Literacy Leveler


Literacy Leveler Alternatives


#1 PS PowerScan


PS PowerScan app provides paper-pencil assessment grading regarding the PSA system, presented in the market by PowerSchool Group LLC. PS PowerScan is a sleek tool that enables its global users to have the capability to scan plain paper bubble sheets using the camera of your cell phones and tablets. The app lets you have the assessment system right over your pocket and process it using the mobile phone’s camera.

PS Power Scan app enables you to get the print of sheets instantly, and you can even get the results immediately. It provides the paper-pencil assessment grading system right over your cellular devices, and you can manage things whenever, where. Just download the PS PowerScan app over your cell phones and get everything you need regarding the pencil assessment grading.


#2 CNU Navigator


CNU Navigator is an exceptional tool that provides students at Christopher Newport University with all the notifications and information they need every day. CNU Navigator is a sleekly designed platform presented in the market by CNU (Christopher Newport University) that brings the whole lot you need to know about CN University. You can keep everything, including Dining, Athletics, freeman center, Ferguson center, or other stuff right on your hands and get to know everything without even going to the university.

You can instantly get notified about everything regarding the dining hall menus, gym hours and classes, student newspaper articles, printer locations right over your cell phones. Other than these, the CNU Navigator app also provides authentic information regarding the Ferguson Center performances, printer locations, and almost everything necessary for you to know. CNU Navigator is a must-have application if you want to join the CNU community and want to get everything right in their pocket.

#3 Frederick County PS


Frederick County PS gives life to your district school by providing tons of exceptional features right on the palm of your hands. Frederick County PS is a superb tool presented in the market by Frederick Country Public Schools, which helps you access everything regarding your school districts whenever, wherever you want. You can effortlessly navigate through all the current or upcoming events, information, news, and other notifications whenever it happens.

You can precisely check out all the latest info and updates with social platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. The app enables you to instantly retrieve sporting scores, lunch menus, contact information, and various other stuff whenever you want. So just download Frederick County PS app over your cell phones and tablets and enjoy everything regarding your school district with just a touch of the button.


#4 NOVA Online Mobile


NOVA Online Mobile app helps you get more from online learning using its official offline application at the Northern Virginia Community Colleges. NOVA Online Mobile is a superb app developed by Northern Virginia Community College that enables you to connect to a suite of free online learning stuff, resources, and tools anytime, anywhere. The app helps you boost your mobile Nova online learning experience with a useful, sleek, robust, and effective mobile app that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

You can effortlessly get information regarding the how-to video tutorials and orientation at the Nova online platform. It helps you access the list of all the online courses, degree programs, and other valuable information available. It lets you stay updated with the entire testing center schedules and paper or testing information. NOVA Online Mobile app provides a link to schedule online exam proctoring services, the quick reference list of critical dates, virtual student union, etc.

#5 Christian Fellowship Ashburn


Christian Fellowship Ashburn app provides elegant resources that let you stay connected and updated at the Christian Fellowship Church. Christian Fellowship Ashburn is a classy tool presented in the market by Subsplash Inc. through which you can watch past messages and discover a small group. You can sign up for events, update your myCFC information, and stay updated with all the information through its smart push notifications. It enables all the channel managers to restrict channel invites to other available managers.

You can intuitively send multimedia and documental files to others and monitor someone to notify the respected person directly using your cell phones and tablets. It enables managers to set descriptions and artwork for group channels whenever necessary. Using this app, administers can also set channels to be private and public (for everyone to join). Christian Fellowship Ashburn app brings dozens of superb features to stay connected at CFC.

#6 William & Mary Mobile


William & Mary Mobile app enables you to access essential William &Mary information whenever you want right over your cell phones and tablets. William & Mary Mobile is an incredible tool developed in the market by W&A Inc. that brings dozens of valuable information right on the palm of your hands. It brings a diversity of information, news, and services regarding your campus for the university community. The app helps you check course grades, course schedules, access blackboard, dining menus, and locations.

You can precisely view transit routes and schedules and manage your Tribe laundry and card. It enables you to access TribeLink, reserve a study room, view featured events and calendars, find locations on campus, read the latest news, and read all the latest news whenever you want. William and Mary’s Mobile app helps you get emergency alerts and information, discover locations on campus, view dining stuff, reserve a study room, and much else.

#7 Loudoun County Public Schools


Loudoun County Public Schools app provides its users with a highly personalized window into all the happenings regarding your schools. Loudoun County Public Schools is an elegantly designed tool presented in the market by Loudoun County Public Schools that never lets users miss any further parent-teacher conferences. You can elegantly get information and news that you care about and get involved effortlessly. It provides a sleek district directory and displays personalized information regarding your interests.

Users can effortlessly view the news regarding District and school and receive instant push notifications from schools and districts whenever necessary. It enables both students and teachers to view/add contact info and view assignments, attendance, and grades whenever they want. So just download the Loudoun County Public Schools app over your cell phones and tablets and get a customized view of all the school’s and districts’ activities.

#8 Mobile Mason


Mobile Mason app lets you stay connected with the University of George Mason that brings plenty of exceptional features right on the palm of your hands. Mobile Mason is a superb tool presented in the market by George Mason University (GMU), which helps you find out how to get around its campuses to keep a tab over the winning ways of the patriot’s sports team. You can intuitively take a self-guided tour and keep a precise eye over with the latest campus events and information.

The app features stunning map support that helps you find out where you are and where you are headed. You can intuitively discover campus events as well as add proceedings to your calendar. You can also get a sleek blackboard to get instant access to all the learning content on the move. Mobile Mason app enables you to check grades, read or download assignments, view important class announcements, upload your desired multimedia content, and more.

#9 Links 2 Home


Links 2 Home is a significant and highly appreciated communication app for all the parents for the Spring Education Group preschools around the United States. Links 2 Home is a sleekly designed tool presented in the market by Tadpoles Inc. that helps you get the Drop-off notes, daily reports, and all the special memories right on the palm of your hands. The app covers Chesterbrook Academy, Enchanted Care, Merryhill School, Evergreen Academy, Discovery Isle, and various others.

You can effortlessly create an account over Links 2 Home app using your email address that is on fire with your school and get started in seconds. You can effortlessly and flawlessly check your emails and access your temporary passcode using your cell phones and tablets. You have to complete some of its easy steps to gain a superb passcode. You can download the Links 2 Home app for free to get everything you need for making instant communication.

#10 E-Hallpass


E-Hallpass is an effective tool currently made for Students that helps them eliminate paper passes and get to know who is in the hall. E-Hallpass – The Hall pass for the Future is a fine platform presented in the market by Eduspire Solutions Inc. that reduces all the interruptions of teachers and make students accountable. Apart from making students more accountable, they can also create requests over their devices and enjoy pass endless abilities.

The exclusive pass dashboard support helps you track all the people available in the hall and for how long, accountability, boosting security, etc. The app features restricting hall pass use, digital bathroom passes, and creating appointments along with the help of SMS and email reminders. E-Hallpass – The Hall pass for the Future app also brings an exclusive help panel for all the students, teachers, and administrations regarding everything they need.

#11 AdminVUE


AdminVUE helps you access and manage all the classrooms using your Android devices from anywhere around the globe. AdminVUE app provides its users with instant access to the Synergy information of students to get dozens of benefits. You can precisely take the attendance, see the schedules, view students’ demographics, emergency contacts, and various other information anytime, anywhere. It provides a smart user experience as its web-based module brings for users.

It is a significant tool for administrative staff and teachers that require mobility, including the physical information classes, field trips, etc. It needs the same user login, and you have to verify the Synergy version and login information by contacting your school District’s administration. AdminVUE app requires internet or wireless connection and is supported over most of the Android cell phones and tablets with a screen height of 7 inches and above.

#12 TeacherVUE


TeacherVUE is a significant tool presented by Edupoint Education System that enables its global users to access and manage everything regarding their classrooms right through their cell phones and tablets. TeacherVUE app provides real-time mobile access to the system of Synergy student information of your school to take plenty of valuable data. You can grab everything about taking attendance, schedules, emergency contacts, and measure student demography right over your cell phones and tablets.

TeacherVUE mobile app brings the same elegant user interface and provides an experience as its web-based version. This superb mobile tool supports almost all the Android mobile phones and tablets, having a screen size of 7 inches and more. It is magnificent for the administrative staff, hall monitors, coaches as well as teachers, etc. TeacherVUE application uses the same user login that you’ve got over the web portal of TeacherVUE.

#13 Stone Ridge HOA


Stone Ridge HOA is the only application for the Stone Ridge HOA that helps you access all the vital information right on the palm of your hands. Stone Ridge HOA is an elegantly designed tool to get all the essential information, the sleekly designed community calendar, important documents, and various other things. All its global users can instant the options of news, news teller, pool pass, documents, calendar, news, notifications, settings, contact number, and instant submission of requests.

It never lets you miss any significant updates that you need to stay updated all the time. The app helps you get everything from its exclusive community, and you can make conversations whenever, wherever you want. So just download Stone Ridge HOA app over your cell phones and tablets and stay connected in the Stone Ridge in the most effortlessly and sleek manner.

#14 Broadlands HOA


Broadlands HOA is a superb tool for Broadlands Homeowners Association in Virginia, Loudoun Country, presented in the market by MokoApp, LLC. Broadlands HOA lets you have all the options regarding the calendar, announcements, notifications, help for residents, Broadlands Blast, and various others. Broad Lands HOA app provides its users with instant access to all the community calendar, announcements, important documents, and much more.

Broadlands app never enables you to miss any crucial updates that are delivered to you through its elegant push notifications. You can also grab the options of Pool Pass, Useful Numbers, Design Guidelines, and all the precise notifications, etc. This application does not need any payment or much of your time for letting you use all these options. So just download Broadlands HOA app over your cell phones and tablets and stay connected in Broadlands in the most effortless and sleek manner.

#15 Classlink – Central Valley


Classlink – Central Valley is a highly customized cloud desktop providing access to school from any time, anywhere around the world over your cell phones and tablets. Classlink – Central Valley app is a fully functional tool developed in the market by Classlink Inc. that is ideal for empowering staff as well as students to maximize academic efforts. You can intuitively access all its academic tools using your smart virtual instructional desktop.

Classlink app lets you have all the options regarding My Apps, My Classes, My Files, Notes, and other layouts right over the mobile screen of your cell phones. You can seamlessly access all your docs and files through Google Drive, School Network, Classlink Cloud Drive, SkyDrive, Dropbox, and School Network. It provides you with instant access to your map active directory and cloud folders. Classlink – Central Valley app features the options of Infinite Visions, Learn360, Office 360, Test10, Study Island, PowerPoint 2013, Mathematics, and dozens of others.

#16 Loudoun County Sheriff


Loudoun County Sheriff is an easy to use and interactive application that helps you manage, establish, and improve communication with area residents. Loudoun County Sheriff is a superb tool presented in the market by OCV, LLC, which enables residents to instantly connect with the office of Loudoun Sheriff by reporting tips, submitting opinions, and providing reports on crimes, and the stuff alike. It features current traffic reports and incidents, the latest crime info, and other important information.

It allows residents to fine a traffic complaint, submit tops over current crimes, file a crime report, provide community feedback, etc. The app offers its users with the latest public safety information and news and helps you stay updated over everything you need to know. Loudoun Sheriff’s Office is one of the vast sheriff’s office and a full-service agency in Virginia. Loudoun County Sheriff app helps you in all the mentioned situations but does not report emergency situations.

#17 Virginia Standards of Learning


Virginia Standards of Learning is an exceptional tool that brings plenty of available features for its users right on the palm of your hands. Virginia Standards of Learning is a superb tool developed in the market by MasteryConnect Inc. that enables its users to view the standards of their state under a single platform without paying for anything. The app reduces the efforts of all the parents, students, teachers, and other people connected to watch the standards.

It carries a sleek design that helps you read and understand all the standards right over their cell phones and tablets for free. V S of Learning app enables you to instantly discover and find standards by the level of their grades, subjects, keywords, etc. So just download Virginia Standards of Learning app over your cell phones and tablets and view the entire state standards anytime, anywhere you want.

#18 PS PowerTest


PS PowerTest is a stunning assessment platform that provides information regarding students’ flow through an elegantly designed assessment-taking interface for PowerSchool PowerTest. PS PowerTest is an elegantly designed tool developed in the market by PowerSchool Group LLC, which provides a cutting edge testing experience for all the students online. It focuses on high-stake testing compatibility and experiences for everything it provides. The app offers its users with all the stuff that is needed for writing and sketching.

Some of its available tools include protector, eraser, highlighter, ruler, straight edge, calculator, compass, and various other objects. The app also brings an excellent user interface, and you can do everything flawlessly. It needs student ID to enter the app and enjoy everything that it provides without any effort. You can precisely download the PS PowerTest app from the stores to get an immersed experience in an interactive and exceptional environment.

#19 ParentVUE


ParentVUE app enables parents to stay connected and informed by providing instant and regular updates and insights into their kids’ academic information. ParentVUE is a stunning platform presented in the market by Edupoint Education Systems that brings plenty of valuable information about kids’ details right on the palm of your hands. It works intuitively with the Synergy student information system and is compatible with all the Android devices.

It enables parents to get detailed stats of real-time information on scores and assignments, demographic information, attendance, and other valuable data whenever you want. It uses the same user login as the ParentVUE portal’s web version. It provides parents with a single sign-on to grab all the information of their kids regardless of schools. Parent VUE Mobile is a sleek and beautifully designed tool for guardians and parents using the web portal of ParentVUE.

#20 LCPS GO (Loudoun County PS)


LCPS GO (Loudoun County PS) is probably the official application of Loudoun County Public Schools that provides its global users with a personalized window to watch all the happening of school. LCPS GO (Loudoun County PS) is a fine platform presented by Loudoun County PS Inc. that brings a fully functional application for its students and other folks to get information and data regarding their District and school. Users can intuitively get all the information as well as news that they care about and get indulged.

It enables its users to view the news of school and District, access the district tip line, and display information personalized regarding your interests. You can precisely receive instant notifications, access the directory or District. LCPS GO (Loudoun County PS) app enables both students and parents to view or add contact information and take a look at the assignments, attendance, and grades whenever, wherever.