GHacks is a blog about the technology news created by Martin Brinkmann in 2005. The ultimate objective of the platform focuses on a web browser, window tips, software, guides, and reviews. It produces more than five posts each day of the week topics ranging from windows, mac and operating system news to web browsers tips. It also offers general technology about tips and news. G Hacks has recognized by Lifehacker, Gizmodo and other several news sites and blogs. It has more than 400000 visitors per day. GHacks offers simple and easy interface where the content consists of multiple categories such as Windows, Software, Firefox, and Android, etc. It is one of the most popular technology websites on the internet with five expert authors and regular contribution from freelance writers. It managed to gain a loyal following shortly after the first post was published on the site. Now it has more than 15000 articles are published on the site that is arranged by Marten (founder) and his team that received up to 150000 user comments. GHacks also offers chat option where the user communicates with the other user around the world on technology topics.



0 is a Merlin Mann’s web-based platform about finding the time and attention to your best creative work. It was founded by Merlin Mann on 1st September 2004 with an introductory post whose improbable name advised that the productivity can like sausage, no one can like seeing it debated at length on the internet by middle aged. continues to evolve, contract, grow, recede, go personal, go wired and even irregularly reinvent itself. All depending on where Merlin’s notice, attention, and obsessions find him at the given time. It is focused on an arc about the who to advance your career and life managing your attention in a way which allows you work your ass off on the original projects that matter just you too. It is one of the best sites for all those people who want to motivate and improve itself. 43 folders offer lots of key features such as provide fast way what acutely you find, regular update with new articles, simple interface, and no need registration, etc.



Productivity501 is a website dedicated to bringing you regular tips and tricks that motivate your personal productivity. Each one has its own unique ability and skill but needs to know about that. The people who know about their ability they will be a success. You just only need one step to learn about yourself. Productivity 501 is a platform that is specially created for those users want to know about itself. It focuses on the original content that gathers around the world, so the publication schedule is a slower than as compare to the other websites. It produces at least one new article in a week, but the focus is on posting when it has something new, and that will help their visitors. Mark Shead is a founder of who starts companies to use technology to offers their business with a small level; now it has 200000 subscribers and 125000-page view per month.




Addictive Tip is a web-based platform that updates their users with the latest technology. It recommends lots of helpful products and services regularly to make your life and easy and fast. Before delivering the content, it generally checks each product and service in order to produce true information. There are different categories are available on the site such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, Window Phones, VPN and Privacy, etc. Each category also consists of multiple lists that deliver the helpful information for each one around the world. AddictiveTips also allows their visitors to recommend the ideas about the new things. It also delivers the information about life hack gadgets that immerse yourself deep into the brilliant world. You must need to subscribe on the website by providing the original information if you want to update with the Otherwise, it does not require any registration. Try it out; it is really helpful for you.



Gizmodo is a platform that provides the latest news about the science, technology, design, science fiction and politics. It is was launched in 2002 that is originally part of Gawker Media network run by Nick Denton and runs on the platform of Kinja. There are lots of similar sites are available on the internet, but it offers all the professional stuff to deliver the true content that is helpful for its users. The content available in multiple forms such as written form, audio, video, and images. It produces three to five list a day to deliver the maximum and latest information of their user. You do not need to require any registration it is completely free to for everyone, but if you want to update with the Gizmodo, you must want to subscribe. Gizmo do is also allows their users to share his own idea on



How To Geek is one of the best website for Geeks that is created by Geeks. It is a web-based platform that offers tech magazine, interning articles and fun trivia, etc. Basically, it is an information site that provides information about the latest technology about the phone, windows, and photography, etc. It was founded in 2006 with the aim to make life easier, fast and enjoyable of its visitors. It offers a massive range of content that are consists of categories such as photography, Windows, and Security, etc. It offers completely free service for all the people around the world with any registration required, but if you want to update with the, you must need to subscribe by providing your personal emails address. Now it has up to 100000 on the official websites, 180k+ likes on Facebook, 80k followers on google plus and 50k+ follower on twitter. It is an excellent platform for those users who want to engage yourself with the latest technology across the world.


0 is a place of learning for people no matter from which age group they belong. The website itself is nice, easy to navigate, and therefore it becomes easier for the user to move from one option to the other and find the most appropriate content for themselves. The HowStuffWorks platform is divided into several sections such as the adventure that includes articles based on the adventurous news and travel. The animal section contains information and data about all kinds of beings. The automotive and culture section provides much more context to the site, whereas the entertainment section comes as the most famous ones here. If we talk about the other parts, they include health, home and garden, lifestyle, money, science, technology, videos, shows, quizzes along with featured articles and channels, and a lot more. Therefore, people who are interested in knowing more about things and what goes behind them, find How Stuff Works an excellent place.



Life hack is an online web-based platform that stockpiles anything and everything that life more comfortable and suitable. It provides the best source for Positivo and life inspiration to getting the latest, refreshing ideas and end negativity, get things done fast and achieve bigger aims. Lifehack believes in passion and taking action, believe an extraordinary life begins with the fresh outlook, and they also believe that minimum things will make the great change. The ultimate aim of the lifehack is to get its readers refreshing thoughts to end the bad thoughts and bad habits. It contains all the major topics that make your life easy and better such as Lifestyle, Psychology, Motivation, Quotes, Relationship, and Health, etc. and each topic of the website also consists of numbers of lists which make your complete life change and better. It is completely free services with more than 12 million readers across the world. It does not need to require any registration to read the topics, but if you want to latest life hack and want to learn something news, you must sign up with your personal emails address. Do explore it out to know about some exciting news that makes your life easy and fast.


0 is among those leading technology websites that are serving in the real term by telling the visitors how to get the real benefits from the products. is the provider of latest technology products. It is not about news and views only. In fact, is the provider of the ways of finding the best approaches to utilize the technological gadgets and tech products in a best way. is about discovering those real and recent products over the internet that are really reshaping the world. is now the platform of the web applications, software, programs, technology products, news, gadgets, opinions and much more. Every day it comes with various news and reviews on the recent products. itself is not an independent news and views provider. It basically relies on the news and views section of the Yahoo! Answers. In that’s way can be said as the one of the best platforms for getting the news and reviews of the recent products because these are based on the opinion of real and genuine people. has covered the all topics and operating systems. It is a web based source for getting information about Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android operating systems in addition to getting latest tech news.



Dumb Little Man: Tips for Life is another platform similar sites to It is a most popular online magazine on life hack and self-improvement. It has become the go to the place when you need inspiration, advice, and motivations. Dumblittleman shares lots of useful tips for life. It has three main areas of themes namely, Money, Success and Happiness, those exactly just what we all are seeking for in life. The platform is specially made for those people want to make their life more comfortable, fast and easy. It contains thousands of list that offers great ideas and exciting life hacks. The dumb little man also allows their users to submit your own ideas and share it with the other. The platform offers lots of key features such as completely free; no need any personal information if you’re reader, simple and user-friendly interface and much more. If you really want to know about some new and exciting then do try it out. It will be surely helpful for you.


0 is a China’s best online platform and necessary to the daily life of the millions of Chinese that provide the network of web properties and community that offer its users to regarding information communication and entertainment. It creates one of the most inclusive matrices of Chinese language web properties and search engines that consist of the mass portal and primary online media destination where you can use different sites. It offers simple and easy interface where the content is consists of multiple categories. It also provides the latest news about the latest, technology, life hack, and viral stuff. also offers a similar platform of its user such as if you find the online game you go on if you need to watch leading online videos you must search on is best and most leading platform for everyone without any registration required.


0 is one of the leading platforms where individuals get to learn about various things, how to get done with severe matters, how to solve an issue and even the mental aspect of things. The thing that gives WikiHow platform distinction over the others is that Wiki How provides people with the information in a unique manner. Different steps based on numbering are displayed, and images along with appropriate graphs show how to finish something that you did not even know about. The interface, therefore, becomes the best option and has sensitive nature. People explore various topics based on either their selection or just by entering the term in the search box. Either way, it provides help and tips to people ranging from subjects such as how to care for your parents, to how to toast something in the oven. Another feature that makes it useful is that you do not spend too much time reading, the steps are precise, and hence, the benefits unlimited.