Islamic Calendar Converter


Islamic Calendar Converter Alternatives


#1 Islamic Prayer Time & Calendar


Islamic Prayer Time & Calendar brings the most detailed monthly view of the Gregorian calendar along with the respective Islamic Calendar, developed in the market by Mohamed Rabbani Inc. Islamic Prayer Time and Calendar app brings the highlights of Islamic holidays as well as events for you. The app features Calendar (Gregorian as well as Hijri), prayer timings, the direction of Qiblah, event manager, Weather, and Moon phases, and lots more.

You can precisely get loads and loads of Quranic Duas as well as Authentic Hadees Duas right on the palm of your hands. You can also get to know all the nearby places such as mosques, all the nearby Halal Stores, Halal places to eat, Halal restaurants, and other places significant for Muslims. Islamic Prayer Time and Calendar app is an all-in-one tool with all the highlighted features necessary for Muslims to have in their cell phones.


#2 Urdu (Islamic) Calendar 2020


Urdu (Islamic) Calendar 2020 is a user friendly and sleekly designed Islamic calendar app that is truly based on Lunar Hijri Calendar. Urdu (Islamic) Calendar 2020 is a stunning platform presented in the market by Mobilo Soft Inc. that is useful for Muslims who want to know all the crucial information about their religion and get things without any effort. It brings heaven of benefits for the Islamic community in Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, and everywhere else around the world.

It carries an Islamic world calendar, based truly on Lunar Hijri Calculations by the Umm Al-Qura and based on Saudi Arabia. Apart from a superb and nice calendar, it provides you with all the significant dates based on Islamic occasions, Muslim festivals, and other observations. Urdu (Islamic) Calendar 2020 app enables you to get the exact date of Eid Ul Adha, Ramadan Mubarak, Eid Ul Fitr, Ashura, and other significant Islamic dates.

#3 Islamic Hijri Calendar 2019


Islamic Hijri Calendar 2019 is a widely loved smartphone application that provides Muslims worldwide with the most precise and easy to use Gregorian calendar beside the Hijri. Islamic Hijri Calendar 2019 is a superb tool established in the market by Quran Reading, which brings a beautiful Islamic calendar with both Hijri and Gregorian dates along with plenty of exceptional features. You can precisely get to know about all the Islamic events and crucial Islamic dates to get to know things effortlessly.

You can intuitively view the current Gregorian and Hijri dates, convert specific Islamic dates to the Christian one, and share the app along with entire stuff with others. You can instantly know all the crucial and important Islamic dates and famous Islamic events happen every year. Islamic Hijri Calendar 2020 is a highly appealing and easy to use calendar application that carries loads of unique and elegant features ever available on mobile phones and tablets.


#4 Hijri App by mhmmd


Hijri App by mhmmd app brings plenty of valuable features while presenting the timing of prayers, Gregorian calendar, Hijri calendar, and various other options. Hijri – Islamic Widget & Fasting & Salat time is a stunning platform that brings Salat timings to help you say prayers on time.

The app provides you with sleek information regarding the Sunnah fasting day’s remainder, such as Ashura, and Arafah, etc. It is a light and simple app that features multiple layouts, the ability to show or hide the Gregorian date, intuitive placement on Lockscreen and home screen, etc.

#5 Hijri Islamic Calendar Pro


Hijri Islamic Calendar Pro app consists of a lunar calendar that carries 12 months in a year of 355 as well as 344 days, developed in the market by Appstall Inc. Hijri Islamic Calendar Pro is a sleekly designed tool that brings precise and highly customizable Gregorian as well as Hijri Calendar having accurate dates. The app features highlight the current Gregorian and Islamic calendar, widget both for Hijri/Greg calendar, date in Arabic scripts, etc.

The app provides important Islamic dates and months, including 12 Rabi al-Awwal (Mawlid or Birth of the Prophet), 1 Ramadan, Last third of Ramadan, which includes Laylat al-Qadr, Eid ul-Fitr, The Hajj to Mecca*, 27 Ramadan (17 Ramadan in Indonesia and Malaysia), and more. Other than these, you can also get to know 27 Rajab (Isra and Mi’raj), 1 Muharram, 10 Muharram (Day of Ashura), 15 Sha’ban (Mid-Sha’ban, or Night of Forgiveness), 9 Dhu al-Hijjah (Day of Arafa), Eid al-Adha and various others occasions.

#6 Hijri Calendar Pro


Hijri Calendar Pro is a significant tool that provides a fantastic conversion from Hijri calendar dates to the Gregorian calendar dates over an excellent widget. Hijri Calendar Pro is a fine platform presented in the market by Mehmet Madmudoglu Inc. that precisely calculates the Hijri calendar according to the moon sightings. It features moon widget, Arabic and Turkish translation support, moon sighting, real-time moon shape and position angle, The Da Vinci Glow effect, etc.

The app carries comprehensive moon information such as the moonrise, moon transit, moonset, Moon Illumination, Julian Day, Time Difference, Equatorial Right Ascension, Declination, Right Ascension, Islamic Lunation Number, Ecliptic Latitude, and Ecliptic Longitude, etc. You can precisely get the real-time moon image over the sky according to your current position over the earth. Hijri Calendar Pro app also helps you get the new moon’s exact timings, first quarter, full moon, new crescent, new crescent, and first and last quarter.

#7 Hijri Islamic Calendar 2018


Hijri Islamic Calendar 2018 application brings a stunning Gregorian and Hijri calendar with precise dates, presented in the market by Creative Utility Apps. This Muslim, Hijri, and Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar consisting of all the months over 354 or 355 days precisely. It brings a sleek screen widget support that helps you get the current month, year, and date of the Gregorian calendar over the home screen of your cell phones and tablets.

This intuitive application provides you with the ultimate view of Hijri calendar month, year, day, etc. You can also get the most precise Hijri calendar months as well as years in Arabic scripts. It precisely converts the A.H calendar into the A.D dates and helps you get to know whatever you want. Just download the Hijri Islamic Calendar 2018 app over your cell phones and tablets and enjoy a highly curated Islamic Calendar with both Hijri and Georgian dates.

#8 Islamic Hijri Calendar


Islamic Hijri Calendar app is a classy platform where you can get plenty of exclusive stuff regarding Islam and manage your things accordingly. Islamic Hijri Calendar is an elegantly designed tool developed in the market by Digital Valley Inc. that brings a lunar calendar that consists of 12 months in a year of 355 or 344 days. It also uses the Gregorian calendar to date all the famous events and occasions in many Muslim countries.

You can grab almost all the important Islamic dates, including Muharram, Day of Ashura, 27 Rajab, 12 Rabbi al-Awwal (Melaad of Holy Prophet SAW), 1 Ramadan, Last third of Ramadan including Laylat al-Qadr, and more. Islamic Hijri Calendar app also lets you get to know Eid al Fitr, Eid al Adha, last third of Ramadan, 12 Rajab, 1 Ramadan, 1 Shawal, 9 Dhu Al-hijjah, Day of Arafa, 27 Rajab, and various others occasions.

#9 Hijri calendar (Islamic Date)


Hijri calendar (Islamic Date) is a widely loved Islamic, Hijri calendar, and Muslim app that brings Hijri Calendar details, calculation of Hijri Age, moon position finder, Islamic events, and various others. Hijri calendar (Islamic Date) and Moon Finder is a fine platform presented in the market by Java Programmer Inc. that brings a lunar calendar consisting of 12 months have 354 or 355 days. You can enjoy two amazing home screen widgets, today’s highlights, and extreme accuracy.

It features the new material design, forward and backward view, supports both English and Arabic language, accurate calculations, offline support, and free and will be free forever. Hijri calendar and Moon finder app also bring method and location-based prayer timings and 99 names of Allah SW along with their descriptions and meanings. Hijri calendar (Islamic Date) and Moon Finder also brings all the crucial Islamic dates and never lets you miss important occasions.

#10 Hijri Calendar by R Softs


Hijri Calendar by R Softs is a useful app that brings a useful and elegantly designed Arabic calendar having dozens of significant options right on the palm of your hands. Hijri Calendar by R Softs is a fine tool that helps you manage Hijri to Gregorian and Gregorian to Hijri date conversion system without any efforts. You can enjoy one-tap access for the date adjustment (regarding +1 day or the -1 day). It features daily prayer timings that help you say prayers when it’s the right time based on your present area.

It carries the functionality of prayer time customization, Ramadan times, daily prayer times, monthly prayer times, highlights the important occasions, Adhan support, The Quran recitation, and various others. Hijri Calendar by R Softs app also helps you find Qibla’s direction without making any efforts and say a prayer while having the most precise direction regarding your current location.

#11 Misri Calendar (Hijrical)


Misri Calendar (Hijrical) app brings a classy display of both Gregorian and Hijri dates over the month view right on the screens of your cell phones. Misri Calendar (Hijrical) – For Dawoodi Bohra Muslim Community is a good tool developed by HMM Inc. that brings both calendars with all the important dates. The app stores events linked to almost all the Gregorian and Hijri dates. The app precisely displays Namaz’s timings, and you can also set the alarm regarding the different times of prayers as well.

Misri Calendar app brings easy to use and robust interface along with a sleekly designed home screen widget support for instant access to whatever you want. Misri Calendar (Hijrical) app utilizes passive location tracking support that needs the last known location of your device from the HPS and network data already stored in your device to avoid additional battery consumption.

#12 Hijri Calendar by Ibrahim Hamed


Hijri Calendar by Ibrahim Hamed is an elegant platform for Muslims from all over the world, who would get to know the crucial Islamic dates and plenty of other valuable information. Hijri Calendar: Prayer Times, Event, and Reminder is a beautifully created tool that helps you grab the information of both Gregorian and Hijri calendar dates along with their further information. You can get to know the timing of prayers along with notification support to help you get everything flawlessly.

The app is compatible with the UMM Ai Qura calendar and brings a classy widget that displays all the upcoming events. The app also can customize the themes of it and adjust the Hijri dates as well. Hijri Calendar: Prayer Times, Event, and Reminder app features digital clock widget, date widget, calculate duration between two dates, extreme level customization, and repeat remainders support (daily, yearly, weekly, and monthly).

#13 Hijri WCC


Hijri WCC is a highly accurate and precisely designed app that helps you get plenty of available information regarding all the Islamic dates and prayers, etc. Hijri WCC is a satisfactory platform presented in the market by Roqai’e Inc. that features Hijri widget, month view Hijri calendar, and conversion between Hijri/Greg or vice versa. The app features widget support that shows the date precisely while considering both Gregorian as well as Hijri.

The app contains the capability of the conversion between Hijri and Gregorian calendar as well as Gregorian to Hijri calendar without doing much. You can either decrease or increase the Hijri date by three days, adjust the Hijri month to be 29 or 30 days, and make an instant conversion of Hijri/Greg. Hijri WCC app supports both Arabic and English languages, and you can choose any of them while going over their settings.