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Lefun Health Alternatives


#1 Material Shadow HD WatchFace Widget Live Wallpaper


Material Shadow HD WatchFace Widget Live Wallpaper app brings comprehensively interactive HD Wear OS, and Android Wear watches face, clock widget, and live wallpapers to bring real class to launcher and wrist. Material Shadow HD WatchFace Widget Live Wallpaper is a stunning platform developed by DeNite Appz Inc. that brings custom complications, weather conditions, color picker, data information, battery level, and much more. You can effortlessly select any of our desired colors and customize things to make the perfect look for yourself.

Some of its basic features include a launcher clock widget, customizable digital and analog clock, live wallpapers, time zone selection, smooth second hand, 24-hour, burn-in protection, interactive actions (date and digital), and custom date format picker. Its premium features include widget frames, screen modes, the screen on time selection, live wallpaper support, clock picker, clock numbers toggle, watch battery status, peek card size selector, current date, step counter, screen on-time selector, and much more.


#2 Feisar Watch Face


Feisar Watch Face app brings tons of functionalities for its Android users while enjoying the clock widget, design colors, and even define a secondary time zone for digital display. Feisar Watch Face is a superb platform developed by Thema Inc. that features plenty of valuable features for Wear OS. The app features weather support, watch battery, mobile battery, heartbeat frequency, unread messages, unread email from Gmail, missed calls, presets, complications (wear 2.0), and various others.

It enables you to choose design colors over mobile as well as watch and define heartbeat frequency refresh rate and weather refresh rate. It also brings the functionality defining interactive mode duration, choose to switch between multiple cards, choose the ambient mode, choose to display a leading zero on hours, and much else. You can still enjoy all the options and use this watch face as the official clock widget of your cell phones and tablets even when you don’t have any Wear OS watch.

#3 Open Watch Face


Open Watch Face app enables you to choose between the third dimension and flat design and customize plenty of amazing things in the way you want. Open Watch Face is a stunning tool presented in the market by SOOON Inc. that enables you to enjoy a digital watch face design to measure and follow your desires and needs. You can intuitively enjoy clock dials from its competent collection and even make your desired dial by choosing from its collection of 10 colors and 16 different themes for small and big complications.

You can effortlessly switch between the large complications and three regulars down and up the dial while changing the layouts. Some of the premium features of the Open Watch Face app includes 16 background themes, layout options, support third-party complications, interactive complications, 10 selected colors, 2 ambient modes, and various other facts. Open Watch Face app enables you to change weather for steps, schedule, and battery to fit your needs.


#4 Suunto


Suunto is an amazingly designed tool that helps you live a more adventurous and active life by giving your better understanding of your sleep, recovery, and training, etc. Suunto is a stunning platform presented in the market by Amer Sports Digital Inc. that helps you set personal training goals and follow your progress in a way like never before. You can get insights from your training, discover your next favorite route with heatmaps, and see your training calendar effortlessly.

It enables its global users to customize what they see over their watch during training, share their stories with their friends and family members, and track their sleep trends and activity. You can intuitively follow your activity as well as sleep trends to ensure your recovery and rest you need. Suunto app helps you see all the activities from HR to speed, duration, calories, and distance and even customize stats you see over your watch during activities.

#5 Primary Watch Face


Primary Watch Face is a superb tool developed in the market by SOOON Inc. that truly focuses on readability as well as significant features. Primary Watch Face app provides free settings, and features contain the time (hours, minutes, and seconds), day of the week, battery level, date, and adjustable display time. It brings instant missed notifications, battery notifications, activity tracker, additional modes, battery consumption graph, (alarm, chronograph, and timer). You can intuitively make your watch look amazing through its exclusive Swiss design.

You can get to know all the incoming messages, incoming calls, and all the third-party notifications right on your wrist band without letting you do much. It contains a significant medication of the user interface, and exclusive design helps you manage stuff elegantly. Primary Watch Face app is optimized for low battery consumption, not adjustable with Samsung Gear S2/S3, ads-free atmosphere, and developed by Wear 2.0.

#6 Notify & Fitness for Amazfit


Notify & Fitness for Amazfit app lets you enjoy dozens of exceptional features while helping you in managing dozens of information over your smart band. Notify & Fitness for Amazfit is a superb tool developed in the market by OneZeroBit Inc. that intuitively displays the caller name, contact names, WhatsApp messages, and various other things. The app features heart monitor, call notifications, setup up to 8 alarms, sleep as Android support, firmware update, and more.

The application supports dozens of bands, including Amazfit T-Rex, Amazfit GTS, Amazfit Verge Lite, Amazfit Bip Lite, Amazfit GTR, Amazfit GTR Lite, Amazfit Pace, Amazfit Stratos 1, 2, and 3, Amazfit Verge, Amazfit Bip & Amazfit Bip S, Amazfit Mi Dong Cor, Amazfit Arc and various others. Notify and Fitness for Amazfit app bound the support of the measuring of sleep, heart rate monitoring, native alarms, limited support of buttons, weather, and firmware update due to watch limitations.

#7 Weight Tracker, BMI Calculator


Weight Tracker, BMI Calculator is a widely loved app through which you can effortlessly monitor and track the evolution of your health and fitness in a way like never before. Weight Tracker, BMI Calculator is a magnificently designed tool developed in the market by PerfectlySimple Inc. that enables you to watch all the significant data regarding your weight gain and weight loss. You an elegantly monitor your weight and BMI (body mass index) through its significant, simple, and user-friendly calculator.

Weight Tracking app is perfect for you to add your body measurements daily to provide the possibility to log your remarks, daily moods, add pics, and make the most exclusive weight diary. It brings the main screen calendar with a sleek and simple overview of the logged days. Weight Tracker and BMI Calculator app feature evolution chart, weight management, easy navigation between days, custom notes, pics adding functionality, total lost weight card, and various other things.

#8 Tband


Tband app enables you to get to know everything regarding your mental and physical status without letting you do much. Tband is a significant tool presented in the market by Wakeup Inc. through which you can get dozens of essential facts on the basis of your health. It provides in-depth mental health, blood tests, blood pressure measurements, statistical exercise step, and various other facts. It brings detailed stats regarding your sleep and helps you measure start and sleep timings whenever you want.

You can get everything based on your physical situation right on the palm of your hands and helps you monitor your health. Tband app elegantly integrated with the Apple Health to make it effortless and sleek for users to get pics of their health right on your cell phones and tablets. You can download Tband app over your cell phones and tablets for free to enjoy everything flawlessly.

#9 Alpina Smartwatch


Alpina Smartwatch is a companion app for watches produced by the Swiss watch brand and the connected AlpinerX watches. Alpina Smartwatch is a stunning platform presented in the market by Alpina Watch International SA, through which you can intuitively walk, run, and watch your steps right over your cell phones and tablets. Some of the factions provided by the AlpinerX watch include Altitude, Barometer, Compass, GPS, UV Indicator, Temperature, GPS (connected), and various others.

It helps users in dynamic coaching, activity tracking, sleep monitoring, and other smart alarms (sleep alarm and active alerts). You can precisely get time and date (seconds, date, minutes, and hours), calls and messages notifications, time recorder (a timer, workouts, and stopwatch), cloud backup and restore, and battery of 2+ years support. Alpina Smartwatch provides insights over your sleep and activity data per month, week, or day and assists you calibrate your goals to reach new heights.

#10 Alert Bridge for Amazfit & Mi Band


Alert Bridge for Amazfit and Mi Band is a fine tool that supports the alternative implementation of sending instant and precise notifications from the phone to plenty of bands. Alert Bridge for Amazfit & Mi Band app elegantly makes an instant connection of plenty of bands to provide authentic information. This app makes an instant integration with the Amazfit Bip, Amazfit GTS, Amazfit Cor, Mi Band 3 device, Amazfit GTR, and Mi Band 4 devices.

It provides full content of messages from instant notifications, smiles replaced with their text names, replacement of Ukrainian letters with understandable analogs. You can precisely customize the style of messages while choosing any of its three styles to pick. It features the full content of messages from messengers, selection of icon and style for apps, and supports dozens of applications. You have to give access to the Alert Bridge for Amazfit and Mi Band app from the settings and enjoy all the features for free.

#11 Weather Black Premium Watch Face


Weather Black Premium Watch Face app provides an excellent digital watch face focusing on bringing amazing weather data, presented in the market by SOOON Inc. Weather Black Premium Watch Face app enables you to enjoy its collection of four multiple, exceptional dials to collect the essential info regarding weather. Its main dial focuses much on the current climate and helps you get the minimum and maximum temperature of the present day.

You can precisely get the graph that brings the forecast for the upcoming hours over its second dial. Its third dial brings a more detailed and compressive forecast of the weather for the coming 12 to 24 hours. It also brings a graph that shows the forecast for the imminent days as well. Weather Black Premium Watch Face app is not integrated with Samsung Gear S3 or S2 (with not TIZEN compatibility) and does not have any affiliation with any Sony Smartwatch 3.

#12 Amazfit GTS WatchFaces


Amazfit GTS WatchFaces app brings one of the most exclusive collections of watches that you can customize accordingly. Amazfit GTS WatchFaces is a stunning tool presented in the market by Paolo Quattrociocchi Inc. that supports watches for Amazfit GTS translated into more than 20 languages and modify them accordingly. You can intuitively manage your most likely watch faces and even rate them accordingly. It brings a robust filer function to discover your most likely watch-faces whenever you want.

You can easily select the app to sync and install the method of using its settings of the app. You can select your desired languages from its extensive collection ad search or use the filter function to discover a fantastic watch-face. All its watch faces are sorted by last added, most downloaded of all time, according to rating, most downloaded of the week, and most downloaded of the month.

#13 Swift Watch Face & Clock Widget


Swift Watch Face & Clock Widget app enables its global users to choose color designs over the watch and cell phone in a way like never before. Swift Watch Face & Clock Widget is a great platform presented by Thema Inc. through which you can precisely get heartbeat frequency refresh rate, define refresh data, weather unit, 12 or 24 hours mode, and plenty of significant features. You can intuitively choose design colors, set Day & Month, define a secondary time zone, lock Widget, and track both watch and mobile battery.

You can also use the Swift Watch Face and Clock Widget watch face as an amazing clock widget over your cell phones and tablets even if you don’t have a Wear OS watch. Swift Watch Face & Clock Widget app provides details about the weather, daily step count, presets, heartbeat frequency, unread Email from Gmail, missed calls, and unread messages right on the wrists of your hands.

#14 VeryFitPro


VeryFitPro app enables its global users to record every moment regarding their health and activities right over the palm of their hands. VeryFitPro is a superb platform presented in the market by Smart Wearable Devices that help you get plenty of personal remainders and health stats whenever you want. You can intuitively get notifications regarding all the incoming calls, emails, QQ notifications, SMS, WeChat, and other personal remainders in a way like never before.

Very Fit Pro is an intuitive application that helps you get a clear heart rate graph and thoughtful sleep housekeeper in the most precise and consistent manner. It provides details and concise data regarding mileage, calories, activity duration, average distance, average calories, average sleep start time, average sleep end time, average steps, etc. VeryFitPro app never lets you miss any of your important information regarding notifications that comes over your phones.

#15 CT FIT


CT FIT is an excellent and smart band that enables its users to track the activity as well as information regarding health in a way like never before. CT FIT is a superb platform presented in the market by CT App Team Inc. through which you can get activity stats, resting heart rate, exercise heart rate, sleep timings, and various other information whenever you want. It precisely displays all the incoming messages and phone calls that come over your cell phones and tablets and never lets you miss anything.

It displays daily activities regarding your steps, calories burned, distance CT, heart rate, Kcal, daily steps, and various other things. It also provides a resting heart rate for the entire span of exercise and exercises heart rate for the entire day. CT FIT app displays sleep information, including light sleep time, sleek start or ending time, deep sleep time, etc.

#16 Happy Sports


Happy Sports makes it super easy and precise to analyze everything regarding sleep, alarm, heart rate, and various other things whenever you want. Happy Sports is a magnificent tool presented by Kodywu Inc. that brings a magnificent app for Bluetooth bracelet that brings plenty of valuable information regarding your health. The app precisely synchronizes sleep, heart rate, movement, steps count, and various other data of the bracelet device to analyze everything professionally.

This app intuitively displays and analyzes the data of the synchronous hand ring whenever you want. You can customize the app by choosing the style of the time, get to know the steps count, get an elegant remainder, life wrist bright screen, sedentary remind, and much more. Happy Sports app also enables you to shake the app to take pics instantly and synchronous app messages to hand loop whenever you got one over the phone.

#17 HealthU +


HealthU + is an elegantly designed health management tool that enables its global users to manage everything using their cell phones and Bluetooth hardware equipment. HealthU + is an intuitive application presented in the market by Yu Hua Yun Inc. through which you can get to know stats regarding your health whenever you want. It supports a fast connection to smart hardware equipment using Bluetooth to provide data regarding your fitness.

It provides instant access to the most detailed stats and comprehensive access to the personal health information right on the palm of your hands. HealthU Plus app offers a comparison of health data and visualization analysis right over your cell phones and tablets. So just give a chance to download HealthU + app over your cellular devices to get comprehensive health data and get a secure place to store everything regarding your personal health data.



PICOOC is a comprehensive application that helps you get stats regarding weight, muscle, water gain, protein, water, bone, skeletal muscle, body fats, and more than 13 body stats right on the palm of your hands. PICOOC is a superb platform presented in the market by Picooc Inc. that precisely keep track of your body changes and helps you get body measurements in a detailed manner. It utilizes a high-speed fat-measuring microchip as well as an advanced-level weight sensor to collect body data.

It’s easy-to-use, robust body monitoring application brings plenty of valuable features right on the palm of your hands. You can intuitively get stats and body measurements regarding more than thirteen body stats. You can get to know exact information regarding MBI, Metabolic age, body type, BMR, VRO, body score, and various other things. PICOOC features weight and measuring, historical measurement data, body circumference, profound analysis, trend records, and Samsung health compatibility.



MR TIME is an exclusive application that brings more than 800,000 watch faces updated by global designers, and it keeps on updating its content to make it more interesting. Watch Face App MR TIME is an amazing platform to explore the world’s biggest and free watch face app that also includes epic brand collaboration series. You can enjoy dozens of premium design collaboration with Shiro&Maro, Ducati, Al-Waqt, Casio, and various others.

Some of its VIP plans, including exclusive VIP-only watch-faces, more than 400 premium design watch faces, ads-free app experience, and much else. You can design your own watch faces precisely to customize the watch using your photos or provided components, including sub-dials, battery status, hands, and more. Watch Face App MR TIME app provides real-time sleek, and sophisticated watch faces that can be customized using live wallpapers and your personal images from your cell phones.

#20 2Elegant Watch Face


2Elegant Watch Face is an eye-catching watch face app for Android Wear with amazing functions and interactive characteristics. 2Elegant Watch Face is a superb tool developed by RichFace Inc. that brings a stunning collection of watch faces and user-friendly interface on the phone companion app and over the watch as well. Its watch faces contain 4 tap targets and help you to customize every bit of it and make it more interactive with data such as FIT data, Weather information, battery level status, and various other stuff.

Some of its built-in complications include Watch Battery, Phone battery, Date, Digital time, Weather, Watch and phone battery, Biking, Calories, Fit statistics, Stopwatch, Steps, Distance, Walking, and Running. 2Elegant Watch Face app supports active integration with iPhone and Android compatibility and external complication data for the indicators and compatible with all the Android Wear watches.