Jelly Splash


Jelly Splash Alternatives


#1 Jewel Quest: Seven Seas


Jewel Quest is an awesome match-3 puzzle game that carries hundreds of crazy puzzles that are created intuitively from the diamond gems and exquisite gems. Jewel Quest: Seven Seas is a superb match-3 puzzle gaming platform presented in the market by Angerdy Studio Inc. that carries an addictive game for people of all ages. Jewel Quest is absolutely simple, where you have to swap and match three or more than three same jewels to crush them.

The game features more than 290 well-designed levels, easy and fun to start scenario, match three same jewels, match five or more jewels, boom pop, blast pop, and time pop, etc. You can also enjoy the amazing sound and nice graphics to enjoy these fun puzzles. So just download Jewel Quest: Seven Seas game in your cell phones and tablets and start spending your time to get the charm of playing electrifying and amusing levels.


#2 Cookie Jam Blast


Cookie Jam Blast game lets you enjoy playing the newest match-3 puzzles and blast through tons of candy and cookie levels right over your cell phones. Cookie Jam Blast New Match 3 Game | Swap Candy is a superb gaming platform that lets you swap, connect, and blast almost three or more than three treats in this honeyed match 3 sagas. It enables you to swap and satisfy your sweet tooth through this relaxing cookie crushing game.

Cookie Jam Blast – New Match 3 Game is filled with your most likely treats, including ice cream, waffles, jam, jelly, cookie, and various other things. It also lets you install this free match-3 game and keep the cookie matching action. Cookie Jam Blast – Swap Candy game features thousands of fun levels to blast through, come back daily to spin the wheel of the prize, playtime challenges, get social and send bees to friends, and more.

#3 Genies and Gems


Genies and Gems is a place where thieves come to the palace to steal the jewels, and there is only a single person who can get that back. Genies & Gems – Jewel & Gem Matching Adventure game enables you to embark on a journey via mystical worlds with Jenni and her companion. The game brings daily events, challenging game modes, and thousands of exciting levels. Genies & Gems game provides tons of fun and exciting hours of playing match-3 puzzle gameplay.

You have to swap, match, or destroy those cute gems in tons of challenging and fun match-3 levels. Players can collect keys to crush new challenges and unlock new worlds. You can also use its stunning power-ups (Glided Butterfly and Glided Rainbow) to advance through exhilarating levels swiftly. Genies & Gems – Jewel and Gem Matching Adventure game also lets you uncover exciting power-ups, get soaring streaks, and collect gold along the journey.


#4 Jewel Quest


Jewel Quest is a genuine match-3 game that comes with brand new challenges, exciting graphics, engaging sound, classy boosts, impressive power-ups, and loads of exciting levels to enjoy everything flawlessly. Jewel Quest: Best Match 3 Games is a stunning platform developed in the market by Iwin, Inc. that lets you enjoy a unique gameplay twist for enjoying this match-3 puzzle. It enables you to test your mental prowess in this frantic and relish the adventure. Jewel Quest game provides more than 200 exquisite levels providing hours of entertainment.

You can even log in to this match-3 puzzle to see how you stack up against your buddies to play and challenge your buddies and crush their scores. This game carries special lion coins and power boosts that help you complete jewel boards in record time. Jewel Quest: Best Match 3 Games carries gorgeous backdrops having several 14 stunning islands to enjoy.

#5 Jewel World Candy Edition


Jewel World Candy Edition is a sweetly created, awesome, and delicious soda match-3 puzzle filled with engaging levels where you have to combine candy soda to beat your own time and destroy the background as well. Jewel World Candy Edition is a fabulous gaming platform developed in the market by Development Logiciels XenyGames Inc. that lets you play ZEN to enjoy and complete this saga without any limits or any life system.

You can enjoy both easy and hard levels while matching delicious candies having excellent sound, classy graphics, and pleasing music. Jewel World game allows you to challenge yourself in this beautiful world of candy jewel edition and get the golden timer as well. Candy Jewel World Match 3 game lets you enjoy new candies, including delicious Electrical candy, the tasty plasma candy, the sweet fire candy, the full-flavored candy soda bomb, and plenty of others whenever you play.

#6 Best Fiends


Best Fiends is a massively loved gaming platform that contains over 100,000,000 folks from all across the globe who are enjoying a 5-star level free puzzle adventure. Best Fiends – Free Puzzle Game is a stunning gaming app developed by Seriously Digital Entertainment Ltd. that lets you enjoy solving tons of awesome puzzles, beat the bad guys, and collect dozens of cute characters as you find the magical world of minutia in the most genuine game.

It enables you to enjoy solving tons of innovative puzzle levels that need extreme attention. Best Fiends lets you play win exciting and new stuff everything you open the game over its daily events. You can also compete against your Facebook friends, beat them in extraordinary challenges, and earn massive rewards whenever you want. Best Fiends – Free Puzzle Game lets you discover feature-film quality, collect cute characters, and regular updates.

#7 Bejeweled Stars


Bejeweled Stars enables you to experience endless fun as well as unique challenges in an awesome world that is full of surprises, playful puzzles, and intuitive explosions. Bejeweled Stars: Free Match 3 game lets you combine sparkling gems to create boost, earn rewards, uncover collectible emojis, and control the game board precisely. Bejeweled Stars game comes with exciting twists as well as distinctive ways to enjoy playing match-3 puzzles.

You can open chests to reveal the delightful and exclusive emojis of Bejeweled that allows you to express your style and send personal messages. It also enables you to create game-winning boosts by collecting brand-new SkyGems and use them to create unique boosts. You can also use the star swapper to blast through multiple slots and shuffle the game board for new matches. Bejeweled Stars: Free Match 3 game lets you light up the night sky and become a star.

#8 Gardenscapes: New Acres


Gardenscapes: New Acres lets you rake your journey through a massively-loved storyline full of unexpected turns and twists to restore a magnificent garden to its anterior glory. Gardenscapes: New Acres is a highly engaging casual gaming platform developed in the market by Playrix Inc. that enables you to embark over the adventurous journey to restore and embellish dozens of areas, and beat match-3 levels over the garden, and get to its exciting secrets, etc.

It allows you to enjoy the company of highly engaging in-game characters such as your butler, Austin, and a hilariously cute dog as well. Gardenscapes: New Acres carries addictive gameplay where you can enjoy swap and match feature for furnishing your own empire. It carries dozens of in-game characters, adorable puppy, unique levels, and much more. You can download Gardenscapes: New Acres game for free and become the part of this spectacular adventure to enjoy dozens of things.

#9 Chuzzle 2


Chuzzle 2 is an intelligent game that lets you fall back in love with the non-stop explosion and a fuzzy of fabulous Chuzzle matching action, developed in the market by Raptisoft Inc. Chuzzle 2 game lets you slide and match plenty of colorful and cute little chuzzles and watch them explode, shiver, and even sneeze with delight right using your mobile phones and tablets.

While on the same end, Chuzzle 2 game also lets you look out for locks, blasts, and other dangers as you take on plenty of appealing challenges over your quest to funkify the universe. In this beautifully curated puzzle game, chuzzles (your pets) are waiting for you to discover them. You can precisely unlock them all to fill your very own Chuzzarium. So just download Chuzzle 2 game, take a break to enjoy chuzzles swing, eat, dance, run, and play whenever you want.

#10 Bejeweled 3


Bejeweled 3 is a massively loved puzzle game downloaded by millions of global folks who are discovering your perfect match, having almost six exquisite modes in the class gem-matching platform. Bejeweled Classic 3 is a fabulous gaming platform developed by PopCap Inc. that brings a fast-paced, gem-driven flush, time-based lightning, and full houses of poker mode. In its Classic Gem-Matching mode, you can elegantly play the famous popular game with loads of new gems.

You can precisely create magnificent special gems including star gems, supernova gems, hypercubes, collect flashy achievements and badges, and soar to intuitive heights in the game center leaderboards. Bejeweled 3 game lets you enjoy the classic race against time in the dig as well as the hunt for the treasure in its sophisticated diamond Mode. Each of its boosts has its two boosts, including the Super Boost and Regular Boost that assist you in making more matches and set even higher scores.

#11 Water Splash


Water Splash is one of the world’s coolest, new match-3 adventure where you can enjoy playing tons of classy level along with awesome things while matching the colorful water balloons while feeling cool streams. Water Splash – Cool Match 3 is an exciting gaming platform presented by CookApps Inc., where you have to match the balloon as much as you can with the Oris and overthrow the evil crocodile.

You can let your friends be a part of this game and see who has better nerves of playing match-3 puzzles. You can either take on this massively engaging delight alone or even enjoy collaboratively with your friends and family members to see who can get the highest most scores. Water Splash – Cool Match 3 is an exciting, free, and never-ending match-3 puzzle game where you can enjoy more than 1900 amazing levels right over your cell phones and tablets.

#12 Disco Bees


Disco Bees brings a unique, funny, engaging, and addictive match-3 puzzle sensation with the newest levels and scenarios. Disco Bees – New Match 3 Game is an exclusive platform developed in the market by Scopely Inc. that brings award-winning gameplay, addictive challenges, awesome graphics, and endless fun. Disco Bees carries a new, fun, and exciting way to play ultimate match-3 puzzle game where you have to switch and match the colorful bees and enjoy unique honeycomb shaped board.

It enables you to unlock wild locations and puzzles to test your mentality and skills. Disco Bees brings never-ending fun by letting you play dozens of innovative and unique puzzles along with extremely exquisite power-ups. You can fly through plenty of crazy and beautiful levels along with entertaining challenges to master. You can also connect Disco Bees – New Match 3 Game with FB and match up with your buddies and enjoy match-3 puzzle equally fun for all ages.

#13 Hungry Babies Mania


Hungry Babies Mania game enables you to match plenty of tasty treats, discover treasure keys to win exciting prizes, collect dozens of adorable animals, and stop the sneaky gopher. Hungry Babies Mania – Match 3 Puzzles with Baby Pets is an excellent gaming platform developed in the market by Strom8 Studios, where you can enjoy plenty of hungry baby mania features whenever you want. You just have to swipe, match, and blast three or more tasty treats and collect adorable bouncing babies to win exciting things.

You can play this baby mania along with your buddies and family members to experience extra fun. The game carries thousands of puzzles that means there are hundreds of hungry babies. Hungry Babies Mania – Match 3 Puzzles with Baby Pets carries tons of babies who are excited to become your buddy like Zoomer the Turtle, Borus the Wild Boar, Rex the Lion, and various others.

#14 Juice Jam


Juice Jam is an exciting puzzle game with hundreds of fruity challenges where you can enjoy playing puzzles in a way like never before. Juice Jam is an exciting platform developed by Jam City Inc. that lets you enjoy decorating and customizing your town square in a way like never before. The game carries hundreds of juicy levels, Jam fruit to concoct sweet treats, brand new power-ups, exciting new ways of playing, and a lot more.

It allows you to join in the Kiwi and Juicetopia (tour whimsical lands as Mango) while presenting juice customers. Juice Jam is an exciting new match-3 puzzle game that allows you to join Mango, Kiwi, Apple, and the rest of Juice Jam gang as you pass these exciting levels through tons of awesome worlds. You just have to embark on this ultimate adventure today to enjoy a classy game filled with awesome match-3 puzzles.

#15 Toon Blast


Toon Blast is a widely loved, ultimate puzzle game presented from the awesome creators of Toy Blast that brings plenty of awesome features, endless fun, and unique gameplay. Toon Blast is an excellent gaming app that helps you enjoy the funniest cartoon puzzle adventure right over your cell phones and tablets. It lets you enter the engaging cartoon world starring Wally World, Bruno Bear, Cooper Cat, and other Whacky levels. You just have to blast cubes and create exquisite combos to pass these exciting levels.

You can precisely solve these highly engaging puzzles to assist the gang of toons moving around magical worlds. The game allows you to complete tons of impressive levels as well as unlock new episodes. You can play with dozens of entertaining obstacles and plenty of game objects. Toon Blast game also lets you create your team, receive lives from teammates, sync your game effortlessly, and collect stars by complete ting levels.