Lufthansa Alternatives


#1 American Airlines


American Airlines is a fine tool that brings a dynamic home screen to know what you need, book your next trip, sliding menu with your travel tools, and effortlessly navigate the airport with interactive maps. American Airlines is a tool produced for official American Airlines, Inc. that has covered all the information that is needed whenever you need it. It contains a dynamic home screen that helps you get information regarding your travel journey and provides you with easy access to the right tools.

You can intuitively get the latest flight updates regarding the worldwide flights by retrieving your observation through instant notifications. The app makes the navigation of airports a breeze through its interactive terminal maps and effortlessly discover close admirals club lounges anytime you want. You can get a review of all the details of your account through the app. American Airlines features mobile boarding pass, flight updates, up-gradation of seats, and track your bag effortlessly.


#2 SriLankan Airlines


SriLankan Airlines is a stunningly made mobile application that brings much convenience to your travel, developed in the market by SriLankan Airlines. SriLankan Airlines makes it one-swipe access to book a flight, check the status of the flight, get the schedule of flight, manage a booking, check-in, and much more. SA app keeps on updating its features for letting you have an enhanced user experience and get an enriched self-service.

You can check-in multiple travel companions within your own booking and view your new as well as past boarding passes whenever you want. You can intuitively get the status of your selected flights, use your existing credentials to log in, register yourself to FlySmiLes for free, and access our FlySmiLes account on the move. Other than these, the SriLankan Airlines app lets you use your existing FlySmiLes account, access the summary, change the passcode, and retrieve the previous user credentials, etc.

#3 Ryanair Discovery


Ryanair Discovery is an exclusive application for you through which you can discover the best Ryanair deals for your trip and enjoy dozens of amazing things without any effort. Ryanair – Cheapest Fares is a superb tool presented in the market by Ryanair Labs Limited Inc. that makes it effortless to search flights while choosing from multiple airports over the map. It provides plenty of sleek ways to discover flights around you and helps you choose your desired one among them.

You can select an area of the map as a flight destination and even pick the desired number of passengers or desired currency. You can even compare prices for more than one day over the graph and choose what you want. It helps you select all the airports in the country as an ending or starting point of your voyage. Ryanair – Cheapest Fares app elegantly redefined the way you look for the flight for the global destinations.


#4 Aegean Airlines


Aegean Airlines is a fully functional tool that helps you take full control over your traveling scenarios and get the most exclusive traveling experience. Aegean Airlines is a superb app to book both international and domestic flights right using their cell phones and tablets. It brings effortless and secure access to important information about your upcoming trips and traveling. You can customize plenty of information regarding your flights and keep service curated to your needs.

AA app lets you stay up to date and boost your traveling experience while getting precise flight notifications without paying for anything. You can intuitively get the ‘My Trips’ tab to grab all the required information about all the flights that come on your way. You can precisely manage your miles as well as a bonus account and even use your Digital card from here. Aegean Airlines app provides a hell of stunning functions regarding traveling right on the palm of your hands.

#5 Air Arabia (official app)


Air Arabia (official app) makes it super easy, smart, and robust to travel on Air Arabia and effectively book, search, and manage flights in a way like never before. Air Arabia – Fly More is a stunning tool presented in the market by Air Arabia Inc. that helps you stay updated with all the latest promotions and enjoy easy and fast bookings. It brings the quickest way to search and book all the available Air Arabia flights.

You can modify the date of your flight and add extras, such as eats, meals, and baggage, etc. to your bookings whenever you want. You can check-in flight and avoid the queues at the airport and check the status of the flight (to reach the airport on time). Air Arabia (official app) lets you stay updated with its most exclusive discounts and offers and is available in Arabic, French, and English languages.

#6 Pegasus Airlines


Pegasus Airlines offers dozens of reliable and sleek features for you and helps you in booking and managing flights in a way like never before. Pegasus Airlines: Cheap Flight Tickets Booking App is an exceptional tool presented in the market by Pegasus Airlines Inc. through which you can easily book and track the status of your flights right over your cell phones and tablets. It provides instant notifications about all the special deals, your saved data, or anything necessary for you to know.

You can intuitively get the cheap flight tickets, choose your seat, order your meal beforehand, plan your trip ahead, buy additional luggage, and do much else. You can precisely buy the fast track, book your hotel room, rent a car, gift flight tickets with a gift card, and collect BolPoints (my flight points), and even become a member of BolBol. Pegasus Airlines: Cheap Flight Tickets Booking App lets you enjoy the same destinations with cheap flights.

#7 Qatar Airways


Qatar Airways is a fantastic platform where you can effortlessly book flights over your desired destinations, book flights flawlessly, effortlessly check-in, and take full control over your journeys. Qatar Airways is a fine tool where you can discover and book flights with just a single tap and explore more than 160 destinations from all over the globe. It allows you to book return, multi-city, and one-way flights and even book award tickets using your Qmiles.

It lets you take advantage of a range of sleek payment options available and specifically in your country. You can effortlessly enhance your journey with a range of exceptional features. Qatar Airways app lets you purchase excess baggage as well as book hotel rentals, meet and greet service, car rentals, and lounge access whenever necessary. While on the other hand, the Qatar Airways app enables its Privilege Club can easily access the dashboard, stay up to date with the latest offers, claim missing Qmiles, and enjoy a hell of other features.

#8 Etihad Airways


Etihad Airways is a full-fledged travel companion that makes it hell easy to book flights, arrange your entire trips, check-in, and various other traveling options right at your fingertips. Etihad Airways is a superb tool presented in the market by Etihad Airways P.J.S.C. that helps you manage details, join Etihad guests, and plan your trips. It is a sleek app that makes the booking and managing of your flights so effortless and on the go.

You can instantly download boarding passes, choose your most likely seats onboard, and get the most exclusive fare prices. It allows you to check the status of your flights and discover the most exclusive flight deals while watching the trending destinations. You can book flights easily, securely, and effortlessly and enjoy effortless check-in support. Etihad Airways app allows you to get the most likely seat on board and never sit anywhere else having this exceptional tool.

#9 Cathay Pacific


Cathay Pacific is your professional travel companion that brings everything regarding the Cathy Pacific right on the palm of your hands. Cathay Pacific is an exceptional tool presented in the market by Cathy Pacific Airways Ltd that makes an elegant way of connecting you to meaningful places, experiences, and people in a way like never before. Its personalized home screen design brings a customized and professional experience by providing everything you need right on the palm of your hands.

The app helps you book Cathay Dragon and Cathay Pacific flights to more than 180 travel destinations direct from the app. You can check-in online, ask its chatbot about baggage info, grab your cell phone boarding pass, and select your preferred meal or seat. You can also view the Marco Polo Club Profile, claim lounge passes, manage your benefits, and access your digital membership cards, etc.

#10 Malaysia Airlines


Malaysia Airlines is a must-have tool for you if you love traveling and want to travel with extreme ease, developed in the market by Digital- Malaysia Airlines Berhad. Malaysia Airlines is a stunning tool that helps you flu Malaysia with Malaysian hospitality experience. You can liven up our life with MH lifestyles and view all your upcoming trips effortlessly. You can instantly book roundtrip tickets and one-way tickets in just a few taps.

MA app is designed significantly to accommodate all your traveling needs, from great value hotel stays, instant flight bookings, and car rentals to mobile check-in. It provides effortless and secure access to dozens of holiday packages from MHholidays. You can precisely view your enrich membership profile, member tier, miles balance, and more. Other than these, the Malaysia Airlines app also brings details regarding upcoming flight details, access MHexplorer travel program, temptations program, and various others.

#11 Flydubai


Flydubai makes the world so closer to you with its exceptional features to search and book flights on the move. Flydubai is a superb tool presented in the market by Flydubai Airline Inc. that helps you discover your most likely destinations and book your next holiday with extreme ease. Fly Dubai app makes it so easy to add new passengers, change the date of flight, and various other objects without paying for anything. You can check-in and download your boarding passes before exclusive check-ins in a few steps.

You can choose from more than 90 exclusive and premium destinations, check-in online, choose to pay online or later, download your boarding pass instantly, and save your boarding pass to your mobile wallet as well. It helps you book with any of your interline and codeshare partners without doing much of a stretch. Flydubai app lets you instantly check in to a flight, change travel dates, add optional extras, add passengers, and much more.

#12 Turkish Airlines


Turkish Airlines is a stunning mobile application that helps you get the most exclusive travel experience speeds you up by remembering your flights and selections. Turkish Airlines – Flight Ticket is a superb platform presented in the market by Turkish Airlines through which you can find the best ticket and book your most likely destinations whenever you want. You can precisely use its app to get benefit from its features, including ticketing, reservations, and check-in and make your life effortless.

You can use the Turkish Airlines app to plan your desired trips, either it is for business and vacation trips. The app keeps the record of your data, including the selections, flights, likes, and makes recommendations exclusive for you. Turkish Airlines – Flight Ticket app enables you to buy tickets instantly, make flawless reservations, view your registered flights, and keep the entire data right on the palm of your hands.



SWISS is a product of SWISS International Air Lines Ltd. Inc. that brings your next flight right in your pocket and helps you access whenever you want. SWISS app keeps all your flights stored under a single platform and get benefits of the entire services of your global trips. It is your trip organizer and assistant that provides relevant information even if you don’t have an internet connection. You can get to know about the check-in information, receive your boarding pass, reserve your seat, and do everything with just a single click.

The app helps you done everything instantly and effortlessly over the trip assistant during your entire journey. You can precisely customize your trip plans according to your needs and enjoy booking flights, rental cars, and hotels whenever you want. You can precisely download SWISS app over your cell phones and tablets and keep all the services regarding your flights at your fingertips.

#14 Thai Airways


Thai Airways app provides its global users with the most exclusive travel companion that helps them in getting relaxing holidays, business or pleasure trips, city breaks, and short trips. Thai Airways is a highly personalized platform presented in the market by Thai Airways International that helps you access recent flight searches and flight bookings to all your desired or most likely destinations. You can effortlessly access your trips and grab all the details of your upcoming and past bookings without having any internet.

It lets you have instant access to its service based on your travel journey and explore the most exclusive deals and promotional offers of Thai. You can search for the availability of flights, access tip offline, view details of your past, see all the promotions, and do much else. You can download the Thai Airways app for free to get pleasant and comfortable airways to experience for all your business or domestic trips.

#15 British Airways


British Airways helps users in viewing upcoming trips, save boarding passes, view upcoming trips, and a hell of other functions intuitively. British Airways is a fine platform presented in the market by British Airways Plc that makes boarding, booking, and accessing everything about your flights in a way like never before. It carries sleek timeline support through which you can get to know flight and travel information, tips for your journey, convenient tools, and various other things.

The app support multiple boarding passes from the departure airports, including Aberdeen, Amsterdam, London Heathrow, Manchester, Belfast, Dublin, London City, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Jersey, Leeds, Geneva, London Gatwick, Zurich, Vienna, Dusseldorf, and various others. BA app lets you have a personalized home screen with dozens of professional stuff over it to enjoy. British Airways app enables you to browse the cheapest fares to more than 400 destinations and instantly access your recent flight searches whenever you want.

#16 Air Canada


Air Canada is the official application of Canada’s most extensive international as well as domestic airline by having plenty of valuable features right on the palm of their hands. Air Canada is a superb platform for you to book flights and manage your traveling over more than 200 destinations from all over the globe. The app is in touch with all the seasoned travelers that make it simpler to navigate, fine-tune the speed, removing unnecessary steps, and enhance the overall experience of the users.

You can follow the leader through its turn by turn in-terminal navigation available in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and various other coming on the way. So just download the Air Canada app and enjoy an easier way to take, book, explore, and manage flight from your Android and iOS cell phones and tablets.

#17 Copa Airlines


Copa Airlines is a magnificent traveling companion that enables you to have a redesigned, redefined, and excellent travel experience while providing dozens of superb options. Copa Airlines is a superb app presented in the market by Cope Airlines Inc. that helps you access the most significant or relevant information through its dynamic home screen. You can check-in for your desired flights and get your boarding pass using your cell phones and tablets.

It helps you get detailed stats of all the upcoming flights, provides an upgrade list, and update your traveler info without doing much. You can precisely keep track of all your upcoming trips, access useful functionalities, view all flight details, and access authentic information whenever, wherever. You can intuitively get all the useful functionalities such as standby list, check-in, upgrade list, and boarding pass at the right time. Copa Airlines lets you experience its redesigned check-in process, complete your traveler information, review flights, and do much else with ease.

#18 Air France


Air France is your travel assistant that makes it effortless to purchase a ticket, check flight timings in real-time, manage your flying blue account, get your boarding pass, and manage your Flying Blue account. Air France – Airline tickets is a superb platform presented in the market by AIRFRANCE S.A. Inc. that makes the booking, checking in, and take off just a single click away. You can instantly select your flights as well as reserve your tickets for all your travel destinations across the globe.

It enables you to reserve and purchase a ticket and scan your passport without providing your details manually. You can get your boarding pass by checking-in, get your boarding pass, and choosing your seat directly through the app. Air France – Airline Tickets app provides instant notifications to provide instant results regarding travel hazards, changes in flights, and various other things.

#19 Emirates


Emirates is the official application of a well-known airline company that helps you explore the entire world with the most personalized app for Android and iOS devices. Emirates is amongst the most secure and reliable apps developed in the market by The Emirates Group Inc. that helps you search as well as book your next gateway. It makes it easy to search for flights to more than 150 destinations from all over the world.

You can complete your booking from the app and manage your trip most effortlessly. You can precisely choose your sear preference and meal and even add services using your cell phones. Emirates app keeps you updated with all the happenings of the flights, boarding time, departure place, check-in, baggage belt, and various other information. You can tailor the Emirates app according to your needs by selecting which notifications you want to get.

#20 Qantas Airways


Qantas Airways app lets you book hotels and flights, access your boarding pass, explore entertaining options, check-in, and more. Qantas Airways lets you see all the stats and activities of your Qantas flights and keep track of your tier progress and status credits. You can instantly book Qantas Flights over a wide range of travel destinations, including New Zealand, Dubai, Australia, Pakistan, and almost all the global countries worldwide.

You can precisely choose as well as change your seats any time before check-in when flying over Qantas marketed as well as operated flights. You can instantly claim missing Qantas Points, discover journey inspiration (with things to do, where to eat, and places to stay), and know which TV show or movie will be on your flight. You can also use the Android and iOS app of Qantas Airways to ensure the first-class experience whether you are booking flights to Melbourne, Sydney, and any other destinations.