Locast Alternatives


#1 S1Live TvBox


S1Live TvBox is a fine tool IPTV media player that enables its global users to watch TV of their internet providers as well as from other sources based on IPTV technology. S1Live TvBox is a fine solution presented in the market by S1 Live Inc. that enables its global users to enter their username or passcode to log in here and start enjoying things in your own way.

The app brings an inbuilt media player, so you don’t have to install any third-party media player to steam things intuitively. S1Live TvBox app features parental control, time shift for each channel, favorite support, channel categories, and various other features.


#2 AZTV Player 2


AZTV Player 2 is a user-defined, comprehensive, and advanced player solution that helps you enjoy watching content right over your cell phones and tablets. AZTV Player 2 is a fine tool developed in the market by Jeremy Clemons Inc. that does not include any build-in playlists or streams.

You have to enter your username, password, and the server URL that is provided by your respected service provider. The app needs an internet connection (at least 5MBs), no need to install IPTV core, and you do not even need to install any third-party media player.



NOUS TV is a comprehensively redesigned and completely compatible app that helps you streams your desired stuff whenever you want. NOUS TV is a fine tool developed in the market by Nous Solutions Inc. that enables its global users to enjoy watching their favorite content, whether it’s live or non-live.

The app features EPG and channels shows in multiple ways. The app features parental support that helps you add a username or passcode to enter the app and stream things intuitively. The app carries an in-built media player that is much faster a fluid, and you don’t have to download any third-party media player.


#4 St. Louis Public Radio App


St. Louis Public Radio App enables it enables its global users to listen to live radio, pause or rewind the live audio, and even view the program schedule for all the streams of St. Louis Public Radio. You can precisely explore your desired content, bookmark a story for later, search for stores, and wake up to St. Louis Public Radio with the alarm clock.

The app offers DVR-like controls, including rewind, fast-forward, and pause, that help you manage streams in the way you want. St. Louis Public Radio App never let you miss any of your special audio podcasts by pausing the live stream and pick up right where you leave.



TPK PLAYER V2 is a fully functional tool that helps you host home entertainment right using your cell phones and tablets. TPK PLAYER V2 helps you have all the files, and videos share with friends, family members, and others anywhere, anytime. You just have to enter your username and passcode and server URL that is given by the respected service provider. It needs an internet connection of a great connection, and there is no need to install IPTV Core or any third-party media player.

TPK PLAYER V2 app creates plenty of superb features that help you enjoy things elegantly. The app brings a built-in robust player to play the media that you want to see (there’s no need to look for third-party to support multiple formats). TPK PLAYER V2 app lets you enjoy the live and VOD streaming, very simple and friendly interface, account info, and need the content from its users.



GSE SMART IPTV app support automatic VOD and live playlists, including EPG and movie info, developed in the market by Droidvision Inc. The app brings user-defined advanced IPTV solution for Android and also support multiple formats and playlists. The app features multiple themes, dynamic language switching, copy and paste M3U contents, parental control, copy and paste M3U contents, Automatic live stream reconnection, more.

Some of its supported formats include 3g2, 3gp, 3gp2, amv, asf, avi, divx, f4v, flv, gxf, webm, wmv, wtv, xesc, m1v, m2v, m2ts, mov, mp2v, mp4, mpeg, mpeg1, mpeg2, mpeg4, rm, rmvb, ts, tts, vob, and various others. The app features Live stream IPTV support, including MMS HTTP, HSL, M3U8, RTSP (RTMP provides all features including secure tokens).

#7 DarkMEDIA


DarkMEDIA is a widely loved Android App based on Xtream Codes for end-users that brings the capability to watch live TV, developed in the market by Oliver Jones Inc. The app provides a username and a passcode to log in and enjoys stuff that you have in there.

Not only your mobile devices, but the DarkMEDIA Pro app also lets you watch their favorite content on Android Boxes, Fire TV Stick, Android Boxes, and various other devices. The app supports Live TV, EPG with a preview window, Android TV ready, mobile-friendliness, and various other features.

#8 Area51 Player


Area51 Player app lets you enjoy watching live TV channels as well as IPTV from the provider on any other source on the web, developed in the market by Jason Tusa Inc. Area51 Player App lets you enjoy streaming from your desired providers and does not contain any built-in channels. You have to add your most likely playlists of TV channels by hand because it does not contain its own stuff to deliver.

There are some setup instructions where you need to input your passcode, username, and URL and do not need downloaded playlists. The app does not include or provide any content or media, and users must provide their most likely content if they want to stream stuff. Apart from this, the Area51 Player app does not authenticate the streaming of copyright-protected material without the permission of the owner.



GSE SMART IPTV PRO is a comprehensive user-defined IPTV solution for non-live and live TV as well as streams. GSE SMART IPTV PRO – Home Entertainment Edition is an elegantly designed tool developed in the market by Droidvision Inc. through which you can enjoy plenty of useful options for watching online as well as offline streams.

The app supports Xtream-codes API, EPG timeline, the web interface for playlist management, automatic live stream reconnection, and plenty of other options for you to enjoy. The app also brings embedded bimap subtitle support, including xsubs, hdmv_pgs_subtitle, dvd_subtitle, SSA, ASS, DVB Teletext, and dvb_subtitle, etc.



IPTV-SMARTERS PLAYER is a fine media player app for Android phones, Android TV, and Android Tabs in a way like never before. IPTV-SMARTERS PLAYER is a highly brandable and customizable client for OTT service providers, presented in the market by WHMCS SMARTERS Inc.

It is a sleekly designed media player that features Xtream Codes APO, EPG support, External Players Integration, Embedded subtitle, external player’s integration, and plenty of other things intuitively. You can precisely enjoy watching movies, Tv catchup streaming IPTV HD stuff, Live, Series, Live, and other content through this IPTV app.



UMMO STB is a widely loved, comprehensive, user-defined, advanced IPTV solution for VOD as well as Live streams. You just need to enter your username along with the passcode and server URL that is given by your service provider. The app needs an internet connection to operate things in the way you want.

Other than these, the UMMO STB app does not need to install IPTV core or any third-party media player. The app features a built-in robust player so that it does not need any third-party player to support these formats as well.

#12 HDHomeRun


HDHomeRun app requires an HDHomeRun tuner available on your local area network to watch live TV over your cell phones, Android TV box, and tablets, developed in the market by Silicondust USA, Inc. HD Home Run app is compatible with plenty of devices includes Extend, Prime, Expand, and HDHomeRun Connect, etc.

The app also supports the legacy model of HDHomeRuns like the DUAL that brings Live TV streaming. It features Cable TV and OTA, support HD channels, fast channel changes, intuitive user interface, program progress bar, consolidated list of channels, full 12-day guide data, full 14-day guide, and various other features.



LAZY IPTV enables its global users to enjoy watching live technology-based IPTV and doesn’t contain any inbuilt playlists. LAZY IPTV is only a client developed in the market by LazyCat Software Inc. that allows comfortable and convenient to watch online TV. It features m3u-playlist support, including zip/gz or an open-view feature to add playlists from the device file system, clipboard, and the internet.

The app can precisely play UDP and HTTP links and streams from VK-video or Youtube along with internet radio playback through the inbuilt audio player. It brings customizable playlist views, channel lists, different color themes, and an elegant parent control feature for its global users.

#14 Lenox Media Player


Lenox Media Player is an excellent tool that requires a subscription from your desired service provides to enjoy the content whenever you want. Lenox Media Player is a sleekly designed tool presented by Lenox Media Player Inc. that does not have any content such as movies, radios, and live channels right over your cell phones, tablets, and other devices.

Lenox is a software entity that has presented the Lenox Media Player app to be a media player for providers to offer their content to the end-users. You just need to download the app and log in here with a respected username and passcode (given by the provider).

#15 TV Listings


TV Listings is an elegantly designed app that helps you intuitively access and get a reliable and safe TV listings experience for all the major TV channels, providers in Canada, USA, and plenty of other countries (including antenna, satellite, and cable, etc.). TV Listings & Guide Plus app provides you with detailed stats and detailed information about all the movies and shows on the TV with the smart, modern, and classy interface.

It lets you set reminders for any of your desired programs that you want to build and watch a custom TV program calendar that helps you never forget to watch any of your favorite TV programs. You can add your most likely shows to the watchlist, and it will provide push notifications whenever a new episode comes out automatically. TV Listings and Guide Plus app lets you track the status of episodes and get suggestions for movies and TV shows in prime time.