Keyboard/Button Mapper


Keyboard/Button Mapper Alternatives


#1 DroidJoy: Gamepad Joystick


DroidJoy: Gamepad Joystick is a sleekly designed app that intuitively transforms your mobile phones and tablets into a real gamepad device for your PC. DroidJoy: Gamepad Joystick Lite is a stunning app presented in the market by Florian Grill Inc. that brings plenty of controller configuration possibilities and helps you use them for dozens of game genres.

The app is an elegant gamepad management app that provides multi-client support, up to 14 buttons, G-Sensor support, wifi, Bluetooth connection availability, and easy connection setup. The app also features Xbox 360 controller emulation with native XInput drive and gamepad layout configuration.

#2 Tincore Keymapper


Tincore Keymapper is an elegant tool that helps you control your touch as well as non-touch applications and game with most keyboards, gamepads, joysticks, or your tablet and phone buttons. Tincore Keymapper is a widely used app presented in the market by Tincore Inc. that elegantly transforms your mobile and tabs into an exclusive gamepad device. You can use plenty of wireless Bluetooth controllers to use your most likely apps and play your favorite games.

The app supports USB connection and BlueTooth connectivity, including Nyko, Wiimotes, Wamo, IPega, Moga, and various others. You can elegantly simulate the controller of PlayStation on games that support the PS3 controller. You can also use the touchscreen of your phones as virtual pads and buttons.

#3 Game Controller KeyMapper


Game Controller KeyMapper is one of the world’s most trusted as well as downloaded gamepad mapping and gamepad testing utilities whenever you want. Game Controller KeyMapper is a stunning app presented in the market by Ankit Chowdhury, where you can map the buttons of your game controllers and analog sticks through its sleek user interface and use any controller to play any emulator and game.

It supports almost all the gamepad buttons, bumpers, analog sticks, triggers, DPAD, and various others. Some of its sleek features invert analog sticks, adjust the dead zone of analog sticks (regarding liking), and use analog tuck as DPAD (great for emulators). You can also use DPAD as an analog that is useful for controllers without even an analog stick.

#4 Gamepad Center – The Android console


Gamepad Center – The Android console is a widely loved app significant for people with a gamepad and tired of looking for all the compatible games for your commands whenever you want. Gamepad Center – The Android console is a signified app where you can enjoy playing your most likely games with your smartphones or TV BOX as if you had an Xbox and PS4.

The app is compatible with Terios, Ksix, EasySMX, Beboncool, SteelSeries, Nes, Mad Catz, Moga, Mocute, Terios, and various others. You can download the Gamepad Center app for free to enjoy hundreds of free games whenever you want. You can intuitively search all your desired games in the store by price, alphabetical order, category, rating, downloads, and more.

#5 Panda Keymapper 64bit – Gamepad,mouse,keyboard


Panda Keymapper 64bit – Gamepad, mouse, the keyboard is a stunning app through which you can enjoy playing with plenty of awesome games with keyboard, mouse, and gamepads whenever necessary. Panda Keymapper 64bit – Gamepad, Mouse, and Keyboard is a sleek application developed in the market by Panda Gaming Studio that enables you to transform your cell phones into a gamepad and enjoy playing your most likely games whenever you want.

The app does not need any activator or root requirement and supports plenty of gamepads that you integrate with your cell phones and tabs. The app supports gamepads, mouse, and keyboards of plenty of brands such as Xbox One, PS Dualshock, PS Sixaxis, Xbox 360, IPEGA, Gamesir, Razer, Xbox One S, Logitech, and various others.

#6 Panda Gamepad Pro (BETA)


Panda Gamepad Pro (BETA) app contains dozens of unique and elegant features that help you run all your desired games directly over your Android cell phones and tablets without even cloning. Panda Gamepad Pro (BETA) is a stunning platform developed in the market by Panda Gaming Studio Inc. that brings loads of exciting and pro-level features to play your most likely games over your mobile phones.

The app supports google play login and is not banned by some games that don’t allow duplication running. Panda Gamepad Pro also supports gamepad only and does not integrate with mouse and keyboard. It requires PC or root activation, so you have to make a connection between your phone and PC to run the Panda Gamepad Pro Activator.

#7 Razer Gamepad


Razer Gamepad enables its global community of users to have an ultimate experience of true console supremacy as you dominate with its headsets and controllers, no matter you are an Xbox fanboy or a PlayStation diehard. Razer Gamepad is as widely loved application presented in the market by Razer Inc. that intuitively enhance your controller experience while providing a bunch of exclusive features that you can enjoy for free and use its subscription to have full access.

You can enjoy extreme level integration with the supported game list, screen mapping, and ultimate button customizations to controller input (powered by Octopus). The app provides exclusive integration of controllers with plenty of games, including Asphalt 8, Alien shooter, Fortnite, Fury Roads, Dead Trigger, Crazy Taxi city rush, fury roads, and various others. Razer Gamepad app enables you to comes straight over your most likely and trending games with a preset profile. You can also create your own layouts of buttons for hundreds of other supported titles as well.

#8 GamePad


GamePad is a sleekly designed app where you can enjoy a free gamepad keyboard for playing all the hottest and your most games whenever you want. GamePad is a stunning tool presented by Fishstix Inc. that intuitively emulates a simple D-Dpad directional cursor keyboard keys, keys, and four separate buttons to let you have an amazing gamepad keyboard experience.

The app features an emulated 8-way or true 8-way directional pad, permanent notifications settings, custom Mappable 8-way Dpad, and DosBox turbo or Xbox360 mode availability. The app also features an in-built transparent keyboard, configurable transparency levels, swipe down for setting, configurable swipe gestures, ESC and function keys, swipe right or left to switch gamepad to keyboard, and much more.

#9 PSPad: Mobile PS4 Dualshock Gamepad


PSPad: Mobile PS4 Dualshock Gamepad app provides the possibility to enjoy your mobile phones and tabs as a Dualshock controller for your PlayStation 4. PSPad: Mobile PS4 Dualshock Gamepad is an amazing app presented in the market by Florian Grill Inc. that lets you get a second Dualshock gamepad for playing all your most likely multiplayer games over your plat stations whenever you want.

Some of its hardware requirements include a wired internet connection of your PS4, a high-speed internet connection with download or upload speed of 15 Mbps, and smartphones should be connected to wifi of 5Hz for minimum delays. PSPad app features easy connection setup, forward all connected Android controller commands to PS4, create individual controller button mappings, and much more.

#10 Mobile Gamepad


Mobile Gamepad is a sleekly designed app that effectively transforms your mobile phone into a virtual multi-touch gamepad for personal computer gaming and helps you enjoy playing your favorite games whenever you want. Mobile Gamepad is a stunning app presented in the market by Leapile Inc. that enables you to enjoy playing your most likely games using a gamepad over your cell phones.

It requires the window app to be installed over your intended persona computer in order to make the connection with the Mobile Gamepad app. The app provides traditional buttons that are easy to use and provides the capability to use a device accelerometer. You can effectively access game lists and run games from phones while having all the custom keys regarding the intended game.

#11 Gamepad for PUBG


Gamepad for PUBG makes it effortless to play PubG using your volume buttons (volume up button and volume down button) effortlessly and enjoy stuff in a way like never before. Gamepad for PUBG is a stunning application presented in the market by Gaming Controller Inc., significant for all the PubG lovers who love playing this game over their cell phones and tablets.

You can enjoy playing PubG with a gamepad using your mobile controllers whenever you want. You can enjoy PubG weapon control by volume button and helps you control weapons control by volume buttons. To enjoy stuff, you have to open the app, allow all permissions for the app, press the volume down or up button to add buttons, and set the size and opacity of buttons.

#12 Button Mapper: Remap your keys


Button Mapper: Remap your keys app enables its global users to remap all the available buttons of your cell phones and tablets to launch any shortcut, do any custom action, launch any app, and more. Button Mapper: Remap your keys is a unique and elegantly designed tool presented in the market by Navigation & Buttons Shufflers Inc. that enables its users to customize the double-tap, long press, and single-tap for these buttons to manage plenty of valuable functions.

The app enables you to assign any of your desired actions to your Android’s buttons or remap these to launch any app or shortcut. Button Mapper: Remap your keys app enables you to assign plenty of actions/tasks over these buttons. It enables you to enjoy customization in a single tap, double-tap, or even long-press, using all the available buttons. You can use Back Button, Volume Up, Volume Down, Home Button, Recent Button, Headset Button, etc., for managing things flawlessly. Button Mapper: Remap your keys App enables you to assign multiple tasks to buttons effectively.

#13 Octopus – Gamepad, Mouse, Keyboard Keymapper


Octopus – Gamepad, Mouse, Keyboard Keymapper is a sleekly designed app where you can enjoy playing android games with a gamepad or controller, mouse, and keyboard. Octopus – Gamepad, Mouse, and Keyboard Keymapper is a widely used application that supports almost all the games and apps and allows you to add all your desired ones to have real fun.

The app supports keyboards, mousse, and gamepads (PS, Gamesir, Razer, Logitech, Xbox, IPEGA, and various others). The app provides preset key configuration or mapping for more than 30 features games and never lets you waste time on setting up. It contains two basic modes, including keyboard and gamepad and various other special modes for particular games and applications such as Smart casting mode for MOBA games, Advanced Shooting mode for FPS games, etc.

#14 Flydigi Game Center


Flydigi Game Center app provides a Flashplay mode through which users can connect the android devices to the gamepad instantly and manage things in a way like never before. Flydigi Game Center is a stunning app developed in the market by Flydigi Lab Inc. through which you can transform your cell phones and tablets into an elegant gamepad.

You can flawlessly customize the key mapping position according to the preferences. Flydigi Game Center app also enables you to measure and set advanced properties of plenty of keys as well right through your cell phones. Some of its supported games and apps include PubG mobile, Fortnite, FreeFire, Brawl Stars, and various others.