Isolvedgo Alternatives


#1 Paylocity Mobile


Paylocity Mobile captures, stores, and delivers the entire data as well as information regarding employees and managers and takes care of your whole business, either small, medium, or large. Paylocity Mobile is a fine app presented in the market by Paylocity Inc. that brings modern employee work management from more places than just the desks of your offices.

It allows its users to edit their information, view the entire historical or current pay info, searches the company directory, and manage things on the move. It allows you to access company links and acknowledged docs, review your timesheets and schedules, create journal entries, create and submit expenses reports, and much more.


#2 Dingtalk


Dingtalk is an elegantly designed, free to use, and robust collaboration platform used by more than 7 million enterprises or organizations from all over the globe. Dingtalk: Make Work and Study Easy is a stunning app presented in the market by Taobao Inc. that features team collaborations, task management, unified communication, attendance, and various others.

You can get team space for all kinds of collaborations, attendance (with location, rule, management, and time), and personal assistance for meetings, events, and other tasks. You can intuitively get the best communication solution for enterprises and teams and track online approvals with multiple templates. It allows you to set up, manage, and monitor all the profiles of employees with organization structure information.

#3 Sortly: Inventory Simplified


Sortly: Inventory Simplified is one of the super inventory management solutions that enables all the teams, businesses, and other organizations to track what they have over their side. Sortly: Inventory Simplified is a sleekly designed app presented in the market by Shortly Inc. that made inventory so easy, a highly customized system, scan in or out items, and much more.

The app carries a simple inventory management solution that teams and businesses to easily track what they have right over your cell phones and tablets. You can precisely access inventory on the web, smartphones, or tablets right from the desk or even from your pocket. You can intuitively browse your inventory using photos rather than words in a spreadsheet, add up to 8 images per entry, or even use folders to group items by keywords (customer, employee, condition, or location).


#4 TimeStation


TimeStation app intuitively turns your Android and iOS mobile phones into a countless time as well as attendance system and manages things while having all the valuable things whenever necessary. TimeStation: Attendance & Time Tracking is a sleekly designed app presented in the market by TimeStation, LLC, which lets you enjoy fast-scan technology and exclusive management of employees and managers whenever necessary.

Time Station is one of the most effortless and perfect solutions for all the small, medium, and big businesses looking to track the attendance and time of their employees and manages without the usual cost and overhead of traditional systems. You can precisely visit its website to create your account, print employee cards, run time reports, manage employees, and much more.

#5 Paycom


Paycom app puts the power of employee service technology over your cell phones and tablets while letting everyone utilize Parcom’s HR and payroll technology at work. Paycom is an excellent platform presented in the market by Paycom Software, Inc. that allows you to get instant answers through employee self-service and manage stuff having sleek functionalities.

You can enjoy smart login securely with a PIN and log in securely with the touch of a finger whenever necessary. You can intuitively access your personal employee data inaccessible here, including present and past pay stubs, performance reviews, benefits, goals, contact information, and various other information. You can precisely enjoy mileage tracker, learn at your pace, defeat the receipt, and manage approvals from anywhere, anytime.

#6 Adp Mobile Solutions


Adp Mobile Solutions is a sleekly designed app that helps you manage, view, and customize the information of your company right over your cell phones and stay connected all the time. ADP Mobile Solutions: HR for Employees & Managers is a sleekly designed app that brings a convenient access time, payroll, attendance, event notifications, benefits, and other vital HR information for your team and you.

The app makes it easy to view pay and W2 statements, view and request time off, track time and attendance, punch in or out, create timesheets, customize time cards (update, edit, & approve time cards) in the way you want. You can also view benefit plan information, view and request time off, track pay card accounts, and make an instant connection with colleagues whenever you want.

#7 Adobe Scan: Mobile Pdf Scanner


Adobe Scan: Mobile Pdf Scanner app intuitively turns your mobile phones, tablets, and other devices into a robust portable doc scanner with comprehensive OCR text recognition capabilities. Adobe Scan: PDF Scanner with OCR and PDF Creator is a sleekly designed app presented in the market by Adobe Inc. that allows you to turn your desired stuff into GPEG or PDF files with content.

The app enables you to use the app to turn receipts, notes, documents, business cards, photos, receipts, whiteboards, and other stuff into Adobe files with content you can reuse from each photo scan or PDF. Adobe Scan: Mobile PDF Scanner app precisely scans everything with precision with this elegantly mobile PDF scanner.

#8 Paycor Mobile


Paycor Mobile provides its global users elegant access to the attendance, timesheet, payroll, and other HR functionalities whenever, wherever you go. Paycor Mobile is a stunning platform presented in the market by Paycor, Inc. that makes it effortless to manage all the human resource management functionalities right using a single app. You can instantly sign in with your existing Paycor passcode and username to stay connected and manage things on the move.

It allows employees to see their current and previous W-2s and stubs, fill out their timesheets, company directory, list of benefits, accept your time cards or timesheets, a d get the company information whenever you want. It enables employees to text, print, or email PDF copies of all your desired W-2s and stubs.

#9 Timesheet Mobile


Timesheet Mobile makes the management of teams, scheduling employees, creating and customizing projects, and managing the entire business with real ease. Employee Time Clock w/ GPS, Scheduling & Messaging is a sleekly designed app presented in the market by Timesheet Mobile Inc. that enables you to manage your business in a way like never before. You can get a geofences-enabled timesheet with Autopunch, which includes project checklists, team messaging, auto travel, team conversations, and other processes right over your mobile phones.

You can intuitively schedule things by employee, customer, or job, block early punch-ins, push notifications to employees (whenever shift is changed, schedules, or updated), and get instant notifications if employees don’t shift a schedule or clock into a job. Timesheet Mobile™ app provides multiple workforce management functionalities, including project checklists, send docs or images, team messaging, attach images or docs, and more.