Make Words


Make Words Alternatives


#1 Word Shapes Puzzle


Word Shapes Puzzle brings a mesmerizing world of word shapes where you can enjoy not only testing your brilliance as well as immerse yourself in this delightful word puzzle game. Word Shapes Puzzle is an amazing platform presented in the market by PeopleFun Inc. that enables you to start playing the game to have the ultimate fun of puzzle levels in an endless journey. It is one of a kind word game that lets you enjoy a jigsaw puzzles style game board.

You can enjoy exclusive word themes into each level, and you can even use the theme from its amazing collection to guide your search. Its extraordinary puzzle levels are decorated with breathtaking backgrounds that relax you a bit more and inspire you in a new way. Word Shapes Puzzle is a beautiful, simple, and marvelous platform where you can enjoy joining the legions of brilliant players already having fun over this addicting word puzzle game.


#2 Word Search: Guess The Phrase!


Word Search is an outstanding platform where you can solve puzzles from all your most likely categories, including famous landmarks, movies, TV shows, and more. Word Search: Guess the Phrase is a significant platform presented in the market by MobilityWare Inc. that enables you to enjoy the same scenarios that they got in word finds, crossword puzzles, jumble games, and trivia game. You can effortlessly grab thousands of puzzles in plenty of exclusive categories to never let you run out of amazing challenges.

Word Search game brings an interesting way to test your vocabulary and train your brains from the word search. The app provides more than 4800 phrases to solve, earn bonus stars, and get fashionable power-ups right under one platform. Word Search: Guess the Phrase game brings one of the sleekest and significant ways to pass your time while waiting and fill short breaks.

#3 Pictocross


Pictocross is a unique and elegantly designed crossword puzzle game where each puzzle carries a picture, presented in the market by Casual Azur Games. Pictocross: Picture Crossword Game brings easy and simple gameplay where you can get simple clues in the pics that helps you in all the difficult situations. This game brings hundreds of amazing and colorful photos that carry animals, places, people, and various other things. Its striking hint feature lets you explore unique and new words over its appealing puzzles.

You have to deduce all the available words from the pic available on the screens of your cell phones. You have to play crossword levels offline and enjoy each and everything without having any internet connection. Pictocross: Picture Crossword Game lets you have impressive and helping power-ups through which you can instantly reveal the next letter in clues and even ask them from your friends.


#4 Word Wiz


Word Wiz game brings a magnificent collection of words for you, and you have to uncover as many of those as you can. Word Wiz – Connect Words Game is an awesome platform developed by MobilityWare that enables you to train your mind and brain to solve all the engaging and amazing word puzzles. Apart from letting you sharpen your mind, Word Wiz game enhances your vocabulary and helps you in seeking new words excitingly and engagingly.

It is a word connecting platform that lets you have brain-challenging crossword puzzles, especially curated for you. It features more than 10,000-word puzzles and never lets you miss unique and exciting new challenges. It helps you enhance your vocabulary by unlocking and exploring new words while playing. You can also choose the level of difficulty by switching between both challenging and relaxing modes. Word Wiz – Connect Words Game combines the most exclusive word searches, anagrams, and crossword puzzles.

#5 Cryptogram Puzzles


Cryptogram Puzzles lets you enjoy highly curated Cryptogram and is significant for people who like word puzzles and interesting quotes. Cryptogram Puzzles is a significant game presented in the market by Razzle Puzzles Inc. that brings a free-to-enjoy puzzle game where you can decorate famous quotes. It is a highly professional platform that contains dozens of engaging encoded statements that takes a degree of smartness and sleek strategy to decode.

You can efficiently track your average solve times, your performance, and your best time solves times over its history section using its stats tracker. All these states are famous and relatively related to very famous folks. You can enjoy Cryptogram Puzzles, both online or offline, and enjoy it on both Android and iOS devices. So just download the Cryptogram Puzzles game over your cell phones and tablets to see if you can decode the quote using your knowledge of grammar and the English language.

#6 Word Tower Puzzles


Word Tower Puzzles is one of the most addictive, engaging, and fun word puzzle game where you can get the word tower. Word Tower Puzzles is a stunning platform presented in the market by Gluon Interactive Ltd. is an exclusive application that elegantly brings the mix of block crashing as well as word searching in a way like never before. You can elegantly play to exercise and boost your brain using your cell phones and tablets.

The app brings topic-rich clues for hidden words in its elegantly designed and unique puzzles. You can enjoy more than 2K puzzles from very easy to challenging and a bunch of props, including Wand, Spyglass, Hint, and more that assists you whenever you got stuck. Word Tower Puzzles features challenging and fun achievements, bonus words to earn coins, and gain treasure chests, treasure chests while leveling ups, and daily puzzles upcoming every day.

#7 Word Fit Fill-In Crosswords


Word Fit Fill-In Crosswords is an excellent word gaming platform containing engaging scenarios to sharpen their mind without paying for anything. Word Fit Fill-In Crosswords is an excellent platform presented in the market by Rottz Games that bring an exact gaming scenario like Cross Words, Word Fit, Fill It In, Wordoku, Fill-Ins, and various others. You can enjoy three game modes that include Letters Mode, Icons Mode, and Numbers Mode, and you can choose them accordingly.

It contains four exceptional levels of difficulty in each of its modes, including Insane, Hard, Medium, and Easy. Word Fit Fill-In game brings more than 3K free boards to play and lets you have a quality time while playing those engaging boards. You can use all the already known letters to assist you in discovering correct words from the bunch. Word Fit Fill-In Crosswords game supports the availability of four languages, such as English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

#8 Scrolling Words


Scrolling Words is a beautiful platform that brings incredible brain-challenging innovation of crossword puzzles right on the palm of your hands. Scrolling Words-Moving Word Game & Find Words is an amazing application presented in the market by Rolling ABC Inc. that is easy to play and makes learning incredibly effortless. You can precisely search words from scrolling letters and get smart clues from a particular topic regarding all the difficult levels.

You can elegantly swipe through all the associated target words, use freeze to sallow down the speed of scrolling, change themes and scenery, and enjoy getting puzzles daily. It also brings a Crazy Puzzle mode where you can see how many words you can discover in a minute. So just give a chance to download Scrolling Words-Moving Word Game and Find Words game over your cell phones and tablets and increase your challenging capabilities by starting a unique quest.

#9 Word Pursuit


Word Pursuit game enables you to test your knowledge through the most exceptional, intuitively created and advanced IQ word challenge game. Word Pursuit: The Vocabulary Challenge is an exceptional tool presented in the market by Lixobags Inc. that enables you to test your vocabulary in an incredibly addicting word game available in the store now. This will continuously enable your tap into your brains and solve all the engaging queries.

Its hand-drawn, immerse, and beautiful art will have to keep coming back for more and more as you understand that you are getting more innovative and smooth as you continue to play. You can also use its hint support to get a hint in all those levels that seem difficult and needs some assistance. Word Pursuit: The Vocabulary Challenge app provides exceptional levels that start to get progressively harder, and you have to use your brain remarkably hard to pass more than 1200 levels.

#10 Fill-In Crosswords


Fill-In Crosswords is a popular and engaging word game similar to crosswords that helps people to boost their capabilities and keep learning in a fun way. Fill-In Crossword is a stunning tool developed in the market by LR Studios Inc. that carries a variety of common crossword puzzles right on the palm of your hands and helps you to enjoy whenever you want. It contains several levels of difficulties that help you to enjoy both easy and hard scenarios right under one platform.

This game contains many crossword grid styles, including American, Italian, French, and various others. Apart from a bunch of exclusive crossword puzzles, the Fill-In Crosswords game provides two new puzzles daily just to let you stay engaged. Fill-In Crosswords game features the availability of several languages, and you can choose whatever you want.

#11 Word Planet


Word Planet is a widely loved word game that enables its global users to play an exciting game, explore stunning content, and discover amazing things right under one platform. Word Planet is a stunning platform presented in the market by PlaySimple Games Inc. that enables you to download and play like millions of others. You can precisely discover the wordy world in a way like never before using its excellent word searching platform.

It brings a fine pack of straight-forward spelling puzzles and exclusive science levels that made this game the perfect word planet for a moment of exploration. You can enjoy free anagram puzzles range from almost 2-7 letters and starts challenging and enjoyable as you progress further. You can download the Word Planet game for free to boost your vocabulary, enjoy daily challenges, and play the puzzle game to put your word game skills to the ultimate experience.

#12 Word Wow


Word Wow game lets you join a community of more than 4 million players from all over the globe and enjoy having a gorgeous time. Word Wow – Brain Training Fun is a superb platform developed in the market by DonkeySoft Inc. that is made for those who love traditional word games, letter puzzle games, crossword puzzle games, and brain engaging fun. You can elegantly start with sleek word games, implement your brain skills, and puts your brain to the ultimate test as you keep on moving up.

It features a live ranking of all the global players, 3 levels of difficulty, easy word games to play, exclusive collectibles and boosters, and is perfect for puzzle loves and word game fans. You can also get daily bonus points and bombs that assist you in difficult scenarios. So just download Word Wow – Brain Training Fun game from the app and start completing unique word game levels and have ultimate fun.

#13 World’s Biggest Crossword


World’s Biggest Crossword lets you solve thousands of interesting and unique clues over the most exclusive and biggest puzzle game available in the market. World’s Biggest Crossword is a stunning platform presented in the market by AppyNation Ltd. that enables you to enjoy a new crossword challenge on a daily basis with an exclusive collection of hundreds of original puzzles. You can play more than 10K unique puzzles along with a massive pack of quests to complete and trophies to collect.

It brings seven-game, exciting, and highly engaging modes that you can enjoy in the way you want. It enables you to explore its giant grid mode to enjoy more and become a part of a massive community. Apart from these, World’s Biggest Crossword game also lets you enjoy World’s Tallest Crossword, CodeWords Puzzle, Daily Diamond Crossword, Word Grid Puzzle, British Cryptics Crossword, Quote Falls Puzzle, and more.

#14 LetterPop


LetterPop is a relaxing, new, super simple, free-to-play, and ultimate gaming platform for adults who love playing fun word games such as Word Search, Anagrams, Crosswords, and the list goes on. LetterPop – Best of Free Word Search Puzzle Games is a magnificently developed platform developed by Zynga Inc. that enables its global users to tap letters and make words in order to earn points. You can earn fewer points while making small words and win bigger by making long words.

Letter Pop is a unique and new word game that offers the player a unique opportunity to boost their mentality. This platform is significant not only for making your brain sharper, but you can also challenge your vocabulary and boost it ultimately. LetterPop – Best of Free Word Search Puzzle Games is a lightweight and battery-friendly tool that does not need much of your battery as well.

#15 Words in Word


Words in Word is an elegantly designed word game that is loved and played by millions of players from all over the globe. Words in Word is a stunning tool presented in the market by Uga Dooga Inc. that brings a fantastic word puzzle game filled with loads of fun. All you have to do is to search for words in a bunch of words and have real fun as well as informative span.

You can elegantly compete with other players in tournaments, win prizes and get awards, new rules, and new words weekly, and discover who the best to discover words is. You can enjoy over 250 levels to enjoy, the option to view word meanings, develop your thinking and memory, exclusive design loved by millions, and new words in tournaments every week. Words in Word game is available in English and Russian languages to enjoy word game over your cell phones and tablets.

#16 Giant Jumble Crosswords


Giant Jumble Crosswords is a fun, fast, and intuitively designed crossword gaming platform where you can join a community of thousands of global players from all around the globe. Giant Jumble Crosswords is a stunning platform presented in the market by Adveractive, Inc. that brings one of the best crossword games for both Android and iOS devices. It is an engaging and fun crossword gaming app where you can enjoy playing thousands of free crossword puzzles with new and unique puzzles added on a daily basis.

David L. Hoyt authorizes these magnificently created crossword puzzles, and you can enjoy one fresh puzzle every day. It features more than 800 puzzles, print and email puzzles (for sharing and offline playing), customization of the pic background, special challenges and business, and a hell of fun. Giant Jumble Crossword game also graded all these puzzles into almost six levels of difficulty.

#17 Fill-Ins


Fill-Ins app enables you to enjoy fill-ins in a classic puzzle gaming experience loaded with thousands of free words fit crossword puzzles. Fill-Ins · Word Fit Puzzles is a remarkable game presented in the market by Razzle Puzzles Inc. that helps you to enjoy tons of astonishing crossword puzzles right under one platform. It is the same as crossword puzzles but carries real words despite clues that you have in most ordinary crossword games.

Your challenge is to fill all the grid of puzzles by fitting in all the given words. You can go harder and harder as you climb up the Fill-Ins game and get less variation in word length in a more problematic word fit crossword puzzle. Fill-Ins · Word Fit Puzzles is a stunning game for people who love playing crossword puzzles and love to fill words in puzzles to have significant mental exercise.

#18 Crossword Climber


Crossword Climber game lets you enjoy tons of exciting challenges while putting your word skills to the extreme level text. Crossword Climber is a stunning game presented by AppyNation Ltd. that helps you enjoy fun, quick, and challenging levels while boosting your brain in an exciting way. You can effortlessly climb the mountain on-step at a time by solving dozens of exciting and challenging crossword clues. You can solve all the challenging clues to reach the top while using your ultimate skills.

The app brings more than 7500 unique clues, availability of clues if you get stuck, and play at your own pace (perfect for idle moments). Crossword Climber is a free-to-play game that contains optional items (that you can purchase using coins) to help progress more quickly. It also enables you to disable all the in-app purchase functionality by going to the settings of your device if you don’t like this feature.

#19 Crossword Jam


Crossword Jam is an exclusively-made word guess and word search brain game that brings relaxing and fun word puzzles in a crossword-style format made for smart and intelligent brains. Crossword Jam is a superb gaming platform presented in the market by PlaySimple Games, where you can swipe the letters to discover and guess all the hidden treasure words over its simple crossword-style grid. You can effortlessly solve all the anagram puzzles in the crossword food truck unlocking stunning levels as you travel across the world.

It is a simple and easy word game that brings 250 free coins to get started, exclusive brain exercises, free instant updates, compatibility with various mobiles, and supports both phones and tablets. It is a free-to-enjoy game that carries ads like videos, banners, and interstitials. So just download the Crossword Jam game and enjoy hundreds of exciting and engaging levels with thousands of anagram puzzles whenever you want.

#20 9 Letter Jumble


9 Letter Jumble brings word puzzle games with tons of fun word smart levels and dozens of engaging challenges right on your way. 9 Letter Jumble – Anagram Games is a superb game presented in the market by Twinc Apps that features challenging word targets, a comprehensive in-game dictionary, detailed statistics, and a hell of fun. You can enjoy a bunch of more than 50 levels and over 4K anagrams to have quality time whenever you want.

Its superb night friendly dark mode availability helps you in playing those engaging puzzles when you have low light. You can enjoy definitions of all the words, unlocking of tons of levels, availability of clues to see definitions and find the word in daily challenges. You can download 9 Letter Jumble – Anagram Games over your cell phones and tablets for free-to-see how many words you can unscramble over its engaging word puzzles.

#21 Word Stacks


Word Stacks brings relaxing and engaging brain exercises that help you in boosting your vocabulary and enhancing your mentality at the same time. Word Stacks is a stunning tool presented in the market by PeopleFun Inc. that allows you to enjoy a new and incredibly addicting word game that boosts your memory in a way like never before. You can get a single clue for each puzzle and use them to discover the related words overall, its engaging puzzles.

This gaming platform brings the functionality of shifting tiles where each puzzle shifts as you can discover words. It carries a magnificent collection of levels, and you can enjoy playing more than 3K levels and keeps on updating it in a way like never before. You can earn amazing power-ups and use the light bulb, spyglass, or shuffle whenever you get stuck. Word Stacks app lets you unlock unique custom themes, exclusive daily challenges, and collect bonus points.

#22 Find Words Real


Find Words Real lets you enjoy finding tons of engaging, simple, complex, and unique words over this word game and challenge your vocabulary in a way like never before. Find Words Real is a stunning platform presented in the market by Rottz Games through which you can find words to boost your vocabulary in a way like never before. It brings a giant grid of letters where you have to find as many words as you can and take it as long as you want (without any time barrier).

This application helps you to find words freely and does not bound you in with time limits. You just have to drag your finger over the letter sequence in the direction you want by watching all the letters that make words. You can get more rewards by solving bigger words over hundreds of boards to enjoy thousands of words to search on each of its exclusive boards.

#23 Puzzly Words


Puzzly Words is a magnificent, easy to learn, competitive, and addictive game best for training your mind for Puzzly words right over your cell phones and tablets. Puzzly Words is a highly engaging platform presented in the market by SIA Fufla Inc. that helps you to test your vocabulary in contradiction of your family members and friends. It lets you enjoy racing against time to discover high scoring words in random letters.

You can precisely enjoy its engaging power-ups that help you to tip the balance and learn new words to boost your vocabulary. Puzzly Words is a simple to learn, free to play, and difficult to master platform where you can enjoy multiple word gaming to have fun against global rivals. You can download the Puzzly Words game from the store for free and enjoy tons of magnificently created engaging puzzles and brain your train through these never-ending puzzles in an exclusively new way.

#24 Between the Lines


Between the Lines is an elegantly designed tool where you have to identify the word using a bunch of words available below. Between the Lines is a stunning trivia word game presented in the market by Romain Lebouc Inc. that brings a puzzle or a phrase that carries a hidden treasure behind. You can intuitively train your brain by solving tons of engaging puzzles available here. You can get simple clues for getting help while solving those tricky puzzles and go over and over to learn a lot.

This attractive puzzle game contains loads of challenging and difficult puzzles truly based on boosting your mentality. It keeps adding new dingbats regularly and lets you send your puzzles over the app to let it feature those. So just download Between the Lines game over your cell phones and tablets to have fun learning and recognizing new idioms through multiple levels of the game.

#25 Clue Word


Clue Word is a new, unique, and elegantly designed addition to the Sunday Puzzle genre, developed in the market by Pokami Inc. Clue Word is a classy word game that blends trivia and anagrams over a single platform to lets you experience stuff in a way like never before. It enables you to unleash your creativity by creating your own puzzles. It allows you to share your customized puzzles and challenge your friends and family members to have a bunch of fun.

It blends both anagrams and crossword, along with the availability of 8 clues for eight words that can be solved using letters. Clue Word is a fun, easy-to-learn, and challenging gameplay where you can enjoy solving dozens of ideal puzzles whenever you want. Clue Word is a must-have game for you if you are a love of anagrams, crosswords, word games, word search, and everything in between.

#26 String of Words


String of Words enables its global users to create a chain of answers of two-words to solve its engaging and attractive puzzles. String of Words is a fascinating game developed in the market by Nickle Buddy, LLC, that brings hours of word game fun right on the palm of your hands. You can intuitively enjoy its crossword puzzle clues for each over the string of words. It enables you to solve crossword puzzle clues for each answer and learn to think by solving engaging clues.

You can effortlessly earn magnificent gold points by completing its appealing chaps of word puzzle. This game also brings sleek hints to help yourself progress and train your brain in a way like never before. String of Words is a unique and engaging game for all the fans of crossword puzzles, word games, and letter guessing games.

#27 Riddle Stones – Cross Numbers


Riddle Stones – Cross Numbers is a phenomenal game of logic that trains your brain just like you do with cowards with numbers and squares. Riddle Stones – Logic number grid puzzles is an engaging game developed in the market by ooblada Inc. that brings a free to play the game to get to know plenty of exciting things for boosting your brains and effective learning right away.

It presents a fascinating cross-over between plenty of puzzles, Sudoku, and other crosswords truly based on numbers. You can get plenty of helping hints to discover which square to activate whenever you got stuck or want assistance. Riddle Stones – Cross Numbers game lets you solve grid cross-puzzles by deduction and logic whenever you want.

#28 Scattergories


Scattergories is a classic game where all you have to do is type your answer that fits the categories before the given timer runs out. Scattergories is an exclusive gaming platform presented in the market by Magmic Inc. that lets you be more creative to score more and more points. It possesses classic gameplay to play the game where you can earn real points while answering those queries. The game enables you to challenge either friends or family members and even play with random opponents.

You can challenge rivals in head to head challenges and play in groups to have more fun. You can instantly share unique codes to challenge your random opponents, family, friends, and preferred challengers. Other than these, the Scattergories game also features power-ups and props, auto-correct facility, goals and leaderboards, dual plays or multiplayer modes, and a hell of fun for all its global users.

#29 CrossPix Crossword – Picture Crossword Challenge


CrossPix Crossword – Picture Crossword Challenge is a highly engaging, effective, and beautifully designed crossword game with great scenarios. CrossPix Crossword – Picture Crossword Challenge is a widely loved game that comes with simple clues to manage crosswords. The game contains 4 pics 1 word scenario where you can have real fun gaming and learning whenever you want.

It is easy to learn, which makes it easy to get started but boosts your reasoning and mental capabilities in a way like never before. Its easy to understand scenario helps you play the game without having any prior gaming knowledge. CrossPix Crossword – Picture Crossword Challenge is a widely loved app if you love quiz games, play trivia, love to spell, love word finders, and want to have real word-fun.