files of any of your memorable vacation. Flashlink app lets you have instant access to internal storage, photos, contacts, and external storage options that can be accessed with a single click of the button.

#6 D.teens


D.teens app enables its global users to enjoy a massive tool for memory expansion over their cellular devices, including iPads, iPods, and iPhones. D.teens app lets you manage storage between your cellular devices as well as your personal computers without requiring any internet. The app features file encryption through which you can translate your data into secret keywords and codes. You can precisely restore your precious docs, significant files, and backup support.

D.teens app lets you enjoy instant streaming of videos through its elegantly designed Airplay service. The app helps you share images, videos, docs, and other files with your friends and family members without any battery consumption or Wi-Fi. D.teens app lets you manage (expand or shrink) the storage of your cellular devices by instantly transferring cell phones into PCs. Having this manager, users can precisely read data over keywords as well.

#7 i-FlashDevice HD


i-FlashDevice HD is one of the most elegantly designed platforms through which you can precisely manage all your docs, images, videos, and audio files over iOS devices. i-FlashDevice HD is a stunning platform developed by Shenzhen 0101 Technology Co., Ltd. that lets you backup (camera roll and contracts), preview images and play videos/music whenever you want. This file management tool carries a sleek design through which you can manage things intuitively.

This device manager features multiple formats of images such as JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, various others. Apart from photographs, the i-FlashDevice HD app also supports various audio formats (AAC, MP3, and AIF, etc.), video formats (including RMVB, MOV, MP4, FLV, MKV, AVI, and more) and documents (PPT, Doc, XLS, and TXT) as well. It lets you grab the options of gesture control, cache, app instruction, face ID access, local format, auto-updates, and various others over its settings’ panel.



M-DATA app enables all the iOS users to enjoy the ultimate solution for managing their cell phone’s memory without much of a stretch. M-DATA is a 2-way storage management solution between a personal computer to mobile devices. You can intuitively transfer data from your cellular devices into your PCs using this elegant tool without having any internet. You can intuitively translate the data in multiple keywords as well as codes to precisely understand the meaning of content using its feature of file encryption.

The M-DATA app enables users to restore the backup of your contacts, images, video or audio files, and other important documents. You can intuitively play the music of your choice and watch videos that you love the most in multiple formats such as MP3, AVI, ACC, MP4, and various others. M-DATA enables its global users to share videos, images, and other media stuff with their family and friends even without having any internet connection.

#9 USB Sharp


USB Sharp precisely transforms your iOS devices (iPhone, iPads, iPods, and other devices) into a massive capability, wireless, and portable storage disk. USB Sharp is a massively used platform developed in the market by Ujweng Inc. that lets you extract files from.RAR encryption along with the Firefox and Chrome supported. The app features supporting media files (videos and pics) to photo library, optimization pdf reader, and exporting of videos from photo library as well.

The app also supports various valuable features, including pic viewer improved, unzip type added, searching of file name function, authentication for local login, sorting by file size, and add authentication for Wi-Fi transfers. USB Sharp app also features photo import support, landscape mode availability, selection or deselection with a single touch, iPads compatibility, and much more. USB Sharp app also supports almost all types of ebooks, documents, audio, videos, web, compressed, plain text, web, and images, etc.

#10 MemoDrive


MemoDrive is an elegantly designed two-way mobile management and memory expansion tool that brings tons of valuable features right over your cell phones and tablets. Memo Drive app does not require any Wi-Fi network, internet connection, or any prior battery power to manage things. It brings one of the best solutions for the expansion of memory between MAC or Personal Computers and cell phones. It lets its users transfer their desired data such as videos, images, and other data from mobile phones to PCs.

You can intuitively send your recorded videos and audio music, documents, and other devices with your friends and family members whenever you want. MemoDrive app also features backup contacts, docs, audios, videos, and all the essential notes precisely. You can also get instant access to the iCloud Drive and manage or organize your docs and pics without any prior efforts.

#11 Beike


Beike is a sleekly designed tool that enables its global iOS users to enjoy an exceptional memory expansion tool along with plenty of valuable features right on the palm of your hands. Beike app brings various significant options to enlarge portable storage, contacts restore/backup support, file encryption, video streaming, and many others. You can precisely convert content into keywords without any prior efforts. It does not need any internet connection for letting you move mobile stuff over the personal computers.

The app brings a fabulous solution to exchange memory between cellular devices and PC/Mac. It also helps you in recording videos and sharing them with family members, friends, and colleagues with simple clicks. It provides you with the features of file encryption as well that enables you to understand the keywords and codes in remote locations, while traveling by airplane for an official work trip, and sharing valuable stuff at home.

#12 I-easydrive


I-easydrive is an elegantly designed memory expansion platform that brings an exclusive two-way storage feature for its global users. I-easy Drive lets you precisely boost or manage storage without needing any battery power or internet connection right over your cell phones, tablets, and PCs. You can seamlessly transfer, share and view your desired pics, audio and video files, valuable documents, and plenty of other files between the multitude of gadgets through this fast flash and ultra-slim and intuitively designed flash drive app.

The app is compatible with virtually almost all the iOS devices while featuring a lightning connector. I-easydrive app also carries the capability of organizing, editing, uploading as well as managing your desired number and format of files across plenty of formats including iPhones, iPads, iPods, and other iOS devices. You can also stream your most likely video files and music right over the I-easy Drive without having any effort.



E-UDISK app precisely transforms your cellular devices into a magnificently designed memory expansion tool that brings plenty of valuable options and features for managing things effortlessly. E-UDISK app enables its global iOS users to transfer their cellular content into personal computers, laptops, and MAC books without having any internet connection, any Wi-Fi network, or any battery power. It also helps you in sharing and recording your desired audio and video files.

It helps you in preparing and manipulating your desired data to edit and switch stuff over other devices effortlessly. E-UDISK app helps you in all the difficult situations to understand the codes and keywords. Other than these, the E-UDISK app helps you in viewing, transferring, and editing files over your cell phones and tablets effortlessly. You can also translate data or other content into symbols to grab the meaning of content.

#14 3DLuxe


3DLuxe is amongst the best memory expansion tool that brings plenty of valuable options for its global users to manage things effortlessly. 3DLuxe app lets you transfer all your significant data, such as videos, photos, docs, and other media into their computers to free up their mobile storage. The app has a two-way storage system that helps you in transforming files with high-speed connections whenever you want. 3D Luxe app lets you instantly share your desired content with your desired people and record multimedia stuff instantly.

You can precisely view, edit, and share images, videos, and other significant docs with simple clicks. You can also recover your contacts and enjoy its lightning connector feature for instant and robust doc sharing. You can also stream your desired music and videos from their cell phones and tablets. You can also get to know the keywords and symbols in a problematic situation using its sleekly designed file encryption options.