This is one of the platforms which you can use for social promotion. It is considered to be one of the largest networks to provide services related to social media networks as well as for exchange services. One of the exciting and unique features of Likesplanet is that you can also make money during the process of making click and likes that add to the monetary value of the services provided by this website. You can advertise your business or any page using this website and feel the difference. Also it provides you more than 10,000 likes free of cost covering most of the social media blogs and sites like Facebook, YouTube, twitter, Instagram etc. It is considered to be a social media traffic exchanger as well and this service is also provided free of cost. The working of this website is quiet easy. You just have to sign up that is free of cost and like or view pages to earn points that can be converted in to the cash or can be used to fans. Also the points should always be moved from account to page and get much more likes/ followers. To get the likes and followers, you have to add the site or video and then select the type you want to. You have to follow the simple steps and wait for the request done.




Most of the users of social media networks are looking for such a platform or system that boost up their online presence and make them popular without making much struggle. This process has been made easy by AddMeFast that is a complete network in itself that is helping its users to grow their social presence. Being a member of this system, you are at freedom to choose the account or profile you want to like or follow or subscribe in exchange. It works well for every social media networks; Facebook likes, shares and followers, YouTube likes, views and favorites, Google plus circles and shares, Twitter followers, tweets, retweets and favorites and much more is available over this platform for you. It is not involved in selling or buying likes, followers, views, subscribers or hits. Also you would not be needed to provide the usernames or password of your profile of any social media network. AddMeFast will never post ant updates or any related status using your profile. The process of registration is quite easy and you will get fifty points on getting registered. Also daily bonus of 200 points is given to the users who are active. It is considered to be the most popular website with its more than 4,000,000 active users spreading over 220 countries. It has a user friendly interface and fast support. Also the payment methods are secure and easy and provide you the widest social media exchange all over the world.



One of the best systems that offer you the buying of likes and views or any other thing on social media is Followlike.Net. It provides you both the options i.e. buying coin system and buying coin system that can work on any of the social media. One of the unique features of is that it also helps you to earn the money and provides you the opportunity to convert the coins into rupees. It is considered to be among the top most rated websites that is helpful for promotion over social media website. FollowLike provides you an interface that is user friendly and easy to understand. You can find here, a number of such services that meet the demands of your business. The features of this site are among the best. You can use it for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, linkedin, Pinterest, and many other social media websites. The process is quiet easy where you just have to log in the website and get your desired service. Using this system, you can improve your social network activity, promote your business and website and much more. Regarding the earning, you can earn by completing a task, using a guest post and via an affiliate program. For earning points you have to complete a task but if you want to get instant lies, you have to buy coins to get likes and followers in no time. This is considered to be the best place for boosting your social accounts.




It is one of the best websites, where you will get a complete solution provided to social media sites problems. It provides you with the opportunity to build your popularity and promotion on social media websites. The model used by this system is crowd sourcing platform that helps the user to improve his or her social media presence and get much more exposure. You can also boost the search engine or SEO ranking using Shareyt. With the help of this website, you can buy Facebook likes, shares, followers as well as event joiners. On Twitter, retweet, followers and likes can also be found easily. Similarly on other social media websites like Instagrams, Google Plus, Pinterest, Vkontakte, etc. you can buy the related stuff for your promotion. A number of offers related to other social media like YouTube, Vimeo, Delicious, tumblr, buffer, folkd, bizsugar etc. can be bought using Shareyt. If you want to have a check over website traffic or some SEO backlinks or some dedicated affiliate marketers, this have been made easy with the website and is just a matter of a click. Similarly if you are looking for massive workforce to get your petty tasks done, Sharyt is at your service and complete your work in no time. The people who can be benefitted with Shareyt include SEO specialist, Web developerd, small business Enterprises, blogger, individuals, affiliate marketers as well as video marketers. There are more than 150k Users that indicates the popularity of the website.


0 is a promotional tool for your social media accounts. You can promote your social media accounts like Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, SoundCloud, VK, and even more. The public promotion of your accounts is for free. All you need to do is to put the links to your profiles on This site isn’t an exchange follow for your profiles. does not have any automation policy. All the followers that are provided by this platform are from real people and are not fake. does not ask for your profiles, passwords so you don’t need to worry about that.


0 is considered as a notable website for getting online traffic to any website on the internet. More than half a million listings are available on this website. provides you the real-time statistics regarding any site you are trying to access. This traffic generating website also provides its users with 3-level of the referral system. The interesting catch about is that the traffic generating from all over the world for any site is totally free. By adding your site for more traffic, you also get a 100 point bonus from You can earn these points every time you visit your website.


0 is a dedicated community for bringing more and more traffic to your website and profiles. Whether it is your Facebook page likes or YouTube channel views, takes care of all. All of the views and traffic generated for your website are 100 percent real and no fake. This site helps in increasing the Google ranking of your website. For getting started, you need to register yourself as a user and provide links to your profiles and website. Your information is kept safe and free from virus as well.



When you are searching for a better platform to increase your like, retweets and shares on Twitter, Twiends in the best option for you. It was established in 2009 and since then it has been providing its services to the Twitter users as it only works with Twitter and not with other social media networks. Although it has more members and there are several better options available for the users. However being unable to be used on other social media networks like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram is considered to be a setback to this website. But still, for Twitter, no other website can work the way it does and is popular worldwide for the efficient work it does. It is loved by the Twitter fans all over the globe as it provides instant likes and followers boosting cheering up the fans. It is considered to be the most helpful websites, which works by growing your audience on Twitter in a safe and responsible way. There are around 4 million registered users on this website who have been categorized depending upon the interests and country. You can add yourself easily and get connected right ways. Twiends does not sell the followers and strictly prohibits the buying. It allows you to get the followers with the help of discovery process, meeting the thousands of people in their community thus helping you in the promotion. It also provides you with the advertising options that work wonders to reach the people rapidly.



It is one of the options used by many people to get the social media networks’ likes, shares, followers and much more. However it is an emerging platform in this field and has a few members as compared to other popular such websites that are around 253,889 in number. Owing to this, the possible daily exchanges are around 2000 per day that are less. However if you are not in a hurry to get the work done, this can become the website of your choice to make you popular on your social media network. It works to get your desired results for you as soon as possible so as suggested by its name. The working of the site is simple and easy. You have to log in to your account on the website and start liking or viewing the pages. This would help you earn points that you can cash out or can also used these points to get your fans on social media networks. The methods of earning points vary as you can get the points by buying these and also by following, liking etc. Making referrals can also help you to earn points. If you are a member, you are offered a daily bonus by logging in your account daily. You need to add the social media network account on the website on which you need to get the results by clicking on add page. All you have to do is keep your points as your balance.



This is one of the options if you are looking to increase the number of likes and followers on your social media networks. However it takes much time to do the service for you, so if you have patience to wait, you can use this site for your task. Although the wait brings proves fruitful for you and brings you desired results. It is responsible for the improvement of the online presence of it users. It can provide the services on Facbeook, Vine, Reverbnation, Website traffic, Google plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, SoundCloud etc. and all the services are provided free of cost. All you have to do is to get yourself registered with this website that will work as a promotion tool by helping you to grow the social media presence. You are also allowed to pick and choose what you want to exchange and with whom you want to exchange. They do not sell exchanges and claim to abide by the policies of the entire social media networks they work for. Also you do not have to worry about the security issues, as they would not ask for your account password while you are getting registered. It is considered to be a tool for social media exposure and you do not need to spend any money on buying the likes, shares, or any such thing for your promotion on social media network.



It is considered to be a website that offers you its services to increase your likes, shares, followers and much more on your social media networks. The site is an emerging one in his field with its 10,000 members and around 1000 social exchanges done per day. However it lags behind the other such websites owing to its slow speed. In this world of rapid pace, everybody wants to get the work done in short time, which is responsible for the lagging behind of the website that does not work instantly. It works as a social media exchange site and also you so not need to pay any money to buy the likes, shares, followers, etc. It works for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and many other social media network platforms where you want to get the desired results. This can boost your online social media presence for free and you can easily promote anything you want. You can search for people over the site that you want to exchange your stuff with that makes Get Likes Pro, one of the easiest ways to promote your social media network profiles. You also need not to worry about the bots and automation using such sites that get you connected with the real people all around the world.



It is one of the options when you are searching for ways to get promotion over social media website. You have to log in the website and get yourself registered. There are more than 25,000 members that help you in getting social media exchanges of your choice. You can get your likes, fans, subscribers, share, views, comments, and followers without making any payment. This will help you in the promotion on social media websites by increasing you social media exposure hence resulting in making more sales and profits using Share-ex. This can be used for Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus, Twitter etc. Also it offers you a section of Micro Jobs with the help of which you can earn a lot of coins easily and rapidly by performing the tiny tasks added by other users. This will help you to grow the number of your coins and get you social media exchange. This allows you to exchange the website traffic that helps you to improve your Google ranks to spread it all over the world. All these services are provided to the users free of cost thus helping you to boost the number of visitors on your website. So start using Share-ex to exchange traffic to raise the number of visitors on your webpage.