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#1 is a website for getting the review of the IT products and those gadgets that are directly or indirectly linked to the IT. is like an e-paper entirely focusing on the new and review of the products. It also describes the prices of the products as well. For those who are required to purchase the technological products must use the on daily basis because at in addition to getting the news about the recent products available in the market, they will be able to come to know about the prices and reviews of these products. is said to be the leading platform for those with technology backgrounds. It always comes with latest technology and those products that really matter for the technology enthusiasts. is only the information provider and adviser that assist the people like you in deciding what to buy and how to get the real benefit from the products. The main benefits of visiting are availability to latest technology news, get unbiased product review, find the right product by exploring from unlimited, watch the videos to get in-depth knowledge, post your own opinions and much more. In addition to all these, also deals in the downloading of software, games and mobile applications as well.

#2 is a credible name in the world of technology news and information. With the passage of time, has made a significant improvement in the world of IT and the process is still on. Now the is the name of an independent media property that is dedicated to assisting the especially startups in addition to professionals and expertise. On daily basis it comes with reviews and in the week end, it delivers the top stories of the week for those who were unable to touch with entire week. is among those leading IT platforms that are known as the provider of unbiased reviews and views on the technology products and subjects. The startups will get the real benefit from the because most of the data of is regarding the startup companies and story of the beginners who will really inspire you. News on all topics and subjects are the streamline area covered by the also provide the information about the upcoming technology events and conferences as well. If you want to get the updates of the right in your inbox then has the option for email subscription as well.


#3 is among those leading technology websites that are serving in the real term by telling the visitors how to get the real benefits from the products. is the provider of latest technology products. It is not about news and views only. In fact, is the provider of the ways of finding the best approaches to utilize the technological gadgets and tech products in a best way. is about discovering those real and recent products over the internet that are really reshaping the world. is now the platform of the web applications, software, programs, technology products, news, gadgets, opinions and much more. Every day it comes with various news and reviews on the recent products. itself is not an independent news and views provider. It basically relies on the news and views section of the Yahoo! Answers. In that’s way can be said as the one of the best platforms for getting the news and reviews of the recent products because these are based on the opinion of real and genuine people. has covered the all topics and operating systems. It is a web based source for getting information about Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android operating systems in addition to getting latest tech news.

#4 is a web-based information center that just like its name usually provides the news and information about computers and peripherals equipment. is for those who are looking for to upgrade their devices and are unable to decide because of no familiarity with the technology products. At the online website of the these users will come to know about the technology products reviews, latest news, prices, opinion and much more. is the provider of unbiased news and views about the computer and internet related products and services. If talk about the reviews section of the, then this section contains the reviews of the laptops, tablets, phones, cameras, HDTVs, gaming, printers, storage, software, cars, wearable technology, digital home, and even cars. If you want to start your own business about above mentioned products then will be surely a great help for you that will make you able to top notch ideas. The other unique section of is how to that is basically based on the tutorials and tips and tricks. Here you can also find the best solution about any product. also deals in the computers programs and software as well and provides the official downloading link as well.



As apparent from the name, the website is about the information and views on the hardware of the computers, internet products and likewise peripheral gadgets. is about the information of latest hardware news, reviews, test, and opinions. It is for those IT users who take much interest in hardware as compared to software. will be surely a great help for them that will assist them in getting the best information about the hardware of any product over the internet. is really driving the future of hardware content and the information related to it. is said to be the rapidly growing and constantly evolving digital content platform that helps thousands of people to make smarter purchases by knowing about the products in advance. The way of serving of to its visitors is really impressive that make them able to get the better result and make the best choices among a lot of options. is one of the best online platforms for getting the information about storage devices, graphics accessories, CPUs, cases, tablets, cooling instruments, motherboards, gaming consoles and gadgets, smartphones, and much more. is also a best source for getting the information and position of the brands also. For IT professionals, there are dedicated blogs and forums at the where these professionals can sharpen their skills by knowing more about their field.


If you want to get really expert product reviews, then will be of great help for you for this purpose. In term of reviews and comparison of the two or more that two technological products, is considered as the leading IT platform. It is that level of platform that first provide the in-depth information of a product and after that make the comprehensive analysis of two or more that two products as well. The advantage of considering is very simple and that is the unbiased attitude of towards any product. It openly list the pros and cons of any product that’s why is listed as the one of the leading online source for getting the expert product reviews. is not about software and computing hardware only. It is a portal that deals in the comprehensive software ratings, hardware, electronic comparisons and insight of the product reviews. For those who want to stay informed with the different gadgets and instruments will surely find the useful for them. is the way to compare the best in order to by the best. is also the way for getting the independent and reliable information about any product in order to make complex buying decisions easily. Each month it publish the third party product reviews in a vast range of categories.

#7 is a web based information provider of technology product. This platform deals in the information, rating, reviews, and advice on the various products, services. is striving to make the decision making smarter for the tech enthusiastic. is not about few operating systems and limited gadgets only. It is a platform that is the leading platform that deals with the reviews and views of the almost all type of products and services. is known as a platform that rigorously test the products and services. By visiting the official website of, you will be able to get the product reviews and ratings and will come into position of making the smart choice. is a platform for getting those level of ratings and reporting that you have come to expect but in an easy to navigate format. Check out the main advantage of using for information purpose; ratings of those products that are already tested by the experts, search the products according to product or brand, check the score of the product like rating, get the high and low rating, compare to models, access to the offline ratings of the, CR system for the quick review and much more.

#8 is the home of technology that has been covering the computing, networking, internet gadgets and much more in a comprehensive way for past many years. Many a time this site has been listed in the leading technology platforms for the purpose of getting news and reviews of the latest technology. Being the one of the leading technology platforms, deals in the publication of technology-focused articles, with the news and reviews and views of the tech products as well with the main focus on the gadgets. is covering the technology in a perfect manner by giving the detail of the each and every inch of a product. In term of third party web analytics provider, ranked at the third position in Alexa. Many websites recommend the IT students to visit the on a regular basis in order to get in touch with the recent IT environment. The major tech sector covered by the are reviews of the gadgets, smartphones, TVs, laptops, car tech, wearables, tablets, cameras, components, audio & visual, gaming and much more. The other unique feature of is its how to the section from where you can search for the tips and tricks and can get the tutorials on various topics as well.

#9 is the recommendation of the tech expert for the startup and experts for getting the unbiased reviews and views on the technological products and gadgets. is the best source of information for the computer power users, tech enthusiasts and IT decisions makers for getting the best information and making the smart decisions. is an online source that delivers the hot news and analysis to those visitors who crave for technical depth and keen to learn about the latest tech trends. The main sections of are covering the data and information about product reviews, software recommendations, long form features, guides and much more. The best about is that it has a very massive product database that makes the its visitors able to get information about any product in few minutes. If you want to share your own experiences, then will also welcome you in this regard. itself is the community of the tech enthusiast that post the discussions on a daily basis. You can also take part in all this scenario by simply creating an account with By visiting the website of you will be able to explore technology news, reviews, features, product finder section, downloads, drivers, forums, discussion area, news comments, trending stories, tech deals, and even the tech jobs.

#10 is a tech blog and the provider of latest news and information about the technology and those related to technology by any means. If you are looking for a professional online source for getting the best in information technology then here is the that will be a great help for you to enhance your knowledge in the tech. The best about is that in addition to being unbiased technology news provider it is efficient and easy to use and offer a lot of efficiency to the visitors. For past many years, this tech blog has been doing well for the thriving tech community by providing the best answer to their unanswerable questions of technology. is surely the one stop source for those serious visitors who need serious technological coverage. is a platform that known how to cover the trends in a perfect way. If you need to know how the disks grind and how the chips hum then you are at the right place if you are at The best about is that in addition to exploring the apparent scene of any product it also look behind the scenes and explore the concepts that drive the visitors. This site always try to cover the new and emerging technologies as well.


Purely designed for the tech enthusiasts, is a tech blog that deals with technology news, analysis, product description and likewise other issues and trends. Those with tech background will surely find the beneficial for them because is like a community generated tech platform where the tech gurus and startups share their ideas, pass comments on the recent trends and issues and in that’s way help each other. is among the leading tech blogs that provide the interesting material 24/7 on the recent trends, analysis on the trends, opportunities, technologies and about all those that is directly or indirectly linked to technology. For the same reasons, is said to be the one of the most credible sources of information for the professionals and decision makers. The information provided by the is comprised in such a way that meet the requirement of each type of tech expert and beginner. From investigating options to optimizing a solution, provides the support for all. That makes the a global level of tech blog. Whatever you want or want to follow any topic or emerging trends, at you will be given the information about each and every point. is the recommended destination for those IT professionals who are looking for to research technology-related issues and want to solve the business technology problems in a more professional way.

#12 is a credible source for essential technology information that is available for free. This platform is known for dealing in latest technology headlines, product reviews, suggestions, recommendations and likewise much other important information. is said to be beneficial for the builders of enterprise infrastructure. make it readers able to always make the smart choices by getting the insight full knowledge of any product or services in advance. For past many years, have been delivering technology news, analysis of enterprise IT trends, and reviews of the new products. First, it was named as PC Week and later on got familiarity as is among the pioneer IT blogs to provide perspectives on tech industry particularly for IT enterprises and IT professionals who are working for the large companies and are required to build out their infrastructures. From the information era of x86 servers, software and PCs to the modern world of enterprise apps, smartphones, cloud computing and virtualization, is one of the credible sources of information for all that has been intelligently covering all issues since its data of foundation. In addition to official website of for PC, the new website of also offers its readers best reading experiences in the case of accessing from smartphone and tablet.

#13 is an online tech source that provide its readers latest tech headlines, review and tips & tricks. This platform is dependent on the leading tech giants like, Computer Shopper, IGN, and for the purpose of getting reviews on recent tech trends and issues. is basically a community-based online technology source that features the latest tech news and reviews of the software and hardware along with tech products buying guides, features and much more. In addition to above mentioned stuff, also deals in the smartphones, multiple gadgets, games, chips and much more. For those who want to get their selves up to date with the latest tech issues are advised to visit on a daily basis. The user-friendly web interface of make the readers able to easily navigate to any part of the website and search for the designed topic and issue. The best feature of is its Geek Answers section. Geek Answers is the very interesting section of the that provide the answers to the scientific and mind challenging questions. This section is based on the common sense. All part of the are interesting to explore. For those who want to get the updates of the in their inbox can also get the same by simply subscribing to the newsletter service of the


Just like its name, this platform is the provider of detailed expert reviews of latest consumer IT, computing and electronic products. In addition to dealing with review and opinions, is also the provider of the industry news, product launches, and in-depth analysis of the ongoing activities in the tech industry. If you are also expert one or want to share something informational then is a best platform for voicing your opinion and hearing to those customers have already said. That system of make it a community-based tech platform that deals in the crossway comments and reading. Wanna see how virtual reality is reshaping the future of the world and want to explore even more interesting and exciting then here is the, an all in one source of information and a credible one to keep an eye on the recent trends and issues. The best about is that this website is intelligently covering the all those issues and news that are directly or indirectly linked to the tech industry. Have a glance on what you can explore at; TVs & Audio, computing devices, networking, cameras, smartphones, home appliances, gaming, competitions, tech events, all opinions, trending topics, all videos, all news, all reviews and much more.

#15 is a European based site designed for the computer hardware and software news, cover processors, major hardware and much more. It provides the news, reviews, and opinions for tech buffs on the products that are directly or indirectly associated with the computers and information technology equipment. that said it to be the news provider of computer hardware only now deals in the reviews of various other smartphone and electronic devices as well. If you are planning to purchase any computing device or other electronic gadget and want to get in depth analysis of that product in advance, then will be surely a great help for you for this purpose. It is one of the best sources over the internet whose large covered sections are news, reviews, videos, in-depth analysis, download store, debates and various other informational stuff. In addition to all these, the major areas of discussion at are software reviews, hardware reviews and download reviews. If talk about the debate and research area of then sure that is the part of the too in the shape of B2B web seminars, business technology videos, and whitepapers. The site itself is partnered with the major tech blogs like, CRN UK, Computing and various other tech blogs.

#16 is an online portal in the world of IT that always comes with bleeding edge in the technology, science, news and various other on daily basis. is listed among the leading web-based tech magazine for the tech audience only. After visiting the for the first time, you will real find the interface and material of up to the minute in all section of techs like IT, CE, PC and lot of other news and articles. The best about is that its online services are not restricted to the simple web-based news only. It is providing all these informational stuff in the shape of forums, public portals, and syndications. That is the way of working of to provide its readers with the best real-time information and material. By visiting the, you can get the information about auto, gadgets, hardware, internet, IT, science software. There is a specified of blog IT at as well. You can also take part in the poll of to submit your own opinion on any product as well. In short, this online portal is covering news, research, and discussion of upcoming events and those in the pipeline in the best way.