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#1 Zattoo Live TV


Zattoo Live TV enables its worldwide users to watch their most favorite shows of TV right on their mobile devices and enjoy the dose of sports, drama, movies, series, news, fun, entertainment, and quality time, anytime they want. Zattoo Live TV – TV Streaming App is a great tool introduced by Zattoo Europa AG Inc. which enables you to stream all your favorite channels right on the mobile devices. Zattoo – TV Streaming App brings the TV highlights, European Qualifiers, and your most likely TV shows live or on demand. With the help of internet connection and enjoy it on your smartphones during your commute, on smart TV in your bedroom, or on your laptop while you are on the sofa. Zattoo Live TV – TV Streaming App never lets you miss any of your most likely TV shows or highlights again. Zattoo: TV Streaming app provides a huge choice of TV channels including ARD, 3sat, ZDF, Sport1, Tele 5, N24, Nick, KiKa, and TV guide with a 14-day overview. You can also go premium over here to enjoy watching live TV without any ads or even cancel your subscription anytime you want. So download Zattoo Live TV – TV Streaming App and enjoy watching your favorite channels on the move.

#2 USA TV Droid


USA TV Droid is a fine entertainment app that helps its users to get more clear and smooth television interaction experience. It currently supports standard cables and OTA provider, and you cannot watch television with this app. Some of its core features include the providence of a super clean and smooth matrix view, upcoming 3 days listings, custom channel number, hidden channel support, channel setting support, and much more. USA TV Droid lets you set serial numbers and individual remainders, and you must have the Google Calendar on your device to get this feature. You can schedule your most favourite TV shows, entertainment plays, news castings, documentation programs, sports channels, adult-oriented channels, and lot more using this handy and amazing TV guide on your smartphone. Except this, it lets you search programs by various queries (such as category, date, name, remainder, etc.), shared program information support, home and lock screen widget support, and Day Dream feature that shows the most recent hot story precisely.

#3 TV Guide


TV Guide is a fantastic app that helps you manage your most favourite television shows right from your mobile phones. It is an amazing guide for television watchers which provides some superior, exclusive, and classy features for its users. It enables simple navigation with your television anytime, anywhere. It is an effective tool that brings more ease for the users from all over the world. Some of its highlighted features include a personalised TV guide, exclusive video support, instant access, efficient filtering, and various others. TV Guide lets you organise and control your favourite shows, actors, documentation plays, moves, sports stuff, and some other related things and easily watch them through live streaming, on-demand scenario, and on the TV and DVD as well. Some of its handy features include the support of trending stories, all new shows, and the watchlist of your most favourite shows. It also enables the detailed info about the setting up alerts and easy personalization. You can filter by favourites and HD channels and effectively check-in and share what you are watching.

#4 Live TV


Live TV is a highly engaging and full0fledged entertainment app that makes it effortless to keep your TV with you all the time and watch entertaining stuff on the move. Live TV is a significantly desired platform presented and created in the market by LoveWorld Inc. that brings a bunch of channels right on the palm of your hands.

The app helps you watch your most likely TV shows, news shows, drama shows, reality shows, biographies, and much else with ease. You can access your intended channel with a single tap of the button and start watching it whenever, wherever.

#5 SopCast


SopCast is a stunning and the official app for Android cell phones and tablets of the classic computer program of the same name. SopCast app makes it sleek to stream loads of real-time videos for free and without making any efforts. The app works almost the same as the computer version, and you can browse all the available channels and even filter them by types such as sports, radio, TV shows, movies, and more.

You can intuitively play any of your desired channels available over the platform as long as you are connected with the wifi or have internet access. It also enables you to access a broadcast via a link to the SopCast app. You can get quality of the streaming varies hugely depending on your internet channel. SopCast app enables you to choose from your desired channels and is an elegant alternative for uses who want to stream specific videos online.

#6 Tv Wave


TV Wave app enables the possibility of adding the radio or even the TV channels to a list and playing them whenever, wherever you want. TV Wave app makes it effortless to watch clips of Youtube to know how to add channels according to your likeliness.

You carry your own list of channels, get the main list of tracks, and various other stuff whenever you want. Tv Wave app lets you manage everything while having sleek functions and watch stuff of entertainment whenever over your cell phones, tablets, and PCs. So give a chance to download the Tv Wave app over your cellular devices and get a personalized list of radio and channels to play them with a single tap of the button.

#7 Web TV

Web TV app makes it effortless to watch live soccer matches, get an exclusive grip on music videos, get all the domestic TV series of Turkish, and various other entertaining stuff over this platform. Web TV app enables you to watch HD channels every time and get stunning entertainment whenever necessary. Some of its amazing channels including TRT 1, KANALD, SHOWTV, ATV, HALKTV, and various others.

The app also brings a superb platform for amazing broadcasting all your scenarios and evens and record live streams to have real fun. You can intuitively record your desired videos web-TV apps and share them with your family members, friends, and others right away. Web TV requires an excellent, high quality, and stable internet connection or Wi-Fi for amazing results.

#8 TVexe

TVexe is a superb, award-winning freeware software that lets you watch more than 900 live TV channels over your personal computer with a hundred percent safe and clean environment. TVexe app enables you to watch your desired and most likely channels over your personal computers whenever you needed them the most. The platform is extremely easy to use, and anyone can find their desired television stations whenever, wherever.

You can enjoy watching music, educational, sports, art, news, entertainment, sports, music, movie, dramas, and other channels in plenty of languages. The app lets you find the best way to watch together in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, German, French, and various other sections.

#9 Piczel


Piczel is a unique, elegant, and free live streaming and art gallery solution for all the designers, streamers, and other designing enthusiasts who love art that much. Piczel is an amazing service that brings exclusive live streaming over plenty of art stuff right on the palm of your hands and helps you get things effortlessly.

Despite watching amazing streams, you can also enjoy the exclusive art gallery with thousands of characters, anime, and real art designs and motions whenever wherever. It provides two galleries, including Streams and Gallery, for you to access with a single click of the button. Piczel platform also brings exclusive mascot contests that you can take part in to have real fun.

#10 AceStream


AceStream is a utility for audio content as well as playing videos from network sources and even other platforms on any available player or remote devices. AceStream is a stunning platform presented in the market by Innovative Digital Technology, LLC, which helps you enjoy playing your desired videos and audios whenever you want.

The app contains an inbuilt player to play any audio or video files of plenty of formats, including MKV, MOV, Ogg, TS, FLAC, MOV, WV, AAC, M2TS, AAC, FLAC, AVI, MP4, and various others. The app also supports playback for network streams that are broadcasted through protocols HTTPS, BitTorrent, Ace Stream, FTP, RTMP, Ace Stream, and various others.

#11 Picarto.TV


Picarto.TV app lets you become a part of an exclusive and creative community to start spreading your passion and thoughts with the whole world. Picarto: Live Stream & Chat is a sleekly designed platform presented in the market by 3logic Systems GmbH Inc., where you can enjoy watching live streams of your most likely artists from all over the globe and even discover new ones right away.

You can stream directly from your Android or iOS cell phones and tablets, stream together with your family members and friends, and even host private steam. Picarto.TV: Live Stream and Chat app let you receive push notifications, live channels from top artists, live chat functionality, multilingual support, and live to chat with your friends, family members, and strangers. Picarto: Live Stream and Chat app enables you to share your creativity while choosing from numerous categories, including Drawing, Creative Character Design, Comic, Cosplay, Illustration, Cartoons, and various others.

#12 DuckDuckGo


DuckDuckGo app provides comprehensive online privacy and gets rid of online tracking whenever you want. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser is a sleekly designed app presented in the market by DuckDuckGo Inc. that brings smart encryption and protect your privacy in a way like never before.

The app has the speed you need that brings all the browsing features you expect along with a pack with best-in-class privacy essentials. DuckDuckGo: Privacy, Simplified app enables you to clear all your tabs and browsing data with just a single tap of the button. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser app automatically blocks all the third-party trackers and helps you stay away from prying eyes.

#13 FirstRow Sport

FirstRow Sport app enables its global users to watch all the supported live streaming sports and all the sports events while connecting to the internet. FirstRow Sport is a fine platform where you can catch soccer, rugby, ice hockey, baseball, football, basketball, and various other sports right over your cell phones and tablets.

You can enjoy an easy to use scenario, multiple streams usually available, and a magnificent selection of channels to surf. The app annoys you with poor TV streaming, a bit boring interface, tiresome installation, and annoying ads.

#14 Ditto


Ditto brings a sleek and elegant matching technology that links smart delivers to smart riders having the same route. Ditto is a stunning platform presented in the market by Ditto Software Inc. It brings an exceptional platform that makes instant integration with all the car owners to smart riders using the same route and giving the riders the opportunity to go safe.

It never lets you go alone on a journey while providing real drivers and joining your everyday routes. Ditto app splits the fare between both the drivers and riders in a sleek and reasonable way and lets everyone save money and effort. You can get to know new people from your area or through your routes and get to know new people whenever, wherever. Ditto app enables both riders and drivers to select each other based on ratings, profiles, and smart safety measurements.

#15 Configurator for Kodi


Configurator for Kodi is the official configurator for the Kodi official to set up your Kodi Android with just a single click of the button and get the instant configuration. Configurator for Kodi – Complete Kodi Setup Wizard is a stunning platform presented in the market by Configurator for Kodi Inc. that you can set up with ease and get things done with ease.

The app helps you build charts and top Kodi add-ons to know what is out and what is in. You can precisely switch between multiple builds over your device effortlessly. The app provides a backup Kodi media player, restores Kodi android, for close Kodi, change Kodi boot screen, automatically setup Kodi, automatic update Kodi builds, and much more.

#16 Open Streaming Platform

Open Streaming Platform is a widely used, open-source RTMP streamer software front end for the module of Arut’s Nginx-RTMP. Open Streaming Platform is a sleek software designed as a self-hosted alternative to services including Youtube Live, Ustream. Tv,, and various other platforms.

The app brings RTMP streaming from an input source, including OBS (Open Broadcast Software) and video stream recording along with on-demand playback. OSP brings manual video uploading that is sourced outside of OSP and protected streams to allow access only to the audience you want.